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Jackson As the hours kept moving onward aboard the Mothership Epsilon, everybody did what they could to contribute. Some risked their lives in the arena for valuable food and resources, others spent their time digging away at some of the junk and scrap that blocked off their advance through the rest of the ship. But Jackson? He was focused squarely on the massive piles of junk and garbage that towered higher and wider than he could wrap his mind around. It was a mixed batch of paper, plastics, metals, discarded appliances-- anything and everything a human or alien could possibly throw out, for any reason at all, was buried somewhere in this titanic heap of junk and shit. Every step was a potential hazard, every breath a taste of the noxious, near-intolerable odor that slowly oozed out of this room and into the rest of the ship.
So why the hell wouldn't they dig through it?
"Alright, it's simple." Jack started, waving his arms around at all of the crap gathered before the group. There was so much of it, he didn't have any idea where to begin. That being said? Five bodies could dig through a hell of a lot of crap to find what they needed.
"That sparking, smoking, crazy-ass robot motherfucker that handed us all of our gear last night? Don't ask me how I realized, but that dude's messed up. Like, really messed up. So, like, if I find some tools," Pausing, he glanced toward the group enthusiastically, with eyes full of belief that a fully-functioning Mr. Handy would really make their lives that much easier up here.
"We can fix him up, make him dig through shit for us, give us water, whatever! He might even know something about what the fuck's going on here. Thing is, I still need the tools. I don't care what kind-- wrenches, screwdrivers, welding torches, plasma cutters, arc welders, whatever the hell you find, I'll use. Even a god-damn coat hangar will have it's uses." As he finished his explanation, Jack glanced toward each of his volunteers individually, cracking his neck, knuckles, and back in preparation for the labor.
"So, who's game for family bonding via digging through smelly alien garbage to fix our crazy robot butler?"
Doc     The native american man wanders into the waste reclamation, following Jackson, but not really knowing who the other one is or why he's going that way. "Okay," he replies. His long hair flows down over his back and shoulders and chest, specifically the leather protective gear on his chest, and he wears an alien-esque pip-boy on one arm with another one hung from the straps on his chest gear. Lifting his arm, he flicks a switch and the screen goes bright, illuminating the area. "Tools," he says. "Tools," he repeats while searching.
Kaelyn Kae wanders along now, climbing around from hill to hill then she notices Doc and Jackson. The 'elf' girl waves cheerfully as she begins digging in through some of the trash, hunting well anything.. "So what are you all looking for?!?"
Jackson At Kaelyn's appearance, Jack, too began digging through a pile of old appliances. He threw aside an old dormitory microwave, kicked a broken flatscreen out of his way, and lifted half of a fridge up to check what was under it, to no avail. So, as he continued to dig and kick about loose articles, he kept his eyes peeled for the tools that he coveted and explained the situation to the.. Elf... Girl? He paused for a moment as she appeared, looking her up and down and doing his best to keep his tongue inside of his mouth. Succeeding in that, he continued digging around his pile of appliances while explaining the situation.
"We're after some tools, alien, human, or otherwise that I might be able to use to fix up that ol' rustbucket Mr. Handy that handed out all of our shit yesterday." As he said that, moving aside a box of doorknobs, he found an odd looking pen-like device with a small silver button on the side. He tapped the button slightly, expecting the tip of the pen to extend, only to create a small, concentrated beam of light that nearly burnt off his eyebrows. He pocketed it, then spoke.
"Pretty much like that. I have no idea what the hell I could do with a little laser-welder-cutty-thing, but I'm sure I can use it."
Tibbie "Alright!" The earlier displaced woman says with a slight cheer. It looks like she's gotten used to the smell quicker than the others as she climbs in the garbage heap and fishes around. Her wavy brown hair is getting grungy from the search, and so is her mantis green suit. Various objects push and prod at her barely protected body as she really digs into the heap, now waist deep and swimming in it. She's throwing lil bits of metal she finds far off from the garbage pile, some tools, and even some slimy childish trinkets clunk on the ground nearby.

Her face isn't exactly cheery about the job, but when finding certain things she smiles before adding them to the heap. She looks over to her fellow diggers and tries to bond,
"None of us here look the same, really, I wonder where we all came from."

She burrows and picks for more things, finding mainly tools for automotive and kitchen, some very other-worldy tools as well, and she's not being picky either as her pile fills up.
Doc     Doc's restored, pre-war identity, at least visually, roots through the trash, finding something about it very familiar. "Does anyone else feel like they've done this before? Like, a lot, even?" His specific memories of events and his own identity had been stolen, but his muscle memory of rooting through junk to find parts was still there, even though he couldn't identify it as such.
Kaelyn Kae shrugs slowly... "I think everyone gets those feelings here as we have no clue who.. Or in my case Who and What we are." She responds, tugging a small metal tool box out of the pile of stuff.. She opens it, looking through the box, then makes her way to where Jackson was and sets that up to kind of start a pile... Kae then turns around and makes her way toward the 'enterprise' now, looking around for anything nifty...
Ashur "Oh, you should have seen it," comes a lilting, masculine growl, as the bloody-handed figure of Ashur, he of the golden spandex and spiked leather, enters the fray. There is someone there with him, an unimportant person, near dragged by the brute's jolly strength into the flickering chambers of waste reclamation. His steps drowned by the hum of machinery, it's only that boastful voice that announces his presence. "There was a dozen of them. One looked like he recognized me, and I wanted to ask what was going on, but he opened fire instead -- was gonna question him after, but his neck broke when I was swinging him around."

A deep sigh follows, and the amnesiac Legionnaire departs from his feminine companion in the trenchcoat, waving her off as he looks off toward a tube near the ceiling that, pipe-like and broken, is dripping some foul substance over a pile of long-abandoned technological trash.

"By God, that's why it smells like shit. It's shit."

He looks to the others, rooting around through it all. "Why are you all playing in shit?"
Doc     Doc stood up and looked around. There was a lot of alien stuff here and human stuff and stuff that was alien to both humans AND the aliens. Goodness only knew why this was all categorized in the same refuse pit, but he does wonder aloud, "Why do our pods link up with here? If we're medical patients, wouldn't playing in shit get us sick again? If we're prisoners, we could MacGuiver weapons from down here. If we're just citizens of this place, shouldn't this room be locked down?" He has a bit of an epiphany as he says, "Are we garbage?"
Jackson "It's hard to say, really," Jack started, wiping his hands off on his speedsuit before continuing to dig through a pile of alien-looking scrap. There were odd, blinking and flashing lights, metals he was posetive he'd never seen before, and discarded, leaky fuel cells of some sort that he knew he didn't want to go anywhere near. He poked and prodded at the more dangerous looking things with his feet, knocking them out of his way as he dug, and paused only when he saw a screwdriver, which he picked up and tossed nonchalantly into the toolbox Kaelyn had found. He did the same with the laser-cutter he'd located, and started to arrange the things they'd found into an organized pile outside of the majority of junk. He looked over his comrades as they dug, and continued.
"When I look at you guys, something feels... Different. Like some sort of Deja Vu or something. I'm digging through this stuff, and somehow, I feel like I've done this exact same thing at least a thousand times. At the same time, it's like I've never done it at all. It's a real damn headache." As Ashur entered, however, his attention was distracted from his efforts as he fixed the massive man with a perplexed stare.
"Well, we're playing in the shit in pursuit of goodies." As he continued, he pointed out the toolbox full of miscellanious tools, as well as Tibbie's steadily growing pile of useful oddities.
"I'm gonna fix that insane robot butler of ours, and see if I can't figure out what the hell it knows about how it got here. A big ass dude like yourself would be some help. I can't lift half of this shit. If you're ballsy enough to box people to death in that arena, I don't think you'll have a problem lifting radioactive barrels."
Tibbie The shit-stained Tibbie now climbs out for a break. Her pile is a decent size and uneasy as it shifts and spills over.
"Not playing exactly, but some of us need to do it for that robot." she explains while swiping away the slime from her suit, her femininity jiggles with her movements. The grungy-haired woman smiles up to Ashur.

"I overheard you've been busy fighting?" When she hears Doc's thoughts aloud she frowns
"I hope we're not."
Kaelyn Meanwhile there's a radioactive barrel now floating up and and then being gently set to the side, then another and another and so on... And well, there's Kae there, pointing at it, eyes all glowing briefly before she is digging under a section with barrels and whatnot, completely ignoring the radiation or any chance of radiation it seems...
Doc     The clicking on Doc's wrist intensifies as he nears Kaelyn. He pulls up the fancy alienized wrist-computer and furrows his healthy brow as he considers the peculiar readings. "What's a rad? This thing says I'm full up, so that's good, but...does anyone know what they are?" He looks at the Pip-Boy just hanging on his vest. It isn't active from lack of bio-feedback. "Hmm," he says. "Guess it doesn't want to waste power?"
Jackson Jack tried not to stare as Tibbie cleaned herself up, but failed miserably as his eyes scanned the length of the skin-tight suit she'd been given. Yeah, she was a little bit dirty, but that wasn't anything that'd stopped him before. He approached her, carelessly threw his arm around her waist, and opened his mouth to make an ass out of himself, when all of the sudden he paused, his eyes fixed on the floating barrels that Kaelyn had begun to lift. He tried to bring the act to someone else's attention through words, but what ended up happening was Jack awkwardly pointing at the barrels, trying to speak, and losing his mind simultaneously. It seemed as though he combined the sentence he'd been trying to say to Tibbie, and the thought he had as he saw the barrels mysteriously lifting off of the ground.
"How in the glorious, skin-tight shit is that a thing?"
Ashur Ashur takes a step closer to one of the mounds; he lifts his leg and slams a foot into what seems to be the hubcap of an old Japanese car, pinched between a massive vial of organic waste and a mass of broken wires and robotic tendons from some alien machine-man. The vibration of his weight rocks the pile, and rivulets of the dripping brown stink-crust drain down the pile toward him. "Goodies," he remarks, watching the stomach-turning mix of human waste stain.. is that a skull? What the hell kind of skull is that? So ghastly large, with eye-sockets his whole body could fit into. He withdraws his foot and steps back.

"Man, good luck with that. Me, I'm focused. I'm gonna win the championship belt."

He jerks a thumb toward Kaelyn, blatantly staring at her tits. "Besides, you guys got a wizard here."
Kaelyn Is meanwhile hunting through the area that is -not- burried under refuse... She's also grabbing some more things and putting them in the pile next to Jackson... They may or may not be irradiated... Still though, what is that? A busted harley now floating through the air? Kae's hand is held up as if she were lifting it, her eyes are glowing again and well yah it's floating "Honestly I have no clue how I'm doing this, it's handy and seems if I just want it to happen it hapense, though it can be a little tiring..." She adds and drops the busted bike while digging through another pile of metal stuffs....
Tibbie The green-suited gal is caught off guard by the tall green-eyed man, but when he's distracted with the floating objects she spins herself around and out of his reach, she laughs nervously with blushing cheeks.

"I-uh, need a break. May I join you sir?" She turns up to ask the brawny cleaner-than-her man.

Tibbie begins to follow Ashur and turns back to the group,
"I'll be back in a while to finish that pile, promise!" she assures them.
Jackson Stepping away from Tibbie, Jack nodded toward Kaelyn as she gave her explanation. As the barrels dropped and the bike danced above them, the green-eyed fellow started to feel a little bit uneasy-- particularly when the bike was hovering above his head. So, busying himself with more digging about, he did his best to internalize the information he'd been given so far. The small one seemed to be completely at home in the scrap, The elf-girl could lift shit with her mind, and the brawny, leather-clad brute was clearly the master of all things physical exertion. Jack wasn't sure where that left him, but he supposed he had pretty good reaction time. Hell-- he could probably outrun every last stranger on this ship if he wanted to. Plus, he clearly had at least a rudementary understanding of science, technology, and mechanic work. Otherwise, how would he know what the hell he was grabbing out of this scrap? Regardless of that, he paused, wiped his hands off again, and appraised the gigantic mounds of shit-coated trash around them.
"I don't know. We've gathered a hell of a lot of miscellanious tools. I think this should be just about all I need. You guys have any other ideas? Because.. I can't lie. That championship belt? It.. Does sound kind of tempting. Especially if we have a wizard."
Ashur Ashur cracks his bruised knuckles and stares at the curvy wizard some more, mouthing some complimentary profanity under his breath. "You know, if it really is aliens, you think they'll have us repopulate a planet? Cuz god damn, I am eager for my civic duty." His mouth opens as if to say something even cruder, then Tibby has wandered over, and he fixes her with a look and a hmm. These skin-tight suits strip a lot of subtlety out of the equation, and Ashur really enjoys the female companions so far.

"Eh.. you can watch, beautiful. Isn't right for a lady to fight. Mom always said to be a gentleman."

A beat.

"I think. I don't really remember. Hell, maybe I'm adopted. Sucks for me." He turns and begins to walk away from the awful stench. "Welcome to come watch me beat the hell out of everything, ladies. And don't forget, there's room in my pod for two."

Unsubtle and frat bro as hell, Ashur strides back toward the arena. His last note: "This ain't a tag-team, man. Only one man can wear the belt."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur curiously "Ummmmm...." she says and rubs at the back of her neck "Might tone down the blatant comeons there... " She says, before dropping a giant wrench in the pile of things she's been looking through...
Jackson Eventually, the group exhausted itself of all patience for digging around in garbage and trying to withstand the noxious smell. With the help of a few friendly volunteers, Jack had managed to find exactly what he needed. He now had a toolbox filled with tools of miscellanious origins, some human and recognizeable, others more alien. Either way, they'd still get the job done no problem. Maybe with the use of his lasers and metal, he'd be able to get that robot thinking a bit more clearly. Even if he couldn't, somebody on this god-damn ship had to be able to. Jackson thanked everyone involved with as much enthusiasm as he did when he asked them for help in the firs tplace, and assured them that these tools would be extremely beneficial to him in the future.