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Owner Pose
Kaelyn Kae skips, yes, she's skipping as they arrive in the waste Reclamation area... For some reason, "We're Off to see the Wizard" is running through her mind now, where it came from is anyone's guess... Kae glances around curiously again and umms "So what exactly are we looking for?"
Milton Milton shrugs, "I don't know. Something nice for the both of you." He tells them both as he moves along with a smile. "Lets see if we can't find you something to compliment your skills."
Bart Bart is arm in arm with the charming man, opposite the skipping elf. Pardon him while he gets slightly distracted by the bouyant motions that creates. Oh my. As they reach the reclamation station, he looks around and releases Milton as his brain goes into overdrive. "I need tools, I need tools and maybe a medical kit of some kind would be helpful since I seem to be patching everyone up," he glances at Kaelyn a moment, "Is there something you need, dear lady?"
Kaelyn Kae umms and looks at what all she's carrying. She then smiles cheerfully "Ammo, lots and lots of ammo.." She suggests.... "Maybe some head armor... like a helmet or some such... Best defense no be there no allways work ya know?" She says with a cheerful smile...
Milton Milton smiles, "Well we'll see if we can't find something nice for the both of you." He slips free of them both and moves to start looking through the various and many items available in the scrap. he hums to himself, "Well I may not be able to find anything special, no doubt those commie Aliens have nicked anything that could be useful to us in our war against them."
Bart Bart is bumbling about in the trash, looking for all the world like a kid lost at a theme park. He's got his baloon on his hip, his toygun looking weapon his belt, and that smashing speedsuit that clings in all the right places. "I'm not having much luck," he sighs as he pulls out yet another lawn chair and tosses it aside.
Kaelyn Kae is digging through things of course, the woman tilting her head as she finds a pile of exposed tool boxes... Maybe what they're looking for is in those! She begins digging through then, pulling empty tool box out after empty tool box, neatly stacking them to the side before she finds something.. She grins and holds it up! "Look!" It even has a red cross emblem on its side.
Milton Milton laughs softly. "Wonderful, it looks like you're practically a professioal at this, Lovely. I haven't found anything itneresting yet but I'm still digging about. Give me a few."
Bart Bart grins at Kaelyn and gives two thumbs up to the elf lady as she finds that medkit, oh shiny! "Hey, that looks like it might work!" he is scuttling about some more, pushing this aside and that trying to find something of use. He beams as he wiggles up with a box and frowns right after when it turns out to be a lunch pale. "Damn," he curses and then looks over at Milton, "I believe she is much better at this than us for sure," he admits before stubbing his toe on a washing machine.
Kaelyn Kae grins "Practice practice practice. I do this a lot in th eengine room! Though I don't allways turn up useful things... LIke this wierd alien shard thingie.. I dunno what it does? But I'm sure it does something." She then holds up the ray gun "And this, it's fully charged, I have zero clue how to use it."
Bart Bart hms and nods, "I guess I'll just have to practice more," he says while picking through stuff he makes his way towards Kaelyn so he can put his hands on that medkit she found. Turning it over in his hands in inspection to make sure all the parts are there.
Kaelyn Kae smiles cheerfully "I can look for more, if that one isn't whole, perhapse we can find several more and put one together?" she ofers... "To be honest, we shold probably try and come back tomorrow and try again... get more people out looking for it?"
Bart Bart rattles it around some and smiles, "If it's not whole, we'll try tomorrow with more people," he nods easily. Shifting towards Milton once more, he gives that handsome devil a little shy smile and says, "Thank you for your help. If there's anything else I can do to thank you, please let me know?"