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Joe Caine Joe Caine is sitting behind the bar, a glass of whiskey resting in his giant paws, eyes flickering between the few sparsely sat customers that were in the bar area. Miss Kitty was not around, Joe no doubt watching the establisment in her temporary absence.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine slips in, a bit of a spring in her step as she moseys over to her favorite stool, plucks the 'out of order, for Real this time" off the stool and sits down. "Hey Joe!", she says as she spins. "Whats going" ...spinning.. "On.. where's Mom?"..
Jude Jude makes his way into the saloon. He lifts his goggles off his eyes to let his eyes adjust. The upworld sun is murder to the Vault City denizen. He moves towards the bar, bringing the scent of ozone with him. His hair is also unnaturally spiky... unnatural without liberal application of electricity at any rate. He isn't sure exactly who he's looking for, but after an inspection of most of the customers, he finally decides that Joe is actually Joe. He approaches the fellow, smile emerging on his face as he does. His eyes flicker to Lilly and the fact that she is engaging Joe. So he diverts some, taking up a stool and ordering a drink instead.
Joe Caine Joe offers a faint smile for his sister. Despite it being faint, it's far more than he'd give anyone else, "Heya Lilly, Ma went out to get some more s'plies.. she'll be back in a few hours, watchin' the bar for now."

When Jude approaches the bar, he takes his drink order, pouring the given alcohol into a considerably clean glass, "That'll be two caps.." He says, politely, before eyeing the man's jumpsuit, a slight smirk crossing his lips, "Ahh a Vault dweller ehh? First time up?" He questions, pouring another shot for himself, which he raises to cheer the man before shooting it back like a pro, features unaffected by the bite.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine catches Joe's smile, tucking it away somewhere safe and private for mental appreciation later. She turns to offer her rotational banter to Jude. "First time gettin' dirt in' yer teeth? cuz iffen ya ait got a breather, helps to breethe through yer teeth. Keeps the bugs out. Nice Goggles", all said while spinning on her stool at a good healthy 10rpm.
Jude Jude plops down 10 caps, smiling at Joe. "Can't stop at jus' one." He slugs back the first shot and breathes in deeply as his eyes water. He gives a little cough and strains out, "Naw. I come up fairly often." He breathes again and his voice normalizes. "I was out lookin' for ya, truthfully. Done heard you might have some leathers for the legs and arms ya might be wantin' to part with." He smiles at Joe and encompasses Lilly as well. "Not to mention almost shocked the shit outta myself, so REALLY needed me a drink."

He laughs a little at Lilly's advice. He shrugs a little. "I have me a bandana for that sort of thing. Keeps most of the bugs and ghoul ick outta my mouth and looks a bit less... distressing."
Joe Caine Joe Caine grins at his twin sister, sliding her a shot of whiskey as well, while he pours up another one for Jude and himself, "Ahhh, ain't never seen ya 'round these parts before.. though I reckon I've been away for a while. He states casually before knocking back the second shot.

When Jude mentions the leathers, Joe's eyebrows raise, "Ahh, yeah. I still got 'em. They're in perfect condition, barely worn." He runs to the back for a few moment before returning with some leather arm and leg guards, "I'm lettin' em go for a hundred.. dropped off fifty caps from the retail price," He shrugs, "Also got some good guns fer sale."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles, eyes widen as she pulls the shot glass over. While Joe's out, she takes a small ship.. gingerly, nursing the booze. "and if ya need a leather chest-piece, I got one I can let ya have to go with it, iffen ya wants it."
Jude Jude shakes his head, a bit of a blush coloring his cheeks. "I... well... I go out scavenging and the like fair often, but... first I was in here was... shit. A couple of days ago?" He rolls his shoulder in a shrug. "Ain't really anything like this down below."

Then it becomes time for business and Jude smiles brightly. He slugs back his shot while Joe is gone. Lilly gets his attention with mention of a chestpiece. "Well, hell, this here is a truly lucky day. How much are you lookin' to get outta it, Miss Lilly?"

When Joe gets back, Jude smiles at him, then gives a cursory visual inspection of the leather goods. "Guns, huh? I'm guessin' no lasers or nothin' like that, huh? I... well, I never even fired a slugthrower." He seems fairly satisfied with the condition of the leather and nods, digging out the requisite caps and laying them on the counter in 10 neat, 10-apiece stacks. "One hundred caps."
Joe Caine "Ahh, well that explains it. It's definitely a unique place in Wastelands... ain' no place like it anywhere in New Mexy-co! Ma sure did build a fine establishment!" Taking the coins, the intimidating bartender counts them out quickly, before placing them in his cap pouch and sliding the leathers across. They definitely had been worn at least once, but for the price it was still a good deal, "Ah I ain't too good with them fancy ray-guns, only have.. slug-throwers.." He says the word with an odd inclination, as if having never even heard the term before.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine goes behind the bar and begins digging through a duffel bag. Lilly's "Bag of Crap thats usually underfoot" may actually be light enough to drag without killing small lizards too slow to get out of the way. "How's 90 caps sound? Morn' half price. I aint worn it.. but.. I aint washed it either. May still be a severed armpit in there or something. No promises.. Deal?"
Jude Jude smiles and nods. "It truly is a wonder, that is for darn sure." He smiles a little more wistfully, sparing a glance that he hopes is subtle towards the stairway leading to the girls' rooms. "Sure did," he murmurs.

He flicks out of his reverie and clears his throat. He considers a moment before just strapping the leathers onto his appendages. He taps them and tugs to make sure they're secure and on tight. "Really need me one of the armored vault suits to wear under these boys," he mutters with a sigh.

He flicks his attention to Lilly then, eyes going to watch her digging through her bag. "Well, lemme have a look see. If'n it looks better 'n nothin', I'll totally be interested." He's fairly sure it'll be better than nothing as he starts to line 9 stacks of ten in coin. "Just the right price. I don't carry much more'n a hundred walkin' money."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine says, "I got this", thumping the black armored chest plate she wears. "Mom's old one. She gave it to me after I got shot inna gut.. ", giggling a bit.. "though, I think she's just outgrown it""
Jude Jude gives the chestpiece a once over to be polite, but also doesn't let himself stare at the woman's chest for too long. Her brother is right there, after all. He offers, amiably and with a touch of laughter in his voice, "My folks pretty well cut me off. Tellin' me to add somethin' to the name now and all that rot." He smiles and shrugs. "I reckon that'll last until I get myself hurt bad. Then they'll make with the tears and apologies. It'll be hell if'n I don't get banged up though. I'll never hear the end of how right they are and bein' trotted around Vault City by them to show off how much better they are at parentin'." He rolls his eyes and pushes off the stool. He slips the leather on, making it more secure than just trying to carry it in hand. It isn't that he doesn't trust upworlders, but...

After his new protective gear is on, he touches his brow. "Well, I do thank you both for your hospitality. I think I'm gonna head on out to see if I can't dig me up a little somethin' somethin'. It was a true pleasure to make both your acquaintances." He gives a nod to each in turn. "Miss Lilly. Joe." Then, unless stopped, he's headed for the door.