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Kaelyn So the giant saucer in the mother-ship's hold has really gotten Kae's attention... She's asked and prodded folks till finally a group of intreped explorers stand before a hole in the hull of the saucer section. Kae is standing around with that sub machine gn of hers in her hands as she is waiting next to said hole. Waiting for everyone to show up and of course "To Bodly Go where no one has gone beore..."

That or just very few people, who knows if this NCC1701 is really worth much to go through, it seems pretty neat though! Kae is son, standing inside the hole and prodding a pair of double sliding doors just inside, wondering just what and where exactly this thing leads to...
Carter Griffin Carter wanted to come along because he'd seen the saucer while scavenging and knew it must have been some kind of ship...But the fact the writing on it was in English meant that it had to have been a ship from America, but he'd never seen anything like it. So that in itself made him curious enough to want to look around. All he had was his golden cowboy repeater, but ever since he picked the thing up, it felt like an extension of his body. Like an old friend he'd known forever.
Jackson Having heeded Kaelyn's call, Jackson stood before the entrance to the saucer with a tentative grip on his flamer pistol. He wasn't exactly sure what they'd find inside of this thing, and he wasn't sure it was even a good idea to be looking through it in the first place. Far be it from him, however, to let the woman stumble her way through the odd disc-shaped ship by her lonesome. The scientific part of his brain took a minute to marvel at the ship's architecture-- how could something with no visible engines thrust? How did it lift off? Or maintain flight? Hell, did the thing even fly at all, or was it just some sort of gigantic-ass decoration?
"So.. Uh... What do you think's in there? Because I'm kind of hoping it's hookers."
Bart Bart is the Eldest Venture Brother, he's even got the speedsuit to prove it! He's figured out a nylon belt to holster, or at least jury-rigged holster the laser pistol he'd traded for from Kaelyn. At the call for adventurers - An Away Team if you will - Bartholomew heeds the call with his trusty Phaser, for the good of America. Down with those Commie Aliens. He's with Jackson there, marveling at all of the tech and things that made his mind go whizz-bang-pop! "I'm guessing we are not going to find sultry green vixens that want interspecies relations," he says matter of factly.
Armitage     Coming from behind a pillar, conveniently, Armitage mutters, "Dammit, man, I'm a doctor, not a pimp." He looks around at the others as he stands in his army fatigues, medkit tucked under one arm. His bushy brown eyebrows meet above his nose and below a hard crease in his forehead. "What in the seven hells is going on here? I haven't felt this out of sorts since Guangzhou." He brings both hands up to his face and rubs at his eyes, then pulls his hands away. A deep sigh is released from his chest, as though he seems disappointed that the scenery hasn't changed.
Kaelyn Kae notices the others curiously, her eyes settling on Armitage "Ummm no clue what that place is..." She says then motions to the door behind her... "Am thinking we got enough here?" She says and grins before she lifts a pair of large crowbars... "Someone grab one of these, lets pry this door open and get to looking!" She says and without waiting slams one of the crowbars into place. As she grunts and pulls, she says "I'll probably try to take point in this, I have automatic weapons and all... Ummm I'll let you guys determine order, but it looks like he.." She points to Armitage "Is some kind of medic so perhapse he should be in middle?"

The door begins to shift open with the help of everone else while tugging on the crowbars.. Yay for levers and leverage... As soon as the door is open enough to get hands in, she begins yanking on the door its self, starting to slide the thing open.... "There we go!" Kae calls out as the door is now wide enough to let someone through
Armitage     Armitage looks around, as though seeking someone to salute, then just shrugs and nods agreement to Kaelyn. "Aye, Major Jason Armitage, 32nd Medical Brigade, US Army." He grunts as he tries to assist, poorly, with the opening of the door. "How do you not know where Guangzhou is?" He frowns, "Unless..." He trails off and shakes his head again, focusing on the task at hand until the door opens. "More importantly.. where the frak are we? And why is there a space ship from the holovids here? Is this some sort of movie set? A strange practical joke? Because it sure the drek isn't funny."
Bart Bart moves along to help the buxom elfin girl with the door. He goes for a high position on the opposite door, curling fingers in to grab hold so he can yank and throw his weight into it. He doesn't know why but eventually he stops and shifts angles applying better force until it scrapes and eventually opens. Glancing at Armi he blinks, "Hmm, medic. I...don't believe I'm a medic, but I think I know how to patch someone up?" The doors stand wide enough for a person and he makes a face, "Unheard of madame, we are obligated to go first," so cavalier and gentelmanly! Of course Jackson is already diving in, so the nerd will go in after? Then he stops and staaares at Armi. "You remember who you are? You remember where you're from? How is this, where did you wake up?"
Jackson "You're no fun." Jack said to bart with a huff as he listened to Kaelyn's explanation. It all seemed relatively straightforward, so, given that nobody else stepped up to assist, Jack lightly wrapped his fingers around one of the crowbars, and stepped in next to Kae, slamming the bar home into the crack seperating the door from it's frame. He yanked at the thing with all of his might-- So much so that sweat began to glimmer on his brow as he and Kaelyn did their best to wedge the damned thing open. However, their efforts paid off in style as the thing finally slid free from it's frame enough to allow the group to pass through. Wasting no time, Jack took a step into the ship's interior, pausing only to swing the barrel of his gun from left to right, and assure himself that nothing had the intent to jump out and probe him. As he waited for the others and listened to their conversations, he silently put in his own two cents.
"Well, in short, we have no idea where we are.. SPECIFICALLY, anyway. When we woke up, a malfunctioning Mr. Handy had the decency to inform us that we were en route to mars to fight.. Communist martians, or something. At the time, you were still very blind, deaf, and nautious. We just kind of let you sleep it off. You looked like you could take care of yourself. As for how we got here? Now that.. That's a mystery. As for who I am, or what I do? I have no fucking idea. But i'm pretty damn sexy."
Carter Griffin "The 32nd Brigade?" Carter says as he overhears the Major, "But it's good to know there's another soldier stuck here with us, sir." Carter says, as he looks aroudn the group, "I'm no medic, just got combat first aid training. This rifle ain't too great in CQB, wish I had something else to take in there, but that crazy robot gave us what it gave us." He muses, "But trust me if anyone can make it work, I can."
Armitage     Armitage responds to Bart with a shrug and a wave, "I dunno, somewhere else. At first all I remember was cold. Then I got sucked through some damn hose and shot out like an undigested peanut, where some folks were fighting dinosaurs. Yeah. Die. No. Sawrs." he turns to the side and spits. "From there I just wandered around. I don't remember everything, but bits and pieces have been coming back, slowly. I sure the frak don't remember how I got here, though." He looks Bart up and down and grunts, then over to Jack. "Mr. Handy? Is that some sort of joke name for a male prostitute? I met a Ms. Handy in Hong Kong, before shit got real ugly in China. Fingers like silk, I tell ya." He nods to Carter, "Yes indeed, 32nd." Then frowns, "Are you Army, son? Where's your uniform?"
Kaelyn Kae ummms "I have no clue what or who I am. I'm humanoid at least." she says and taps her chin... "And something tells me I'm probably very very very very old too.... I dun look a day over 20 though, so it's all good.." she says and as Jackson starts to enter, Kae is son moving afterwards. She has her belt-fed sub machine-gun at the read while she looks around... "Judging by the fact this door's sealed, I wonder what could possibly be in here..." She says as she looks around then smirks "Well we just came from where no man has gone before..." She mutters
Armitage     Armitage glances back at Kaelyn, then does a double take. "Yep. This must be a movie set. Costume makeup, sets, props." He nods slowly. He seems to be doing an /excellent/ job of convincing himself. "Has anyone found a cantina? I think I could use a drink." All the same, he follows the rest of the group, keeping near the rear.
Kaelyn The group now finds them selves inside the ship. It's a long deep and yes circular corridor, that possibly circles the entire Saucer section, who knows. Still the hallways are well rather dusty but not mired in the muck like the rest of the reclamation area... Still though, this thing doesn't look too well lived in. Those that were particularly alert (3 successes and up) Might notice faint footprints in the dust... Also the air is kind of stale inside... Luckly at least it isn't as smelly as it is outside...

There are a number of panels and the like down the corridor that's open, revealing all kinds of sci-fi tidbits and pieces, the occasional fiber optic cable bunching, crystaline circuitry etc....
Carter Griffin Carter is making his way with the group, rifle held at the ready as he makes sure to check his sectors. When they get close to doorways he makes sure to keep an eye on them as the group moves past. That way nothing is going to be able to ambush them as they move past.
Jackson The interior of the ship was much as Jak imagined it would be. Given that it was circular on the outside, it wasn't unreasonable to think that the hallways would follow a similar sort of dynamic. In that way, the ship wouldn't waste any space. It was an unusul design to be sure though-- Jack was used to wide, angular corridors after living in this hellhole for the past few days, so seeing such a wide open area took a bit of an adjustment. Before anyone else marched into the ship, however, the blonde man's keen eyes caught sight of something unusual. In the thick layers of dust coating the floors, he could see the faint imprint of footprints leading deeper into the ship. Rather than let anyone continue moving forward, he held out his arm to block Kaelyn's path before she set off some sort of alarm.
"We're not alone. Look." As he spoke, he pointed the barrel of his flamer toward the footprints, and appraised the trail a bit more closely before taking a tentative step forward.
"We should proceed with cuation. I don't like the fact that someone might still be in here.
Armitage     Armitage merely grunts and sighs as he reaches for his hip. "Quartermaster is going to have my hide. I can't find my sidearm." He looks around vaguely. "Though it seems that's likely the least of my problems." He decides for the time being to just follow along and observe, though he does offer a faint, "Hmmm, I wonder...."
Bart Bart has a hand on that laser gun on his hip and then draws it up. Checking it briefly to see if it has enough ammunition to continue being useful. He'll have to use shots sparingly in the future if not. A sigh comes as he squints at Armitage, such a confusing connundrum. He follows in after though, gearing to be the nerdy back up as needed. At least no one here's in a red shirt!
Kaelyn Kae looks around curiously then at Armitage "I think yer quartermaster is the last thing you should be worrying about right now..." She says and rubs at the back of her neck... She then makes her way down the hallway... "Amma thinking we should go to the center of this thing? maybe the top and see what's what?" She suggests, before starting to try and navigate the old dusty corridors... Oddly, the woman seems to not really need much of a flashlight, even in the dimly lighted corridors... "So whatcha think this is gona be? A movie set? Something wierder? Oh and what is a movie, much less a Movie Set anyhoo?" she asks curiously.
Armitage     "Yeah, well.." agrees Armitage. Sort of. "The center? Why not go to the bridge. Or better yet... if this is what I think it is, let's go to Ten Forward." A slight bit of enthusiasm to his tone. He then looks over, "A.. where are you from, kid, Ethiopia? You don't know what a movie is?" He gestures around, "You know.. Galaxy Quest. Ships in space. Rubber alien makeup." He reaches up and tugs on Kaelyn's pointy ear.
Carter Griffin "Well if this is not a movie set and is a real ship.." Carter noted as he looked over at the dusty footprints being pointed out to them, "We should head for the bridge. That'd be the most likely place there'd still be survivors.."
Jackson As Bart drew his laser pistol, Jack hefted his own weapon, being sure not to accidentally flambe himself int he process. Though Kaelyn ignored his warning, with a sigh and a roll of his eyes, he still chose to follow her through the corridors, feeling as though her suggestion held the most merit amongst their group.
"Well, something's in here. Or someone. We came here for a reason-- we may as well see what kind of stuff we can find in here. There's gotta be something good." At Kaelyn's own words regarding movie sets and movie theatres, Jack did his best to bring the image of either up in his mind, but failed miserably.
"No idea. But it's probably like this apple pie shit i've heard so much about. I don't know what it is, but all I DO know for sure is that I want it. I can remember how it smells, and tastes, and feels, and looks, but I still have.. No idea when the last time I had it was. I need it."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods slowly "Well where would you put a bridge on this place? Maybe we can come to an intersection and find a map or some such?" She suggests and continues to lead on. "Amy thinking once we get a better layout of the place, we can figure out what's wondering around here? Also find out where there might be folks hiding in here, or best yet, maybe something that will help us survive?" she says as she glances around again..

Kae then looks to Armitage.. "Oh and so ya know..." She lightly tugs at her eartips actually making those ears waggle with her fingers and the pressure she's putting on them "While this is most uncomfortable, everything about me is very very wierd... It's why I can add what to my list of not knowing who I am." She then smiles a bit and adds "Y'all wanna clear doors as we go then? Make sure nothing's behind us?"
Armitage     Armitage merely blinks as the pointy ears don't come off. "Yes. Ten Forward is definitely the best idea." He frowns as the group passes a blank screen. "I think that might have been your map, though." He shrugs, then nods to Jackson, "Well, you must at least be a good American, if you like Apple Pie." then hmms back to Kaelyn, "It does seem like we should clear the rooms. I still need a sidearm of some sort, if we come across one. Plus there might be other supplies." He shrugs. "But, I'm just along for the ride, and I'll go where the rest of the group suggests."
Carter Griffin "Who wouldn't like apple pie." Carter says. It's not even a question, more of just a statement. He nods to Armitage though, "Yeah. Any equipment we find we can divide up. I could use some armor. I don't really trust this suit." He pulls at it, "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Armitage, and while he's tugging and yanking on the door, the odd elf-like woman quickly gets into an access panel next to the door.. "Hey check this..." She says and tugs a lever down and turns the thing... Suddenly there's a hiss, a woosh and Armitage finds it rather easy to open the door...

Inside? Well this appears to be some kind of parts or tool closet of sorts, there's a number of storage bins or cabinets along the wall, all closed saved one. Hanging out of it is what appears to be some kind of tool of sorts. It kind o resembles a wrench, but well it has a power supply gage of all things (Hydrospanner folks! The one tool that exists in both timelines, aka, super space wrench!)

Kae glances around the place curiously and umms "Well we can start by rummaging through here?"
Armitage     The medic looks Carter over and snorts, "Yeah, if I had a spare set of fatigues I'd let you borrow em. That thing looks like it's good for nothin' but smugglin hot dogs and olives." Armitage then grunts and falls through the now open doorway. "Bun of a sitch!" he mutters as he rubs a knee, scuffed on the edge of a shelf.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Armitage curiously... "Ooh you were really trying hard..." She says, then idly slides the panel back over the access hatch she'd just gotten into, hoping Armitage wouldn't notice anything... She then peeks inside the room agian.

Those going through the room will find a few backpacks, even a couple uniforms.. Something that maybe they can put on over their current outfit. These uniforms apear to be red, with white padded trimmed collars, and a dark rust red pair of pants. Something about them leads one to think they might even be slightly reinforced.... Who knows, they don't appear to be made out of normal fabrics... They look normal enough, but well kind of made of something space-agey... There's also a few tool boxes as well lying around... Maybe they'll be useful later...

Kae peers at a uniform and shrugs, and begins to surrepticiously put it on...

Those really looking hard, (the higher scavenge and investigation folks) find a few boxes that when opened up reveal a small black and gold box.. A flip causes the little gold bit to open up and it gives off a chirp. Oddly another one even picks up on the noise from the first one... Possibly communication devices?
Bart Bart has been following along quietly, he is all wide-eyes at everything they see like the proper adventurer he is. As they reach a computer terminal the wide-eyes go a little crazy. "This...this looks like fun?" he's questioning himself the memories he doesn't have influencing his actions even now. There's an awed sound as he starts touching things, trying to figure out switches and the utterly flat screen. Suddenly power whirrs and lights start flickering on around them as he beams. "Aha! I can keep'r alive, Cap'n!" NO idea why he said that but he is suddenly greeted with projected buttons and lights in a language he doesn't exactly understand. But there's premise, logic, certain clusters must go to certain places. A login screen appears and he scratches his head before typing a few things in. A feminine computerized voice comes on and informs him that he is 'Unauthorized entry, non-Starfleet personnel access denied'. "What? Infernal machine, what do you mean unauthorized entry? Your personnel are dead!" He shouts in fury. The voice returns, 'Unauthorized entry, non-Starfleet personnel, access denied'. "No." he scowls and types in furiously before getting it a third time and then just throwing his hands up. "Damn you, Computer, why aren't you listening to me!? What must I do to prove I am Starfleet Personnel?"
Armitage     "May I give that a shot?" asks Armitage as he steps up, looking at the panel. "I know a little about computers. Maybe I can get this thing to do an over-ride." He scratches the side of his head a bit, under his helmet, "But boy howdie, voice recognition? This is some advanced technology. Must be American, since it doesn't speak garbage. Wonder if it's CIA or something."
Carter Griffin "Hey wait a minute.." Carter remembers that thing he picked up from the robot, as he walks over towards where they're messing with the computer, "We can try seeing if this PIP-Boy can interact with it." He offers, as he holds it up.
Kaelyn Yah she'd been slipping the uniform on, and after a short while, Kae comes wandering out in a very stylish rust red jacket, with a starfleet emblem on it, and of course the grey shirt on underneath and more importantly a good pair of pants... She has both her machine guns on strapped to her back and under her arm is a tool box of sorts... She glances at the pips on her collar and blinks "Nifty, I got 3 dots on mine!" She calls out happily... Then she hops up and down and rolls her shoulders "This thing's comfy, it's like It keeps me at a perfect temperature or something.. She peers now at a glowy thing on her wrist, and taps the button curiously and then exhails happily "Yup built in cooling.. Nifty..." she adds...
Armitage     Armitage is beeping and booping at the keypad, getting angrier and angrier. He looks hopeful a moment, then hears a loud buzzer and that incipient voice, "User not authorized. Starfleet personnel only." The medic looks at Carter and hmms, then sees Kaelyn out of the corner of his eye. "Aha!" he grunts and grabs the woman by the collar, "Here you go you wretched jumble of 1's and 0's. Star-whozit personnel. Now, tell her where the booze storage is, will ya?"
Bart Bart gives up the console for now, joining Kaelyn in poking around. He manages to come up with a lovely red and black uniform, and some tiny mechanical, black and gold thing. He is looking the device over and feeling out the uniform. Maybe he can wear it instead? Looking over at Kaelyn he grins, "It is smashing, I have found one as well," he holds it up. When he witnesses the pulling he instantly swaps out from speedsuit, to Starfleet uniform. Ziiip! Venture bros minus one activate!
Kaelyn Kae flails, yes, she flails a lot as her collar is grabbed and she's shoved in front of the computer! "Whaat!?!" she says and blinks "You figure out how to get a map?" Suddenly the computer speeks up.

"Registered starfleet user, Welcome Lieutenant Commander.. Displaying map of the ship..." Suddenly a map shows up , along with red dots here and there showing where the pathways are blocked....

Kae blinks "Ooh so this is a uniform? nice, I find it just very comfortable.." she says and glances to the others....
Armitage     Armitage shakes Kaelyn's arm again, "Ask it where the Goat Locker is. Every boat has a Goat Locker." he then looks closely at the map and begins trying to suss out places where there would be alcohol. "Let's see, Officer's mess, Captain's quarters.... where are you?"
Carter Griffin "Find the armory." Carter says, "That's the most important thing right now. Getting ahold of weapons and equipment."
Armitage     "NO! The most important thing right now is getting me drunk." asserts the medic. "Trust me. I'm a doctor."
Bart Bart blinks and tilts his head, "Why don't we get ourselves armed, and see what we might find for others that are part of our tribe. Then perhaps medicine or a medbay? Lastly alcohol I suppose..." he gives Armi a brief look adn then asks, "Aren't you technically on duty at all times, sir? We are defending America." Poke that patriot button! He grumps and starts investigating his new uniform and the communicator in his hand. "Perhaps engineering, there might be tools, or gear that might be helpful going forward. So...all of the ideas have merit, pick where we are going first Lueitenant-Commander." He smirks.
Kaelyn Kae peers at the two, then blinks "Computer, list armories, mess halls, medical bays and engineering storage along the path to the bridge..." she says and tilts her head curiously "Ooh what is a transporter..." She says and pokes at the little lable saying transporter room....

Kae continues looking and pers and pokes at an armory between two red dots twice... "Computer how best do we get here?" The computer then states "At this point site to site transport..." Kae oohs and smiles "Lets try that!" the computer then says over a loud speaker no less. "Initializing Site to Site transport... How many people." Kae looks at those with her and umms "Everyone with me... " She says... The feminine voice of the computer then very flatly states "Transporting." Suddenly everyone is surrounded by blue lights, and then beams and well everyone is suddenly next to a large door that says armory. The computer then states "Transport completed..."

The surroundings is interesting... to say the least. There are two doors on either side of the door to the armory, they both look welded shut. Still though there's a computer access and folks do have the communicators and tools and stuff... At this point the Armory door looms big....
Armitage     "On duty at all times? Where'd you hear that rubbish? If that was the case, they wouldn't have cantinas, now would they?" Armitage shakes his head, "As far as I know, you're all commies anyway, and I get this feeling something REALLY bad is about to happen. Like... the other shoe is about to drop. Or maybe a bomb." He turns and spits just as Kae starts talking about transporters. As sparkles begin to surround everyone like some horrible vampire movie, the doctor screams "OH GOD. MY ATOMS! THEY'RE BEING RIPPED A..."
Carter Griffin Carter decided to fiddle with the box of communicators, picking one up and flipping it open and closed a couple of times while he waited for Kae to find the armory. As soon as she did, however, she seemed to instigate the transporter.

"Wait, that doesn't sound saf-" Carter never gets to finish his sentence as all of his molecules are taken from one place and moved to another place. At least they made it to the armory. He quickly pats over himself making sure everything is still there.
Bart Bart is standing behind Kaelyn now, exploring the map with his eyes, but then the elfin woman is handling it. A glance to Armitage and he shrugs, "I don't know, I don't know where I remember anything from. For all I know I was a super villain," he shrugs carefree and then they're being zapped at which point he complains with a sound that gets cut off by the sounds of teleporters. Bwamp, and then he's here. Here in front of the armory. "I'm...I'm alive? Surely that was the end, the last light, are we dead?" he's patting himself down and then looking around. "Oh. Well. Welded shut. That poses a problem. Perhaps we can cut or burn our way in?" he gestures to toolkits and laser guns.
Armitage     "PART!..." Armitage stops screaming, then looks around, grabs Carter by the collar of his space journey uniform and pulls him close, "Now.. do you see... why I need to be drunk?" This last whispered under his breath, and very very angry.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and pats her self down, then tugs on her shirt... "A bit tight..." she mutters. A female computer-voice can be heard coming from well her jacket saying "Adjusting" Suddenly she has a deep-v shirt with more room in the front... "Ooh cool! These clothes are like one size fits all!" She then peers at the armory door. Then she looks at the other doors and at the armory door "Am sure whatever we need to get out of here is probably in there.... Who wants to go first?" She asks curiously as she taps on the door.. "Umm computer?"

The same female voice says "Awaiting querie.." She then taps her chin "Status of the armory door?" The computer then says "All armory doors are locked, manual override must be used to access Armory.. Kae then peers at the others "So we need to find Manuel Rideover!!!"
Bart Bart hadn't noticed the tightness until Kaelyn mentions it at which point, he is kind of staring as the uniform turns into a v-neck shirt. Blinkies. Yeah it's like a blink and a Jenkies at the same time. Right try to focus Bart. Focusing. "Manual override, does that mean we need to hack the console again? Or try?" he asks while moving over to poke at the console. "Or," he wonders aloud before grabbing the panel and yanking it back to reveal wires, "Do we get to fiddle with these things?!" He's already excited.
Carter Griffin Carter moves up to the door. Manual over-ride? He hmms a bit as he runs his hands along side one of the panels of the door, trying to find an access panel or something. Maybe he can hotwire a couple of wires to open the door up
Kaelyn Kae is meanwhile at another access port messing with things while Bart is workin gon stuff... "Heey, I think I found the manual override, it's like the other door, but I don't have power to get the door to open!" she calls out, then peers at Bart at the other port.. "Is that the power section?" She asks curiously, then her eyes travel to armitage and Carter... "You guys get to the door and help it open up? Also be ready in case there's anything in there?" She asks cuirously, now motioning to the big red door...
Armitage     Armitage merely stands off to the side now, arms crossed, tapping his foot and glaring about.
Bart Bart found an access panel behind the console, and as he's fiddling about he starts gettin excited, "Oh, and that piston is connected to there," his voice is muffled because it's literally inside of the wall at the moment. When he pops out, he announces, "I can get the power going. This should be -" Then the lights flicker and Bart goes entirely stiff as electricity crawls out of the panel and up his arm as he vibrates in place for a moment before being flung across the hallway with a trail of smoke following him. His hair stands on end and he's dazed as he glances around.
Carter Griffin "You got it." Carter replies, as he stops trying to look for a way to open it since she found one, and instead gets ready to brace the door open once she manages to get it opened up, "So you think whoever or whatever is on here might be inside?" He wonders, as he gets his rifle and holds it in his right hand while preparing to grab and pull the door with his left.
Armitage     Looking over at Bart with a faint frown, Armitage looks at the others. "If I save him, the next stop is to find booze. Because I seriously can't even with all this shit." He waves his hands around. "War? War is hell, but I get it. This?" He waves his hands again, "This is a bad trip, and maybe if I get drunk enough I'll come out the other side sober. Deal?"
Kaelyn Kae ahah's, she fiddles with a piston, and turns a big lever and then tilts her head "That's not working.." She then oh's!! She moves a wire plug, and suddenly her hair is standing on end, one can even see arcs of what appears to be electricity arcing from the hair tips and suddenly she falls backward, breathing out smoke briefly....

Luckily, the door opens with a quiet hiss... Inside? Well there's lockers, and arrayed rifles and pistols of some unknown origins.. For those in the know, it's type 2 phaser pistols, and type 3 rifles... There, there's also a rather limited selection of power packs too...

Kae however isn't really looking in doors.. She's just laying there twitching a bit, before she notices Carter close by and reaches for his ankle... He gets shocked too, think static electricty only worse.. as Kae makes contact...
Armitage     Walking around over to Bart and muttering, Armitage pokes Bart with a stick of wood, then moves his hand a bit with it. Finally he leans down and places two fingers on the side of the man's neck, frowning as he checks for a pulse.
Carter Griffin Carter was holding onto the wall when Kae grabbed him, and as such soon found himself channeling that energy through himself and into the wall. At least the door was opened now, but he couldn't move to even try to get Kae off of himself, let alone get himself somewhere that he wasn't being shocked. He had to hope that the energy burst was a momentary thing or they were screwed.
Bart Bart is alive! So sayeth the sudden gasp as he reaches to Armitage's collar and chokes out, "I'm sorry, Scottie, I couldn't keep the power regulators at maximum capacity." And then drops back to the floor for a moment. Regaining consciousness and the ability to think, he starts sitting up and looking around confusedly. "Ah, excellent, the door is open. The door is open!" He's feeling himself again. Standing up, he dusts himself off and looks the part of the brutalized ensigne.
Armitage     "Pah!" grunts Armitage and stands up, waving an arm behind him. He begins looking through boxes for a moment, but eventually gives up. Instead, he goes and sits against a wall, pulls his knees up to his chin, and begins rocking back and forth.
Kaelyn It's just like a static shock! It's done and over with in a minute! Kae shakily gets to her feet, and now stares Bart and the others, and peers at Armitage, before she shrugs and she too begins digging through the room.... Eventually she's grabbed a pistol and one of the fancy rifle things, looking the thing over curiously before she grins and peers while digging through the various stuff... Suddenly she too pulls up a blue bottle of some wierd liquid.. She peers at it, sticks it in the backpack and also grabs a few energy cells to boot.. She notices it fits in the 'gun' and after grabbing a second bottle, she puts said bottle in Armitage's hands... "Here..."
Bart Bart starts digging around for what might be found. Coming up with a cylinder with glowy light going through it, as well as a bottle of blue liquid. He stashes the bottle for now, figuring he'll share with someone when he gets back to their base of operations. The thing he's still inspecting is the metallic thing witht he single glowing line, "Power source maybe?" he asks and looks around at anyone that might know. Clearly he's still figuring things out. He smiles to see Kaelyn sharing the booze with Armi, clearly the fellow needs it. For whatever reason, the rest of them are taking this completely whacky adventure way better than he is. Poor guy. Must not get abducted much.
Jackson Jack had remained mostly silent throughout their investigation. He couldn't explain why, but this place was giving him the god damn creeps. The mysterious trail in the dust, the fact that there was a completely unaffilliated space ship inside of another space ship-- everything was just getting to be a little too much to handle up in this place. He did his best to remain cool, calm and collected, but as they made it to the transporter, the hairs upon Jack's neck stood at attention. He felt the acute sensation of the bonds holding his atoms together being torn asunder, and then.. He was one with the universe.
For a brief instant in time, everything was perfect. He had all of the answers, and everything made sense. As Jackson's atoms seperated, dispersed, and departed toward their new destination, he could feel the forces of the universe whispering in his ear. God's voice tickled his mind, and the light of the cosmos warmed his soul. It was as if he was simultaneously everywhere and nowhere at once-- trapped in a single, unending loop of the same moment that spanned all space and time. It was intoxicating. It was terrifying. In that near-instantaneous, timeless tick of the clock, Jack was enlightened, and afraid, and completely unaware of the fickle nature of his mortality.
You know. Until he ended up back in the Mothership, and his atoms were rearranged into his physical form. Too bad he didn't have any brains to remember any of that.
As the blonde haired, green-eyed Jackson stood atop the surface of the ship, he dropped to his knees, and screamed toward the sky.
Carter Griffin Carter Griffin found himself a bottle of blue liquid as well, though when he noticed what Kae did with her's, he hmms a little bit, "Is it like a liquid coolant for the weapons, maybe?" He asks, unsure of what it goes to. Regardless he tries to gather up any equipment that he knows he can use, one of the rifles specifically as well as a sidearm. It never hurts to have a backup, "Make sure to grab all the ammo we can too, folks." He pauses as he swears he hears someone yelling but he shrugs it off.
Kaelyn Kae grins at the bottle.. She then opens her spare up and sniffs "Nope definately alchoholic beverage... probably whoever was stationed here was hiding the drink in this locker..." She says and blinks "Hey anyone see where the blonde fellah went?" She asks curiously, now rifling through anything that looks like ammo.... She then peers and motices something with what looks like a pad.... It even has a sign that says "Arsenal transporter..." Kae then umms "Hey it's one of these glowy thingies... That makes us move around!" Well she recognized transporter... "Think maybe that blue thing you got works in this?" she asks bart as she slings any and every weapon she can carry on her self along with as much ammo as she thinks her backpack can carry....
Carter Griffin Carter heads towards where Kae is loading things up, "This pad can transport our equipment? Well hell we might even be able to take more than we can carry." He muses, as he looks over the pad and then offers his bottle of blue liquid to her, "Unless you think mine is alcohol too."
Armitage     Armitage looks at the bottle of blue liquid and frowns, looking up at Kaelyn, "What is this, anti-freeze?" he shudders and stands up, then starts poking at one of the wall panels. "Hey! Voice! You in there? How do I get off this damn thing? WITHOUT you ripping me apart again!"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Armitage.. She then shrugs "It smells like alchohol...." she then takes her own bottle, pops the stopper and takes a drink, making a bit of a face... "I think this stuff could even get me buzzed too! How I know I have a resistance to substances is beyond me! But it's pretty good!" She sets about adding as many of those blue bottles to her backpack as she safely can.. "Anyhow this might make for good disenfectant!" she adds... She then peers at the pad... "Maybe it can get us out of here? I also didn't notice a computer terminal here..." she suggests.... "Not like the last one... "
Bart Bart will check to see if the blue glowing striped cylinder will indeed work witht he mechacnics of the teleporter. With Armi screaming he huffs, "You address it as Computer, and you ask it nicely to do the thing you want." He admonishes his new friend and then he's going back to fiddling with teleporter pads and electronics he hasn't the slightest about!
Armitage     Armitage manages to find a magical passageway that leads him out of the ship.
Carter Griffin "Hey if it can get us out of here, that might be great because I don't see any back door to this armory, and I'd hate to die stuck in here surrounded by weapons we can't use.." Carter says, "But I'm no computer guy, so I'm not gonna be much help fiiguring that part out."
Kaelyn The power cell does indeed fit nicely within the ship's small teleporter here... There's even a beep as the computers come on line. The computerized voice then states "Initializing Teleport.." Kae blinks and peers "What?" She asks and suddenly that same wierd tingling and well glowing lights and sparkling. Everyone ends up at the bridge allright..

Well more importantly above said bridge, like resting on the dome on top of the bridge, outside the ship.. They have their stuff, there's even a small box of rations to boot. Where that came from is anyone's guess.... Kae blinks and looks around "I think it missed.." she says and rubs the back of her neck...
Carter Griffin Teleported once again. Carter takes a few moments to check over everything and make sure that all of his parts are still present. Once he's sure about that, he looks down at the haul they got, "Hey we made it out with all the stuff..I'd say mission accomplished.."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks around then taps the top of the bridge "Well I think this here's the bridge, but I think it missed.... I guess that's all you can expect from a crashed thingambobber....." She glances down at the outfit and the backpack and the other stuff... " I think we got a decent haul for the group!!!"