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Aidan Drake Aidan heads out to collect up a medic type explaining on the way to the ranch, "So Nikki's sick she's got a cough and was out in the rain without good raingear on. Not sure what else is needed though?"
Nikki Nikki is still resting by the fireplace, curled up in a ball, shivering, hair partly soaked still and she randomly sniffles and coughs with a sneeze thrown in for good measure. (It's, literally just a cold, so take that for what it's worth..hehe)
Molly Brown Molly Brown arrives as she's heard Aidan's request for help and she woon inside by the fireplace she looks at Nikki with concern. She seems concerned now and she is already pulling out the medical kit, though she doesn't really /look/ the part with the gear attached to a armored vault suit. Molly however seems to know what she's doing as she moves to asses watching Nikki for a moment. "What other symptons are you feeling?"
Aidan Drake Aidan stands off to the side and lets the doc handle the treatment since he's a cowboy and a gun slinger not a healer...
Nikki Nikki sniffles a bit, and when the doctor simply approaches her and pulls out a medkit, Nikki sits up and backs away a good bit. Her eyes dart to Aidan in a sort of 'who is this' fashion. She was weird around strangers, but being sick wasn't going to help matters much because it made her more vulnerable. "N-Nikki...just doesn't feel good? She can't breathe very well out her nose and.." A cough persists a moment, "Talking is hard." Another glance around and then she seems to sort of panic. "Where's Dink?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown nods taking into account whast Nikki said. "I'm Molly Browna nd I came to help you." Molly thinks for a moment over what she's seen it looks like a common cold thankfully and that has something she can do about but the materials need to help Nikki shouldbe there. "Seems like a cold from the sounds of it."
Aidan Drake Aidan glances around, "Don't see 'em did he go into your room after you?"
Nikki Nikki seems to think about it and then she nods. "Nikki thinks so..." That much and then she glances back to Molly. "Nikki just wants to feel better..." Slightly moving back to where she had been curled up in front of the fire before. "Nikki doesn't feel can it be a cold if she isn't cold..that makes no sense.."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "The desise you seem to have is known as the common cold. Also why do you talk in the third person?" Molly notes as she move to open her medical kit. "Well getting out of the wet clothing was the bestide aqnd kepeing warm you'll need to bundle up, drink /clean/ water and take these for a week, if it contiunes contact me and /finish/ the doseage I do not care how good you will feel. Not fishing it can lead to you getting sick again or worse." Super bugs, ya not a thing you need with FEV out there, nope, super FEV antibotic resitant bacteria.
Nikki Nikki blinks and shakes her head. "Nikki's...always...talked like this?" She seemed rather confused at the question, and how someone's suddenly just asking about it. Like she was doing something wrong. "Nikki has lots of clean water!" Saying this and she bounces a bit before holding a hand to her head. "Mmn...Nikki will. Promise." Though now she just wanted to go curl up in bed.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "You should rest as well and not go tromping about in the rain eithere. I know it may sound silly Nikki, but some folks dont' realize it. I was also just curious I don't meet many people who speak in the third person, is all." She'll hand the pills to Nikki now. "It will take a while to work also take these with food."
Nikki Nikki takes the medicine and nods. "Okies." She doesn't say anything else, likely a little self conscious about how she speaks and such now. Nothing Molly did, Nikki just has a few complexes to work through. Afterwards, she moves to crawl over to the couch and climbs up onto it before curling up.