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Kaelyn Everyone's been in the belly of this beast for a long time. Folks are hunting for medical supplies, tools, weapons ammo. Anything that can be found. Right now? Kae's had the idea of getting a group of folks together to try and find an autodoc and a means to power it and repair it. What with folks playing in the Arena or just being kidnapped to go fight in the arena...

Another goal is to find ammo, and more medicine... Kae sits on top of a large toolbox, reading through a book she found that was at one point in a plastic wrapper... It's a comic of all things....
Franky     It wasn't a much of a shovel, but it was better thand stooping in power armor, the muzzle end of the M60 poked and shuffled junk. Franky had the head lamp switched on, pausing to examine an artifact before moving on. "..What kinda porn you got there, Fair Maiden?" Franky quizes through the suits amplifier.

    His plan was clear a path to a large pile that he could easily lift with the aid of power armor. Least that was the plan, "Might have to come take a look under the large shit I lift up."
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Franky now and tilts her head... "Not porn, just a comic." she responds and glances arond now as she watches the guy in the power armor lift big things... "Much better than my method, my method makes nosebleeds..." She says and shrugs slowly, she then hops off her little perch and begins digging through boxes...
Franky     The voice box lets out a cough, why is anyones guess. Maybe he's gassy from the americana snacks Tibbie gave him earlier. "Are you a gambling woman?" Franky decides to ask, grabbing a large sheet of metal and lifting it up with one arm, and poking what resides underneath with the muzzle of his M60. "Cause I'm feeling like there's an petrol powered truck somewhere in here." He lets the sheet of metal drop and moves on toward the next heavy thing to lift. "Ima make me some alien babies in that sumbitch."
Kaelyn Kae pauses mid flip of a box and stares at Franky "Ummmm, doesn't sound like a great place to do such.." She states and then adds "Much less breeding with someone outside your species like that.. Ya know aliens and all.. Sound kinda wierd." she adds and wanders on in another direction.
Franky Franky took a minute to examine the flash suppresor on his MG, Carefully pulling a length of wire that got stuck between the tines. "Well, smoke checking every other species in the arena isn't making us much headway." He takes a moment to look at the wire before tossing it over his shoulder. "Maybe we can kill them with our superiority at seduction?" A cough comes again as he trudges deeper into a pile of waste. "Pretty sure I remeber aliens loved to probe people they kidnap."
Kaelyn Kae stares at Franky a moment.. "Ummmm did that collective dream mess with you more'n it messed with me?" She asks curiously.. She finds a washing machine of all thing and after staring at it a moment, opens it up..
Franky     The head lamp on the pauses over some thrashed piece of forgotten movie art uniquely asian. Franky thinks over the collective dream, can't honestly remember much, but a two lane black top, his bike, and a black leather kutte that sported 'Atomic Rattlers' and 'New York'. "Alien show pieces." He grumbled, jabbing the poster and tossing it aside. "So I figure I find this truck..push it into the arena. And I lay in the bed...Looking money in this Golem suit." He stands rather proud now, placing the muzzle end of his M60 on the deck and setting both power armored hands on the buttstock. "And I start blaring some smooth jazz-flute from the radio....Pack your bags, Aliens letting us seducin' human go home."
Kaelyn Kae stares at Franky for a moment. She rubs the back of her neck.. "Well first ya gotta get it going... Meanwhile I'm triyng to maybe find us a robot or something that can heal us..." She says and smiles slightly "Or more medical supplies, also ammo works great too!"
Franky     "Oh, ammo, meds...Hell I'll even take a crate of yucky F rations over the paste here." He's in pretty deep up to the power armors knees, a shovel action with his M60 here, a kick with a leg there. "But you gotta shoot stars to get the mediocre stuff, right?" A pause, he stoops down and grabs a broken down stasis body and heaves it out of the way. The glass is broken and from all angles looks complete empty.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Franky again and tilts her head now... "That might be good... Who knows... Judging by what's around here, who knows what we'll come across..." she says and smiles cheerfully again, then flails her limb as she steps through something... "Gah!" She calls out, lifting her foot out of a stove in, rusty tool box... "I keep on finding these!!!" She promptly kneels down and tries to peer inside.
Franky     Loud breathing occupies the voice box as Franky tools around with something on the ground. A curious 'hmm' emits as he stoops down, and grabs a doll. He looks at it closly, it's more head than body, all yellow with a meat tenderizer hair style, sporting a red shirt and blue shorts. His helm pans over to Kaelyn as she keeps stepping into familiar finds. "Anything good over there?" Franky looks at the doll again before dropping it and pressing on.
Kaelyn Kae picks up a doll now her self, it's got red hair, overalls, and a striped shirt... She blinks at it as it asks to be her pal... She pauses a moment, and promptly chucks the doll away before she moves on, looking for other things "Umm nooot really.." She states...
Franky     "All this junk and not a single bottle of booze. I'm beginning to wonder what sort of escape besides the arena the little green men partake in?" Franky is rubbing at a boltch on his helmet's visor area. "You have any theories on this place? I know the one guy managed to gleam data from the Mr. Handy." Franky resumes trash diving, "Are we all crazy?"
Kaelyn Kae shakes her head "Pends on your definition of crazy and sanity..." she says and shrugs "This is what I do know, we need to get that funky corridore opened and need to get into that engine room, clean it out and glean whatever we can from it." she says and shrugs "I nt he mean time we need to gather as much ammo, medication, armor and weapons as we can in case these aliens are truly hostile.. I dont' know if that's the case, but what with the Arena and what they do to folks I can't see them as being benevolent... They Maybe disconnected or maybe also not reguarding us as beings worth of consideration as sentient species..." She says and then shrugs again. "Honestly, without all my memories, it's tough for me to even put anything together.."
Franky     The suit disappers for a second as it stoops over, only to reappear lifting a rectangular solar catcher. Franky tosses it aside, "My definition of crazy....I'm pretty loose with that one. What with the hooded skeleton over there." Franky points toward one corner of the reclamation where more trash lies. "Makes sense what your saying. Pawns in game.."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "Maybe not so much a game, Am wondering if they're curious as to what we're gonna do and are watching us? Or have allready done it and are below their regard right now except with the occasional scan, probe or arena thingie... Still though, I think we'll get answers once we get into that upper section and get control in that engine room..."