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Doc     After long hours of work together, Doc and Megan have managed to not only pull a stasis pod from its fixture, but also affix to it a portable power source and a cryonic circulation system. In short, they've made a portable cryo-pod, or at least a disconnected one. Doc sits on the deck plate with the alien pip-boy on his wrist while Megan wears his other pip-boy like she was born with it on and is doing coding of her own. Doc stands and stretches, noticing the others around. "Oh, hey," he says to the girls. He seems fixated on Kaelyn for a moment. "I don't know your real name," he says. "I just keep thinking about you as that cheerleader I saved. My name is Ash. It's nice to real-life meet you." He also extends the greeting to Tibbie as she is also around, though she, he felt more comfortable with the reality of. Kaelyn was beautiful, but hard to pin down in his scientific mind.
Kaelyn Well she finally was able to get into those boxes she found in the saucer thingie the other day. Kae is sittng nearby, holding what appears to basically be a phaser type 3 rifle, and a type 2 phaser pistol. The latter she's messing with, checking out the settings and whatnot... She peers at it some more and well the thing goes off... making that humming noise that type 2 phasers make when firing and well collapsing a nearby random passer by...

She makes her way over checks them and blinks, no marks on them, no damage to them, nothing, it's just like they're sleeping... Kae pokes a few times then taps them on the cheek and so on till she annoys them awake.. "Oh hi! You kinda fell over there and stuff so thought I'd wake you up!!!" she says, and yes the phaser is strapped to the belt of her khan-era star-fleet uniform....
Doc     Doc watches Kaelyn play with her toy and notices it's of yet different construction to the alien stuff OR the pip-boy type stuff, as if different group of people made it. "Geez," he said, flinching a bit when the phaser went off. He shifts a bit and notices that Kaelyn doesn't seem to be paying the slightest attention to him. So instead, he leans back on the pod. Looking at Tibbie, he lifts a hand and says, "Hey. I'm Ash. That's Megan One."

    "Megan's fine," she says without looking up, raising a right hand from behind the stasis pod's bulk to wave.
Tibbie "Hey'a Ash and Megan! Must be nice figurin things out over here! And thanks for the talkie thang Long Ears!" Tibbie drawls out casually and wiggles her wrist along with the shmancy communicator she's holding. She fidgets with it, opening and closing it constantly.
"This pod-do can slide around now huh? Why we needin somethin like this right here now for Chief?" The brown-haired gal asks curiously as she watching all these smart things going on, and well, there's not too much to do so why not be nosey?
Kaelyn Kae has an excuse! Accidental discharge and stunning of a random person!!! She grins and as everything is all good she makes her way over to Doc and peers curiously "Sorry about that was messing with this doodad and well shot someone....." She says and smiles before she shrugs... "Ummm I guess ummm, I think that cheerleader that you saved was mabe named Kara or something? No clue, but you can call me that if you like, or umm just K... K works to!" she says and holds the phaser pistol up. "Whatcha make of this thing? Nifty huh?"

Kae pers ove rat Tibbie and nods "Yus, we found a whoooole bunch of em and thought it best to pass them around!" she says cheerfully, and peers at the phaser again before sticking it to her hip... "Really don't know how to use this thing, but it's neat!"
Doc     "Didn't you have an alien weapon I showed you how to use? Still don't know how I managed to learn to use it, but Megan has some theories."

    "Busy, now," she said, "story-time later!"

    "I've not been really gathering up much weaponry like you. I wouldn't mind borrowing one from you, but I hope not to need it." He rubbed the back of his neck a bit, his braid shifting under his hand. "Well," he says to Tibbie. "I'm going to try to get my memories back."
Tibbie "Well Shiiiiet, I hope it's gotta enough juice cause I think we all wanna be gettin our heads straight!" Scrubs girl mentions. She peers at all the weapons K has,
"That's some spooky ooky kooky lookin stuff'chu got! I sure hope it aint gonna burn y'fingers off if you aint alien-blood or something, but well, I think you might be alright with it acktually." She says a bit confused by her own thoughts now.
"But I guess that aint a prolum' if Chief here can use it. Aliens are some weird fuckers I tell ya, I aint even seen one to know either, it's in my gut." Her thought process is trailing into the rambling abyss now.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Doc "I can maybe help you with the guns, I founda laser pistol I can loan to you..." She adds.. "It's pretty good.." She says as she tilts her head... Kae then wanders off and grabs a backack she had stashed away... A while later she returns with the backpack, it's got tons of stuff in it... She digs the laser pistol out and holds it out to Doc....

Kae smiles cheerfully "So this AEP7 thingie work for you? I know I can't use it and all, but it should be able to offer you some minor protection." Kae asks, then looks at Tibbie "Ya know, what's wierd about all this? Somehow I know how to defend my self.. I can move things now and then by just thinking abot it and really? This is the wierdest part. I'm at peace with that... What's that tell you?" She asks curiously...
Doc     Megan looks up over the pod for a second, her curiosity piqued by all the talk of Kaelyn's alienness. "Holy--" she starts before clapping her hands over her mouth. She leans over the pod and tugs on the back of Doc's shirt. "Ash," she whispers loudly. "I want one. Find out where they're made."

    Doc waved his hand behind his back, swatting her hand away from his shirt as she giggled and dropped back behind the pod, her eyes still above it as she stares at Kaelyn. Doc accepts Kaelyn's loan and smiles at her. "Miss," he says to her. "If you don't turn out to be married to a jealous type, I'd like to take you out as soon as we get back to wherever home ends up being. You know, to say thanks." Suddenly, Megan's interest in the girl sours and she furrows her brow, going back to work on the pod.
Tibbie K's question sparked full on conspiracy mode in Tibbie,
"I mean well, y'cant be a Alien right? Unless yer're a secret spy Alien try'na keep us in line or make sure whatever plans the brainy Chief here gets aint gonna work. But yer nice so far..Too nice even." Her eyes narrow at K briefly.
"I'mma give y'the benefit of the doubt here Long-Ears, but the minute things goin sour well, y'best not be caught doin it is all I'm gonna say on it." Tibbie points from her eyes to K's and let's a small silence sink in before turning back to Ash.
"So you really thinkin if you had yer regular brain back y'kin get us all out of this pickle? That's a rough gamble there Chief, what if yer just a dumb sack like the rest of us?" She asks.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Doc, then looks to Megan then to Doc, She smiles at Doc and motions with a finger to Megan "She's got her eye on ya." Kae says cheerfully, then glances to Tibbie "Ummm honestly? I'm probably not an alien, judging by the fact that I've got some memories of having every kinda test done that is possible, including I think having a limb severed checked then put back on.. I think. Or it was a nightmare.. Still though for about a day there was a line where my thigh connected to my pelvis then that eventually dissapeared.." She says and shrugs, glancing aroun confused

Kae then peers again at Tibbie and tilts her head "Why wouldn't I be nice? Would ya rather me be mean and stuff? Mean and nasty doesn't get one as far as nice. It just adds to stress. I'm trying to help relieve stress while trying to find things for folks.." she says and grins again..
Doc     "If I'm a dumb sack," he starts, addressing Tibbie's question, "then this won't work. Unless Megan One's job is to sabotage me." The blonde bombshell looks at him for a moment before standing up up, looking around at the various pods. He looks back at the motion. "What's wrong?"

    "Oh," she says, "it's just that there's only one of me, so, you know...the one is unnecessary."

    Turning his attention back to Kaelyn, he says, "I think you're nice. I quite like you. You seem capable and intelligent enough, and you're beautiful." A playful smirk crosses his face. "Everyone knows the bad guys are all ugly in some way."

    "Oh, get in the pod, Cassanova," Megan insists. "It's ready."

    "Hot dog!" Doc says, excitedly.
Tibbie "That's exactly what an Alien Spy would say.. Y'best hope you aint one, cause I sure hope you aint one neither, but with all theses goings on y'cant be too sure of nothin round here." Tibbie rattles.
"Y'even got the Chief fooled, but not me! I sure hope Long-Ears is in your brain too and not just yer pants Chief, she's needin a alibi." Tibbie warns, as if the short-stack could even uphold this newfound lawman role she's playing. She steps back and watches Ash get in the pod, occasionally glancing to the mysterious possible alien spy.
Kaelyn Kae siiighs.. She rubs her temples a bit and tries a little bit of logic with a twist "First and foremost, why would they choose someone that stands out like I do to be their spy? Best kind of spy is a wholly unremarkable person.." she says and rubs at the back of her neck... She then smiles at Tibbie "How do -you- konw that you aren't some alien programmed double agent huh? Maybe yer the one spying and reporting and that programming is what's telling you to throw the blame on someone else" She says and grins just a bit.. Yah she's going to have a little fun with this one and see what Tibbs does in reaction to her latest statement...

Kae glances to Megan and motions to the Doc in the pod... "All yours if'n ya want em." she says to the blond woman, and smiles cheerfully.
Doc     Doc lays down in the pod and is strangely enjoying the playful banter between Megan and Kaelyn about him. It feels vaguely comfortable and familiar, and he has no idea why. "Fire one!" he says. Megan pushes a button on her Pip-Boy and the pod closes. Her Pip-Boy begins beeping at her with Doc trapped inside. He gives her a 'what' face.

    "It's saying there's some kind of form mismatch," she shouts at the closed pod.

    He silently mouths the word 'what' from inside, either that or the pods are 100% soundproof.
Tibbie "C-cause yer the one with the super-lifty eyes! So we'd be all happy bout y'helpin a-and they made yer boobs all big a'cause the men'ses around'll be all distracted-like!" Tibbie accuses K, trying to make a somewhat defense.
"An me?! I aint done nothing aside make alien-shit bars and soup for days now, I gots me my alibi. An-and you found these thingys! They could be bombs for all the hell of things!" Her eyes are shifting wildly and she finally stops fidgeting with the communicator now.
"Y'better git that thang poppin right quick Chief, or there's gonna be a mutiny that's fer damn sure!" Tibbie says shakily, her face flustered and her fingers wagging at K, Ash, and now Megan.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Tibby and smiles again... "Uhhuh, I'm finding stuff for everyone, while yer just making food and not standing out. See how that works? " She says and then adds "Playing the blame game and accusin' folks based on silly logic doesn't at all help anyone... Besides what's my eyes, ears and boobs got anything to do with it?" she asks curiously, now looking through the jacket and down at her chest.... "So I have a big rack, who cares?"
Doc     Megan pops the top of the pod and Doc stands up, stepping out of it. He is out just in time to hear Kaelyn ask who cares about her breasts. "I'm guessing I'm not getting to take her out for dinner," he says. He stands next to Megan and looks at the Pip-Boy she wears.

    After a moment of looking, she undoes it and gets in herself. "Look, just close it and start the sequence. Then you can see the error message it gives you." Doc nods and looks between Kaelyn and Tibbie as the two continue to argue. "Kaelyn, I maintain that I like you regardless of the size of your breasts, the color of your skin, or the pointiness of your ears. You're someone I would take a bullet for." He doesn't spring to Tibbie's defense, since she's the one doing most of the attacking.
Tibbie Beyond flustered and with nobody to back her up, Tibbie takes a final stand.
"Now all threeeees of y'as can twist it alllll y'want, I got some good reasons to be doubtin ALLL Y'ALLS now! You aint gonna take me alive y'damn commies! I know somebodys, or everybodies workin with those who'sits upstairs tryna keep us here for somethin and I found it out FIRST!" Tibbie goes on her tangent and stomps away to her pod nearby.

The familiar sound of a shotgun pull-back is heard and more yelling follows,

"I'll be back for you three just you bet on that, COMMIES!" Look like Tibbie's losing her shit on this ship.
Kaelyn Kae stares after Tibbie "Like, Oh, My god... Paranoid much?" She says slipping into the valley girl accent then blinkking "Stupid shared halucination!" she says and glances now to the doc in a pod.... "Ummm Sooo what's the verdict?" She asks curiously.
Doc     "Well," Doc says to Kaelyn. "Once I start this it should throw up an error--" his sentence is cut short by the fact that the cryo fluid begins releasing and Megan's shocked face is frozen in place. "Ah," he says. "Hang on, let me undo this." He begins fussing with her Pip-Boy, then furrows his brow. "Ah," he says again. "It appears I have a problem."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and ooohs, before she makes her way to Doc's pod... "What's that? What's the problem?" she asks curiously, now examining the doodad.... "I wonder if maybe our memories are not in the pod, but mebbe stored up stares...." She says, "That or there's like a cap on em and we just havn't accessed them. Or maybe the aliens ate them! But if they did we wouldn't know what we do know, and well I just think our sense of self is all like gone and stuff!"
Doc     "Not that," Doc says. He looks up at Kaelyn and says, "The power pack is sufficient for entering stasis and keeping her there, but there's some kind of power surge needed for proper thawing, and I can't disconnect her long enough to plug into the mains right now." He rubs the back of his neck as he says, "I feel like I kind of messed up..."
Kaelyn "Her being the pod?" she asks curiosl, now quite confused at Doc, then glancing at the pod and then Doc and looking for Megan out of curiosity too.. "Don't tell me ya froze her in there again did you?" she asks curiosly, now rubbing at the back of her neck.
Doc     "On the plus side," Doc says, "I am pretty sure that, given time, I can get her out of there...but I am not leaving her behind if we leave the ship. I...I don't think I can. She's the only connection to my past that I have, even if she is an aliumz spy." He looks at Kaelyn for a moment. "And if she had been successful, I would have been stuck in there, so...maybe win win?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Doc "You think she's a spy?" She asks curiously then looks at Megan... She then tilts her head curiously... "Well Am sure of a way to get her out, I umm am a liiiiiil familiar with similar contrivances..." She says, poking at the pod. "I think I am anyhow... Why I dunno.."
Doc     Doc sighs and looks at Kaelyn for a moment. "Plenty of time," he says. "Just don't let me leave the ship without this pod." He can't help but look over the strange clothes Kaelyn has found herself in. He adjusts his Vault-Tec hat and scratches his forehead as he looks at her gizmos again. "Okay, so real quick, where did you get all that stuff?"
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and umms, she points in the direction of the junkyard.. "I got it off the NCC1701 Enterprise!" she says cheerfully. "We found a hole to get into, got in, was able to find the armory and engineer closet.... "Then ended up getting teleported out of there and couldn't figure out how to get back in!"
Doc     Doc looks at the big ship and can't get a sense of scale, given how gigantic the rest of this alien ship is. "I'm not going to lie," he says, "I kind of wish I could get some kind of cargo loader and get some bigger things here to take home. Power generator equipment, some alien data storage devices, stuff from their labs. Honestly, while you guys have been working really hard to scoop up awesome weapons and powerful armors, I've just been aching for science. Is that weird?"
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "Not really, I'm a techno-buff my self, and while I've gone looking around for things to benefit everyone, the rest of my time I spend in the engineering room..." She says and smiles a bit. "I wanna understand what's in there.." She suggests cheerfully. "Then after that, maybe we can use the controls in there to trigger the corridor to open up?
Doc     "I don't know," Doc says. He looks at Kaelyn, locking eyes with her for a moment before he asks, "When's the last time you ate? I know the nutrient paste here sucks, you want to grab a bite?"
Kaelyn Kae umms "Shortly before I shot that lady over. "She blinks andlooks arond "Where'd she go?" then she turns and sees the lady tapping her foot with her hands on her hips "Oh hi! There you are!!!" She glances over to Doc "Yus, shortly before I zotted her with this fancy schmancy ray..." There's a loud *bonging* noise as Kae's whapped on the noggin with a frying pan! Kae's eyes swirl briefly and she flails before trying to get out of the way of the next swing "Noooo!" She calls out "Accidents are accidents!" she calls and ends up running away while being chased by angry big woman with fryin gpan.