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Bart The dust has settled and the beast is gone. A few pieces of scrap have been found and thankfully everyone is at least still standing. But it doesn't take a genius to look at Kang and realize the fellow isn't alright. Bartholomew Caden Knox, or as he is known currently: that dude what is smort sometimes. Approaching the large axe wielding gent carefully, the mousey haired man in a fetching speedsuit clears his throat, "You um...seem to be injured. I think..I think I might be able to help?"
Kang     "You are some sort of shaman? I will accept your healing salves, witch-man, but I do not do well with goat-horn, it makes me get the red-itch," Kang informs Bart with a serious nod to tell him that he means every word, and will not abide by getting 'the red itch' from this man's healing. That said, he lifts his arm away from where he is holding his guts together, and grits his teeth in a ferocious grin. "Your magic was potent. Making the dragon burst into flames like that, and making his magics that held us aloft fall apart, you must be a might sorcerer besides your duties as a shaman," he mentions.
Bart Bart's eyes go wide at the praise, if he could smile bigger it would be creepy. Who are we kidding, it's down right disturbing right now. "Well I was thinking of stitching you together and using a bandage..but if you insist on calling it magic, we can work with that. It's going to blow your mind when you find doors that open without touching thme," he decides in a mumble before searching around. He can surely find a sharp piece of metal, and if needs be use thread from his speedsuit. He didn't need that sleeve anyways! All of this totally made sterile with space magic and using a low setting on his laser gun - yeah that's it. His fingers are nimble and quick as he pulls the barbarian's chest back together from where Galaxy Crusher had sundered it. "I do not know what I am, friend. I just get bits of knowledge and understanding as we explore this ship. Eventually I will find answers, of that I can assure you."
Kang     "Stitching? I am not some woman's garment, shaman, but your ways are strange to me, and I will bear your meddling," Kang asks and looks down occasionally as the man gets to work, not recognizing the gun when it is pointed at him, but he does see the flash of light and knows that magic is surely at work as he sets to burning the wound. The huge man grits his teeth more against the pain. "What is the name of the land where your people come from? You strike me as a man from the north, one of those from beyond the neck! If you are not, I do not mean to insult you," he mentions and looks at his repaired wound as it closes and stops weeping.
Bart Bart uses lasers for everything! Killing, science, exploration, healing, yanno stuff. There's a mad glint in the not-a-doctor's eyes as he works on the Grognak lookalike. Sizzle sizzle the skin goes until it's all cauterized shut and pulled together. It'll be a gnarly scar, but chicks dig scars right?! "I don't know what you're talking about, we're from America, and we're headed to Mars to deal with the Commie Martians. You, my friend, are like a popcicle man from the past who just sorta showed up in the wrong time period. I'm fairly certain at least - that or you're a manifestation of our collective consciouses while we were all hooked up to the machines. That's the other theory at least." He beams and relieves Kang of his presence long enough to holster that laser again.
Kang     "A Mare-ica, horse folk? I see, I knew horse folk, too weak to run, but yours must have been sturdier folk to know so much magic, a different sort," Kang declares and continues to watch as his guts are pulled back together, and as the blood stops flowing, this alone makes the man's work worthy of praise. "Many have been trapped by the cold magics of the sorcerers, we are play things for their amusement no longer, however," he declares and hefts his axe. "You should be praised for your work, small shaman man, I will have a ballad sung for your skill, and a goat sacrificed in your honor when we return to my land," he tells the man and claps his fist against his chest once, avoiding the wound astutely.
Bart Bart blinkies a little bit and then smiles, "Something like that, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. America." There's a pause to consider things for a moment as he looks around at the destruction in the Arena. "Seems we continue to entertian someone, even if it isn't our original captors." Then there's ballads and goats, and Bart can't help but be utterly transfixed, and amused. "Yes...yes that will do. Or you could simply continue to give me all of these worthless bottlecaps you keep finding, that way I can use them to maybe get us out of here." Beam!
Kaelyn She's found her way into the stands for once! How she has no clue. Kae's been wandering this area for a bit, at least when she's not in Engineering trying to dig through those areas..... She pauses in the stands as she hears folks talk abou tthings and turns to her left now, studying them, red eyes glinting in the pale light....

She then grins and makes her way to the edge of the stands and looks down the wall, gaugeing how far it is... She then climbs over, drapes her self down and lets go, dropping nibly the few feet to the ground before tumbling backward, using that maneuver to help soften her landing. As she gets up she dusts her self off, tilts her head to the left, her hair flopping that way as her very long, tapered ears twitch before she makes her way toward Bart and Kang..
Kang     "You mean the scales with the runes on them?" Kang asks of the shaman and looks at them, and reaching into his pocket, pulls out a handful and slaps them into the palm of the man. That would be enough. "Though I think a goat and a song are worth more than fancy scales, but that is the way of some peoples," he mutters, not looking overly impressed. But when Kaelyn shows up, he immediately looks towards her and says, "Future wife of mine, come and meet this shaman, he has just healed me from the wound I took in battle with the dragon. He will heal you also for these strange scales," he explains, in case she hadn't heard about this.
Bart Bart tilts his head some at the mention of scales and then he nods quickly at the thought. Taking them into his own pockets he is tampering with the laser gun in his hand still, like he knows what he's doing. While Kaelyn walks him, he's oblivious, until Kang announces her presence. Looking up he blinks and then grins at the elf, "Hello fellow American! Ah yes, if you need wounds treated, I will take those useless caps off your hands for the service...I can apparently perform."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Bart curiosly and smiles "Ummm less I get something really seriously bad done and all it's mostly little scrapes... I can handle that much..." She says and grins cheerfully, then those red eyes drift to Kang and she squints a little bit "Noo I am not gonna become anyone's wife any time soon I don't think... Definately not till I know who or what I am..." She says with a bright smile...

The odd woman glances around curiously and she hmmms "Soo lotsa folks trying the arena huh?" She adds...
Milton Milton comes in off the arena having just applied some of the old fisticuffs to a Supermutant cont3ender. He's got some bruises, a fat lip and a blackening eye. His speedsuit is unzipped to it's belt and his leather jacket hangs open showing off a surprisingly toned chest. His fingers smooth over his moustaches and he pops his brows at people as he swaggers by. Strutstrut.
Kang     The big barbarian smiles at Kaelyn and says, "We will see, I have many goats, horses, shells from distant lands, and some things with a shine to them. Your folk will consider it a blessing, I can tell you," Kang tells her and gives her his best impression of a smile, which is a bit of a grimace. Because he is Kang, the Barbarian. Flexing a little for her, he looks around and gives the shaman a pat on the shoulder. "I must find the sorcerers now," he declares. "The dragon is defeated."
Bart Bart nods easily at Kaelyn, "That is fine, fellow American," he decides before looking around, "Well it has been where much action has lived. We just recently defeated the great Galaxy Crusher, he has...lasers on his head," there's a sad note on his face because, "Another one of those muscle bound fellows made off with it as a trophy. Brute doesn't even know how to aim it," he sighs a bit because it's illogical dammit. Milton's approach catches his eye though and he looks at the suave fellow who looks so very familiar. "I say," is spoken in that old timey accent. "That was a good fight, sir, are you a fellow American?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Bart now, notices the blaster and holds up her own "I found this too!!!" She says, yes very very perky and bouncy she is. She peers at Kangand ummms "Well they might be pretty and all but something tells me I'm probably not uber interested in that kinda thingie... No clue yet what I'm completely interested in though! Allt hese machines and sciency things pique said intrest though!"

She then notices Milton and ooohs' "Wow buddy, You have a serious shiner coming on!!!"
Milton There's a certain resemblance. Distinctive features; Diamond jaw, strong, piercing eyes. A flair for the dramatic. The recently scrappy Knox smiles at Bart, "It was a damned brillaint fight if I migvht say so." His transatlantic accent adding an old world style to his perfect English. "Well of course, good fellow, do I look like a litte green man?" But then Kae's commenting on his bruised eye and he sidestep-slides over to her and his grin blooms across his face. "Nothing in this room shines as brightly as you, My Dear."
Bart Bart looks at the laser gun and then back at his own with a brief smile. "I traded for this one," he notes, trying not to expound on his terrible luck in finding useful things of late. Instead he nods quickly. "The gadgets and devices I keep finding are wonderous, and I do hope to get my hands on a few more things before we liberate ourselves," he notes before glancing at Milton with a smile, "Well no, you're far too handsome to be one of them," he admits and then smirks as Milton pours the charm onto Kaelyn, "Careful, the muscled one might hear you," he warns his new friend.
Kaelyn Kae oooys.. "Well yaah evidently lots of folks are hitting on me for some reason..." She then smiles and tilts her head "For all y'all know, when I get my memories back I'm some kind of manufactured psionic assassin or some such. What with the fact I know how to use melee weapons, fight hand to hand a bit, and I'm a crack shot with a gun.... Oh and I can move things with my mind, sometimes even take small objects and fling them at nigh bullet-like speeds..." She suggests and smiles a bit... "Honestly I hope that's not the case.. I could also be some kind of wierd experiment..."
Milton Milton says, "Hitting on? Oh no, you're a creature of the divine. I could never harm you. You've lost your memory too?" Bart's warnign is met with a suave smile that's all teeth. "Might he? I'm not too weorried. Besides I do enjoy a little sport.. Are you a doctor per chance. Could you have a look at me?"
Bart Bart chuckles a little bit, not really understanding the ways of flirting at all. He just tilts his head at Kaelyn and shrugs, "It's entirely possible I'm a super villain, so far I've used lasers to do everything." With a wrinkle of his nose he glances back to Milton and stares for a moment. "Of course," he says before plucking up his laser gun and looking at the other man's eye. Then just reaches out and pushes his speedsuit open a little more like he's familiar with the fellow. "Hold still." he insists before the low grade laser light starts shining on the injuries.
Kaelyn @emit The perky pointy-eared woman peers now at Milton... "Ummm, yaaah, hittong on, as in coming on to, flirting etc.." she says, her tone being a little analytical and all... Suddenly she smiles again, all perky and such... "Anyhow, this place is most interesting!!! Wierd arenas, the engine room, the corridore with a locked door, the big junk room with everything yo can possibly find.... including!!!" she holds up a smal bag.. It says party animal balloons! She grins and blows on one, inflating a long skinny balloon... Then another, she then makes a doggie ot of it..
Milton Milton smiles at Kaelyn, "Oh, well, I didn't know you were a performer. How interesting." He allows Bart to investigate his wouns though a displeased hiss of air is sucked through his teeth when Bart fiddles with the bruises. He waits for the medic to patch him up. "Well my apologies then, I didn't mean to impugne on your theatrics. I was just here for a healing.. I say what do I owe you?" He smiles flirtatiously at Bart.
Bart Bart is annalytical he just doesn't understand the methodology really. The perky rebound of the elf girl has him on his toes though and he shifts a bit uncomfortably as she starts blowing up baloon animals, "I, is that safe?" he asks before glancing towards Milton. He's finished up and left the man in better repair, the matter of prices comes up and that flirty smile catches him off guard. Someone's flirting with him? Wait, is this flirting? He stammars and blushes just a little, "Um. For America?" he practically squeaks.
Kaelyn Kae blinks from Milton to Bart curiously.... She then umms and shrugs "I imagine these things are quite different if you swallow em..." She suggests "Very dangerous there and all..." She's soon inflating another balloon and making kind of a hat.. She tries to put it on Milton's noggin, and another on Bart's... Yah she's having fn making animal balloons....
Bart Bart glances at Kaelyn for a long moment, his eyes wide at the presence of baloons and being presented with a hat rather forcibly. "I see," he is not quite sure how to feel about it, but at least it's about then that he realizes that his head hurts. Wincing some, he lifts the laser to his own head and notes, "If this goes terribly, kindly bury me under Old Faithful," he glances towards the nearest iconograph of the Murican flag and promptly treats himself.
Kaelyn Kae grins and tilts her head to the left and pokes at the giraffe head on his balloon hat.... "Yup it's you!!!" she says happily and crosses her arms under her bust... "Yup definately you, looks kinda stately on you!" She says with a big smile...
Bart Bart is apparently sporting a giraffe on his head in the form of baloons. He's at least figured out how to heal himself in all of this. Which makes him useful and happy. Milton was flirting at him and he glances after the handsome fellow again briefly. One of those fertive glances. "I don't know, does this giraffe make me look stately?" he asks the other man.
Milton Milton's lips curl, "Yes sir, quite debonaire. The garish colors really do set off your eyes." The blonde fighter smooths his fingers over his staches again. "I rather like this canine hat myself. Though I dare say I must ave it up for safe keeping. It seems fairly delicate and would be in danger when we go fight those commie aliens." He takes the balone animal off his head offering it back to Kaelyn, "Sweet Lady, would you mind keeping this for me?"
Kaelyn Kae grins and holds up the two bags full of more wildly brightly colored balloons... "Oooh I can make maaaany more!" She says with a big grin "Have fun with the whole hat thing!" She says and winks playfully...
Bart Bart hmms and decides that the giraffe would be better attached to his belt instead of his head. Safer that way, yes. So he lashes something else to his speedsuit belt and looks utterly silly. "I believe I will protect my hat then," he announces before glancing between Milton and Kaelyn, "You know. There are plenty of things to be found in the reclamation area still, if we are all done with the arena?"
Milton Milton pops the collar of his leaather jacket and gestures, "Please do, lead the way. I'll be happy to follow you to your destination and see if we cannot find something that compliments you both." He pops out both elbows, offering one to each as if he's going to escort them both through the halls of the mothership. Someone is -quite- confident.
Kaelyn Kae oooh's "I still havn't figured out how to get in those boxes from that wierd saucer ship inside this ship. Imma tell you when I do and when I get everything we grabbed figured out..." She says and grins jst a bit... She then oohs "Yah we can go back... Oh and I still can't get back into that ship it's like it sealed up and we can't get back in..."
Bart Bart ahems a little bit, sure he shouldn't be so flustered by it, but Milton is so suave yo! He's all twittered and slips his arm into the gentleman's unknowingly. A smile to the elf, and then they're off into the hallways, heading to the waste reclamation on a hum-diddily quest to find things!