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Tibbie      Well folks, this little camaraderie's been out in the Texas Wastelands and the settlements around for about three, three an'a half days now. The sun's beatin' down, the dirt's all dry and whippin' in their faces, and stayin' cool's bout the only thang most these folks got on their minds.

That and all these rumors floatin' round about some reaver fellas runnin' off with somethin worth killin'm for!

The formation of the group's is kinnda formal, kinnda not, depends on who yer lookin at. Little cowgirl Tibbie here's stickin to the middle and riding her horse Butter, she aint the leader mind you, but she's usually in the middle of thangs anyhow so may as well stick to what's natural! She takes of her newly purchased cowboy hat and fans herself with it, and then shades her eyes so she can squint at the distance ahead.

"Cordin' to the folks last naght, these ree-vers oughta be pretty close 'round here somewhere." Oh god, Tibbie's accent sure caught the texan bug awful quick.

"Say now, that water up ahead?" She looks to the group as she bounces in rhythm to her horse, pointing at the very distant glimmer up ahead. Something also a bit unusual for Tibbie is she wearing some combat gear as her legs, arms, and chest are protected with militia grade guards. It's like she actually prepared herself beforehand!
Esscast esscast walks behind her thankfull that his helmet has ac in his power armor "so i made a few calls so dont be afraid if you see the trojin man apprear" esscast chuckled a bit at his joke as he marched in his bulky heavy black power armor its red eyes glowed as he took each step with his heavy assault rifle on one arm and a lmg on the other
Ashur For a long time, Ashur, in his capacity as a Ranger, has patrolled the Texas wastelands on his own; he can name dozens of settlements, roads, and landmarks, and has a rough understanding of the local tribes and raider gangs. But even near a year of exploration means little in a state the sheer size of Texas, and by no means is he all-aware.

Nevertheless, the gold-plated berserker and his dog are familiar with the Reavers. "They have a strong presence in the region," he confirms, "often congregating in areas rich with old world technology. Be wary, little Tibbie: these Reavers are abominations of man and machine. They have sold their souls to the gods of metal."

Dogmeat barks at his Master's side, agreeing with his philosophy. Or maybe dogs just bark sometimes.

Ashur hastens his step, duraframe boots cracking the dry ground beneath them with each thunderous stomp. He takes point, cape flowing behind him, the cumbersome jetpack on his back shining in the sunlight. He's such a shiny man overall. "I've heard some of them are so bound to the machines that they've replaced their hearts with engines."
Kaelyn She's here! She's moving up behind everyone, well, quiet... Kae's actually pretty good at quiet... She's also kind of a predator-like blur at this point as the active cammoflage feature of her armor's active. She peers to Tibbie, then to Ashur and finally Esscast before moving up on the flank... She becomes visible shortly, helmet folding its self back to reveal her head... "I'mma move up and scout a head..." She says and smiles a bit, then before waiting for an answer she hits a button on the armor and the helmet folds back to enshroud the odd woman's head and she silently darts ahead of the group...
Tibbie The geared up cowgirl gave a nod and chuckle to Esscast.
"I'm glad y'both showed up! Based on what folks's tellin me, these Ree-vers are real nasty." Tibbie's face cringed at the reaver thoughts Ashur had given her.
"That sounds like'a dedication I aint ever wanna reach for myself." She thinks aloud.
"Aw-uh, okay Kae!" Tibbie acknowledges a bit startled from her surprise appearance.

The glimmer in the distance seem to be flickering more than what one would expect a oasis on the horizon to do, something must be there shrouding the water's reflection from the group, and dirt seems to be kickin up around there too. Just faintly the sound of machines finds Ashur's and Kaelyn's ears as they scout ahead. Could they've found these rowdy reavers finally?
Esscast Esscast primes both his weapons "if they bleed we can kill them" esscast says with determination and walking beside ashur "hey, if this gets bad i got your back" turning to the rest "that goes for yall as well"
Ashur "It is dedication," the brutish man replies, gazing toward the glimmering horizon-jewel and listening to the grinding clunk and motor-roars of machines that come from it. "And it is sacrifice. Admirable traits, both -- but put to unadmirable ends. What is the purpose of a life stripped of its humanity? Existing in mockery of our proper form, absent our lusts? It is like those.. abominations we found in Texas: insults to our race."

When Kaelyn vanishes to scout ahead, and Esscast prepares his weapons, the Hellfire-clad Legionnaire simply continues his advance unabated.

"These machine men, with their machine hearts and machine minds.. they are better off dead."

He drops a nod to Esscast, for there are few people better to have watching your back!
Kaelyn As she moves ahead, really the only sign Kae is there, other than the occasionally blurry movement, is her footprints and even those are shallow and hard to see. She tries to find a high point, the woman adjusting the telescopic site on her rifle as she glances ahead, trying to get a good view on who they're about to go against...

"Soo think we're gonna be all that sneekeh this time?" Asks CORA, Kae then shrugs "Probably.. Two fellows in power armor? Doubt they notice me or even Tibbie at all..." CORA then pipes in, through Kae's intercom.. "Good point.."

Kae shifts silently to another hill, staying low as she tries to get a better view of their opponents..
Tibbie Boy, these reavers are so ugly, they ARE the ugly stick! It looks like they're taking a break, or maybe trying to fix something, as one of the reaver children is hunched over a bike as one of the priests here berates him. The other pair of priest and child seem to be enamored with something, though their backs are turned to the encroaching group.

Tibbie hops off of Butter, nearly losing her footing, and pulls out a pistol from her pocket. She nods and uses Esscast as a sort of cover as she's trailing him from a safe distance, he is 'The Wall' after all! By the looks of things, team Tibbie is going to get the jump on these lug-heads!
Esscast as they get into fireing range esscast fires 60 rounds of 50 cal taser rounds not all hit of corse but those that do stun the hell out of a tech priest as the other fires his gun hitting esscast with a considerable ammout of force the shockwave from the hit kickes up dust as esscast keeps marching on a sing mark on his armor and a grunt of pain from the massive hit
Ashur Ashur thrusts his right arm out, the wind dragging his cape out like a waving flag. "Cleave to cover," he instructs Tibbie, slowing in his walk until he is still as stone. "And watch me."

A flex of knees, a rumbling, as the internal engines of the man's jetpack stir to life, drawing energy from the fusion cells within it. Toroids of plasma eject from superconductor barrels and the rumble becomes a roar as great gouts of thick flame erupt, the force of it blasting dirt and rocks across the ground in a ray-lined circle.

The Legionnaire leaps into the air, and continues on, gravity itself defied as he soars higher and higher. The enormous bull of a man is like some great and terrible sun-bird -- burning flames are his tail, his wings a gold-threaded cloak spread out wildly, the feathers of his helm's crest stirring, and all of him sparkling.

He rises above the conclave of Reavers, blinding them with the light at his back, and then turns down, crashing amidst their center with thunderous applause and an endless spray of destroyed terrain.
Kaelyn Kae blinks as Esscast just starts to open up and unload ammo down range... CORA adds "Kiding right?" Kae then shrugs slowly "Nooo cluuuue... She says, and casually picks out a target.. Aiming for one of the boy's on the bikes as she takes a deep breath and aims, picking her shot. Her carbine is by no means a massive firearm, but it does hit fairly hard and ignores tons of armor. She flips the fire selector switch off safe to semi-auto, and takes a long deep breath, preferring, of course to stand off at a long distance as she steadies her aim further and further. Finally she squeezes the trigger, not once but twice, sending a pair of well aimed rounds for the reaver's head. (Ultimate attack+deadeye btw)

Soon as her first two rounds are fired, she switches targets and again with a deep breath and switches to full auto. She slowly exhails and at the short space between exhail and inhail squeezes the trigger again, this time sending a burst at her other selected target.... Again a swtich and she's firing another burst, she's smooth but not hasty as she moves from target to target...
Tibbie The shockwave of the hit Esscast took rumbles the ground beneath our littlest defender Tibbie, sure'nuff her butt's to the ground and now in awe of the flying man.
"HOLY SHIT! Git em Jefecito!" She cheers and turns to the sounds of Kae's shots, getting inspired by her to finally add her own offence. Tibbie takes a couple shots with her pistol at the reavers from her dusty keister, it's unsure to tell if she'd actually hit anything with so much action going on but her excitement and cussin' shows she's having fun like a true Texan would!

The Reavers on the other hand are barraged with bullets of all sizes and the flying man of doom doesn't give em much of a snowball's chance in hell but they sure are gonna try!
Esscast esscast keeps up the firepower buy putting down anything ashur and kea didnt outright kill fireing 30 .223 rounds from his bullpub lmg ripping and tearing threw those that are left his guns and chest smoking after their short battle "well that was easy dont know what we were worrying about
Ashur Ashur has not mastered the use of the jetpack; it's why his approach with it resembled nothing so much as a long-distance leaping smash. But the force of it, the weight of his armor, the strength of his limbs -- that's enough. As Esscast's monumental storm of bullets rips and tears through the armor of war-priests and bikes, the behemoth lumbers into the center of the fray, an unstoppable violence radiating outward from the epicenter of his impact crater.

And what a crater it is, filling with blood and oil like a lake, until his steps through it slosh and the tangled web of titanium limbs and machine-veins strew across him like so much cobweb stuff.
Kaelyn Kae continues just hanging up in her little sniper's point, well it's not super long range sniping, more like marksman firing as Kae's only a couple hundred yards off as she sends a couple rounds down range every few seconds. These rounds all well aimed so as best to maximize her weapon's full potential. Where as Esscast is firing huge amounts of ammo down range, Kae's making the best of as few a bullets as possible. content to go for the whole one or two shot kill as supposed to wall of lead approach
Tibbie After few minor explosions from the bikes, the land's natural music is restored from the noisy reavers. Tibbie finally gets up and runs over to Ashur for a closer look of all the carnage
"We really fucked them hunks of junk up!" Tibbie cheers, then takes a hard look at the pool of machine guts and spots something, and taking no time at all Tibbie jumps into the mess!

Now coated in oily knarly bits herself Tibbie stands up with Ashur's help of corse and she shows the group their success! A metal box with various discs inside.
"Looks like they was hadin anformation I think!" she announces and looks to the other for anymore info on it. They have their theories of what they might be, but it's gonna take a big brain and some not so hostile machinery to get the info all sucked out of these discs! Jiggling the wires off of her arms Tibbie looks over to Butter,
"Aww shit, look's like I'll be hoofin it, Butter aint deserve the mess." Tibbie sighs but her optimism comes back,
"Hey, I think we should git up in some more of them ribs back in Tex a'fore headin home, we earned it!"