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Jackson The sun was shining bright in the skies over El Dorado. The winds were blowin', the birds were chirpin'. By all accounts, it jus tseemed like one of those days where nothing could go wrong. But as the good deputy Jackson Parkes took his afternoon patrol amongst the fair city's streets, something just wasn't sitting right with him. Though the citizens had had a great time during the ice cream social a while back, most of them didn't clean up after themselves very well. Some of the stalls were still set up, there were decorations and dated posters advertising the event still covering the city, and there were still several piles of hay leftover from the petting zoo who's remnants had began to blow around the streets. Cleaning was always a bit of a bummer, but Jack figured-- on a day as beautiful as today, why not do something productive with it? Make the city a more beautiful and welcoming place, and all that?
So, with that goal in mind, the deputy stepped onto his silver mare's saddle, and took a quick gallop around town, gathering supplies and hollering down potentially interested volunteers. In no time at all, he'd gatehred up his group and three wagons. One for the garbage, one for the stalls, so they could be repurposed and transported to the Shantytown market, and the third, for any sort of recyclable waste or scrap that's laying around that can be repurposed or used as raw material.
Jackson Having stabled his horse at the Sheriff's Department for the time being, Jackson stood before his gathered volunteers with an armful of boxes that were clearly labeled with some Super Duper Mart branding on the sides. As they all arrived to put their effort forward, the deputy kept his explanation short, sweet, and to the point.
"Alright, it's simple. I looted these from a super duper mart a few months back, knew I'd eventually have a use for 'em. Inside of these boxes is a roll of plastic bags that we can use to gather up the crap that's gathered up on the streets over the past few weeks. We'll spend a little while doing what we can to clean up here, and afterward, we'll hit the gold digger and get hammered, courtesy of yours truly. Before we gather up the shit in the bags, though, we've gotta get the hay and stalls out of the main street, loaded into that cart, and hauled off to the Shantytown market where they can be used. After we do that, we'll focus on the garbage, and in the mean time, if we find anything that we can recycle, we'll throw that inside of a seperate cart to be hauled off to whoever needs it." As he spoke, the deputy pointed out the appropriate carts, and handed a box of garbage bags to all involved-- as he said, he knew he'd eventually have a use for those damned things. As he finished, he adjusted his glasses, pulled out a pack of New Vegas smokes, and lit one up with his refillable lighter.
"Any questions?"
Doc     "Yes!" Doc said, raising his hand high into the air. "Can I use my new invention to vaporize the trash instead? Will that mess up our gold-digging hammer plans?"
Jackson "I can't see that as an issue. Though I'd rather ya' avoid disintegrating anything that's useable. So, maybe keep it to the useless parts, and we'll be right as rain." The deputy's response was quick, and a bit more curious than he'd like to admit, but mostly just happy. He was unusually chipper for someone who was about to pick up garbage for the next hour. Really, it was because he genuinely enjoyed Doc and Tibbie's company. And the day? It was infectiously up-beat.
Vera Vera hmmms, as she and Sora arrive at the scene. "I'm quite surpise no one just took this stuff...I mean, I woulda expected those in Shantytown to sneak in here in the night, and take it all before anyone realised it. I wonder why they didn't....course, whoever made this mess should be held accountable as well....but I guess thats a law thing..."
Tibbie Tibbie laughs and cracks her knuckles, then takes one of the bags.
"We're onnit boss!" Tibbie smiles and heads over to the hay, now in a squat and scooping up hay. Today's a bit harder than farmwork as she chats up the distracting people.
Doc     Doc pulled something about the size of a Mac Pro tower from the pocket of his lab coat. He stroked it and cooed at it before looking around. "Does anyone have a portable fusion generator? I need approximately one point twenty one jiggawatts over here, stat!"
Jackson "Ehh, the scrappers usually keep out of city property. 'S'far as they know, they belong to somebody, and with the Sheriff's Department HQ sitting right on the South gate, i'm sure none of them really want to take the chance." His response to Vera was as relaxed as his initial one had been to Doc, and he walked over to one of the forementioned stalls, waving at the group for a bit of assistance.
"I'd appreciate it if I could get another person to help bme load these stalls in first. Tibbie and the other can focus on the other stuff for the time being." As he spoke, he observed Doc retrieving his peculiar piece of technology, and appraised it from afar. If he was being honest with himself, he had.. Absolutely no idea what it was, and wasn't sure if he wanted to.
"If I had a portable fusion generator, I'd probably use it to overclock a gauss rifle's power module or something. See how hard it fires that tungsten after that."
Doc     Doc checked his pockets. "Where's the sustainable fusion reactor when you need it? I can't always drag my stainless steel flying car around, you know." He sighed and shoved the device back into his pocket. He put his fingers on the alien blaster in his inner pocket, but quickly thought better of that. After all, he was pretty sure he was going to need what little ammo he had for that some point...maybe...
Tibbie Tibbie grins from the banter as she shovels hay. "You know I'd help if i knew about that stuff!" Tibbie chimes, it seems what she said could go to either Doc or Jack.
Jackson Jack grabbed onto one end of the stall, and, rather than wait for the help, simply started to drag the first of the stalls toward the cart he'd designated as, 'The Staller' with a bit of effort. It was made out of scrap metal and car bumpers, so whoever'd decided to weld the damn thing together did a hell of a job doing it. It was heavy as hell, and wasn't coming apart any time soon. As he reached the cart, he lifted one end into it's open rear, then circled around to the opposite end of the stall, pushing the damned thing in by force. It took some effort, but in time, he'd pushed the thing to the back of the cart's storage section with no problem at all.
"If I had a flying stainless steel car.. I'd.. Probably wait until I came down off of the Daytripper, or.. Spend a lot less time riding ol' Ladyyfingers." At his words, he gestured down toward the far-off silver mare who'd currently been taking a drink out of a trough that'd been erected in front of the Sheriff's Department.
Vera Vera hmms, and looks over to Sora. "Call in to HQ, see if they can send over anyone thats not busy at the moment." Sora nods, "yes ma'am" Sora then stands there for a moment, "OK, they said a few volunteers are on the way over..." Vera nods, "Ok, when they get here, put them on clean up duty."
Jackson Jack thanked Vera with a casual, but sarcastic salute as he moved on toward the next stall, repeating the process he'd gone through witht he last one. It was hell on his legs and shoulders, but if anything, it was a good way to get a good work out in for the day. As he drug around the stall, he could feel beads of sweat forming on his brow, but did his best to ignore them as he put all of his focus into his activity. After he'd loaded it into the wagon, he spoke up again.
"I appreciate the call-in, Vera. I just figured this place could use a little elbow grease. On a day like this, ya' can't help but see all the garbage layin' around, y'know?"
Vera Vera nods, "Some of it walks around in a hundred dollar suit...but unless it does something wrong, not much you can do about it." Sora chuckles a bit.
Jackson "You're telling me," The deputy began with a chuckle, taking a brief moment to walk down the street and begin dragging another of the stalls. Luckily for him, this one was made of some repurposed, but weathered, old pallets and strapped together with plastic ties and a fair bit of green duct tape. As a result, it was pretty easy to load onto the cart, and he made quick work of the next one, as it was made of a similar set of materials-- plus cardboard and construction glue. At least, what looked like construction glue of some sort.
"Every time I take a walk through the New Vegas Strip, I feel like plugging half of the bastards I see in the Tops. Not that i'm one to talk." At that, he ran his fingers pointedly through his hair.
"I pull of a suit better though, I'd say."
Tibbie Tibbie and company did good work of all the hay, although ots too dirty to be used for horses. She heaves the last bag to the side, now working up a sweat herself. "phew! That's some fancy gizmo Doc!" she says wiping her brow. she watches doc hold a compact looking supervac, targeting litter efficiently. The comment Sora makes flies right over her head as shes left looking confused.
Vera Vera says, "Vegas?...hmm, never been there. I tend to stay close to my post normally..just visit the nearby outposts from time to time."
Jackson "Well, you could say I inherited some property up that way in a bit of an.. Unusual way." At that, Jack began to regail the group with the story of a drunken, high-stakes poker game in the Ultra-Lux that went sideways for some VIPs. The long and short of it was that Jack got screwed-- instead of a bunch of caps, he was given some farmland that was completely overun with ghouls. It was a bit of an overdramatized story, but it helped pass the time for the group well enough as they made themselves busy cleaning up. In time, the militiamen that Vera had called in with Sora's help showed up as requested, and with the help of Vera, Jack showed them where they were needed, and they all got to work shining up the streets. It was easy, but tedious work, and with the extra hands, they were able to finish in no more than a few hours. In the wake of it al, Jack invited all of the volunteers over to the Gold Digger to have a celebratory round of whiskey-- on him, as promised.