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Doc     Doc walked with Tibbie down the long tunnel away from sunshine. Doc had a rather odd, home-made contraption that he waved around. The whole thing would just about fit into a cigar box, tapering down to a handle-like side that he held, the other end covered with random doo-dads and gauges and lights. The thing made a weird beeping sound. The two had passed the sealed-off tunnel and Doc wondered aloud if it was the actual vault. But now, they had arrived in Vault City. "Wow," Doc says. "Not a real vault, but an incredible approximation."
Tibbie      The tomgirl Tibbie sort of nodded along looking at the Doc's contraption, adding "Yeah, it sure is vault lookin, sorta. I been meanin' to give this place a lil visit, seein as I aint stuck in Shantytown with Ma as much anymore. Say, what's that doo-dad beepin for anyhow?" She asks and knocks on the wall of the tunnel.
Doc     "This?" He asks, waving the thing up. "Oh, no reason. It's just an interesting thoughts detector. I have so many that it struggles to keep up. Careful not to look into the business end or it will give you thoughts of purple rain." Doc shoves the contraption into the oversized lab-coat pocket already filled with other random gizmos to be sure. Pulling the labcoat a little more widely open, he stuffs his hands into the pockets of his Red Rocket jumpsuit. "So, what do you make of this place, huh? Sure is clean."
Tibbie      She nods again, a bit more relaxed this time, "That's sure a neat box then! I bet it wouldn't pick up much from my friend Davey though." she gets off track for a minute. "Yeah, it's bout the cleanest I seen of El Dee so far! It must take a lotta machines or somethin to keep the dust outta here. The ice cream parlor's real clean too, bout the only part of the town I got to see asides now. I hear there's some shady doc around here that'll fix yer face for a few favors too, but golly that deal just aint sound right to me. I aint need no fixins like that though." she's on a roll of thoughts, but nothing interesting enough to get a beep from the Doc's pocket.

" I bet they could serve grub right on the countertop an y'wont get sick either!"
Doc     Doc shrugs as the two continue to converse in the pristine chapel to cleanliness. "I feel mostly clean out there," he says, thrusting his thumb toward the long corridor. "Here? I feel like I need to take a bath in bleach and not touch anything to avoid getting it all messy." He looks around at the lights and his box beeps in his pocket. "I wonder how they keep the lights running," he asks.
Tibbie      "Beats me Doc, I bet them brainiest brains in the Scientist bunker prolly got it all figured out though. As fer feelin dirty here, well now y'givin me the jitters bout it too." she rubs her fingers together and flicks away the dirt that's rubbed off.

"But hey, we all cant get 'desampitized' everyday, I think dirt's gotta be around for a good reason right?" Tibbie thinks aloud

"Wow Doc, I aint had much a break to think on things like this. They even gotta shcmancy thinkin place with plants n' things here too. Must be nice havn that kinnda time." She spits to a corner once they've reached the end of the tunnel

"That's feels a bit better now, what's the word..organtic?"
Doc "Quite," Doc says. Looking around, he briefly considers pulling out the ol' blaster pistol and firing away until he's carved his name into the ceiling, but quickly considers better of it. "I like it here," he adds. "I wouldn't mind kicking around for a bit." He looks at Tibbie for a moment before saying, "You mentioned Scientist bunker brains. Care to elaborate?"
Tibbie      "Sure Doc! Way on out in the sticks they's gotta secret bunker. I helped clean it up when they were starting out y'know. Bunch of chums that love doo-dads like you are down there tinkerin away to they's hearts content. They got like, a medical space, an loads of computers, OoO! And this, aww man, they called it a..Oh! Elly-vatoor! You stand innit and it zips y'up without needn stairs!" Tibbie enthuses.

"I think you'd fit right in! I think the head honcho is Bart, he's all into lasers n things, then you got chums in there that're into robots, and some that like mixin things up to make science stuffs! I can prolly show you the way if I kin'remember the river, it's been a while since I been there." Tibbie adds.

"These vault livin chums must have things pretty easy for the most part, I mean, they prolly got a bot for nearly everything except chewin!"
Doc     Doc's pocket beeped, and he whipped a pencil and small pad of paper from his pockets, scribbling down the preliminary design of a chewing bot. "You're probably right," he says, calmly. "Though I would like a properly equipped laboratory." He continues scribbling as he asks, "Is Burt hard to find?"
Tibbie      "Not at all, he's got a lil laser lab right in El Dee. He zapped my laser burn thing, it still boggles me y'kin burn a burn and it's all good after. Oh yeah, his place is a lil house there, the attic's where all the cool stuff is. Bart's kinnda like you too Doc, a real thinker!" Tibbie shows off the laser burn on her torso as they make their way back out of the tunnel.

"I bet you'd make the team there twice as smart when you get there!" Tibbie smiles.
Doc     Doc smiles back and stuffs his notes back into his pocket. "You flatter me," he says to the kind girl. Now didn't seem the time to talk about how he invented LASERs, or how LASER was an acronym, or any of the various other scientific things he knew from before the war. "So, where do you live?" he asks, instead.
Tibbie      Tibbie grins now when she's asked, "Oh! I live in Shantytown, where the dirt's gotta lil charm to it and there's plenty of people crammed around to make friends! When the farm work get's too rough at Brigham's though I'll spend the night with lil Gus, if it's a good day I like to be home with Ma, she worries bout me too much." Tibbie answers Doc thoroughly.

"Y'still pretty fresh around here, you find a spot to settle in yet or you just breezin on through?" Tibbie now asks him back, curious as to where he would like to fit in.
Doc     "Well, after I lost my landship, what with all the armor and guns and such, I find myself a bit more picky about the places I choose to call my home. There are only so many caps in the world, you know. I've thought about a few places so far, but I'm liable to stay around here for a while. There's plenty to see around here, and I think I've earned a bit of a rest."
Tibbie      "That's something that takes more than a few days to mull over, plus, you still gotta check out all the spots⦠Kinnda like what were doin here huh! If'n you need more spots to check out be sure to give me a holler, I'd like to see new places too! Sure I been to Vegas n all the way out to that creepy Dunwich place, and met a talkin moleratty, but there's still plenty in El Dee I gotta see!" Tibbie grins and holds up a finger.

"I bet you could fix that Dunwich place, there's gotta be some sorta reason it's so whacky!" Tibbie says hopefully
Doc     Doc raises what's left of an eyebrow. "What's wrong with Dunwich?" he asks, his curiosity piqued.
Tibbie      "Well when I went there, and I only went there a'cuz people's kids've goin missing mind you. We saw things comin alive like bears and bikes, and big scary red eyeballs out in the mists. We couldn't even get them kids back neither, the house they popped into had like, spikes made'uh blood and, it was a real trip I tell ya. Plus another time we was tryin fix some weird music comin outta there by makin radio towers and we found like, copies of us tryna kill us!" Tibbie goes on with exaggerated hand movements.

"I swear it's all true too Doc!"
Doc     Doc nods and thinks for a moment. "Well, we've seen Vault City, now, so let's bookmark this and come back to it. Ready to head back?" Without waiting for her response, he started walking, obviously expecting Tibbie to follow.