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Doc     Doc awoke frantically checking himself to make sure he was still alive. It had taken a while to convince himself he was actually alive and that he hadn't, in fact, died in a horrible, atomic blast. So, now, he was gathering people together with the premise of trying to make contact with the aliens. "Hey," he said to those who had gathered. "I don't know if any of you had a weird dream last night...or whatever it was, dream or not...but I had the strangest dream. Not only that, I woke up in this outfit, know, I died in in the dream. The main thing is...I want to know why I or we went through that. Why are we here? Where are we going? Where the heck did we come from? I know my memories aren't real, since I'm not incinerated. I know I'm not just a salesman, since I woke up and made sure I could still quote the quantum chromodynamic gauge invariant Lagrangian. Which I could." He looked around at them and then at himself. "Quick question before we begin, does anyone have a stick, in case a carrot fails?"
Ironface Jones "I too had a strange dream, but my quality chromedome gig invaluable Lexington has failed me, so I don't know if I m in fact the local construction man or not," Jones replies to Doc with a very serious expression on his face. He's more than ready to attempt friendly contact with aliens and has found himself joining a party that is set on doing so. Looking down at his own outfit Jones pulls on the overall straps and shrugs his broad shoulders. "I do not possess either sticks or carrots, but I do have a sledgehammer," the big man says as he holds up his tool, showing it off to everybody.
Lucette     GOSH DANG COMMUNI- wait, this isn't the American Dream... it's the COMMUNIST FLYING SAUCER DAMNIT. Luce is displeased, she wanted to believe eagles on motorcycles high-fiving the president and that the chinese were not antagonizing her. But now she can't say they aren't antagonizing her since she cannot deny nor confirm that the aliens are communist or chinese. The meeting was a good place to be at. Mail Lady clothes are a great way to hold stuff, pockets are cool. And skirts. So when someone mentions a stick, Luce isn't too hard pressed to tug out a ridiculously shiny fork she's found.. the eating utensils seemed real enough with her flancake and having one handy to eat cake seems to have given her a nice stick. "I have a fork, in case there's a dinner party." she answers. "I feel like my second ammendment rights have been violated somehow. The quicker we ditch these commies the better."
Franky     A slight hum-drum from a metallic voice box echoed down a corridor, the foot falls of a suit of T-45 armor rang unmistakably. The voices turned to mock machine gun noises, as the walking armored Franky emergined. Pretending to fire his M60 into the air, "Chhkachhkachhka...." His helmet turned to the gathering of the negotiation team, and he dropped the M60 into a lower ready. Strolling the armored suit closer to the group, "..Y'all like....Miss bacon?" Heavy breathing follows from the microphone.
Doc     Nodding to Jones, he said, "I think we had a shared hallucination or simulation," he said. He gave the sledgehammer a thumbs up then turned to Lucette. "Agreed," Doc says to Lucette. "Not sure if they're commies we're used to, though. I can't be sure of anything." He points at one of the stasis pods. "Like her," he referenced to a gorgeous blonde, her speed suit betraying how gifted she was, her blonde curls dangling over her bombshell figure. "I feel like I know her. Like she's important to me, but these...things who built this place have shown they can mess with our minds." He was distracted from responding by the power armor that entered and the playful attitude of the person wearing it. But once bacon was mentioned, he was suddenly distracted by memories of it. The nutrient paste in this place was absolutely not bacon. He wasn't even entirely sure his memories of bacon weren't from the Vault-Tec person whose memories he had, but damn, could he go for some bacon, now. "No," he lied. "Bigger fish," he resolved, stalwartly.
Lucette     Luce is impressed. Someone has some functioning power armour in here, and some nice hardware to go with it. "Any kind of communist is going to atleast have to consider we can give them a lot of trouble with that kind of firepower." she observes, super shiny fork put to shame by BULLETS.

     She then shrugs to Doc, "Dunno who that lass is or what she can benefit us with but I do know that we have that stick. Multiple sticks at that. Any plan you want to go for here or are we playing by ear?"
Franky     Stubborn power armor fingers scratch at a large rusted streak on the helm of the T-45 power armor. A few flakes peel off and drift to the floor, the heavy breathing continues. Franky shifts his visor around as Doc points out voluptuous persons in statis tubes, a grunt escapes. He goes back to rubbing the blotch on his helmet.

    He pauses for a second as he raising his free hand in the air, summoning something important with one finger. "I found this cool looking radiation king remote!" He drops his hand to his the small of his back a produces an alien looking energy weapon. "It's got pistol grip action!" A metallic giggle comes from his voxbox. "....Do ya' miss yum yum snack cakes?"
Jackson When Jackson had risen from his slumber, it took him a moment to gather his wits. Gone were the Vault-Tec logos, jumpsuits, and heavily armed security personell. In their place were the strange, yet familiar walls of their previous mothership home. It took him awhile to regain his full awareness, but when he did, he realized that he wasn't only back in the mothership- but still wearing his clothes from the pot luck, war medals and all. He really needed to figure out what the hell was going on. So when Doc approached him and asked him to gather with the others, he was quick to do so, bringing his new tool kit along with him. He had a feeling he might be able to put it to good use. He'd waited silently for everyone to speak their peace and put forward their own ideas, then finally spoke up, his voice sounding a bit solemn as he did so.
"Dream, hallucination, ahtever... The memory is real enough. I don't know what the hell that was all about, but.. I didn't like it. I had a wife, and she died. There was nothing I could do to help any of you in the end of things, either. I'm just.. Glad it's over. I'd rather be in this nightmare any day of the week." After he spoke, he paused for a moment, looking everyone over. He sighed, tried to compose himself a bit, then continued, this time sounding a bitmore sure of himself.
"As of this morning, though, I have.. Answers. Weird answers, but answers nonetheless. Before we were all absorbed into that.. Hallucination? Simulation? I managed to use the tools i'd gathered to fix up that robot that met us after we came out of stasis. You know, the one that hooked up tall, metal, and powerful over there?" At his last words, he gestured toward Franky with the ghost of a smile attempting to work it's way onto his face. Then, he continued.
"Needless to say... He had some credible, but... Insane information to give me, if you guys are interested. You might not like it, though. I sure as hell don't."
Doc     "I haven't been able to think straight since I woke up," Doc says, acknowledging the weirdness of the memories, and using it as an excuse to make up for his lack of a detailed plan. "I keep remembering that cheerleader and the rest of the people at that party. I remember doing my best to save them. I remember declaring my victory over the bomb as I died. I remember dying," he concludes. "My plan of action right now is to find an actual, living, non-earth creature and try to talk to it. I remember being pretty good with words, but I won't keep any of you from speaking your peace, if you need to." He held up his left arm. Unlike the pip-boy hanging from his belt, which was made from steel and had a green-on-black phosphor CRT display, the one on his arm was slightly sleeker. It had some kind of blue alien power source, and was made of alien metals. It was highly advanced, and seemed like something someone were going to build if they wanted to have all the functionality of a pip-boy using way more advanced components. It also mostly fit in with the alien tech around them. "I am hoping this is going to be kind of key-like. I've also got this one," he said, pulling a datapad out of his pocket that was a similar alien alloy with blue, glowing accents. "Between them, maybe I've got some pull with the computer controlling the door locks. If anyone has any better ideas, I'm open to them." He was obviously getting ready to move, but was hesitating just long enough to entertain people's questions or comments to make sure they were all on the same page. "Tell us, Jackson," he concludes as he pockets his Pip-Boy 2000.
Jackson Jack couldn't help but be awed in th face of Doc's alien computer devices. They were certainly more advanced than his own, and the man was likely on the right track by trying to use them to his advantage. After all, the components that had been put into that thing had to be advanced beyond imagination. If anything was going to help them make contact, it'd be one of their own devices. But when the native american man asked him to elaborate upon the information he'd presented, Jack sighed, nodded, and rubbed his temples with the tips of his index fingers. Where the hell to begin?
"Ok, before I start, I don't have all the answers, neither did the machine. That being said, he knew a lot more then we did. Especially after I managed to repair his various modular memory cells, and the connections between them." He paused for a moment, took a deep breath, then continued his speech with a serious expression.
"The Mr. Handy's unit designation was BG-X332. He was attached to a U.S Army Black Ghost Counter-Insurgency task force codenamed Mythic 1. The unit was tasked with investigating the potential remains of a crashed alien ship in the arctic circle. According to BGX, several days into their investigation, they came in contact with hostile chinese forces. In the midst of the battle, they were all whisked away to this ship in a beam of strange light." He paused for a moment to take a breath, and was absolutely certain that the majority of this group thought him insane. But that wasn't even the best part.
"The kicker? That was over 200 years ago. He's been here ever since. According to him, all of those nukes going off? That actually happened. What's left of earth is a nuked out wasteland, and it has been for centuries. The good new sis, he does want to help us. He wants to see what's left of Earth one last time before his core programming finally fails." Jack paused again, giving everyone a moment to take everything in, then put forward his final thoughts.
"So, either we've been in stasis for 200 years, we're survivors of the nuclear apocalypse, or actually are from 200 years ago. It's anyone's guess. But one thing is certain. This IS an alien vessel, and we ARE headed for Mars."
Kang     Emerging from a cryo-pod further down the corridors, Kang the Barbarian lets out a mighty roar which proceeds him as he goes looking for pathetic alien sorcerers to kill. He'd been asleep at least a year or two, and surely his wife would be missing him by now, and that alone would demand his retribution. As he walks, he looks once again upon the the many wondrous alchemical mixtures and listens to the strange hissing noises of trapped snakes in the walls. Each fills him with a combination of anger and dread, the dread making him all the angrier, he stalks forth and spotting humans of a mixture of weaknesses and equally as bizarre tribal garments and armor, he snorts. Only he, by his estimation looks to be a true child of the Red Sea. He looks them all over, and demands to know, "Where are the small sorcerers! We must kill them before they realize we have escaped," and turns to hit a random nearby cryo-pod with his axe to punctuate this fact.
    He seems to be completely unaware of any previous conversation that was being had when he'd approached.
Doc     Doc screamed out, "No!" He wished he had his Alien Blaster Pistol before realizing that he didn't have anything like that, and couldn't remember ever owning anything like that. He interposed himself between Kang and the sleep pods. "Don't. Please, don't. These are people. Human people. I can't have you destroying them. We don't know who they are. Honestly, I don't know who YOU are, and if you don't stop, my big ol' metal friend over there might just have to put some rounds into you to keep you from killing anyone." Doc looked into the pierced stasis pod and the fist-sized hole, through which frigid air was pumping. "Okay, new first task," he said. "We need to try to take this pod through the proper 'wakeup' procedure so that the person inside doesn't just die from the pod's failure." Doc began frantically searching for any hope at all, controls, ports, anything.
Lucette     Grognak's cousin comes out of a pod and makes a hole in someone's pod. That upsets Luce a good deal. It's with a short spurt of inspiration that she goes over to assess the pod and try stuff with her hands to get anything going. With no luck she sneaks a random tool from the kit Jackson has at random, apologising for that, and does a thing with it! Whatever she expects this strange screwdriver-sized buzzy blue-light thingie to do is beyond her, she just hopes it'll thaw the person on the inside out before it's too late!
Franky     The suit of armor went quiet while Jackson began to sprout off his listings of when he found on the Mr. Handy. His breathing patterned changed evident in the voice amplifier of his suit. He looks around longing for a window view of earth somewhere only to find a raging space barbarian going completely ape on a stasis pod. Franky steps back from Doc when he points out the obvious of smashing peoples pods as not cool. He hoists up the M60 just incase Kang the destroyer continues to destroy. "Your ruining my memories of suger bombs!" The metallic voice of Franky declares, sidesteping the group for a less dangerous arc of fire.
Kang     "Your metal golem will be useful in fighting the sorcerers," Kang declares when Doc directs his attention that way, but mostly just looks bemused, then he leans forward a little to look into the magic container. "The magics of the small sorcerers is powerful, I will not trifle with their powers! I only seek to kill the sorcerers themselves, and rip their works from the heavens! This is not my home!" he tells Doc with emphasis, when the man seems so concerned with somehow saving the person trapped by their magic. His axe surely could not undo such a powerful enchantment.
    Lifting his axe, he considers its edge and scrapes it with a fingernail, making sure that hitting the magical boxes had not damaged it, he stands around looking confused as they stand there working on the magical box holding the person inside. Restoring its power. "You are all powerful sorcerers as well I see, you will be great allies in killing the sorcerers who control this fortress, they are deformed by their magics," he explains to them, because they are probably new here.
Jackson The cynical-sounding blonde was prepared for a lot of different responses. He fully expected everyone to think he was absolutely insane. He figured some wouldn't want to believe it, and maybe, just maybe, one or two people would take him seriously. For the nonbelievers, he would've simply instructed them to head toward Engineering to have a conversation with the robot themselves. For the people that believed him, he was prepared to put forward a few theories that might support the robot's approximation of things. The thing he wasn't prepared for, though? A hulking barbarian of a man with an axe made of alien and human material fused into one gruesome weapon. He also wasn't prepared to have that man bellow at him regarding sorcererss and magic before viciously attacking the stasis pod which Doc had been investigating. The native american was sensibly concerned for the woman inside. They were alive, a person. They were trapped here just like any of the rest of them were-- they needed to do what they could to make sure what this strange man had just done didn't cost the woman her life.
"Oh for the love of--" Jack started, shouldering his way past those who were in his way to give the machine's terminal a closer appraisal. It was all nonsense. He couldn't understand a lick of the notation that was being used, so he resorted to his raw scientific instincts. He appraised the damage which had been done to the pod, and after giving his flamer pistol a quick glance, was struck with inspiration. Why use the mysterious technology when you can bypass it entirely? So, digging through the tools which remained in his tool kit after Lucette's invasion, he retrieved a screwdriver, his alien laser-cutter, and a small magnification lens that he placed over one of his eyes. With a combination of the laser and the screwdriver, he pried off the machine's terminal without interrupting it's operation, and took a closer look at it's base components. As far as he could tell, he MIGHT be able to push the system into it's primary thawing procedures without compromising the life support systems, but he'd definitely need the support of one of his allies to ddo so.
"Doc, if ya' don't mind?" Jack queried with a focused expression, idly probing at connections with his laser.
Doc     Doc couldn't find a plug among the various things on the pod, but the wrist computer had some kind of wireless communication device. Connecting it quickly, Doc frantically searches through pod functions and works to even find the fractured pod. There. Error codes...he assumed. He could manage to read a little bit of the alien writing...somehow...but the one pod flashing a different color gave it away. He started working through the procedures he could find to get the person inside either thawed safely or kept safe in their frozen state. He swore in Navajo over and over as he worked. At Jackson's intrusion into the mechanics, he knelt down, working with Jackson to save the woman one way or the other.
Franky Franky stood around watching the eggheads work their magic, such concerned human-being compassionate for the soul of a frozen body. His visor glint, head panning to stare at Kang. "What do you know about the aliens, killer?" The vox-box quieried, his breathing began again perhaps thinking of something else to say. "You know any place on the ship with some alcohol? Either?" Franky idles about checking around to make sure nobody surprises them.
Kang     "You mean the small sorcerers? They are everywhere, they have released me from the cold magics many times, and each time, I have fought in the arena," Kang explains to Franky and gestures towards the arena. Standing around with his axe, he moves to stand next to the golem and seems to be comparing his muscles to the contours of the suit of power-armor, trying to decide if he is stronger than the golem. He shakes his head at the question, "They do not have any fermented drinks, no wine, no mead, only the drink of the animals, better suited to washing a man's loin cloth," he explains moodily, and looks like he'd like to start hitting things again, but is listening to the wise sorcerers and not killing anyone yet.
    Taking a knee, he starts to adjust the armor on his shin and when he stands back up, he looks a bit impatient to go and start with the business at hand.
    Since they seem entirely new however, he realizes he should probably explain a bit more, "They never just open the magic boxes. That we are free, and not being made to fight, or to do other things, means that they are making mistakes, this is not how they do things," he explains to the golem.
Tibbie Green-suit girl pops the door of her cryopod and stretches nonchalantly

"Best slept I had in weeks! My back's happier than a possum eatin pizza!" she says with her southern accent back in full swing.
"Hey now, I aint a doctor! Least they kinnda warmer than just the suit-thang." She remarks, pinching her scrubs.

She notices the others gathered around a pod that's been hacked, literally and leans in for a peek.

"Y'all, that thing's got more guts than Gil McCutty, the winner of the national American Pie Eatin Contest. You sure y'gonna find anything in there that's gonna be useful?" She asks.
Doc     As the trio worked to save the girl, Jackson's probing and Doc's remote access worked wonders. The pod began the thaw sequence and began to open, venting coolant and making the whole place frigid, covering it with a thin layer of frost as the girl inside was rapidly brought out of stasis. Doc quickly moved next to the pod to catch the shivering girl as she fell forward. "What? What happened? Where--" she says. Looking up, her expression brightened into a beaming smile. "Ash!" she cries in gleeful surprise. She throws her arms around Doc's ribs and buries her face into Doc's chest, hugging him tightly. "Oh, thank God," she says. "I never thought I'd see you again." Her grip on him is tight and clingy, and his arms wrap around her more gently, like she's something fragile he doesn't want to break. "The last thing I remember was running from something, then this bright light, then...then some strange looking people...aliens? Then nothing. Blackness. Void."

    Doc looks at Jackson with a mixture of thanks and confusion on his face. He didn't know what to say at first, so he eventually just started stating the obvious. "Okay, so we're on an alien space ship. You were frozen in that pod there. I was frozen elsewhere, but a bunch of my memories got turned off." At that, she pulled back just enough to look up into his eyes. "Actually, all of them," he finally admits. He couldn't help but feel like he knew this girl from somewhere. Their eyes were locked in an intense look, and her brow furrowed a bit as she reaches up to touch his face. "What?" Doc asked.

    "Your scar is gone," she says. He touches her hand on his face and closes his eyes, not wanting this moment to end, but simultaneously not knowing why she was inspiring such feelings in him.

    "What's my name?" he asks her, looking into her blue eyes and seeing her confusion and relief and love and fear all blended together.

    "Ash," she says. "And I'm Megan. You call me Megan One, which the other Megans don't really like." She seems to notice for the first time what he's wearing, then what she's wearing. "What are you wearing? Where's my clothes?" She pushes herself into him and looks around blushing at the others. "I feel naked in this." Doc quickly pulls his trenchcoat and drapes it over her shoulders. She quickly pushes her arms through the sleeves, then looks back up into his face. "You really don't remember me?" He looked forlorn about that, but shakes his head. Despite his answer, it caused her to smile. "You really are a sweetheart, then," she says. "Not just when people are looking." She stands up on her tiptoes and kisses her cheek, then turns to the others. "I am very cold," she leads with.
Kaelyn Behold! It's Kaelyn of 'bork' or something like that, she's wearing an armored shiny metallic suit that is of course skin tight, yet its protective too! Wherever she got it is anyone's guess... She can be seen climbing over stuff, and then lithely hoppng off the pile of stuff and down to the floor, her red eyes seeming to glow just a little bit as she glances around the place.

HEre's the odd thing, she's even got this really fancy pistol now! It's shiny, silver ish, and has a fin on the back and a wierd dish at the nose where a barrel might be... She notices the group of people and starts to make her way over to them now.
Franky     Franky examines Kang's muscular flex-off competition. "I think we've found our point man." He states with robotic vocals. "What's your name?" Frankys remembers to add.

    Tibbie gets a long look, and his stomach grumbles long and hard for some reason. "..Ya'll rember syrup..?" Comes a mumbles before the stasis pod births a woman. "Huh." He looks over to Kang again, then back to the conversation happening infront of the pod. His arm raises to acknowledge Kaelyn, the fellow dragon killer from the Arena.

    "Perhaps it's a good time to for that Mr. Handy talk again, Man?" Franky motions toward Jackson at this. "No matter how hard it hurts my melon....Fuck, y'all remember fruit?"
Kang     "I am Kang," Kang replies to Franky, since everyone else seems occupied with their sorcery. The arrival of Tibbie is remarked with a brief glance. Meanwhile, Kaelyn earns a long look as he tries to make sense of her, but ultimately determines that she is not one of the sorcerers who trapped him here, in fact, she has rather the right amount of curves that he stares for entirely different reasons, long enough that he sort of misses the other questions from the golem, but thinks they were about food, "You are a very hungry golem, is that how your magic powers work? You must eat the food of men? That is a weakness, golem, you should make your master fix it," he declares and nods to himself.
    The interaction between the man who'd told him not to kill more magic box people, and the woman, being named Ash and Megan respectively, earns a nod.
    "This man and his wife need time to do the acts of making children, and I can tell by their clothing that they are of the western tribes where such things are considered private," he remarks to everyone, helping them to understand the social interplay. Hefting his axe across his shoulder, he goes walking off, looking for sorcerers to kill. "I go forth to slay the small sorcerers."
Jackson Jack was happy to see that their efforts hadn't gone in vain. As he prodded a pressurized canister's nozzle with his laser cutter, and Doc began tapping away at his computer, they seemed to have gotten the machine to obey their commands with the combination of their know how, and Lucette's clever use of the sonic screwdriver in Jack's toolbox. As the thing started venting coolant, however, the blonde deftly removed himself and Lucette from it's front, lest they end up a hell of a lot colder than they'd been a few minutes ago. After they'd safely removed themselves from the radius of the frosty chill, Jack released Lucette with a sheepish, apologetic smile, then refocused his attention on the pod.
The conversation that went on between Doc and Megan 1 was.. Well, to be frank, unsettling. For whatever reason, unlike the rest of them, she'd managed to retain her memory as to how she'd gotten to this place. When all of them had unthawed, not a single one of them was capable of remembering it. Questions on top of questions, all of which were starting to give Jackson a pounding migraine. As Doc nodded thankfully toward him, he gave the man a small smile, waving his hand nonchalantly as if to indicate that it wasn't a big deal, and then, they were joined by the girl in the green suit, as well as the strange looking elf in an armored jumpsuit. After Franky spoke to him, he decided that it was about time to fill everyone in again.
".... So yeah, that's all I know." He concluded, having reiderated the same information he'd explained earlier so that Tibbie, Kaelyn, and Megan 1 would be caught up. All of this drama was making his head really, really hurt though. The talk of booze and fruit wasn't helping anything either-- God, he missed whiskey. He wasn't sure why, but he knew it'd just.. Be the BEST right now.
"I miss whiskey. And whatever the hell apple pie is. But.. Uh... Weren't you a perfectly normal human cheerleader? And.. Since when the hell have you had an accent?" He asked to Kaelyn and Tibbie in particular.
Doc     Doc was having so many conflicting emotions. He only knew why he was having some of them. He remembered Kaelyn's face and figure, but not her ears or that hair or that skin. He saw the cheerleader clothing, but she wasn't wearing it. He approved of the fact that she was alive, but...he really had no idea what to make of her, now. In his faked memories, he had saved her. In this world, however, she was...just some possibly other alien race that the aliens had captured...or did elves really exist. Megan looked around at the various men and women of human and non-human origins with entirely different eyes to the scientist standing next to her. While neither of them said anything, she raised a hand in silent greeting. She avoided the obvious 'how' joke, since Ash wouldn't get it, anyway.

    Doc puts his hands on Megan's shoulders as Kang mentions mating, as if defending her from him taking her, but she giggles. "Wife," she says, as if the concept is funny to her, but she doesn't elaborate or correct him. She leans back into Doc and enjoys the thought that Kang has put into her head.

    "Please don't smash any more pods, Kang!" Doc calls out after the barbarian. He looks at the others, then remembers the alien pipboy on his wrist. He looks at it, then back at the group. "Okay, done being side-tracked," he said. "I might not be...I feel like Megan One might give me more honest answers to a lot of my questions than the aliens...but um..." he was obviously distracted as he says, "Are we aimed at making contact with the aliens, still?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Jackson.... "Ummm Somehow I don't think that was -us- but maybe something we were meant to see and experience? I dunno.... Obviously that cheerleader isn't completely me, I'm well ummm I dunno, maybe the aliens captured me, and made me what I am now... That and I dun think the cheerleader me would ever look the way I do without some intervention of some kind..." she adds and rubs the back of her neck now...

"It's like.. All confusing." Yup valleygirl speach slipped in. She blinks now and sighs... "Anyway...."
Tibbie The pair of scrubs digs into her speed suit underneath and pulls out two slices of jerky and an American flag sugar cookie.

"Here y'are metal-man! Found'm tucked away yesterday if you can believe that! Think I kept'm warm too!" She chuckles and hands them over to the suit with the loudest stomach. She watches the reunion with a smile and looks a bit puzzled by this barbarian guy, but she shrugs it off as he's now on a mission, unlike herself.

Looking to Blather-Blonde now she tilts her head, "Whatcha mean Parkes, I aint changed my lips last I checked!" she places a hand on her hip, then to her head with a wince.

"Slept great'n I still getting a headache! That just aint fair." She sighs and leans on a pod.
Franky The open palm of of the T-45 is gifted succulent american snacks. It's seems a little depressing to Franky how tiny the food items appear in the hand of his armor. "I appreciate you, m'lady." Franky states, his helmet cold looking...maybe there is a smile in there somewhere. The snacks get tucked away, eventually he'll have to climb out of his armor to eat them. But best to wait for that to happen, he likes the idea of being a metal Golem. "Ash?" He starts, "Whats the plan?"
Jackson "Well.. When we first got here, before the simulation, You.. Didn't have the accent." Jack said simply, simultaneously realizing that she knew his name.
"And on top of that, you know my name after it. It's apparently Jackson Parkes. I'm getting the feeling that I was no optometrist, though.. And, hell, confusing is definitely one word for all this. It's a real damn headache." After their conversation had concluded, Doc addressed them all once furhter, attempting to reconfirm their original goal.
"I think making contact with our gracious overlords isn't a bad idea. Hell, if your pip-boy was able to interact with this pod, who's to say you can't outright connect to their network with it somehow? We might be able to establish some sort of.. I don't know, communications link of some sort. All of these hand-held computers we've found have built in microphones and programming suites, so it's not exactly unrealistic."
Kang     "I heard you, sorcerer! I will only kill the small deformed sorcerers of this fortress," Kang calls back and continues off through the shop. His axe hanging at his side, he moves through the ship with purpose and malice. He can be heard roaring in the distance occasionally as he pounces on shadows and seeks out the foul sorcerers who have kept him here for at least a year! A whole year! His massive muscles flexing in the dimly lit metal fortresses corridors. He hasn't seen a torch yet, but he knows that it must be day outside from the ambient lights shining through the slits. If only he could cut through the fortress to get to where that light is coming from..
Doc     "I don't know, anymore," Doc replies to Franky. "I didn't expect Megan, but," he adds, looking into her eyes as she looks up at him, expectantly. He can't help but smile as he makes eye contact with her. "I'm glad she's with us, now." He looks out at them. "Okay, let's keep moving forward. I am going to keep working. In the meantime, have any of you seen anything that might be a disguised access hatch? Something someone who considers themselves higher beings might use to access this area in the event of a problem?"
Kaelyn Kae peers curiously, then umms "I dunno, I've been spending my time in what I think is the engine room... " She says and tilts her head before glancing around the place "Oooh also in my wanderings there's a corridore with a hatch at the end of it... Might try that too..." she suggests and tilts her head as she peers at Kang now... "Ummmmm...." She says, quite intelligent and all as she peers at the barbarian "So who're you?" She asks, tilting her head to the right, red eyes studying the fellow.

She then glances at Doc curiously "So you found a lady! yay! Good for you, Im happy so when are you gonna finda pastor and tie the knot!" she's maybe kidding? maybe not? Maybe both? Now sKae slowly drifts toward Tibbie... "So whatcha think of that giant brain messup dream sequence thing? Ya figured out anything?"
Kang     When the girl comes up to ask him a question, the barbarian looks aside at her and once again spends far too long according to any proper person's measure of appropriate just looking her over. "I am Kang of the Red Sea, and you look like you would make a fine wife, are you betrothed to one of these weak men? I will give your family many goats when we return to my village," he asks of her, a bit quietly, so that his judgment of their weakness isn't overheard. He continues along, stalking shadows and leaping around corners, but seldom out of sight of the group.
    Should they decide to change directions, he doubles back and proceeds ahead of them again, taking the role of scouting ahead seriously. He hacks at shadows to keep them at bay and whispers words to ancient gods.
Tibbie "Whatcha mean say-quance? I slept like a alligator in a chicken coop. That'n one of y'alls dressed me up, I aint mind that too much, cept dressin sleepin people's a lil off the codebook if y'askin me. Coulda just woke me up an handed'm to me, I aint no drunk." She says while seeming to glance around, looking for clues to whom it was who dressed her.

"Looks like someone's playin a joke on us with all this clothes business and it's givin me the creeps. Touchin people in they personal hours just aint right." Tibbie crosses her arms.

"I dunno how I kin help out with all this alien biz but you tell me what to do an'I'll givit a shot!" Tibbie grins to the brainiest of the group.
Jackson The green suited girl, who was now dressed up as a doctor of some sort, was barely comprehensible with that new accent of hers. Jack did his best to follow her, but ended up agreeing with a fair bit of what she was saying. However they got these clothes, however they were put into that simulation-- all of it was related somehow, and somebody HAD to have instigated it. Either that, or they had some really intelligent autonomous drones. At Doc's next question to the group, Jack allowed the others to put forward their responses before he gave the indian man an honest shrug.
"Can't say I've seen anything of that nature while I poked around the place. Then again, my efforts have been primarily focused on engineering and the waste reclamation plant. I've been picking a lot of junk out of there in an attempt to fix BGX, but now that I have, I'm gonna try and clear out that engineering section I mentioned. I'm thinking if we can get a lot of the junk and waste parts out of there, that we might be able to gain some sort of rudementary control over the ship. But as the elven chick said-- there's another corridor that's absolutely clogged with crap. It's completely impassable, but doesn't have to stay that way. I think that if we all focused our efforts, we'll be able to clear out engineering and that corridor in a week or so. If that's the case? Well, then I think we'll be a step closer to making contact. I'm sure none of our friendly alien hosts will take kindly to us taking over their ship. Hell-- i'm sure they won't be big fans of us having free reign over their ship, either."
Franky     Franky turns the helmet left and right a few times at Doc's question of alien access hatches. "Ya'll starting to know your names now and shit." His visor pans ceiling ward. "Uhh, I'ma gonna go eat these snacks and kick about in the back of this bus for a hot minute." Franky hoists the M60's muzzle skyward, careful not to swing anyone gathered with the business end.

    The servos wheen as he does the usual awkward Power Armor about face and clanks off down the corridor. The M60 drops into to meet his free palm, he jerks it back and forth imitating firing it. "Chhkachhkachhkachhka!" Squacks from the mic piece as he goes.
Doc     Doc shook his head. "Will everyone please stop with the allusions of marriage," Doc requests. Megan, meanwhile giggles playfully at Kaelyn's words and gently elbows Doc. "Jackson outlined the basics. The events we witnessed were 200 years ago. People just don't live that long, so I imagine we've been in stasis a long time." He adjusted his Vault-Tec hat as Megan looked at the Pip-Boy on his arm. "Also, what we saw was real, at least partially. If we are ever actually sent back to Earth, it's a nuclear, maybe we need to ask for some better quarters? I don't know," he says with a shrug. He lets go of Megan One's shoulders and moves to sit against the wall, going back to using his alien pip-boy to trying to make some kind of contact. Megan went to sit next to him, putting her arms around one of his biceps and resting her head on his shoulder. He looks at her for a moment and rests his head on hers. "I wish I could remember you," he says.

    "Don't worry about it," she says back, reaching out and fiddling with controls on his pip-boy. "We get to start over. Just you and me. Nobody else. And no weird, lopsided thing, either. We can maybe be normal this time around." Doc listens to her words and tries to work out what they all mean, but after a moment, he just plays with the pip-boy with her and enjoys their closeness as they work to try to get the attention of the aliens. Listening to Jackson, the wheels are turning in his head.

    "Why is this ship so full of trash?" he asks, in response to Jackson's question. "And why is there nobody in Engineering, among other places? I'm beginning to think there aren't any aliens, to be honest with you."
Tibbie Tibbie spits on the ground next to her and waits for anything she could help out with.
"People's is messy, so trash'es gotta go somewheres Chief. They coulda plugged it up with gunk to be keepin all'us out, if they is well, it just might take us long enough for thems to get to whatever they's doin. I dunno Chief, things around here just aint sittin in my gut too well either, this sure as hell aint 'Merica and that's bad enough for me to deal with." Tibbie thinks aloud and rakes a hand through her hair and starts to french braid the crown of her head.
Kaelyn Kae glances arond again and umms "So! can anyone give me any clue whatsoeer as to how to use this thingie I found in Engineering?" she says and holds up the shiny pistol.... "Can't figure out how to aim the bugger..." She says and rubs at the back of her neck.... She is of course -not- pointing it at anyone or anything she doesn't think would be ok to shoot mind..> Gun safety and all that....
Doc     Megan blinks as Doc activates a command sequence she never would have thought of. "How are you so good at that?" she asks him. He shrugs as an alarm begins to sound. It's distant and the lighting changes, but it's not terribly loud. "Okay, so...attention-getting, for sure." He admits. He starts moving through the commands and shuts the alarms down, then starts manually sounding them at intervals. Two. Three. Five. Seven. He counts out eleven verbally, followed by thirteen. Then some command lockout becomes engaged. "That's odd," Megan says.

    "Yeah," Doc agrees. He stands. "Alright, crazy theory time. I think this ship has an A.I. core and maybe some automated robots or whatever, but not so much with the living crew. It might be going about its mission without further orders, like some kind of crazed testing facility computer, and we're the test subjects." He moves to Kaelyn and instinctively points out several things she needs to do to fire the weapon. "And don't ask me how I know, I just do."

    Megan stands to follow him and asks, "Um, just wondering, but--could we go on probing from here, trying to get the AI, if it exists, to respond to us? I'm not exactly dressed for first contact...or...whatever number contact this actually is."
Kang     When the woman doesn't respond to his marriage offer, Kang simply continues on as if he hadn't said anything. She was clearly thinking about it. He continues to range ahead, jumping at shadows and ready to defend himself, and maybe them, if the strange sorcerers attack. He expects they will at any moment, using their strange magics to return them all to the boxes. His axe held up in front of him, he stalks along quickly. Doubling back from time to time to listen in, but otherwise quiet. He can't really handle all of the magic being discussed and used. Too strange these people from distant lands.
Jackson Doc and Tibbie raised logical points between the both of them. This place was full of an awful lot of scrap, refuse, and simply abandoned commodities. They were all free, but there were still an innumerable amount of comatose victims that still remained in their stasis containers. On top of that, this Kang fellow had mentioned that this wasn't typical 'sorcerer' operating procedure. According to him, they didn't often let their subjects roam freely as they'd been over the past few days. Something wasn't adding up in this equation, and Jack didn't like it. As he deliberated over these details, he could hear the distant echoes of alarm systems being triggered throughout the ship. But as soon as they began, they finished, as if control of the systems was suddenly taken away from the individual who'd been messing with them. It was then that the blonde's eyes fell on Doc, fumbling around with his alien pip-boy. Obviously, he'd found his source of the alarm systems. As the native american explained his theory, Jack added to it.
"Well, I thiknk you're right to a certain extent. It's not unreasonable to assume that they have some sort of on board intelligence that's overseeing the ship's electonics. As far as I can see from where we are, this place is massive-- on a bigger scale than anything I can even start to wrap my head around. So, it'd definitely be easier to have a smaller crew that can simply moniter the readings that the program hands out to it." He paused for a moment, fixing his eyes on Doc's pip-boy, then continued.
"But.. As for the garbage? Well, there's an awful lot of it. Plus, they clearly have information regarding this supposed nuclear attack that went on 200 years ago. Who's to say that this ship hasn't been there, watching Earth? Hell, they might've been around even longer than that. BGX let us know that we were headed toward Mars when we got here, too. So.. What if they've just done everything they're capable of, and are heading home? Who's to say all of this garbage isn't just the wasted resources from 200 years worth of observation and experimentation? For all we know, this rig is falling apart, and in dire need of repairs. Maybe it's just time for them to head home, drop off the garbage, make some repairs?"
Doc     The people were derailed after Megan's pod went wonky, but they were discussing things, which was good. "Okay," Doc says. "You guys split up and keep up what you've been doing. I'm going to stay here with Megan One and probe the ship's computer with her until it shuts us out completely or we figure out how to free all the rest of these people." He feels no need to apologize for their failure, since they hadn't actually seen any controlling aliens, just junk. "Maybe we can try again once we've exhausted some other options. Thank you guys for coming out. Especially Jackson and Lucette. Without you two, this beautiful young lady would have been killed for sure." As Megan One takes his hand, he leans over and shows her his wrist computer and she does some fidgiting as he walks off, leaving the others to their devices.