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Ashur The azure lake stretches as far as the eye can see. O'erhead, dark storm clouds rumble and writhe, pregnant with the threat of rain, of thunder, of ship-splitting lightning; watch it, now, and see the white lances uncurl like grasping fingers.

Beneath the feet of the assembled survivors, the ship -- by all appearances a pirate's galleon, equally alien and outdated to all present regardless of their proper timeline -- sways and rocks. The sails are full of wind, and there are ropes, and there's an anchor, and a cube-shaped robot in a cowboy's hat stands behind the wheel.

"Weigh anchor, ye varmints! Port to Starbucks! We're gonna lasso us some scallywags!"

It waves its arms frantically, and the ship lurches faster, cutting through the waters.

Far in the distance is another, similar ship, its sails black to contrast with the group's own white.

But rewind, a moment, to before this grand battle began..

Ashur and Cassandra were hanging near the blocked-off corridor leading to other parts of the ship. The big lug's taken a shine to the woman, finding something about her seems familiar. He was getting more than a little handsy when a panel on the wall opened and a powerful sleeping gas was sprayed out, incapacitating them both. They awoke in the arena, stowed on this ship, with an odd mix of themed hats and trinkets.
Cassandra Groggily, Cassandra wakes up with a woozy groan, "Did somebody get the name of that truck?" She touches her coat, the shotgun strapped to her side, all the few pieces of gear that she'd managed to salvage so far. Sitting up with a slight struggle, she rights herself to her feet and then looks around. And then, "Holy ship!" The near profanity slips out of her mouth as she spots that they're on a ship, "This place gets weirder and weirder!"
Kang     Out of a panel above the boat comes Kang the Barbarian! As he falls from the ceiling of the arena, he lets out a yell, hits the deck, and bounces a few times. Hopping to his feet, he lifts his battle axe to the heavens in time with a faux-lightning strike, and he yells, "You will not contain me with your magics again, foul sorcerers!" and from a certain perspective, it looks like the lightning is coming from his axe. Walking around, he declares, "First a dragon, and now a magical lake? Do you taunt me with my homeland? You will not break me!" and goes looking for skulls to cave in. "Where are the enemies of Kang?! I wish to be done of this pathetic sorcery."
Kaelyn Usually it would be kinda neat to be up in the crows nest of a ship. Really! Especially if you went there your self on your own volition. However, Kae finds her self waking up in the crows nest, ropes around her waist so she doesn't fall out... She blinks a few times, looking out, and well not able to see oer the rim of the basket she's in currently..

The rocking's a little bit disconcerting though.. Kae eventually unties her self grabs the edge of the basket and pulls her self up, blinking "Wooow I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up here! ummm On a boat! on water! This is a whole lot of water!!!" she calls out
Carter Griffin Carter has found himself on the boat. Aparently literally shanghaied, he has found himself stuck on board, though nobody took his weapons, so there's at least SOME small comfort. He steps out of the way as Kang falls from the sky, letting the barbarian slam into the deck, "Close one there, brother. Better be more careful next time."
Cassandra As everybody else starts to wake up, Cassandra glances over to. "What's an Enemy of Kang. Are you a Kang?" What kind of a creature is a Kang? She peers at the wild barbarian curiously before looking around again and spotting Kaelyn, Carter, "Well at least I'm not alone this time." She sighs and unstraps her shotgun, cocking a round into it and wondering as she looks around the ship, "Who's driving this thing?"
Jackson One minute, Jackson was digging through the engineering section, trying to clear out enough of the garbage to expose a terminal or control board of some sort. The next, he's inhaling a cloud of crazy purple knock-out gas that had unexpectedly sprayed into his face as he exposed a container of the stuff. Though as he woke, he was beginning to gather his thoughts enough to realize that it was intentional. The briney smell of the sea coated his nostrils as Jack rolled over on the rough hewn wood of the ship's deck, and with a groan, he slowly rose to his feet with a shake of his head. After a glance around at his surroundings, he buried his face in his palms, and let out a shallow sigh of exasperation.
"So what, we're pirates now? Alright, alright. I can do this. I can handle this. Best get into character." After mumbling to himself in an attempt to draw out some motivation, Jackson stood a little bit taller, and struck a heroic pose.
Ashur The ships veer ever-closer, crashing against the artificial waves of this temporary lake! Before anyone's quite sure what's going on, there's a peal of thunder, and the air fills with endless smoke -- up high on her crow's nest, Kaelyn gets to see, in adrenaline fueled slow motion, what seems to be an iron cannonball fly past her head, narrowly avoiding any damage. The others likewise see a few of these projectiles fly out, aimed.. badly. Fired at the wrong time, from too far away, at an odd angle as the enemy ship crests a wave.

The whole ship rocks, and Ashur nearly pitches over, grasping at a length of rope dangling from a pole to steady himself. He grasps Cassandra with his free arm and tugs her close. The cowboy-hatted robot captain yeehaws and fires a pistol he picked up from under the wheel.

"Those no-good ne'er-do-wells! Avast, me hearties, yo ho! Get ready to buck the bronco -- fire those cannons!"

Another flail of his arms, and he points to a few already-set-up cannons lining the ship's side. They really should be below deck.. this is horrible.

A moment's pause.

"Light the fuses! With fire, pardners! And aim!"
Cassandra "Woo Ocean? Really?" Cassandra looks over towards the shout of those getting into character. Just in time. As the ship rocks and Ashur pitches over, Cassandra reaches out to grab his arm too. Helping him back to his feet, she shouts out, "Whoa there big fella." She shakes her head a little bit and then glances towards where the ship is and yells, "I don't know if I can hit anything until we get closer!" Then she's moving, bouncing and wobbly unsteady on her sea legs as she tries to make it to the ship's railing where she can get near a cannon, "Does anyone know how to use this?!"
Kang     To Carter, Kang only says, "Their sorcery never catches me the same way twice!" and stomps off to figure out what manner of foolish sea-fortress he has been placed upon this time. Lifting one hand behind his head as he stands at the edge and peers over, trying to make sense of the ship. He'd never been on a boat before. As he is puzzling over the more modern invention of boats, he hears the question from Cassandra and turns toward her, "I am Kang of the Red Sea. I believe we are on a very large raft, they must have used their sorcery to pull it together. If someone can find a long pole, we can push it somewhere, and perhaps return home!" he decides.
    As he walks past one of the canons already loaded, he swipes at it with his axe and causes it to fire. He roars with delight at the destruction and goes to the next one, studying it a bit more closely.
    "This sorcery amuses me!"
Carter Griffin Now this is something Carter is familiar with. Big guns. Artillery and the like. He has no idea WHY he's familiar with it, but he knows he's handled something like this before.

Slinging his rifle across his back, he takes a knee next to one of the cannons after he makes sure it's prepared to fire. Thankfully somebody had already loaded it up. Takes a moment to adjust the trajectory and account for the wave motion.

He grabs a nearby cannon lighter, and puts it down over the fuse, turning his head and covering his ears as the cannon goes off, sending the cannon ball streaking towards its target.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at the canon, the other stuff and ummms "Veer to port about 2 degrees, will give you a better shot with the cannons!" She calls out, trying to help better direct the artillery "Also elevate the guns a dgree or two!" She shouts out.. Yah being up in the crows nest makes it really hard to fire cannon but she can help direct.. She the ooh's! "Ooh I know I can maybe help slow down their cannon.." She starts searching around on her self for her rifle...
Jackson It didn't take long for the action to begin. As soon as the man had made it onto his feet, and convinced himself that he was ready to take on whatever was coming toward them, his perception was consumed by the bellowing, thunderous roars of their enemy's cannons coming to life. Though he didn't see it, he could hear the red-hot balls of iron shout their whistling battle cries as they narrowly missed their vessel's decks. As their robotic captain fired his pistol and announced their intent, Jack was one of the first to react. As he approached one of the cannons aboard the top deck, one of his comrades questioned whether or not anyone actually knew how to use these things, and as the blonde braced himself against one of the weapons, he replied with a shout.
"Not at all! YAAAARRRRR!" And with that, he lit up his flmaer with a gentle press of the trigger, and fired his cannon toward the enemy ship without aiming it. The blast was deafening, and the fire and smoke which erupted from the weapon's barrel nearly choked and blinded him simultaneously, but he still felt like it was better than the alternative.
"SEND 'EM TO DAVID BOWIE'S LOCKER!" He never said he was good at being a pirate.
Ashur The cannons roar! Anyone who fires one is in for a hell of a shock when the explosion comes; the sound, the smell of smoke, the sheer Newtonian force that sees the whole thing rock back like a stallion before settling.

It's dumb luck more than anything, but through that curtain of smoke, the sounds of men screaming penetrate, as does splintering wood. A few of the cannonballs found purchase in the wooden flesh of the sea-creature!

Ashur finds himself motion sick, and once more pitches to the side, grabbing a rail with both hands and vomiting over the edge. The robotic Captain sparks, and then fires its pistol into the air once more.

"Giddyup, Buttercup! No room for lily-livered bilgerats on this rodeo!" Pew, pew, he shoots and shoots, then presses a button hidden from sight. The arena's recycling and ventilation systems begin to work, sprinklers in the roof hidden behind the holographic storm clouds beginning to rain down as the lights dim. Speakers all over play thunder and an old orchestral piece.

"Yeah! Send them down to Bowie's locker!"

The Captain turns the wheel hard and the ship makes a hard left, tilting. The smoke finally has cleared enough to see what's going on...

The ships are on a collision course! Ramming speed!

Ashur bleeeeghs over the edge as the rain washes it all away.. and makes the surfaces awful slippery.
Cassandra Cassandra missed with her cannon. But overall it looks like the broadside attack against the other ship seems to have worked. Sweet. "Is that, wait, is that thing made of wood?" She'd make a joke about that, but it doesn't seem like the right time, "Bowie like the guy with the knives?" Poor Cassandra, she has been so CONFUSED this entire plot-line! Stepping back from the cannon her body rocks to one side and then leans forward, "Oh shit. Uh..." Well, the shotgun /is/ a close range weapon. Get in the spirit, Cassandra, "Lock and Load Mother-Fudgers!" Loooks like no NCR Ranger memories Cassandra is not as much of a potty mouth!
Carter Griffin This isn't going to be an easy shot. Carter stays in his kneeling position and unslings his rifle. Not a lot of time to try to make this shot, as Carter exhales, and fires. The first shot strikes true into the captain, he was hoping to make him drive the ship off, at least at a bit of an angle, but it wasn't enough.

He quickly racks the feeding mechanism and lines up a scond shot, but the two ships collide and his rifle goes off, as he ends up firing the shot up into the mast of the enemy ship, falling backwards and doing what he can to hold on.
Jackson Their ship's first volley was met with the cracking of planks and screams of pain from their enemies, but the haze of smoke from the cannonfire obscured Jackson's visions from the extent of the damage done. Before he could make an attempt at an appraisal, the ship veered violently to port-- at least, he thought that was how it worked-- and ice-cold droplets of rain began to splash against the ship's decks. More thunder echoed through what was once a conventional arena as the ships cut through the waves to do battle, and in that moment, Jackson felt unmistakably powerful as a paritcularly fitting orchestral piece filtered into the environment through hidden speakers. He could hear one of his comrades wretching audibly over the decks as the ships gained speed, and as the winds picked up and their enemies came within range, the blonde wielding the flamer pistol was the first to fire. Unfortunately for him? He.. Uh, didn't exactly account for the wind and the rain.
" "FUUUUUU---!" He exclaimed as the plume of flame erupting from his pistol's barrel blew back against his legs.
"I'm Not done yet! BRING IT ON!"
Kaelyn Kae had tried to keep things from banging together, recommending the course correction and all. She's bent over the nest looking down. "We're gonna hiiiit!" She calls out, and well yah they do just that... Kae's able to cling to the edge of the nest before the next thump of ships banging together dislodges her hand... She blinks, looking at said empty hand as gravity catches up... "Ooh deer!" She calls out, and while falling she's grabbing at just about anything...

The incredibly agile woman manages to grab a hold of a sheet (rope folks) and as the rope lets go on one end, the woman swings down from the mast, before landing with a dull wump on the aft castle... Poop deck folks...

Kae hops to her feet, shaking her head now, then blinks, turning to look at the various soldiers sailors charging in, and her rifle is brought up, even before she's looking down the built in scope of the stock she's snapping off a single round, this catching the sailor in the left arm... Then she's got the weapon to her shoulder proper, before she takes aim and squeezes off a second round.
Cassandra Cassandra, well ,it's not her proudest moment. She falls over on her ass, sliding across the deck of the ship and sort of rolling her soft body across the wood. She lands cushioned on her pillowy chest and grumbles as she struggles up to her knees. On one knee she takes aim with the shotgun at the nearest group of sailors and. Boom! The shotgun sound is tremendous, booming across the deck as they're scattered by the shot and she yells "ARRRR!"
Kang     A slippery deck is no obstacle for the likes of Kang the Barbarian, he goes charging across the deck as soon as the legionaries from the other ship begin to spill across. He sprints right up to them and begins chopping into them with a ferocious abandon, trying to cut them all in half with his large axe. "Sorcerer's dogs! Join your masters in the lands of the dead gods," he yells at them and cuts into one, slams an elbow into another and generally just makes battle like a barbarian. He does his best to interpose himself so that no more attacks go towards Cassandra, but there are several of them, and he is still just one mighty Kang. "Mother, protect yourself," he says to her over his shoulder as he hacks at one of them.
Ashur Fallen to his knees, Ashur lies half-slumped over the edge of the ship. The other vessel is near enough to spit at; this he does, to clear the taste of puke from his mouth. He tilts his head back and opens it, eyes closed, pooling with rainwater. "Argleargle," he gargles, swishes, empties, and takes a deep breath. It's at this point the men begin to board, and he recognizes their look, their garb -- no pirates, no, men wearing the dress of the Legion, armed with makeshift spears and pistols, the faded bull of Caesar's flag on their chest pads!

The sight of it stirs something in him. Awash as he is in amnesia and salt, he cannot put voice to the nebulous thought given life; still, he tries to rise, and shifts. When one roars, "Ave, true to Caesar!" as a battle cry, he opens his mouth as if to reply --

And spews all over the deck, hurling himself back to the edge to finish.

The soldiers? They ignore him. Confused as they are, they understand this is a death-battle, and even as Cassandra manages to slide and avoid an assault, they're turning to deal with Kang. "Focus the tribal! I want that axe!"
Carter Griffin To say things go crazy pretty damn quick is an understatement. By the time Carter has gotten back up to his feet after the ramming, the captain and half of the crew are dead.

Carter shakes his head a moment to clear the cobwebs, and then steadies his aim. He sees the crazy barbarian guy locked in mortal combat with one of the legionares, and shifts his aim just enough to make sure he doesn't hit the guy who's on his side as he squeezes off a single round which pops the guy's head like an over-ripe melon.
Kaelyn Kae is well, she's still in the back. She'd thought of grabbing a rope and swinging over, but then there's just a few more legionares waiting on her... She shrugs and shoulders her rifle again, now takin ga deep breath and steadying... She then squeezes the trigger twice fast, popping the heads of the last two opponents with each round... She was ready to fire again, but well there's no more targets... She lowers her rifle shortly and tilts her head "Only fired 4 rounds, not bad." She mutters
Ashur The bodies of the Legion dead lie scattered across the deck. The rainwater mingles with it and runs red, oozing trails across the boards. The wind howls as the ships sway, and all, for a moment, get to enjoy the feel of the wind on their face, and see what it's like to be surrounded on all sides by water..

But then the rain stops, and the artificial lights come back on, the clouds turning off. Through drains at the arena's bottom, the water begins to flow, everyone gradually getting lower and lower.

The heroes' beloved captain, who saw them through thick and thin, yeehaws one last time. "It really is impressive how you bzzt kchk RACIAL DESIGNATION fight. Whoopee! Get out."

With a thud, the ships sink into the ground. There's nothing else to do except chat or leave.

Eventually, the arena's robotic cleaning crew will come in with their molecular disassemblers and reduce the ships and bodies to their component atoms.

Ashur, for his part, sobs a sigh of relief as the movement stops.
Jackson After his first unfortunate injury, the battle began in earnest. The first group of legionaries boarded their ship with rage-fueld latin cries and determined looks of bloodlust plastered against their features. The first group, having witnessed Jackson's unfortunate accident earlier, assumed he'd that he was the weakest link among their group of fighters. They couldn't begin to realize how wrong they were. In spite of his burns, the emerald-eyed blonde nimbly rolled to his right, narrowly avoiding the thrust of a spear which buried itself in their ship's deck. After rolling into the ship's railing, he tumbled back toward his original position, nimbly avoiding the slash of a shortsword from another of the charging legionaries before hastily rising to his feet. As he rose, the hair on the back of his neck stood at attention, and he dipped his noggin downward fractions of a second before the last legionary's gladius had made minse meat of his skull. But before the man had a moment to deliver his counter attack, a flurry of bullets peppered his attackers with misty blossoms of crimson and the whistling of opened-throats attempting to breathe. One stood alive in the wake of the volley, but as Jack lifted his flamer, the characteristic 'BOOM!' of a shotgun completely removed the man from the side of the ship, spraying the blonde with blood in the process.
"CHAAAARGE!" Jackson roared, fueled by his bloodlust and the burning pain of his wound. He threw his flamer pistol aside with reckless abandon, and rather than aim his assault toward the second group of attackers, Jackson took off into a full sprint toward the ship's railing, lept atop it, and dove fearlessly onto the enemy's vessel, throwing a kick toward their boxy robot captain as he crossed the gap. The blow glanced off of the automaton's slippery, rain-coated head, but the enraged blonde was unabashed. He drew his sidearm with an instinctive, methodical flick of his forearm, and fired off a single high velocity round toward his adversary as he did so. After it went wide, Jack followed up the maneuver with another double tap of the pistol, caving the machine's chest inward with a shower of sparks and the screeching roar of failing machinery. Before it had time to detonate, Jack carelessly turned away from the robot, and strolled casually back toward his own ship, pistol at the ready.
Kang     "Well done, allied sorcerers, your names will be sung in ballads," Kang declares to the people who'd shot the remaining legionary soldiers. Leaning his axe across his shoulder, he thrusts his hips forward and moves to stand facing the enemy ship and roars defiance at the sky. "Better luck next time!" he yells, just in time to nod to Jackson who returns victorious from the enemy ship, having bested the enemy commander in battle. "That stupid looking golem of theirs was no match for your prowess, you should be commended," he tells the man.
    As he is about to get off of the ship as it settles, and the sorcery 'ends' he turns to the bodies of the legion soldiers and kicks at them a little before rifling them over for spoils of war, and then promptly disembarks by jumping down to the deck of the arena.
    "Their sorcery truly is most foul. A sea of trickery!"
Carter Griffin Once everything seems to have died down, Carter looks a bit surprised, "This place just gets weirder and weirder." He shakes his head, wiping his face off with a hand and then putting his rifle under his arm so he can reload the ammo tube, "Guess we still haven't figured out way out of here."
Ashur Ashur rises to his feet shakily, the sweat and rain alike mixed on his brow. He stumbles toward the edge of the ship and, along the way, reaches out to clasp Kang on the shoulder as he searches for loot. "Well done, Kang," he compliments, before looking up toward the rain-slick Kaelyn on her perch. "Can you make it down?"

As he waits for an answer, he idly grasps Cassie and tugs her to his side, slinging an arm around her shoulders for balance.
Jackson As the rains died down, and the ships began to sink back toward the floor, Jackson hopped carelessly over the rails of the joined ships as their captain began his glitchy congratulations. He didn't really expect much more than that-- after all, these aliens had been notorious so far for having defective fixtures in their arena. Before hopping off of the ship, he looked over it's top decks until he found and pocketed his flamer pistol, and then... Well, the adrenaline wore off. Now, he was just standing there, covered in blood, leaning on the ship's railing, with a shin and foot that felt like the core of the sun was actively attempting to work it's way out of his flesh. At Kang's compliment, however, a fraction of a grin blossomed onto his face.
"Fowl is definitely a word i'd use. But the sorcerers are no match for the might of Jacky Parkes and the Cowboy crew!"