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Vault Girl The year is 2077. It's a lovely day in the city of Roswell, New Mexico with the sun shining overhead and birds chirping in the trees. It's a day just like any other day in your very ordinary and non-exciting lives as regular patriotic American citizens.

A bald eagle rides a motorcycle down the freeway and gives a high-fives to the President somewhere in the country, it was on TV you think. America was really great, and you hated Chinese communists!

It was the Swinger Street Potluck Dinner and you were all present, having just finished working your typical American 9-5 jobs like everyday hard working citizens with nothing to fear from your government.

You also recall seeing a television special that exposed 'aliens' and 'flying saucers' as Chinese communist weapons! Boy what a surprise.

It turns out someone spiked the orange tang that Mrs. Parkes had brought, there was only one culprit mischievous enough on Swinger Street to do such a thing; it was of course Fern! The little rascal is nowhere to be found though and nobody is mad because it was Fern!

The garbage man Mr. Ashur is just arriving at the potluck after a hard day of working around Roswell bringing in the trash, while the local conspiracy theorist/postlady Lucette has just arrived with some fresh alien shaped flan-cake!

Esscast, the local bully is also here, nobody is sure what he does for a job, and Mr. Griffin, the school Principal swears up and down that Esscast is too old to be in High School still but, it's his brother-in law so he has little to no choice but to deal with it!
Esscast Esscast walk around in his greaser style clothing taking a puff from his marablo cig every so often not really caring what people think of him as his other hand keeps slicking back his hair.
Lucette     Today the only delivery Luce is bringing is CAKE. GLORIOUS JIGGLY ALIEN CAKE. She's lamenting the lack of tinfoil hat but everyone's here so why be left out if the government decides to do their microwave gun testing, or the communists decide to use their mind control ray. She isn't winging solo today so yolo! Someone spiked the Tang, she might have to save some and bring it home. Just in case other mailpeople start questioning her.
Armitage     Armitage smiles around a pipe, dangling from his lips, as he stands near the grill, watching the ancestors of brahmin turn into brown delicious slabs of food. He chuckles merilly at the corny joke of one of his neighbors, and tucks a hand into the pocket of his doctor's coat. Why he's wearing the coat to a barbecue is anyone's guess. Maybe it's to remind all the men that he's seen their wives' vaginas or something. "Hey! Someone grab ol' Doc Armitage a Nuka Cola, will ya?"
Ashur "Well alright now, Frank, you tell the missus I said hi," Ashur tells the man driving the truck as he hops off, giving his shoulder a metaphorical slap by striking the side of the truck. The engine hums and it rolls off down the street, the sound of 101.5 'Roswell Blues' echoing across the winds.

Ashur's not had the chance to change yet; he's wearing an off-white wifebeater and blue jeans, with a neon green vest bordered by neon orange straps o'ertop it all. He's got a pair of thick boots that thump along the sidewalk with every step as the jolly trashman walks.

So far as grooming goes, there's little. He threw some water on his face, some soap on his hands, and sprayed the sweaty spots with a faint men's cologne.

Eventually, he winds up sipping on some orange tang, refilling his cup after hearing it was spiked. "That Fern," he chides, chuckling.
Doc     His hair culturally sensitively allowed to be pulled back in a braid, the brainy and charismatic Vault-Tec Salesman Of The Year five years straight Ashkii Dighin, affectionately known by his coworkers as 'Doc', has thoroughly crashed the party in some people's eyes, though his invitation invariably was left in his other trenchcoat. "Fern indeed," he said to no one in particular. Mysterious as ever, the Indian narrowed his gaze and peered off at the distant horizon. "Hmmm. No rain today. I can't promise a lack of total nuclear annihilation."

    Turning to the group at large, the Vault-Tec representitive throws up his arms and proclaims, "Good news, everyone! Your community has been pre-selected for a very important mission! A mission that will ensure humanity's survival into the world of tomorrow!"
Armitage     Turning towards Doc, Armitage inclines his head. "Is that so? I know a thing or two about missions!" The doc gives Doc a thumbs up and a big grin, then resumes his conversation with nobody in particular. "So, how about that Eagle high-fiving the president, eh? Must have been some kind of crazy stunt! Darndest thing I ever saw, and I fought in the resource wars! Once saw a man try to eat a land mine. Booooy was that messy. But that eagle on a motorcycle? Still tops it!"
Grover Grover comes walking along, twirling his nightstick as he does. An old habit of police officers from the day. "Faith and begorra. Commisonary Gordan sure gave me a nice beat...this be one of the nicest, neighbor hoods around." He continues to twirl his stick, "Such friendly people..I'm sure none of the are communist. Or no goodnicks...aye, we be taking care of them toot sweet if they show up."
Ironface Jones Local construction worker, the guy who helped build most of the suburb, and survivor of a girder to the nose, Ironface has arrived to the party. He's still wearing his work overalls, flannel shirt and steel toed work boots, but he doesn't look or smell dirty. Must have been an easy day for him or something. "How's it going, everyone?" asks the large, gregarious fellow as he makes his way towards the tang. Once he's armed with a glass he takes a sip and mingles throughout the room, at one point commenting, "Love that cake, lady. Looks just like how I'd imagine the real thing, jiggles and all." He chuckles, clearly having himself a good time as the conversation shifts to the bald eagle, "Yeah! I love that eagle. Can't believe they got the president to do that. I bet Commies die just watching recordings of that! Good riddance."
Kaelyn It's a bubbly, buxome cheerleader girl! She has a rather amazing tan, platinum blonde hair, in pigtails of course, no pointy ears really. Wierd time for that.. Kaelyn's also wearing a stylish cheerleader outfit, what with it being homecoming weekend and all. Besides, she likes these outfits!!! Kae can be seen making her way into the potlock, carrying what looks like a crockpot...

As she wanders by another girl in a cheerleader outfit she squeels happily "Like oh my god! What are you doing to this Shindig Cora??!" The other responds equally bubbly "Hanging out with my parents and like sooo totally enjoying all this great food! Ya know, it's almost as good as going out?" Kae responds "Really? This is my firs ttime..." She says

The two begin talking back and forth and yes it sounds very much like a valley-girl fest, first talking about food, then shoes, then well dresses, and finally talking about those bogus alien claims and stuff....
Ashur Draining no less than four and a half cups of spiked tang, Ashur slams his red plastic cup down on the checkered picnic table covering, wiping his mouth off with the back of his hand. His beard and mustache glimmer with orange-y alcohol. Off in the distance, he sees Officer Grover walking around -- recognizing him, naturally, as a fellow civil servant and patriot. The big ol' shiny garbageman moves to greet, but gets distracted by the sight of the platinum blonde bombshell.

He stops dead in his tracks, and his eyes near pop out of his head.

"I'd pick up her cans any day."
Esscast Esscast walks over to kaelyn "hey there toots you come here often? why dont yous and Is go back to my place for a little fun after this shindig"
Lucette     Lucette finds herself a nice place to settle and set the cake down, giving Jones a little crinkled smile and amused snicker, nodding to him. "I did all the research I could to get the details down. Thank you for your appreciation." she says to Jones in reply to his approval of ALIEN FLAN CAKE, there's a lot of people and noise and none of this seems like a communist trap. All the good american people of the Hood are here doing their own thing, but.. VAULT TEC GOOD GOD NO PLEASE, maybe if it was robco.

    Lucette doesn't like vault-tec, so when they're brought up she shies off a little. "Why does Vault-Tec have an interest in our slice of the pie, huh?" she comments to the rep.
Jackson It had been a hell of a long day at the office. There were more vets rolling in these days with optic nerve damage than ever before-- probably because of the god damned chinese and their communist laser sattelites, trying to blind the americans with their liberal techno-garbage. The point was, he'd looked in too many god damn eye balls for one day, and he couldn't be happier to be driving his new silver Corvalus. It was the prime way of symbolizing America's superiority. Ever since he'd bought this thing, he'd been driving it all over town, burning up all of that precious, precious oil he'd shed his blood, sweat and tears for. And you bet your nuka-cola-loving, baseball-playing, flag-waving American ass that he enjoyed every last god damn second of it. He'd told the wife he'd be late to the dinner this evening on account of all of the chinese-piece-o'-shit spies trying to take his practice from him, and as always, she understood. She was a quaint, passive woman after all. He hated to make her worry that sweet little head of hers, though, so after finishing his afternoon ritual of throwing eggs at war protesters from his car window, he made sure to hurry down to the pot-luck.
As he pulled his car up to the curb, he exited the driver's side without turning off the engine. He'd won that god damn oil fair and square, and if he was paying for it, he was gonna use every last god damned drop of it before the commies stole it out from under them. Dr. Parkes took a deep inhale of that, frehs, unmistakeably capitalist air, then entered the party, fashionably late as always.
"THE DOCTOR IS IN!" He boldly proclaimed as he kicked open the front door, cracking open a can of American Lite as he did so. He was wearing his doctor's jacket, a fashionable and expensive pair of designer glasses, and an american flag T shirt with matching shoes. His pants were the only true choice for a casual capitalist-- denim jeans. And as usual, he wore all of his medals (that he DESERVED) on his lapell, boldly proclaiming his status as a patriot for all to see.
"Now where's that famous Parkes tang?"
Doc     Doc's short missive fell on deaf ears, it seemed, with maybe a couple exceptions. "One moment, please," he says to the few people giving him as much as a curious glance. He had other cards up his sleeve. After begging their pardon and making his excuses, he wandered casually from the party, exiting.
Tibbie Tibbie had arrived to the Potluck a little late. Her usual teal waist-cinched scrubs have a few fresh stains that're drying now and she's got her hands full, one hand balances two cellophane wrapped and stacked plates and a 11lb bag of dog food hugged in the other arm.

"One of these plates'es fer people and t'other's fer the critters when y'get home, an'the bag's for Muffin Parkes!"
Once the two plates of cookies are set down, one being American themed one being bone themed, Tibbie let's her french braid loose and finger rakes it to it's natural wavy state.
"I hope y'all got petsitters tonight!" Tibbie teases with a soft laugh and poured herself some punch and began to mingle with the community.
Kaelyn Kae's eyes as well as Cora's slooowly drift toward Esscast... And well in unison they both say. "like... Ewwwe!!!" Kae then adds "No way! I so totally don't date grease!!" she states matter of factly and begins making her way now too the food table, setting out the potroast, before waving to her dad... "Daaad, I got the potroast out what else?" When she's told she can wander on her own, well she's beginning to sashay her way around the place.

Meanwhile CORA wanders off with her parents, all of which are giving the person that tried to hit on them a bad look....

Pretty, seemingly vapid girls, overprotective dads, yah bad combo.."
Grover Grover says, "Ah, it does my heart good to see such happy eagle loving people, sharing a good meal.." He looks to the doom salesmen, "Whats wrong with the world of today?" He shines up the badge on his chest a bit. "no need to hide your heads in the sand.""
Ashur Ashur's hung jaw stretches out into countless moments of eternity; every inch of highschool (college? She seems ageless, almost) cheerleader girls etching themselves into his memory. "Best thing about schoolgirls," Ashur remarks to Mr. Wavers, a local Scout leader, "I get older, they stay the same age."

Ashur takes the man's drink, downs it, and hands the cup back to him, stalking off to mingle and stare.
Armitage     Watching Doc leave, Armitage simply shrugs, "Well then!" Then he goes back to sipping his refreshing Nuka Cola. "Y'know, darndest thing though about that Eagle riding a motorcycle, I'd almost swear that motorcycle wasn't an American model! Now what kind of nonsense is that?"
Ironface Jones "You're welcome. I admire a good cake," Jones says to Lucette with a heart chuckle and he reaches up run a hand over his broad jaw. The same one that stopped an iron girder and earned him his nickname. Oh, but the man admires cookies, too. When he sees them Ironface makes his way towards them in a hurry, sipping his tang on the way, "These look great." He picks one up and has a bite, making an 'mmm' noise of contentment. "Delicious! And American. Can't beat that!" Looking over Armitage's way the big construction worker frowns, "Do they even make motorcycles outside of America? I wouldn't know, I don't pay much attention to foreign made goods."
Vault Girl Fern's older brother comes running into the potluck and says, "Hey guys!! We gotta go turn on the TV and radios, Fern says somethings going on." That Fern, always on the pulse of the neighborhood and America.

It was also a perfect setup for Mr. Vault-Tech Representative if there ever was one.

In the distance the sound of a police car siren could be heard.
Doc     Doc had timed it carefully in his prep-work for this party. There was a train coming at precisely this time. The added bonus of Jackson's gloriously still-oil-powered vehicle only added to the marvelousness of this moment. Yellow trench-coat open wide and billowing in the wind, he rode mid-wheely off a well-placed ramp through the picture window, the whole world seeming to move in slow motion as he landed on the desert table (sadly for everyone's future hangovers, not the punch table).

    The shower of glass into the ice cream and brownies was drowned by the passing train, gushing wind from its rapid passing continuing the epic flowing of Doc's cape-like trench coat. Hat pulled down low over his eyes, he drew a megaphone from his hip and spoke into it. "Total atomic annihilation won't stay away because of delicious Tang," he informed them. "You are all pre-approved for entrance into Vault 30, provided you act soon." He stopped his bike and popped out the fusion core, pocketing it as he pulled his clipboard off the side of the bike, ready for a flurry of sales or to run for his life. Those were usually the two options he had to deal with given his sales tactics.
Armitage     Nodding to Jones with a slow sad expression, "Yes indeedilydoodly. They're not nearly as finely manufactured as our American goods, but they ride motorcycles all over. Even in China! And we all know they'd never be able to afford good quality American motorcycles. I saw them all the time when I was in the Army." At this last sentence, Armitage's cheek and eye begin to twitch slightly.
Esscast esscast hears the car sirens and voices of paniced people "what the hell" he says as people run home to check their tv's
Kaelyn Kae has a worried face on, as she makes her way to view the TV as well, the tall curvy young woman squeezing in and around folks to view what's on the tube... "There's sirens' going on? Shouldn't we maybe be getting to those vault things? I think I heard my dad talking about them!" she says to really no one in particular.
Tibbie "Good golly! I sure hope it's nothin' serious! I had to put down 2 rabbits this week and that's all my heart can take." The shortest woman says, she bites her lip and turns to the Television Set, she takes a finishing swig of her drink in wait for the news. She's standing anxiously and her foot tapping, the tan lady reaches in the pocket of her scrub pants and fidgets with something.
Vault Girl Of course, there just so happens to be a television set that was brought out to the potluck with multiple extension cords! Good Old Fern's Dad!
Ironface Jones When there's a loud crash and suddenly a motorcycle is present in the middle of the party Mr Jones looks around wildly, cocking back his fist, ready to start throwing punches. That's when the megaphone comes out. The massive strongman calls out to Doc, "What are you thinking doing that? Somebody could have gotten hurt! Why, I've got half a mind to punch you in the mouth!"

"I can hardly believe it! If you hadn't seen them for yourself there's no way I'd buy into the idea of non-American motorcycles," Jones shakes his big head as he speaks to Armitage. "The idea is unAmerican." If no else has thought to do so Ironface approaches the TV and switches it on before backing away to make sure that other people can view it, too.
Grover Grover hmmms, and wonders what this might all be about...well good, a tv out in the yard...what will they think of next. Wait a minute..this patio furniture looks like it was originally living room furniture...REDnecks! Maybe these folks aren't all that good.
Ashur The crowd spreads around Ashur like they were Chinese butter and he an American knife: moist, yellow, and vulnerable to domestic steel. He sets himself up in front near the television, keen to see what the trouble is; ever since he had to give up his dreams of going pro due to a knee injury in college, he's soothed his wounded pride with delusions of heroic grandeur, if only the opportunity would present itself. This might be his big chance! A chance to be somebody!

He was tired of getting looks from people who thought Ashur wasn't a very American-sounding name, anyway.

"Zip your lips, knuckleheads," he hollers. "Let's listen to the TV and the nerd."
Armitage     "As un-American as un-apple pie!" Agrees Armitage, frowning towards Doc a moment, "You ruined a perfectly good jell-o mold! Cad." Then walks inside to see what all the hullabaloo is about on the squak-box.
Jackson For the few moments that Dr. Parkes had been in attendance, the pot luck seemed to be going swimmingly. The local cheerleaders were enthusiastically promoting the American dream, the garbage man made off-color jokes, and his wife was silently, happily handing out cups full of tang like the statue of a woman he'd fallen in love with all those years ago. what could have possibly make something like it any better? None other than 'Big Fern' as the doctor had taken to affectionally calling the rambunctious scamp. The boy let them know that there was some sort of important news that they needed to see, and of course, the only news that could possibly be so important was the announcement of the complete destruction of all Chinese communist scum. However, before they could take a moment to check out the news, Jackson witnessed the most insane spectacle he'd seen since Ol' Rattlin' Ramirez stormed that trench of commies with nothing more than his MRE spoon and a whoopie-cushion.
Doc's entrance was immaculate. The motorcycle plowed through the house with all of the power and grace afforded to it by it's genius capitalist manufacturers. The vehicle performed exactly as advertised-- The Indian Stormrunner, with a nuclear-powered battery that was guerenteed to generate enough thrust to knock down a house-- or your money back! The man's dramatically blowing trenchcoat and use of the megaphone was especially ingenius. He'd been taught the same sorts of attention-grabbing tactics back in basic in order to cause the commies to run in fear of their american inginuity. The man stood from his chair, tossing his empty beer to the side, and boldly proclaimed his feelings on the matter.
"SOLD!" The doctor proclaimed, immediatly digging out his wallet and a pen.
"Take it. TAKE IT ALL! I DON'T NEED TO HEAR ANYTHING ELSE! That was the best-god-damn marketing I've seen since that House fella sold the made his proposal to the marines!""
Vault Girl On the television a very serious reporter is on the screen, it's local anchor Joe Smith, "We interrupt this showing of 'El Dorado: City of Gold' to bring you an emergency broadcast. Citizens of Roswell, we've just received word that several major cities on the western seaboard have been hit by preliminary nuclear strikes."

The sounds of more police sirens could be heard outside now, along with jets flying overheard.

"Please proceed to your local shelters and stay calm." Joe Smith advised anyone watching.

Suddenly the broadcast cutout and was replaced by an emergency warning as a monotone voice began to recite which cities had already been hit by nuclear strikes...

The Chinese had finally done it. The great war had begun.
Armitage     "Well, golly gee darn and tarnations." Armitage says. He walks over to the liquor table, kicks the door off, and takes out a bottle bourbon. He takes a cigar out of his inside coat pocket and turns with a smile to the assemblage. "Smoke em if ya got em!"
Esscast Esscast stares blankly at the screen "well shit" looking over to dock "so this vault tech shelter how far away is it would you say?"
Kaelyn kae stares at Armitage now curiously and the others.. "Like... we so gotta go to the shelter!" She shouts out, now well starting to look around all worriedly, how they're going to go is anyone's guess... "Who has vehicles?!?"
Tibbie "THE ANIMALS!" The hysterical and faint-hearted Tibbie yells, her eyes roll back and her legs crumble beneath her as she falls backwards toward the large trashman. She's passed out now, as limp and jiggly as Lucette's Alien Jell-O.
Doc     Doc blinked. The only sounds were the broadcast and the rhythmic clacking of the train cars passing nearby. He hadn't really expected this so soon. "North of the city." He looked at his clipboard. He started scribbling 'paid' after everybody's name. "Okay, you've all paid in full." He looked around. "No time to panic, let's get into Vault 30. THEN we can panic. Follow me!" He restarts his bike, turning and going around the house rather than through it again. He shouts into his megaphone. "Don't dawdle. We need to go now."
Esscast Esscast gets his motor cycle with side car out of a nearby ally helping the fretfull tibbi into it "i can take one more person then ill make trips back and forth unless you guys have rides"
Armitage     "Oh, come now. You all don't really think those vaults will save you, do you? The commies have a nuke for every man woman and child in the sanctified U S of A." Armitage brings the bottle of amber hued liquid to his lips, tugs the cork out of the mouth, and spits it to one side. "You're better off placing your head between your legs and giving your derrier a farewell smackeroo!"
Jackson Dr. Parkes was silent as he stared the television down with a blank, vacant look in his eyes. At first, he was merely an emotionless husk, unsure as to how to proceed. All of his previous enthusiasm abandoned him in the wake of such horrifying news. They'd actually done it-- the god damned commies had actually did everything he'd been warned about in basic. First came the nukes, then came the mutants, and before they knew it, they were living in the Red Chinese States of America.
"FUCK!" He bellowed, vocalizing the thought that was on everybody's respective minds. He threw a punch into the TV, shattering it, and continued kicking at it's remains for an instant, emphasizing every blow with another brutal kick of his loafers.
"SON-OF-A-MOTHER-FUCKIN-AMERICAN-SOLDIER!" After his outburst, he calmed himself, sighing deeply and withdrawing a pack of smokes. He lit one up with his refillable lighter, and offered the open pack to all who were interested as he moved toward his vehicle.
"But what about th-" Martha Parkes began, speaking for the first time in the last ten years.
Ashur Ashur stands tall, and for a guy as big and neon as him, that means something. "You heard pointdexter! We've all gotta get to the Vault! We can't let those slant-eyed bastards win!"

He pivots on a heel and barrels ahead, forging a path through the treadmarks Doc's bike has left in the once-pristine grass. So much money wasted on that new methamphetamine-driven fertilizer BronCo was selling.

En route, he passes by Armitage, and why, he straight up tries to slug that limp-spined doofus in the mouth. "You're cruisin' for a bruisin' with talk like that! It's commie talk! Now get off your ass and move!"
Kaelyn Kae doesn't need any more coaxing, she's quickly getting to a vehicle to try and of course get to the Vault "Hurry Hurry! LEts get ther! LIke this is bad, really bad!" She calls out, not quite panicked, but danged close!
Doc     Doc takes on his requisite extra passenger, the cheerleader Kaelyn. He drives slowly enough for people to be able to get to vehicles and follow, but he maintains a healthy lead, since there is no going back for others. The bombs are in the air as people panicked.
Esscast esscast peels off on his motorcycle breaking every speed limit if that mattered anymore with one hand firmly stering his bike he reaches under his greaser jacket and kisses his dogtags "ill never forget this land of the free" he says to himself as he speeds twords the destination like a bat outa hell
Armitage     Being as he's not just a doc, and not some goofy garbage man, but an actual military veteran, Armitage merely steps backward out of Ashur's way and clicks his tongue. "Silly man. Well... I guess someone has to bring the good stuff." Armitage begins loading his arms with as much of the booze as he can carry and heads out, looking to join the throng.
Grover Grover says, "Keep calm, and everything will be fine..." as he starts for the shelter himself. "Room for everyone..lets not start acting all crazylike.""
Vault Girl It's the smart thing to do, the 'convoy' from Swinger Street following behind Doc's motorcycle through Roswell to the sights and sounds of panic overtaking people. The military is mobilizing, that much is clear given the jets in the air already.

A radio broadcast is coming in from Las Vegas, the person speaking is Robert House, "My Fellow Americans, do not worry. If you can hear this, Las Vegas will survive any attack. I have personally made preparations."

Another broadcast comes in from Texas on another station someone is listening to, "This is General Norris of the National Guard. The Citadel is operational, you will be kept safe. Please remain calm."

In the distance you could hear a massive explosion, a massive blast cloud visible to the west of Roswell...
Doc     The vault gate ahead, Doc pulls ahead and skids to a stop in front of the military checkpoint. "Hello," he says with a chipper smile. "These people are with me. They're all on the list, and they've paid in full. I would appreciate rapid entrance into the vault facility, my good man."
Kaelyn Yes Kae is on the bike with Doc evidently, and well she's kind of glommed on too! She could easily be renamed sticky glue or velcro and it probably would be quite applicable!!! Eyes dart around the place curiously, pig tails flapping in the breeze.
Armitage     Strutting on into the Vault with the others, grinning around his cigar, Armitage hands a bottle of booze to the guard at the door. "'Ere ya go. I'd shalute, but, well, you can see the burden. Carry on, soldier."
Esscast esscast looks to the soldier and says "exuse my sir could we go in to here if theres a lack of availible room ill stay out here but at least get everyone else inside"
Doc     The realization came to Doc that he wasn't on the list. He was the salesman. He sold things to the people on the list. With a bit of quick thinking he popped the fusion core out of his bike and tossed it at the guard. "Here ya go, chummer. Not going to need it in a vault." Just to avoid questions, he took Kaelyn's hand, if only for convenience since she had ridden with him, and aimed himself squarely at the vault entrance like he had every purpose being there. He was confident. He was suave. He was lying his pants off without saying a word.
Vault Girl The soldiers are not your regular US Army Soldiers. They have slate grey fatigues with a non-standard patch on the side it's composed of stars lined in a circle instead of on a flag. You didn't know it now, but when you remembered all this; you would know that was the symbol of the Enclave.

Not far off are another group of soldiers in more advanced power armor then any of you have ever seen. A prototype Vertibird is landing not far away from the Vault and a group of VIPs including Governor Caine of New Mexico are seen entering the vault without the line up of 100s you were all dealing with.

"Sorry. You'll have to wait in line. The only lists that matters are the ones we have. Orders from the President himself." President of what though? Vault-Tec? The USA?
Ashur Ashur's nerves have been rattled by the distant explosions and flares of light across the sky; he might be a rough-handed working man, but the sort of trouble he deals with are ruffians in bars or the occassional hobo rummaging through a dumpster he needs to get through. War, the Chinese, nuclear devastation, men in power armor.. it's all above his pay grade.

He swallows nervously, and steels his resolve, moving toward one of the soldiers. "Have a heart, you! There are women and children here! There's gotta be plenty of room, just let us in."
Armitage     Armitage mutters, "Now who's spineless? What, can't take a nuke like a real man?" as he takes another swig of bourbon.
Kaelyn Kae is of course being drug behind the Doc, staring at the vault doors and of course the new Vertibird and the people holding up th eline to get in. "Like, if you don't let women and children in and stuff, who's going to be available to carry on the human race!?!? Much less the American Ideal!" she shouts out...

She's perky, curvy, and a Cheerleader, but she really does earn her straight A's!!!
Doc     Doc made sure to put Kaelyn ahead of him in line. If at any point there was a 'there's only room for one more' kind of moment, she would get in instead of him. He did his best to breathe slowly and calmly. He mouthed silent prayers to the great spirit, spitting in the face of science. He didn't really concentrate on the whole group, just this one girl. Just Kaelyn. He didn't know her. She wasn't technically more special than anyone else. He'd just become invested in her, since she had been clinging to him so fervently. He prayed for her to be saved nuclear destruction. He did everything except fall to his knees and beg. He hoped more would get in, but if nothing else, he wanted to feel like he influenced something. Just one thing. Just this, if nothing else. What kind of a savior would he be if he didn't save even one person?
Ashur Impatient, irritated, and none-too-fond of the threat of nuclear annihilation -- not to mention having drunk what feels like a gallon of spiked tang -- Ashur pushes right up into the face of the nearest guard. Sure, the soldiers are intimidating, but this is a matter of life and death; it's his time to be a hero! "Move it, tin-can!"
Vault Girl Many people are turned away by the guards, and when Ashur gets nervous and tries to push into the face of one of the guards he's shot in the stomach at point blank range and left there on the ground bleeding out.

These weren't your typical patriot American soldiers, these were private contractors or something else altogether.

The pair of power armored guards moved forward with what appeared to be laser gatlings ready to spool up, "Keep to the line in an orderly fashion. If you're not on the list, vacate the premise." The guard ordered with a metallic tinged voice.

Kaelyn was let inside the perimiter, as was Jackson followed by Armitage. The trio being processed to move along with dozens of others towards the vault entrance.

The rest of you were left outside.

In the distance you could see another explosion, this time from the direction of Albuquerque to the North...

Jets streaked overhead but they were too late. Whatever was happening had already escalated far out of the control of humanity.
Armitage     Armitage stops in his tracks and turns around, frowning. He looks down at his medkit, and looks over at the wounded man. He sighs and shakes his head, walking out. He turns to the guard. "My name is his name, and his name is my name, got it?" He hooks a thumb over his shoulder, glancing at Doc, then back to the power armored man. "He's engaged to that little thing in there, I'm pretty sure. I'm a doctor. Let me see to this other bloke, and give the salesguy my seat." Without waiting for an answer, Armitage walks over and kneels down next to Ashur. He drops all of his bottles of booze gently onto the ground and opens one, pouring it into Ashur's wound.

    "Sorry, this will sting a bit" he offers, after the fact. "No time to do any other sanitizing though." He rumages in his kit for a bit and finds a compress, taking Ashur's hand and placing it on the compress, then holding it against the wound. "You just hold this here reaaaaal tight. Everything will be over soon." He then turns and sits next to the man, sparks up his cigar again, and picks up another bottle. "Damn commies."
Kaelyn Kae well, she flails and freaks completely out, screaming as the gun goes off.. Of course she's also pulled into the Vault at this point, neither fighting to go one way or the other... "Like was that necessary!?!?!"
% "What about everyone else!?! There's bound to be room, What about the group I'm with.." Her voice fades as she's more or less ushured inside... Older teen girl, vs solders, well the odds are't with the teen.
Esscast Esscast looks as ashur hit the ground and start bleeding looking back to the soldier "boy you just bought a express package of whoopass!!" he yells before charging and cracking his head against the gaurds
Jackson As Jack parked his Corvalus alongside the other vehicles, he ushered Martha out of the car, and lit up another smoke. Gone was the bravado and boastfulness of a man who'd so recently felt he'd reached his peak. In his place stood a soldier-- the man who'd fought the Chinese bastards in the first place, listening to the nuclear fire consume his capitalist countrymen. To put it simply, he didn't quite care for any of it. Jack followed his fellows toward their shelter, and was infuriated to see the line of people stretching out before them. It wasn't entirely unexpected, but he knew his service to his country had to have earned him something in all of this. He approached one of the guards, absent his bravado, and gave one of the grey-clad soldiers a small dip of his head.
"Listen, I served in the resource wars. I bought a place in the vault. But you have to help out my friends, they have nowhere else to-" The man's words were interrupted by the sound of one of the other soldiers' rifle discharging, followed by a pained grunt and the sound of a man's sizeable bulk hitting the ground. Horrified, Jackson attempted to reach for the garbage man, but was pushed forward with the VIPs entering the vault as the crowd started to panic. The formrally bragadatious doctor began panicking alongside them.
"Wait-- My wife!"
But before he could fight the guards or continue voicing his complaints, the extremely advanced suit of power armor laid out his ominous warning. Keep calm, or die.
Jackson chose life.
Ashur Ashur drops like a bag of sand as a burning pain spreads through his guts. He coughs and clutches his hands to his stomach, dark blood spilling through his fingers. The blood's dark, and hot, and he stares at it wide-eyed. He wasn't ready for that. There's no shot of adrenaline to gird his loins, no familiarity with pain like that to keep him going. He just lays there on the ground, shocked, watching the sky -- such pretty clouds, and such pretty jet streams, and a terrible light in the north. He follows Armitage's instructions as best he can, mechanically, hands shaking and clumsy.

"H-He shot me. The army's not supposed to do that."
Doc     Tears streamed down Doc's face as Kaelyn is 'escorted' in. "One," he says. That's enough for comfort in his final moments. This is why he became a Vault-Tec salesman in the first place, after all. To save people. He turned to the north once it was clear he wasn't being let in. He smiled as he began walking. "Hello, second sun," he said, holding out his arms to greet the brief and explosive new dawn. "You can't touch them. Not now. Not there. I wi--" His speech is cut short by the shockwave hitting him like a speed-of-sound tidal wave of destruction.
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Armitage     Armitage chuckles, looking over at the garbage man and shakes his head, "Golly pal... what exactly is it you think the Army does? Shootin' people is our bread and butter!" He passes the man the opened bottle, then reaches for another and pops the top. He takes a long drag from his cigar, blowing smoke rings into the air. "But in point of fact, that feller isn't even regulation Army, I'll tell-you-what. Private sector would be my guess." He leans back against a rock and watches the sky, then begins to sing softly..

"I don't want to set the
woooorld oooon fiiiire.
I just want to staaaaaart
a flaaaame in your heaaaart.
In my heart I have but one deeeeesiiiiiire,
Aaaand that one is youuuu
No other will dooooooo."
Esscast Esscast watches as ashur hits the ground and bleeds everywhere "noooooo" esscasat crys out before charging forward and cracking his skull against the guard the guard stumbles back with a broken nose and pumps a few shots into Esscast puting esscast to the ground bleeding out as his breathing becomes raspy
Vault Girl The guards don't bother arguing any further, they were getting their orders to fall back inside. The guard who shot Esscast is chastised for wasting ammunition and they begin to retreat inside of the Vault.

Those who go inside are taken down a long elevator, the sounds of devastation from above still heard even if they are out of sight of it.

Outside of Vault 30 there is plenty of makeshift shelter between military and civilian vehicles and even the vertibird that has been parked outside of the Vault Entrance.

In the distance you can see an airliner falling from the sky and crashing towards the ground, likely having been caught in a blast.

Over the radios in the military vehicles you can hear frantic screams, and cries for help. Reports of bombs hitting all over the continental USA. There's no confirmation on who launched first, or who is attacking. The biggest guess is the Chinese.

From the south in Roswell, another blast hits...

Followed by several more missiles in the region.

Mushroom clouds expand across the desert and send shockwaves racing through the air.

The end of the world had begun by the hand of mankind.

War. War never changes.
Esscast esscast plops himself up on a nearby rock bleeding looking twords the ski "dont cry man well meet again in another life youll see your daughter again *coughing and wheezing* we lived our life time for our kin to live theirs *chuckles looking at the retreating gaurds* if we meet again im going to make your lifes hell" with that esscast waits as the fires of distruction claim him