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Kaelyn A group of crazed individals, bleeding baddly mutilated men with various bits of metal litterally pressed into each other's flesh come raging ot of the engineering section. It's not many of them, and the number of survivors are able to put them down.

Closer examination shows them as barely even human any more, Some are missing eyelids, most have their teeth sharpened, they hae replaced their nails or finger tips with bits of alien metal and little bit sof tech seem to have been forceflly shoved under their skin in a shoddy attempt to incorporate it.

More troubling is the fact these people have apparently gone completely and dangerously feral. They beset the lookouts immediately upon finding them in the waste reclamation area and with help the creatures were put down.

Once more, there's more of them, and it may be painfully evident by the flashing lights and the wild crazed screams coming from the engineering section. Just what in the world is going on there.

This is where our 'heroes' come in. A group of volunteers were asked to go into the all important engineering section to try and see just what was happening, and maybe even clear it out. Or at least scout it out so help could arrive.

So now our band of brave adventurers and possibly a few browncoats gather just outside the hallway to Engineering, what they're about to face is possibly known, but the amounts? Well maybe not.
Doc     Doc finds this curiously familiar. Feral, disfigured humans. The only difference is...damn it, he can't remember this ever happening before to note differences. "Is anyone getting weird De Ja Vous from these things?" He isn't sure exactly why he refers to them as things instead of people, but that's the way it comes out. He takes a moment to ruminate on such things.
Grover Grover has come along, with his good old fashioned type rifle. Sure its not as fancy as those alien things everyone else has been finding..but its something he knows, and something he like...he carries it ready in his arms, not know what they might actually run into. "Crazy people?..yeah, I run into crazy people all the on a daily basis..even more since we've been here...I think the crazy percentage has gone up by at least 20 percent more crazy."
Kang     Speaking of crazy..
    When Kang the Barbarian is informed of a bunch of deformed lunatics made crazy by the sorceries of the powers of the metal fortress, he simply nods and proclaims that he will crush them and bathe in their blood. Striding along, he rests his axe on his shoulder and turns his head to look at Doc and says, "Day jaw? I'm sure their jaws are no stronger than they were before the power of the sorcerers made them mad!" definitive and certain of his understanding of the nature of things, as always.
Carter Griffin While he was exploring earlier, Carter ran into an alien. It's the first one he'd come across this whole time they've been on this alien ship. But it told him the truth about what was happening, about why they were here.

Unfortunately sharing this information with the others has to wait, because they've got a bit of an issue down in engineering. Having dressed himself up in his fancy Starfleet uniform they, uh, liberated from the abandoned ship in the trash, he has unbuttoned the jacket to let it hang loose because it's more comfortable, "So you think they're experimenting on folks in there?"
Doc     "Vous," Doc repeated. "It's a fancy word that means 'crazy implant'. De ja vous. Their jaws have these crazy implants in them." He was, of course, pandering to the barbarian, but hopefully he'd still look smart.
Grover Grover says, "Wouldn't surpise me...that often happen in places like this...nothing really should be a surpise around here...who knows whats been scooped up over the years.""
Kaelyn Suddenly the lights in engineering go red, with the occasional white strobe inside. There's loud feral screaming inside, it even sounds a bit angry? Well more so than others.

Out comes a red-eyed dark-skinned woman, moving quietly as she slides to the side. She takes a deep breath and glances to those ere. "There's a bunch of em in there.." Kae says and glances back frowning.. "Lots of them... all of em are rather ravening. They're having fun cutting each other and sticking bits of the walls and stuff under their skins, or digging throgh debris piles and trying to encorporate it... " She informs and wipes her brow before looking back.. "I turned the main lights off and such, maybe it'll slow em down. I can turn em back on and bright when we're ready"

Kae then looks from one person to the other... "I guess, lets go in?" she says and without another word, she shoulders her rifle and heads back into the engineering section, trying to move quietly.
Kang     "Crazy in a plant? The lands you come from are certainly strange," Kang says to Doc and walks along. Looking for sign of these creatures he hefts his axe with one hand and uses the other to manipulate it, spinning the head of it around in circles. "The sorcerers will pay for their insanity inducing plants," he declares and hefts his axe towards the ceiling. When Kaelyn emerges with her sorcerer's staff in hand, he looks to her and goes over to her side, looking in the direction she'd just come from. "You have hidden the light from them? Your powers are great, show us to these plants! We must destroy them!"
Doc     Doc would have facepalmed if he remembered what that was. He draws the laser pistol he has on loan and checks it. "I'm pretty sure this won't end well if we just sit and wait," he says. "Might as well throw down. Can't let those plants get away with it."
Carter Griffin "I'm with that guy." Carter says as he motions to Doc, "The longer we wait around here for them the worse chance we have. Our best bet is to go on the offensive, take the fight to them and use the element of surprise while we still have it."
Kaelyn Kae nods to the others and wanders on inside the place now, her rifle held to her shoulder as she looks around. Here's the odd thing, seems like the odd woman can see perfectly in the dark... She does however move as silently as possible...

"Switch is on the backside of the room... I can get to it or turn it back on at a distance... Do what you can do I guess.. I'll support with my weapon whenever I can... Looked like there was over half a dozen in there, including one really really big one with a mowhawk, so watch it." she says, informing everyone of what might be coming

--- scene!---

As they enter the engineering section its self, with only the red emergency lighting they can make out a number of figures some small one quite large, all of which appear to be slowly mutilating them selves and making them selves gross approximations of something that might have been human at one part. It's hard to make it out, yet there are bits and pieces of metal and machinery bits stuck throughout their forms... It even seems they get some kind of odd perverse pleasure as they one goes as far as ticking some odd alien alloy under the skin of their forearm....

Kae makes an 'ick' face and sighs, now sliding up behind a control station and peering around the side... She uses hand jestures to point out there's 7 of these creatures in there, and even goes as far as to point them ot.
Doc     Doc whispers. "Why don't we let them keep cutting? The human body works best as a coherent whole. The more they cut, the worse off they are. They're less than at their prime, and I'm pretty sure they're going to just keep going until they kill each other and the last one him or herself."
Kang     "And let them have all of the fun?" Kang asks and laughs heartily. He stares in through the open doorway and extends his axe towards the reavers in the room. "Foul sorcerers creations! Remember the name of Kang, for you will tell it to the old one who made you when you awaken again in the lands after this!" he yells at them and standing there in the doorway, beckons them to charge him through the doorway. Looking to the others then, he suggests, "We can focus them here, perhaps, so that they don't all attack at once! Insanity makes men foolish! Plant induced insanity doubly so!"
Doc     Doc smirks. Kang sure had a lot of detailed information about something he just made up off a misunderstanding. However, Doc was not about to stop him. "You're darn right, Kang," he said quietly. "I bet you could take them all at once, but we're here to back you up for sure."
Grover Grover shakes his head, "Or, lets do it the easy way...and just go in there and kill everything. Lights on, or are we afraid for some reason?"
Bart Loud noises! Much aggitation! Frequent cuss words! There's a pile of junk over there that's starting to shift and move. Something rises from the center, forcing debris and garbage parts to spill down the already precarious mountain of stuff. Finally a very human hand pops out from the side of the junk volcano and out wriggles and crawls one Bartholomew Knox. Not that he knows that. But he's wearing that speedsuit with a subtle V embroidered over his left breast. His arm is the last thing to come with, swallowed by the sinking pile of crap until he yanks his arm out still holding onto a rifle-looking thing.

Spotting everyone else when he finally heaves himself free, he offers a smile to the other Americans, "I see you are on some kind of adventure, may I lend assistance?" This is at least murmured rather than shouted, not that it matters at this point.
Kaelyn As Kang starts yelling and pointing his axe and all, first one of the creatures in the floor raises its head, now looking out at him. It's eyes kind of glinting white in the red light. Then another, and another. Eventually all eyes are on Kang...

Kae peers to Grover and the others "I thinks we're gonna have a fight on our hands..." She says simply . "Get ready, I'm going to turn on the lights, this should mess with em enogh to get us a little suprise..." She then turns and reaches up on the control pedastal she was at and well, hits the lights on switch... Suddenly the lights snap to bright white, illuminating everything.

The former people now turned crazies are worse than one might even have thought before.. Oddly though, the bits of technology they're putting into them selves are not really doing damage instead they're incorporating it into their body, absorbing it one might say...

Kae looks at Bart and umms "Yup sure can, shoot the monsters!" she calls out as the blinded creatures scream and try to shield their eyes.
Carter Griffin "Here they come." Carter frowns as the horde finally shows itself. There's a lot of them. They might get overwhelmed if the group of good guys isn't careful. Carter wheels around with his lever action rifle, bringing it up to his shoulder and leving it at the first group of approaching psychos.

He fires, the report from the rifle bouncing off the walls, but the round flies true. He fires again. And again. This repeats until the chamber stays open, the last shell casing hitting the ground with a clank after he fired the entire magazine into the group. He just hopes it did some damage.
Bart Bart was only so familiar with things going on. He'd heard the whispering and the hushed tones and the battle plans. And then there were Reavers! There's a quiet meep and he practically hides behind one arm while the other raises the alien looking blaster and starts just pulling the trigger. Pew-pewpew-PEW! Spraying alien plasma bolts and praying manages to nail the first group, the second, AND the Punk at the front. At this point he could be shouting 'cover fire!' and be doing a smashing impression.
Grover Grover just picks out the biggest and ugliest of the bunch..."Now thats ugly..very ugly." As she double taps the trigger a couple times, sending the shots at the big ugly....."There we go, I like this shoots straight."
Kaelyn The Reavers, well they go wild, specially once they have weapons fire ripping into them. Loud pained screams are heard as beam fire strikes true... Oddly enough the beam weapons aimed well at their heads while doing damage only leave a dull red mark as iff the metal there was heated up but somehow the lasers didn't punch through.

The big one in the group screams all the more loudly as he's severely damaged in that first fuselad of fire. Then the whole group of them race to close the distance, now choosing to flail and swing with improvised blades or claws and such.
Kang     Attacking the men as they come pouring out of the room, Kang bellows and swings his mighty axe, cleaving into the men as they emerge. "Foul insane creatures, your plant insanity will be crushed from this world!" he yells at them. He cuts down one of them, then turns and attacks another, trying to kill the lot of them with his mighty swings. His axe coming away wet with their blood.
Kaelyn Creatures scream, yell and well the whole Engineering section is reverted to madness! Kae was hoping to try and get behind the creatures, but their sudden onslaught spurns her to action. Kae swivels about and snaps off a round at the big creature, this missing the suprisingly nimble beast. She frowns and continues her turn, firing a pair of rounds into the second group, nailing one in the torso and spinning him around and to the ground

Kae frowns now and settles sights on the big guy again, her red eyes squinting, nay almost glowing as she puts the crosshairs on the creature's head... She then squeezes off a pair of rounds, One impacts the creature in the crotch of all place. It howls and falls to the ground, the next hits him in the head, slamming his noggin into the floorboard of the engine room..

The punk lays there twitching as arcs race up and over its body. Eventually they stop and the creature starts lurching unsteadily to its feet, giving off a digitized roar as it reanimates.
Bart Bart freaks out, that guy went down! And now he's right back up again, and frankly that doesn't settle well with the already spooked nerd. So he fires off several rounds of plasma-y lasers at the Punk. The first volley missing entirely before the second nails his leg. Slowing him down Bart hopes!
Grover Grover watches as the big ugly goes down....then starts to get back up, "Oh, no no no..thats not how this game works...when you die, you die already!" As she fires the rifle again, "I said die!!" The shots slamming into the ugly..."Now this time...stay down."
Kang     Swingin his axe through three of the reavers, Kang finishes off the last of the reavers from the first group. Cutting through one with a lifting slash, he reverses the axe in his hands as he spins and cuts through another, laying a foot long cut across the torso of the second as he circles. He rolls to avoid the return blow of the last remainder of the group, using the haft of his axe, he brings it up under the jaw of his opponent and neatly cleaves the reaver's head, causing it to go flying across the distance towards the others still standing. He is bathed in their insane reaver blood, and revels in it. "I am Kang of the Red Sea!" he yells. "Tell my name when they ask you who killed you!" he laughs.
Carter Griffin With his rifle running empty, Carter doesn't have much choice but to drop it back onto its sling and draw another weapon. He had been keeping that weird 'phaser' it was called in his waistband, and drew it, shifting his stance to fire a pistol.

This was a lot like firing a gun and yet also totally different. The first shot went low, firing into the leg of an approaching Reaver, but he rapidly re-adjusts his aim and fires dead on in the torso.

He doesn't seem content with that, however as he continues to squeeze off shots from the phaser, the bright beam of light lancing out from the weapon with each of his successive shots. He's firing into the group, trying to keep them from getting to him. The last thing he wants is to be eaten alive by a bunch of crazy folks with alien metal bits jutting out of them. That'd look terrible on a tombstone.
Grover Grover shakes his head a bit, "Alright...this is getting boring..." as he spins the rifle in his hand, then brings it up to his shoulder..."How about we just see who can shoot it through the eyes...that should keep the last of them..." As he starts firing, "You go blind, you go blind....everyone gets to go blind!"
Bart Bart joins Grover in that final volley of laser fire, mowing down the last of the Reavers with a nerd rage fueled scream. Really it's just kind of pathetic but at least the raiders are gone. He's huffing and puffing and looking at his comrades with a bit of a smile. "Well gents. We showed those chaps, eh?"
Kaelyn It was a short, and a rather violent fight. However the group's managed to subdue the group of reavers... Probably none too soon as they look like they were starting to try and salvage instruments and control pannels going to engineering its self..

Kae frowns and stands up, reloading her Steyr before she peers at the dead reavers.... "Umm yaaah so what do we make with these things anyhow?" She asks, looking at them oddly... "I really don't get self mutilation...."
Grover Grover shakes his head again, "Neither do I..why would someone do something thats deadly to booze or cigarettes. But freaks are freaks...who knows, maybe they read a book wrong..and thought it was there dead.."
Carter Griffin "Is there a door to the outside we can dump them in?" Carter asks, as he looks over the pile of charred and battered dead bodies. He takes some time to reload his weapons in case there's another attack coming that the group isn't ready for.
Kaelyn kae kneels near them "Honestly, look at this? They were actually absorbing the tech, or merging with it..." She mutters and sighs.. "Anyhow, I think I saw a waste recycler furter out, can jst stick em in that and let it do its job.." she suggests..
Grover Grover says, "Is there a reason, not to just let them lie here and rot?"
Kaelyn kae peers at Grover "Yah we kinda want to salvage out and get access to engineering so we might be able to take partial control of the ship? Maybe this lets us open up the corridore to the upper decks.. Slow the ship down stop it, buy us time before we get to Mars..." Kae informs and glances to the others, before the woman starts to drag bodies out of Engineering...
Bart Bart huffs and shrugs, "I say we recycle them and then get out of here before more show up?" It's an honest suggestion as he moves slowly towards picking up an arm to start draaaagging the body along.