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Vault Girl Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Ago

You were just minding your own business in America, land of the free. The place where bald eagles rode motorcycles and shot off assault rifles.

America was great.

You didn't quite remember who you were, but boy, did you remember America and something called Apple Pie.

One night you were just minding your own business when a bright flash of light enveloped you and suddenly your life as you knew it was over.


Your re-entry into the world comes with blindness and nausea as your malfunctioning cryopod opens up.

You are unsure how much time has passed since you were taken by the bright light. You don't remember who you are, but you do remember that those freaky nasty little bulbous headed aliens did STUFF to you. What stuff? Only you know.. or maybe you don't.
Esscast : awakes moving out of his cryopod "god my ass hurts" looking around at anyone else getting out "anyone else no were the fuck we are?"
Lucette     A taste of the good stuff and now it's gone, GONE! Replaced by terrible stuff and Zetans. Terrible stuff by Zetans, actually, what the fuck is a Zetan. Luce isn't content, groggy beyond anything she thinks she can recall and waiting for her eyes to wake up, the perfect recipe to stay still and listen.
Tibbie "What? Hello? BLEA-" Tibbie hurls clear bile on the floor in front of her and stumbles to find her footing.
Bart Bart feels nauseus even as he allows gravity to take him suddenly in an embrace that ends with him hugging the floor. A grunt comes and the wirey man tries to lift his upper parts up. Where was he, when was he, there were other people? Details are taken in slowly, and he manages a sound of irritation at the demands of Esscast. A little groan comes, "We're not home," is all he can conclude logically.
Grover One of the malfunction pods opens slightly, and you hear from inside.."Oh, mom..I don't want to go school. I don't feel stomach feels all rumbly. And its still dark out...its not time to get up. Five more minutes, thats all I ask..."
Conway The sweet taste of America and the patriotism for Apple Pie. Succulent. Wait, what the shit! Conway found himself in an unfamiliar place with no longer the taste of America on his mind, but fear instead. "Oh no.." Conway murmurs to himself, still not sure of what's going on. But he's no longer in his recliner.
Aris First order of business upon waking? Leaning out of her cryo-pod and throwing up. Sounds like someone else had the same great idea. "Hijo de puta..." Aristide groans, hands gripping the alien metal until her knuckles are white. She tries to blink away the blindness or nausea or both. Neither abates. She turns her head towards the sound of other voices, frowning when she doesn't recognize any of them.
Jackson Jackson's world was light. He heard a deep, mysterious hiss, he saw the light, and suddenly, he existed. His limbs were unsteady, rattling his wirey frame unsteadily as he stood in his pod, and his mind buzzed with a hazy, staticky fog which made it difficult to gather his thoughts. He blunk rapidly and shook his head from left to right, doing his best to dismiss himself of the lights and queeziness plaguing him to no avail-- the motion caused him to lose his balance, and before he realized it, his pod's door opened and deposited him neatly onto the floor in a heap.
"Whatinthefu-" He began, only to heave up the whole of his stomach's contents. He coughed, heaved, and did his best to rid his mouth of the leftover bile, then rubbed the back of his hands against his eyes and tried again.
"What in the fucking christ happened?"
Kaelyn Kae's tube? Well it's cracked, it's also stuck closed... Quickly her eyes begin to clear, and the blurry image she has is actually, oddly quite familiar, and a little comfortable... She begins to relaxe then eyes come wide open... "What the..." she asks, red eyes shifting around the tube before she starts trying to push the door open, she tries again, then really wants it to like open...

"Lovely..." She mutters, then takes a deep breath and really pushes hard, willing the door to open to and the glass and door all kind of fly away from her...

She blinks again and looks down, poking at her chest, and her suit of course, tugging lightly at the fabric "Tacky skin suit..." She mutters to her self.. She's certain hers is much better... She then peers out of her tube, looking for where the door flew to when it jumped away from her...
Ashur A hiss of frozen vapor seeps from cracks in Ashur's pod; the whole of it shakes and vibrates with a terrible violence, the delicate machinery and alien metals of its interior energy systems grinding to a halt. Then the hatch unseals, and partially opens, the white mist curling like beckoning fingers as it disseminates through the air. Whatever malfunction caused this mishap falls to total silence.

A few moments later, the metal screeches as the lid of the pod is forced the rest of the way, and from that icy chamber lurches a Hyperborean man -- a giant, fierce-eyed, shaggy as a mammoth and with crisp condensation clinging to the sharp bristles of a chilly beard.

The big bull of a fella pulls himself free, squeezing through the space between lid and pod, feet slamming into the ground with a loud stomp. He drinks deep of the air and exhales mightily, the fog streaming from his nostrils like smoke.

"Mm.. " he rumbles, scratching at his chest through this unusually tight-fitting suit. It leaves little to the imagination, for better or worse. He reaches behind him and pinches the material near his crack with thumb and forefinger, adjusting himself.

".. Fuck me, I'm stiff all over."
Lucette     Lucette takes this time of quiet contemplation to move herself off where she doesn't hear sound, hoping to find some sort of cover to eavesdrop and situate herself...
Grover Grover pushes open the pod the rest of the way, stretching his arms as he does. Then he rubs his eyes a bit, before getting out of the pod yawning.."Best sleep I've had in a long I've been sleeping for days" He yawns again, then looks around.
Bart Bart manages to get himself back up to his feet, looking down to see the speedsuit clinging to him rather snuggly. "Goodness gracious, that is, um, revealing," he mutters something about missing his lab coat before he's looking to the others. "Do I know you? Do any of you know me?" he asks curiously starting to go down the logical list, though he doesn't exactly know why.
Esscast esscast walks over to tibbi making sure shes ok after puking "you ok?" ripping off the leg of his speedsuit he hands it to her to wipe her mouth
Carter Griffin One pod has been very slow to open. It takes a bit of time before the door finally cracks and Carter comes flopping out of it. He lays on the ground, face down, "Mmmf. Five more minutes.." He mutters, to nobody in particular, before he rolls over onto his back, looking up at...He's not sure. What the hell is going on? And what the hell is he wearing? He sits upright, peering around at the others who have managed to free themselves, "Hello?"
Conway Conway steps a few feet out of his pod, still looking around. He glances at Bart, listening to his questions. Conway turns around and reopens his pod door, stepping back inside. He hopes it's a time machine and will warp him back to his home. He closes his eyes and tenses up, staying very still and quiet inside his pod.
Aris By this point, Aris still can't seem to shake the blindness she's experiencing, but at least she isn't puking anymore. "I don't even know -me-, cabrón," she answers Bart, wiping her mouth with the back of one hand before trying to crawl out of the cryo-pod.
Ashur Placing his right hand to his left shoulder, Ashur clenches his fist, bends the elbow, and windmills the arm, working out the creaks in the joint. He repeats the process opposite, then threads his fingers and sticks his arms way up high, tucking his shoulderblades in as a series of pops resonate from his vertebrae. He shakes the sleepiness from his limbs like so many cobwebs, and looks around with.. a certain calmness he's unsure why he feels. A sedative, perhaps, used in the process of capturing him?

A look to the left, a scan to the right, soaking in the odd architecture of this cavernous chamber, the queer materials used in its fabrication, the strange ways the light plays off of it to make it seem at once dark and bright, oily, even -- like gazing into wet paint. He hrmms, another deep-chest rumble, and begins to walk, looking to the others in the vicinity who seem to have awakened at the same time.

"We've all been released at the same time," he reasons aloud, "and in the same place.. wherever that is." His eyes fall on Kaelyn, whose pod door has just blasted feet ahead, whistling his appreciation of that ample figure.

"I like where this is goin'. Just like issue thirty-seven of Radical Jack's Cosmic Adventures."
Ashur Ashur's suit is also golden spandex. So he says, so shall it be. Gotta be shiny.
Vault Girl The blindness fades as does the sickness after what seems to be an eternity.

The smell of human waste is overpowering and you can hear some kind of machinery being operated from the direction of waste processing, likely the source the tainted smell.

All around you are thousands more pods just like the ones you exited, the majority still sealed. Some of them? They are sealed with the people inside looking like they struggled to escape before dying.

You were the lucky ones..
Tibbie "Oh.. I think so. Thank you." Tibbie replies and takes the ripped material from the tall man to wipe her face. She's blinking hard and slow, trying to get the blurriness to go away.
"Something's not right here, nobody knows one another, or themselves." Tibbie's voice is soft-spoken and unsure.

She pinches her nose and finally takes in the room for the first time.

"Poor souls.." She says and turns her body away from the sight of the deceased.
Esscast esscast looks at the other pods "well shit" shaking his head he looks to the big man ess ast greying hair and scar over his left eye "hey hope your as usful as you look we need to get these people out of here where ever here is.""
Bart Bart finally stands his full height and manages to look around, finding more and more pods around them, filled and with less lucky riders. Abductees? He lifts a hand and scratches at his stubbled cheek a few times as he mentally calculates. "I .. won't bore you with the numbers, but the odds we just beat to even be here are astronomical," he assures his compatriots before starting to move around and explore. "The next question is if there are any more survivors, or if our captors are still here. Both of which are reasons to stick together hm?" he suggests to the group as a whole.
Kaelyn Kae wobbles around on unsteady feet, wobbling in other ways too, then mutters.. "Woulda rathered a bra... and undies, something like that woulda been awesome..." She adds and she slowly tilts her head and looks to Tibbie... "Am sure that will pass just like the blindess and the nausea..." She adds and glances at the tubes with folks in it who were trapped and died... "These really probably weren't recent..." She utters before she then peers at Bart, glancing around the place... She can see in the dark and all... "Am thinking we're in a refuse bin area? Perhapse they were done with us?" She suggests...
Aris Managing to finally escape the confines of the pod, the dark haired woman stands and examines her strange clothing up close. Then she turns, looking at the pod beside her, in which someone seems to have clawed their own fingernails out trying and failing to escape. Huh. She turns, watching other folks crawling out of their pods, too. Strangers. Perhaps too disturbed to speak, Aris begins to check her entire row of pods, glancing in to look for more survivors and finding nothing but people who suffocated to death.
Carter Griffin Carter pushes himself onto his feet, and then leans against the pod door. He makes a retching sound, and covers his mouth and nose with his hand, "That smell is vile. I haven't smelled anything like it in.." He pauses. He's not sure where he was going with that. He knows he's smelled something that bad before but can't remember where, or when. "So none of us know who we are, or where we are, or who anyone else is. How do we know we can trust each other?"
Bart Bart says, "Logcially, we can't, but we also don't have a choice."
Grover Grover glances around at all the other pods....muttering to himself, "Hairdressers, Advertising Executives, and Telephone Sanatizers...just got that feeling." He the stretches again, "maybe were all killers, on a prison ship..and this is our chance to escape..." he shrugs, "Its a good working theory."
Ashur The big man stretches his arms forward and drops a few squats. At last, after all the shaking and stretching, he feels limber enough to move around -- after he conjures a great, beastly yawn, like a lion's roar, striking himself in the chest to clear up some lingering cryo-congestion.

That deep breath was an ill-advised mistake: the behemoth's lungs fill with more shit-stink than any two of the others can have combined, leading to a watering of his eyes and a pinching of his nose. In nasally disbelief, he groans, "Ugh, someone shit their pants," squeezing his eyes shut as if that would make it go away. He releases himself and leans forward, hands on his knees, breathing in the cleaner air near the ground. Bad smells rise, right? It's convection, or something.

"It's pretty obvious the government kidnapped us," he points out, "and we're in some secret base. But if they wanted us dead, we wouldn't have woken up, so for now we're good."

At the comments of trust, the big lug snorts. "Aw, come on. We're all in our pajamas smelling like shit together, that's the best time to make friends. Look, any of you act like assholes, I'll deck ya in the schnoz."

He lifts up a rather significant arm, fist clenched like a human anvil, and gives it a wave.
Tibbie The short brown-haired girl couldn't stifle herself and she chuckles at the golden suited muscular man's comment. She nods in agreement though, now standing closer to him.

"If they let us out, what will they use us for?" She asks, looking up at him, as if Ashur somehow held answers.
Vault Girl "Looks like another group has woken up."

"Poor sons of bitches."

"Hey, we should help them out."

"Forget about it, they'll end up in reclamation within a week and then, well, you know what happens next."

The voices seemed to be coming from off in the distance, they were most definitely human.
Aris At the sound of voices other than those gathered here, Aristide freezes in front of the pod she'd been inspecting, in which a young child seems to still be in some sort of stasis. "Que demonios..." she murmurs like a freaking crazy person, then heads in the direction of the voices she'd heard.
Esscast esscast attemps to stealth his way to the sounds of those voices
Ashur Ashur looks down toward Tibbie and flashes her a broad smile, teeth almost as shiny as his suit. "I don't think they let us out," he mentions, jerking a thumb towards a dozen pods behind his left shoulder, all still sealed, filled with the dead. "Something went wrong. But we were meant to wake up eventually."

He folds his arms over his chest and hrms, fingers scratching through that thick black beard, curling the shock of white that's been spreading from the center outward around the blunt tips. "It has to be some sort of government experiment. Off-the-books stuff. They kidnap people all the time. Pump them full of drugs, try to mind-control them, you know."

He reaches out, and raps his knuckles on the girl's head a few times. "That's why your noggin's all emptied out. They've got us on those, uh, marijuanas and mary janes. Make us susceptible."

The presence of the voices elicits a turn of his head and a curl of his lip. Reclamation. Someone's coming for them?
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur. "Amma thinking it's just a result of having been in stasis.. And possibly forcibly put into said stasis." She responds and then her ears twitch as she picks up the voices... She then glances around "Reclamation... probably some kind of waste recycling thingie I bet." She says and then peers around some more before she shrug and starts walking her way toward where she heard the voices.
Grover Grover says, "such happy thoughts...doesn't really matter why we are here though, now does it....really we need to figure out where here is, and if possible..get back to where we came from...somewhere brave people call home..""
Esscast esscast realising hes still shaky and in no way fit to sneak walks to were the voices are coming from "h-hello, can you tell us were we are? mabie even the date if possible"
Ashur Ashur pivots on a heel and lumbers toward Kaelyn, shoulders sloped forward in prison-yard shuffle. The mind forgets, but muscle memory endures -- and there is little the bull's more accustomed to than throwing his weight around. "Well hey, beautiful," he charms, leaving a less-than-polite volume of space between them. "It isn't right for a lady to go by herself. What if an ungentlemanly sort appeared?"

He tuts, and looks back to Tibbie, waving her along too. "If it's waste management, maybe they have bathrooms. Feels like I haven't pissed in days."

He scratches himself and adjusts the fabric around the bulge. Christ, who wears these things? They're so uncomfortable. Clothes should have some slack.

As for Esscast, Ashur waves him along, too. "Come on, buddy. We're taking a pit stop."
Kaelyn Kae blinks as Ashur gets close, then takes a long step away... "Ummmm yaaah, personal bubble and all.. "Responds the incredibly curvy pointy ear... She then arches her back, stretching her arms over her head before looking around curiously... "Anyhow, considering what's going on, I imagine contacting these other people and possibly arming our selves before wandering around might be a good idea..."
Carter Griffin For his part, Carter has been looing around the area towards the edge of the pods. A lot of them were sealed still, people inside were either dead or still frozen. He had no idea how long some of them had been in there. He's trying to find something, maybe a weapon or like some kind of way to defend himself. It's not that he doesn't trust the other survivors...He doesn't really have a choice or anything...But being able to defend himself is important to him right now.
Bart Bart nods at Kaelyn, "Arming ourselves, or at least finding a place that's defensible. Then supplies. Then a way off this place and back to...wherever home is." He pauses and the Eldest Knox shines through regardless of mind wiping, "Or we could find this place more desirable, simply obscond with it for our own purposes and remove the current residents."
Vault Girl The voices aren't able to be located, the other survivors hiding for the time being or perhaps well on their way.

Not far from the group of you however is a Mr. Handy pulling along a cart of equipment, it exclaims upon seeing you all, "Aha! Fellow Americans! Here to fight the good fight I presume. Well, you're in luck chaps. You're now part of The Resistance, we need to stop these Martian Communists so we can get back to America! Go on, grab yourself some gear and start killing Martians!"
Aris Wherever the voices had come from earlier, their owners no longer lingered. Aristide frowns, eyes scanning the long, empty corridor aside from the cryo-pods. It isn't until Mr. Handy shows up that she's pulled from her internal monologue. "Martian -whats-?" she asks him, holding her arms out as it drops a robotic armful of gear into her grasp. Her eyes alight at the Pipboy, and she slides it on. She looks a little more wary about the cattle prod, though.
Kaelyn Kae ends up getting handed a really futuristic pistol, It kinda resembles a phaser... Just well it also looks new. Though the little American Flag symbol painted on it is kind of wierd... She also picks up a futuristic bullpup rifle with a scope and everything on it... "This is nice.." She mutters to her self, lifting the stock to her shoulder and sighting down it...

It's odd the pointy-eared woman didn't get armor, but at the same time she has a pistol of sorts, and a good rifle... Yah this feels comfortable for her...
Ashur Ashur shoves his way to the cart ahead of the others, rustling through it to look for things that might fit him. That's a struggle, despite the plethora of options -- he is not an easy man to equip, given the sheer breadth of those shoulders, the thickness of those limbs. Eventually, he secures a set of thick elbow pads bound at the crook of his arm, and a thick leather chestpiece covered in rusting metal studs and some tetanus-inducing spikes of alien metal. He looks properly post-apocalyptic, and is content with that.

"I should be in a Grognak comic," he marvels, admiring his own reflection in a polished section of wall. "I'm badass."
Cassandra Cassandra shakes her head for a moment, seeming bewildered and confused as a shotgun, some armor, and gloves are shoved at her with a casual and efficient robo-like speed. "What is going on here?" She slowly slides the trenchcoat on, if only to cover up her unwieldy curves with the leather of it. She steps back out of the way as a giant of a man shoves his way through to the front. And then she looks around as if only now suddenly realizing that there's you know, a lot of people here. She brushes back her hair, struggling to get the trenchcoat button and wondering, "What in the /hell/ is going on here?"
Bart Bart looks around quickly and upon seeing Kaelyn with something that looks at least familiar even if he doesn't understand why, he motions to the elfin woman. "Um say, I don't know the first thing about this," he holds up the belt fed submachine gun. "But um. I know a thing or five about that," he gestures at her laser gun for the moment. A blink and then he glances back at Cassandra, "We are apparently arming ourselves against the commie aliens," he notes matter of factly.
Carter Griffin "Wait he gets head to toe armor and I get a cowboy rifle?" Carter says, as he looks at the rifle, holding it up to his shoulder, "It is pretty damn shiny though, so I can't complain too much I suppose." He also checks over the PIP-Boy that he has, notcing it has a disk inside of it, "Huh. Neat."
Franky     The raging of the vaporous stench must have kept Franky in his slumper. The steamy trails of smoke eminating from his open pod with hims mouth breathing upright inside. A collection of off-white slime pouring from his nose and mouth, his chest heaves and his head flops onto his chest. "Rrrralffhh." Escapes his maw when a gentle projectile of vomit ends up on his chest, but mostly between his feet.

    He blinks a few times and looks around, stepping out of the pod he wonders around aimlessly with a stupid grin.

    Franky was working on picking the slime from his nostriles as he stood before the robot. "Awwww sheeit!" He shoots boths arms in the air, "Blood makes the grass grow!" He half jogs for the items at the table, "I'm get me some commie trophys, y'all!"
Cassandra Cassandra shakes her head back and forth as people begin talking about the various items that they've gotten. "In situations like this, gear can be more valuable than armor or a weapon." She says this casually off-handedly, and then her eyes go wide. "Wait. How do I know that?" She looks down at herself for a moment, peering back and forth before saying, "I don't know how I know that." A short pause, "I don't know any of you. Do.... do we know each other?"
Kaelyn Crimson eyes turn and settle on Bart for a moment, one of her ears twitching "Yer awefully familiar..." she says and then glances at the pistol and holds it up carefully... "Ummm swap with ya for the sub machine gun for now? Then after we get out of this we swap back?" she asks and smiles as she offers her right hand for a handshake... "I think the pistol's really neat, but we needs to be practical..."
Ashur The bull cracks his neck and knuckles, striking a Mr. Olympia pose as he drowns in his reflection like Narcissus. The mountain of muscle bulges, straining the skin-tight elasticity of his suit, hundreds of pounds of manly man looking like a comic book barbarian. "Oh yeah," he says, stretching his right arm straight, fingers pointing horizontal toward the high ceilings. His other arm bends toward his face, extends, and then cocks back like a shotgun, which he vocalizes with an audible, "kh-chk". Then he punches the air with it and yells, "Bam!"

Satisfied, amnesiac Herakles turns and wanders off, giving Cassandra a wolf whistle and a lingering look. "I'm here to chew bubblegum and kick ass," he says, "so come with me if you want to live."

He'll reach down to smack her ass before he carries onward! Onward to adventure!

He probably should wait for the robot or something, but man, fuck that. Did you see his reflection? He was born for this.
Jackson While the discussion went on, Jackson was still doing his best to gather his barings. Through all the talk of where they were, who they were, what happened, or where they were headed, the man simply did his best to rid himself of the remainder of the nausea and rid his vision of the flashing globes of light. He was thankful to see that he wasn't alone-- there were a handful of others amongst those who'd been released from their... Slumber? Stasis? Storage? Unfortunately,as Jack's eyes drifted along the endless rows of dark, inactive pods, he couldn't shake the ominous feeling that the people within weren't so fortunate as he had been. His silent musings were interrupted, however, when an odd looking robot dragging a cart full of miscellanious items started spouting capitalist, communist-killing propaganda. Nothing got the blonde haired man's blood pumping more than a good communist killing!
Jack basically bounced in place until it was his turn to pick out his equipment. He'd decided as the others dug through the cart hat he wouldn't even think abou tit-- he'd just grab the first things that his eyes fell on. That being said, when the cart was brought up to him, the first thing that his eyes fell on was a strange looking, gold-plated pistol.
"Dibs." He said plainly, swiping the object of his desires out of the cart with a nimble bend of his fingers. Under it, a book proudly proclaiming itself as, 'The Big Book of Science' stood out to him among the rest. It seemed familiar to him-- almost as if he'd read something like it before, or seen it before, or.. Something. Regardless, he stuffed it under his arm with his free hand, then carefully appraised what was left. When his emeralds met the screen of the hand-held computer, again, he snatched it without pause. As he investigated it closely, he realized that it had a hell of a few nifty little gadgets and gizmos built into it-- what a catch!
"Sweet shit. I can read the book, to understand the computer, which will help me shoot people with this Pimpin' ass gun!"
Bart Bart takes the elf's hand long enough to shake before taking the pistol and looking over it briefly. A firm nod comes as he settles his hand around the grip. Good. Yes. Quite. Of course there are other items of interest, but at least the nerd was armed now! He's glancing at that Big Book of Science and blinking a few times. "Swear I have seen something like that before," he comments to Jackson with a brief smile. It's the manic setting in this far from knowing anything for real.
Cassandra Cassandra actually yelps a bit when she's suddenly smacked on the ass out of nowhere by a gigantically giant frat bro. She gives a satisfying little jump with a bounce, watching Ashur sort of swagger off in the direction of the rest of the ship before saying "Uh, well, does anyone else have you know, like, a /plan/?" Her voice sounds shakey, clearly despite the steel running through her character make-up, this whole amnesia thing is really freaking her out.
Franky     "Hell Yeeah, brother!" Can he heard as Franky starts pulling equipment from the kit cart. "Behind every blade of grass." His head bops to some form of rock n' roll playing only for him. Another big stupid grin while he paws the M60, he brings it to his nose and gives it a smell. "...You seem familiar, baby.." Frank all but whispers to the Machine gun, a shrug as he reaches in a pulls out a fusion core. He peers around noticing a tarp he walks over to it, and pulls it down.

    The metal glints from the lighting in the ship, pristine T-45 power armor. "God damn, God bless America." He shuffles around and examines it, feeling the arms and rubbing the eye pieces with his forearm.
Tibbie The short girl waits her time in line and thanks the robot for it's generosity. Taking the hookshot and the book in hand now she lingers around the group, very lost in the shock of current events.

She offers weak smiles to anyone's eyes that catch hers, but she's clearly displaced and isn't hiding it.
Jackson Jack Nodded toward Bart, replying easily as he examined his pip-boy.
"Seems kind of familiar to me too, 's why I grabbed the damn thing in the first place." He tweaked a few buttons and switches on the little hand-held wonder, then turned toward Cassandra as she asked her own question. He did a double-take, not quite expecting to see a woman of her stature alongside them, but refocused himself and answered her question whilst keeping his eyes on her face.
"Simple, really." He started, spinning the gold-plated flamer between his fingers.
"Do a little investigating, figure out our surroundings, get as much info as possible, and take the fight to whoever the hell brought us here, however the hel we can. Unless... You know, anyone else has any better ideas."
Carter Griffin "Ya'll seem to be taking this whoile 'Waking up in a strange place with a bunch of strange people and then being given guns to fight Martian Communists' thing pretty well.." Carter says, "This sorta thing happen often to you folks?"
Cassandra Cassandra thinks over Carter's question, seeming to turn it around in her head for a while. She gives it a real honest consideration it seems, and then she shrugs her shoulders and says to him "Honestly, I don't remember if it does or not." She bounces on her heels for a second and then loooks to Jack, nodding her head at his plan. "I mean, I don't, don't get me wrong. I just.... what bothers me MOST is that I can't remember anything."
Vault Girl The Mr. Handy waited until everyone was armed up, declaring, "You're now all officially part of the American Resistance to Destroy the Communist Martians. My name is of course, General Mr. Handy, and your orders are simple!"

The robot hovered around, clanking on Franky's armor with a pincer, "Captain Shiny will lead you all on a glorious mission to try and find your way to the bridge and overtake the Martians. One of the other groups of patriotic Americans like yourselves have already discovered that we've left Earth and are no doubt heading back to Mars. We'll nuke them all if they try to take us alive! Right lads!?" The bot was clearly malfunctioning...
Franky     There's a moment of silence from the man at with the machine gun and the power armor. Franky seems to be looking up at himself through the reflection of the t-45's visor. There's probably some deep seated thought process going on inside his head. A his hands touch his face as if it's foreign or far off.

    He was fiddling with his hair when Mr. Handy rapped on the suit of armor. He took several steps back, and looked at the other humans gathered around. Franky stares back at the Mr. Handy and nods slowly. "Sumbitchs cut my mullet off, they gotta pay!"
Tibbie The displaced Tibbie looks to Franky and the robot during it's plans. Her smile rises a bit more from Franky's inspiring words of revenge, but she's still reserved about the situation in general as she stands near the back of the crowd.
Jackson Jack gave Cassandra another nod, biting his lower lip a bit as he did his best to recall how it was he got here. He remembered.. Driving. Or maybe.. Riding, something. Then sleep, then.. He was justt.. Here.
His thought process was interrupted by the clearly disfunctional robotic butler proudly proclaiming some crazy looking dude in armor their leader. That was.. Cool with him, he guessed. Something looked eerily familiar about the fellow before his helmet connected to the rest of his armored suit, though. Jack couldn't put his finger on it, but when he looked at Franky, he couldn't seem to get the taste of vodka out of his mouth. In spite of that, at their noble leader's declaration, Jack paused. Was running headlong into danger with unfamiliar weaponry and strangers really the best thing he could be doing with his time?
The answer might surprise you.
"Hold up," Jack began, raising his hand to halt anyone's movement or speech. He looked over everyone in the room briefly, and a look of panic began to creep onto his features as he glanced at mysterious doorways and unknown passages.
"We were asleep for way too long, and I can't find a men's room ANYWHERE in this shithole. Let's get our priorities straight. First, we piss. Then, we fight."
Vault Girl The patriotic Mr. Handy began to wander off now that he had provided supplies to new potential resistance members.

As the malfunctioning robot is passing by a cryopod that has fallen on the ground it begins to open. Inside of that cryopod is a man dressed in US Army Gear who has no memory of who he was before that flash of light took him.

The Robot hands him a medkit and says, "Welcome to the fight Corporal, we're going to kill these Martian Communist Bastards dead!" Unfortunately for Armitage, he's still blinded as he wakes up from cryosickness and has no clue it was a robot that greeted him.

Welcome to Mothership Epsilon. Enjoy your stay.