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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sits at the bar. From your position at the entrance you see only a figure in a tattered brown robe. The cowl is drawn back letting her dark curls spill over. She carries a high powered gauss rifle slung over her back and there is a walking staff leaning against the bar.
Lowry      Lowry enters, a cloud of dust behind him as the door swings shut. His boots thud on the floor as he approaches removing his hat. He gives a nod to the group in the booth and gets one in return. Setting his dirty headwear on the bar he says, "Whiskey, neat. Beer on the back end." His order served up he takes the shooter in one quick motion. After setting the glass down he grabs the beer and turns. He gives the Zealot a looking over before saying, "Fancy ink work thar', darlin."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks over at you with bulging eyes. There is some awkward silence as she stares at you. "They are symbols of devotion." She picks up her drink and takes a deep swallow. "I am Zealot Shreya."
Lowry      He takes another healthy gulp from his mug and gives her a nod. He looks more closely now at the markings and squints in the poorly lit bar. "Shoot, I'm a guessin' yer' awfully devoted then." His tone is amiable enough and he half grins. "Lowry." He then adds giving her his name. "Another." He shouts then to the brtender pushing his shot glass forward. "Get the girl one." He reaches inside his coat and pulls some caps out throwing them on the bar.
Kaelyn The door to the place opens and in wanders well, Kaelyn... The tall pointy-eared woman yawning as she stretches her upper back and looks around. On her right hip is strapped the small compact p90 she usually has around. And well she's wearing her Beowulf... The massive firearm strapped diagonally across her back.. She pauses just inside, glancing around, before sashaying her way up to the bar....
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a brow at Lowry. Her posture is suspicious. "Appreciate it. Flesh is flawed and generally falls away in time. Not so for me. I have his favor. So of course I am devoted."
Lowry      Getting his next drink the man swallows it easily before looking back to her. "I see. Well, favor comes in handy." He shoots her wink before noticing Kae. "Hey there, stranger." He looks her over and grins, "You's always packin' deat, doll! Been enjoyin' the mods?"
Kaelyn kae settles down at the bar now, massive beowulf still strapped across her back.. She then pauses and unstrapps her Beo and leans it up against the bar now as she orders hers self a drink, something called Tequila... She then blinks and peers at Lowry now... "Yah... So much I built my self a weapons shop, complete with heavy tools and stuff!" She says cheeruflly. "That being said it takes lotsa resources to make gunsmithing kits!"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya leans back to finish her first drink so she can move on to the one Lowry is buying. She turns back to the approach of Kaelyn and there is a slight frown.
Lowry "Oh yea? Sounds good." He turns to the bartender, "I'll get hers." the caps taken from the pile on the bar. He slides over Zea's and catches the frown. "Ya'll know each other?" Back over to Kae he says, "Ya' make them things?! Damn hard findin' 'em. You got any for sale?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Lowry "They take me about 500 caps worth of stuffs to makes em.." she says and rubs at the back of her neck.. "Never thought the tooling and whatnot would ever cost me so much to make a set of tools.." She adds and then sighs... "Still though, I can do it now..."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods slowly. "I have met her several times. She is a synth. She thinks she is a person and holds conversations with her Pip Boy. Its sad, but its also disturbing."
Lowry      "500? Damn!? So what ya want for a set? I could use some, thats for sure." He sips again at the beer while he listens, his eyes casting looks to both of them. To Shreya he nods and laughs, "Well, she's certainly different. Pretty sure she's a person, though." Sippity sip. Back over to Kae he adds, "Yea, whats with that thing always chirpin' at ya? That shit would drive me nuts. I'd be usin that thing for target practice. Got a volume button?" He keeps on smirking in her direction.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Zealot "Well I was a normal girl shortly before getting kidnapped and being modified.." she responds and rubs at the back of her neck "Course I dun remember my life then, but eh.." She then glances to Lowry "Yah, thought I'd save some in the long run, didn't realize the parts would be that expensive.. As far as the sets? ell I don't really need to make much on it, as I said, my cost is 500 so figure out hat you wanna pay aboe and beyond what my cost is and it's all good.." NO she isn't a good business person.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a hand. "I dont understand what it is you are selling. Tool kits for creating and altering guns? Do they have instructions or are they for people who already know what to do."
Lowry      Lowry looks at Kae. "Modified? And uh, forgive me darlin but whats with the neck thang'? Ya got fleas or somethin'? I'd venture ta say you dun' rubbed it down ta' bone by now?" He laughs. "I'm just fuckin' with ya. You doin' mods now? If not Maybe we can trade or somethin'." And another sip from his almost empty mug is taken. "Well ya' gotta have some know how. That's where I come in." He sounds confident enough it would seem.
Kaelyn Kae oooh's "Bad habbit silly kick of mine." she responds cheerfully. She then adds "Better'n chewin on my nails or sucking my thumb." She adds and shrugs. She then nods "Yus a set of tools to modify existing firearms Shreya..." She says and glances back to Lowry.... "I build a workshop in the hopes of making tools so folks can mod and whatnot or maybe outright building new guns
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya regards Kaelyn for a long moment. "But you must use them there at the shop or they are kits to take home. Roswell is a good walk from El Dorado."
Lowry      "Well, maybe that Tequila will lossen ya' up some." He goes on listening to the two and silently calls for a refill on his mug accompanied buy another shot. "Sounds good though. Well, we'll figure somethin out. Always need smithin' tools." To Shreya he adds, "Nah she's just making the tools. use 'em anywhere I'd think."
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly "My hope is to start actually making some of the weapons, but mebbe that's in the distant future.. I am not into moddin as far as competing with anyone... " She adds and grins a bit.. "Still though, using what I'm making over what you can find out there, the made ones are gonna jack up expense to modding saddly.... " She adds and sighs.. "Mebbe I can come up with a cheaper method of manufacture.." Kae then finishes her drink and looks to the other two "Thanks for the drink Lowry, You have a good night Shreya...." She says cheerfully and picks up that beo before heading to the door
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles at Kaelyn. "You too. Be careful out there, everyone wants what everyone else has." She doesnt offer a blessing in farewell as with most. Kaelyn is something else. The Zealot finds herself watching the elfin woman's hips weaving as she leaves." She shakes her head as if to wake herself and turns back to her drink and the bar.
Lowry "Take 'er easy, doll." The cowboy says in his drawing tone. He too watcher her back side as she goes and catches Shreya in the act as well. "She's a thick one allright." He chuckles again and reaches in his coat now, his knife and a bag of chems pulled out. And right on the bar he dumps some a bump put on the knife. After helping himself he casts a sideways look to the Zealot. "You into more than drinkin'?" He asks politely in reference to the drugs.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya blushes as she realizes her leering was no secret to Lowry. "Well of course...she was....designed to catch the eye. The fantasy of her maker Im sure, hence the ears." She looks at the chems you spill out on the table. "I have done some chems company I trust. Thankyou though."
Lowry      He nods. "Sure no problem." He just finishes the stuff and wipes the bar with his hand, obviously not worried about the leftovers. "Well, I got some samples and shit if in' ya wanna try some with your buddies." Yes, he's trying to get you hooked! "What's all this about anyway? Everyone makes it sound like she was grown in a lab or somethin. She's an odd sort that one. 'Designed to catch the eye'!" He slaps his hand on the bar, the stuff kicking in while he laughs. "Damn!"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks more irritated the more you go on. "Im here to eat and drink and go home. Im not going go blow my mind apart with chems and I dont know you enough to think they might not be poison. Kaelyn is some kind of war machine in the package of a beautiful woman. Im just waiting for her programming to kick in and hoping I wont be on the list."
Lowry      Lowry shrugs. "Why would I posion you? Pfft. Suit yer'self." He goes back to sipping and looks around. "Well enjoy yer meal." He says after a moment in an icy tone. Picking up his hat he heads over to the table with the odd group. "Lowry!" One says as he pulls up a chair to converse with the shady looking characters.