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Esscast Esscast walks outside the golddigger saloon with a bag of equipment hebrought with him he planed to give it to a recent newcomer to the town "hope they get here soon" he stands outsite in his custom jet black power armor looking like a giant gunmetal man
Tibbie      The short tomgirl Tibbie does arrive eventually. She had heard around town that there's a big guy in black power armor willing to help out folks in need of equipment and weapons, and since she had a big expedition planned towards Texas it made sense that she jump on the man's offer.

She spots him easily, it's not hard when someone chooses to look like that, now she walks up to him with a grin.

"Hey chum! It's Tibbie! That gal who's needin a lil extra padding for those scary wastelands!" Tibbie chimes with her usual southern charm.

"You got time for a drink? It's hot as hell out today." She offers as they stand outside on the porch of the saloon.
Esscast when the newcomer makes her way here and introduces herself as tibbi he responds with "names Esscast and ya i brought you some decent stuff" handing her a old t-51 helmet some arm and chest combat armor and reinforced leg leathers and a guass assalt rifle he adds "its just old gear from back in my days as a militia man and sure ill join you for a drink" removing his x04 helmet he walks in tibbi would notice a long jagged scar were his left eye should be plus greying hair
Tibbie     Tibbie stumbles a bit as she rebalances herself once she has everything in her arms. She smiles and leads the way to a table, placing her bounty on it. A barmaid approaches and Tibbie makes an order for a simple beer this time as opposed to harder liquors, it is morning after all.

"You sure look like you been in some rough spots, reminds me of Davey.." Tibbie begins a tall tale about her friend Davey, this time about how he lost a finger trespassing on one of the local farms looking for a three-headed Brahmin.

She sips her beer and sighs contentedly when she's finished with her story, "I bet you got better stories though Esscast, seein how odd yer name sounds, you must've earned it somehow!" She probes.
Esscast esscast follows her to the bar and orders a beer as well "ya i have" after listening to her story about her freind and her question he begins his tale talking about how he held a line from oncoming super mutants by himself with a lmg as his bos comrads fell around him and the time he was caught in a explosion from a bomb and finished it up with the ending battle against the super mutant king during the seige of the town "looking back on it i survived to make sure the inocent had a life even if i were to die they would live and id be fine with that"
Tibbie     Her brown eyes shine as she listens intently to Esscasts' stories, enamored with his bravery.

"You're a real brave guy Esscast!" she raises her half-full glass for a clink.

"I hope I can even be a smidge courageous like you, I'mma need it for this trip on out to Tex." She smiles to him and allows him room to go further with his story.
Esscast esscast clinks his glass with hers "to be honest i was just protecting others back in the day when i was a bit younger i was in the enclave with the 18th battalion i wont lie we were stupid to beleive the enclave wanted to help humanity when we caught wind of it we left from there i was givin my name Esscast its latin for wall of protection it was givin to me for how i look out for others as time went on i was tasked by our leader mary yingst-kain to go undercover and protect my cousin kathrin kain thats how i got here all my battles i look at it as me making up for the terrony i did with the enclave but if i died then i wouldnt live to see this town become great" esscast downs the last of his drink with a sigh
Tibbie     Tibbie offers a solemn understanding nod as she finishes her own beer as well.

"I think yer doin great chum, and this town's gotta lot to look on forward to now. Now if only we could change the weather sometimes!" She chuckles softly and takes a minute to look at the things on the table.

"I sure hope I won't need any of this, thinking about things rippin or chomping through my legs aint too nice a thought, but I oughta work on being more prepared." She says as she holds a leg guard.
Esscast esscast nods in agrement then shares a chuckle with her "well if you are going out there mind if i tag along might need the extra help on your way"
Tibbie     "Sure! It's gonna be a real trip I tell ya, there's been rumors around about reavers runnin round.."Tibbie goes into detail about the rumors and Esscast confirms he's heard the same things. Over another beer they discuss what they'll need to bring and who'd be best for the job, finding more info, and tracking them down.

"Thanks for all the help Esscast, we're gonna need it!" Tibbie shakes his hand and gathers her new loot. It's afternoon now and they both give a nod on the porch as they set off to finish their day.