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Zealot Shreya A shot rings out over the scrapyard. Must be some sort of energy weapon by the sound of it. You can hear the rasping of a feral ghoul somewhere deeper in. Another shot rings out.....and nothing further. The growling stops.
Jackson Though he'd planned to leave in the morning, against his better judgement, Jackson decided to make the trip back toward El Dorado through the night. It was more dangerous, and certainly a little bit chillier, but up to this point, he'd been no worse for wear as he made his journey. As he crossed into the scrapyard, however, the weight of his eyelids was starting to get the better of him. If he kept driving like this, he'd be crashing and killing himself before he had the time or sentience to hit the brakes. He needed some sleep. So, he did just that-- parking his motorcycle near one of the piles of scrap, and throwing old parts over it to mask it's appearance as a fixed-up vehicle, Jack started poking around for a clear place to lay his head. He wouldn't want anyone stealing the damn thing while he slept, and he definitely didn't want to fall asleep in a nest of ferals. The scrapyard definitely wasn't the best place to take a nap, but as long as he didn't travel too far into it's depths, he'd be able to avoid any sort of radiation poisoning.
As he found a clearing that he'd be able to set up camp in, the tell-tale sound of an energy weapon firing echoed through the surrounding area. It came moments after he'd heard the now familiar groans of ferals. As badly as he wanted to close his eyes, he decided that in order to ensure himself of his own safety, he'd have to investigate at least the closer piles of scrap to convince himself he could fall asleep. So, doing just that, the deputy brandished his gauss revolver, and struck out into the nearby scrap piles and dust, looking for the source of the weapon's noise.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya is seen coming down from atop a pile of rusted out cars. She looks toward you suspiciously. Between the two of you is a feral ghoul. It has been shot in the arm and in the face, its brain matter leaking out on the unforgiving cracked earth. Shreya unslings her gauss rifle and holds it at a low ready but doesnt point it at you...yet. "I dont have anything you want stranger," she says guardedly.
Zealot Shreya The ghoul is wearing a lovely polka dotted dress. The material is crusted with dirt from where the thing probably laid itself down in mud. The right sleeve is tattered and there is blood on the ruin of its bosom, but old dry stains, not the fresh ichor from the gauss rifle shots.
Jackson Jack glanced up toward the crest of one of the scrap piles, only to see a familiar looking shadow peering down at him with a gigantic-sized rifle at the ready. The ghoul's corpse was damaged enough that even if he wanted to, Jackson wasn't feeling particularly up to messing with a weapon like that. He could only imagine how the damn thing felt when you fired it. That being said, the deputy had no problem raising his hands in mock-seriousness, making it plain and clear that he had no intent to raise a weapon against her. Humoring her, he even had the decency to drop his pistol before he did so.
"Ah, if it isn't the good Zealot, purging the world of the forsaken. I believe we had the courtesy of sharing drinks at the saloon a few weeks back? It's me. The deputy of small." That last part? That came with a smirk. If she didn't recognise him then, well, then he'd best get ready to feel those gauss rifle rounds more intimately.
Kaelyn She's a blurr really... The active cammo on her armor makig it rather frustratingly hard to spot the odd elf-like woman as she moves along... Then out of the corner of her eye she catches two eople, standing armed and a dead feral ghoul betwee them... She comes to a stop now, kneeling slightly as she watches for now.. In her ear, luckily it's only heard by Kae inside her helmet CORA pipes in "Ooh this could be ineresting.." Kae shrugs slowly and idly tugs her carbine off her shoulder, as she watches between the two curiously.

There's a pause and well a growl can be heard briefly by the others as another ghoul starts to crest one of the debris piles... It then lurches into a run. Kae turns and there's a quiet ringing, or keening perhapse briefly, just on the very edge of hearing before a dead fridge launches out of the debri pile and smashes into the ghoul at high speed, crushing it against another heavy object as the now crumpled fridge comes to a halt...
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya realizes who it is as she comes closer in the darkness. "Ahh yes...the sheriff of small. Shit!" She raises her rifle up when the fridge slams into a ghoul not too far off. She keeps the gun up and starts to move in that direction in a low walk that borders on a crouch. She lays the gauss rifle over one of the ruined cars, sighting in to see what can be seen.
Jackson The deputy opened his mouth to greet the zealot with yet another sarcastic remark, but turned toward the extreme volume created when the refrigerator slammed full-force into the surrounding scrap, pinning a ghoul beneath it. At the sight of the ghoul, Jackson traced his eyes back to where the fridge likely was thrown from. Seeing no genetic monstrosity capable of throwing such a heavy object with so little effort, Jack came to one of the few conclujsions he thought that he could. Either the place was haunted, or, much more likely, they had another guest. And there was only one guess that he knew of that could do something like that.
"I swear to god, if I don't see a pair of pointed ears in the next few seconds, I'm getting right the hell out of this shithole. I don't do haunted scrapyards." He called out to seemingly nobody. However, he knew better than to assume a fridge had magically launched itself across the scrapyard into a ghoul who'd literally just began to run at them. It was statistically improbable, nevertheless impossible as all hell. At least, it was without the laws of gravity changing specifically in that moment, and only for that moment.
Kaelyn The alarm and all from the people now spooked by a flying fridge is all the motivation Kae needs. She silently but quickly makes her way down from her little hide, the woman still having her active Camo on as she now sidles behind Jackson and deactivates the active Camo... She then collapses the helmet on it, her white hair falling out as she taps Jackson on the shoulder "Boo!" She calls out cheerfully.

CORA is well now she can be heard giggling and loudly "Oh my! I can't believe you did that!!" Kae then taps CORA "Well I did, so believe it!"