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Owner Pose
Ashur Kaelyn and Franky are walking through the ship when they get snatched up by vaccuum tubes in the walls. Before they can respond, they're rocketed through the ship's interior, pinched a mite uncomfortably and spit out upon the warm sand of a bright-lit arena.

All around them are rows and rows of bleachers, rising higher than high and filled with holographic projections of humans, animals, and aliens alike. Speakers fill the vast chamber with the thunder of applause and indistinct conversation.

The warm sand seems quite authentic, inches of it coating a hard steel floor. Above it all, looking straight down from the ceiling (complete with the image of an artificial sun) is an enormous, computer-generated human head, with a stylized mustache and cruel eyes.

"WELCOME, SLAVES," the head booms. "FIGHT! KILL! CONQUER!"

The gates at the opposite end of the Coloseum open, and out rushes a small horde of two and four-legged reptilian creatures, unlike anything the living world has seen in millenia; things with frilled heads and sharp claws, long necks and sharp teeth, spiny-shelled backs and clubbed tails. At their head is a regal, bipedal dinosaur, standing some fifteen feet tall, covered in bright feathers and wearing a jeweled headdress. Its massive tail has a series of four silver bands decorating it.

"Earthlings! My name is Xa'Ba'Hah," the tyrant king growls, in awkward English. "Resist the calls to violence! Me and mine have been uplifted, and wish to break the cycle; join us, and overthrow our dark oppressors! Let our species be joined in friendship and revolution!"
Kaelyn Kae is flailing as she is sucked through a tube "This thing frigging sucks!" She shouts out, then is deposited... "Scratch that, it blows too1" She says as she starts to get to her feet.. She rolls over on her back then kips up, feet kicking as it rocks her to a standing position... She then blinks at the crowd, the holo-head, and finally a bunch of dinosaurs pulling a chariot with a frilled feathered dinosaur at the lead...

"And I thought I was wierd..." Mutters the woman curiously, as she slowly shoulders her belt-fed SMG... "Heavy sucker..." She mutters. Her eyes swivel around and she notices Franky there and then looks on at the dinosaur... "Sooo now we're what? helping umm..." She squints a bit, studying the creatures.. Yes, a long time ago she has looked at VR dinosaur books while in a tube... She just has to remember what they are!!!
Bart Bart probably found himself a vacuum tube whilst rolling around in the alien ship exploring and being curious as one does. Now though, he's got to figure out why he's here when he hears the booming voice and glances around to find Kaelyn and Franky. "Oh. Good, fellow Americans at least," he beams proudly at the other two, because Murica.
Franky     Franky was feeling a mite untouchable as he clanks around the halls of the ship. He was mumbling something about plugging outlaws before a draft of air lifted him from the deck and took him for a vacuum tube ride. For whatever reason he tought of underground trains, and dragons, before landing on a sandy arena floor.

    The gears and servos of his suit wheened and purred as he righted himself to stand. He spun in a circle taking in the projected crowd. "Mother of god." His voice assited speaker croaked, the bipedal suit shifted slowly to face the weird creatures that poured into the arena.

    An audible microphone assisted gasp. "The Dragons are here!" His visor shifts to Kae as she readies her sweet looking SMG, he remembers his lmg and levels it towards the beasts. "A knight errent to slay them!"
Ashur The herd of dinosaurs tense as Franky levels his weapon at them. Their leader raises his stubby hands in plaintive gesture. "Be reasonable, Earthling! We are compassionate, but we will defend ourselves; why spill blood here, when the real enemy is above?"

The modified dinosaur's arms reach up into the air, pointing at the holographic head.

And then the sky opens up.

There's a rush of air like the tubes, and from on high careens a massive, spike-armored figure, barreling through the now-flickering holographic head and shooting out its nostrils like a snotty star. All the dinosaurs raise their heads, curious, wondering, hoping that peace can be found --

"I'mma plant me a dinosaur tree!"

Ashur collides with the dino-leader's snout, smashing it in the face and tumbling to the sandy earth below, surrounded.

The battle is on!
Kaelyn Kae blinks and just stares at Ashur. "Hey, you spiky armored golden galunk! The damned dinosaurs are friendly! You don't need to fight em!" she shouts out.... (quick pose!)
Bart Bart wields that gold plated laser gun that Kaelyn was issued like he knows how to use it! He lets the thing do it's wub wub charging thing and then promptly unloads two big ol' volleys of laser fire. Catching a torso, a head, BOOM lasers everywhere.
Franky     There is a pause as the leader of the dinosours pleads for peace, a hum runs throught Frankys metallic clad dome piece. Perpaps Chivalry and Honour are cause for sheathing of weapons and breaking of bread?

    The change in casting of light is noticed as the muscular armored body of Ashur falls from the sky to strike down the peace-pleading Dino leader. "A wayward Barbarian slays a Dragon to win the hand of a fair maiden! I am truely envious of his quest!" His visor pans to Kaelyn again, "He fights for your hand, M'lady." He shifts his helmet toward Bart, "Hail and well-met!" A cackle comes from his mic as the M60 starts to clunk out lead in a sustained burst of ballistic claps.

    Muzzles flashes feed into his visors HUD, he pans the weapon in an attempt to hose the Dinos surrounding Ashur. Bits and pieces of Dinosaur bits dice and rip as the screeches mingle with the thuds of supersonic projectiles slapping reporductive organs and faces. The manic cackle from his mic grows louder. The M60 bursts clap onward, mists of blood erupt as more bullets splew into their ranks. Frankys pans his head around. "What I wouldn't give for some enchanted Acorns!"
Kaelyn Kae frowns and slides to the side, her movements are quite deliberate as she takes a kneeling position and stares at the head dinosaur... "Crazy galunk..." she mutters to her self, siting down the barrel of the UMP.. She then shifts again quickly due to the fight and snap shots off a round, not takin gtime with the first shot... "Dammit..." She mutters to her self as the bullet is wide... She then settles, takes a breath and sends another bullet down range, this one striking true... Then she adjusts her sight...

After a moment two more rounds go down range, both striking the big dinosaur with amazing accuracy even if there's a melee.... "There, better." she mutters to her self,
Ashur The battle inspires an ear-splitting raucousness in the artificial crowd. The images stomp their feet, clap their hands, and a troupe of cowboys fire pistols into the air while hootin' and hollerin'. O'erhead, the projected head has resolidified, and stares down at the battle with manic glee. "PEACE, XA'BA'RAH? I WILL NOT ALLOW IT. ONE MILLION AUREII TO WHOEVER TAKES HIS HEAD!"

What the fuck is an aureii? The giant head doesn't have it, anyway.

A red ocean of dinosaur vitae washes away the sands, leaving wet splotches on the steel beneath. "My people!" roars Xa'Ba'Rah, and in a moment he is feral, leaping toward this brutish thug of a human that rejected alliance. Ashur rolls out of the way, avoiding by a hair's breadth a weight that could crush elephant bones; the follow-up swipe of a claw catches him in the chest, breaking off one of his armor's spikes, and leaving a bleeding cut upon him. But he ignores those things, focused on the jaws.. those terrible jaws, that come in with a vicious snap that could bisect him in an instant, dodging aside and retaliating with a heavy-handed bash into the dinosaur's eye that sends it screeching back.

"Your kind once ruled the Earth, but now America does!"

Responding to the word, a shimmering US flag spreads across the assembled holograms. It's so god damn patriotic.
Franky     In all of the exciting volley's Franky poured into the gathered Reptillian swarm one managed to charge forth and attempt to attack him as he stood in his T-45 armored shell. The servos floated the M60 onto the charging Dinosaur, and the burst was loosed. Hot copper plated lead sprayed forth as the speed of the bullets and the speed of the Dino met somewhere between here and there. Skin, muscle, and bone flayed, turned to meat, then paste, then perhaps a frothy pink tinged foam as the Dino changed shape and the machine gun fell silent.

    The gears of the Power armor purred as Franky strode to stand over the pool of dino paste. "Ahhh." A sigh escaped the voice amplifier, The armor squatted and stooped and a mechanical hand scooped up a mound of wasted bloodied flesh. Franky examinied it through his visor, "I don't know who I am...I don't know why I am here...All I know is that I must kill." Squaks from the power armors voice piece, the armored grip slapped the remains over the helm of the T-45 suit. The suit wheens again as Franky straightens the armor to watch the violence still happening.
Kaelyn Kae frowns, darting left and right a bit, looking for an opening. Finally she tilts her head and has a brief one. Sending a pair of rounds into the torso again, underneath big tall and tooth's right arm, or more likely into the rib cage as the creature tries to rend Ashur... Kae then Runs around, trying to get to the flank on the big fellah, before waiting for Ashur to turn him again, and as he does, Kae unloads with a long drawn out burst of ammunition, carving a large hole in the dino-man's back this time...
Armitage     But wait, that's not all! It seems the tubes had another specimen to add to the show. Clunking and clattering against the sides, periodically getting stuck, Armitage careens through the transporation system until he arrives at the arena with a loud *POP*.

    Enter the Docsicle. Standing up slowly, teeth chattering as he rubs at his arms, the man in 'vintage' U.S. Army Fatigues and body armor just stares vacantly around him. "What in the actual fuck?"
Ashur The air is filled with searing lasers, the report of heavy machinegun fire, and the pitter-patter of Kaelyn's bullet hell. The bodies swerve and dodge, avoiding tail swipes, each step of the sovereign predator quaking the earth. His thick hide is pierced and burnt again and again, the pain of it overwhelming his system until he slows. At the end of it, the mammoth Ashur almost seems to toy with the beast, miraculously avoiding tooth and claw with an insulting ease -- an ease he seems surprised and delighted by, laughing aloud. "I'll make boots from your skin," he decides, leaping up over a snap of jaws and slamming down on the feathered monster's head. The spikes of his armor sink in and help him stay on, even as the great thing throws its head back and forth, side to side.

"Stooooop mooooving so faaaaast," the big guy says, mouth flapping in the wind as he pulls himself higher, dragging the spikes through the skin. He punches through an eyeball, extends his arm into the eye socket to the shoulder, and with a flex of superhuman thews he pierces brain matter, scrambling and ripping his arm free with a gushing hunk of bleeding organ.

Xa'Ba'Rah, who wished only to befriend the humans, topples over, oozing blood from every facial orifice. His jeweled headdress falls to the side and the bangles on his tail chime for the last.

The crowd goes wild! The head turns into a thumbs-up, and then it all goes blank. The gate leading out opens.

Total silence.
Franky     Franky lets his newly bloodied helmet drift over to stare at Armitage when he flops from a tube into the arena, the only sound coming from the helm is breathing and mummering. The grunts and smg fire draw his attention back to grapple still happening, "Ooooh!" comes from the mic as absolute slaughter befalls XBR. Franky seems at least a little startled when everything goes blank, no crowd, no big giant head, no more maidens for rescue. "The dragon is no more." Franky coughs, turning the power armor to slowly stride from the arena.

    "When we going to plug some outlaws?" Quips his metallic voice before he exits the arena.
Ashur The brutal battle is at an end. The questionably moral heroes survived another day, and are free to go. For his part, Ashur remains stuck to Xa'Ba'Rah's head by the jagged spikes of his armor for awhile yet, eventually pulling himself free. He grasps one of the spikes that were broken off earlier, and begins the arduous process of skinning the beast -- a feat that will.. probably be beyond him, honestly. He's content to ignore the others as he butchers away.
Kaelyn Kae frowns and sighs "Wasted ammo on a fight that didn't have to happen..." She mutters and shrugs... She then glances to Ashur and then the non sentient dinosaurs dead everywhere... "May I suggest we skin and dress the non sentients and bring them in for food?"
Ashur Ashur's elbow-deep in sentient, humming a tune as he cuts, and cuts, and cuts. Friendship!