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Jackson Over the last few days, the Mothership Arena had undergone a massive amount of structural changes. While the ship's denizens slumbered, the arena had gone from a gladitorial arena, to a lake filled with salt water, and even lost it's gravitational functionality at one point. But now, the arena was composed of nothing more than a cement floor, several cement and steel barricades, and rows of seats for perspective spectators to watch the carnage from the safety of their seats. As the competitors entered, they were met by the silent, ominous stares of the holographic crowd, and the warbling echo of some sort of automated announcement system screaming down toward them from the heavens.
"LAAAAAAADIIIIIIIES AAAAAAAAAND GEEEEEEEENTLEMEN!" The Announcer bellowed as all of the competitors had entered the arena. It's words were met with the sudden, tumultuous applause of the holographic crowd, who's screaming and clapping was so loud that it shook Jackson's bones as he patiently awaited their challengers. As he, and the rest of the group looked eagerly toward the arena's entrance, they were confused to see no other entrants-- it seemed they would be the only ones in the ring. Before any of them could move to exit, however, a series of panels in the ceiling slid aside, and out from the ceiling's depths came four gigantic panes of clear polymer which fell from the skies and sealed off their exit.
"WELCOME.. TO.. THE... CHAMBER OF PAIN!" The roars of the crowd could still be heard through the impassable glass, and the group looked amongst each other warily. Over the roar of the spectators, one could almost hear the slightest sound of hissing-- as if someone had poked a hole in a baloon, and the air was gradually squeezing it's way out of the depths. But before anyone could approximate the noise's source, the reality of their situation became rapidly apparent. As the group breathed, they could taste the slightest fragments of some unidentifiable metallic substance, and smelled nothing but.. Blood? As they looked over one another, the gas which they had breathed in began to take it's effects.
While Jackson gazed around at the panes of glass which had imprisoned their group, he could feel the edges of his conscious thoughts distorting somehow. His mind was losing cohesion-- No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't maintain focus on a single thought for more than a second or two at a time. As anxiety filled him, his breathing became more sharp and shallow, and unfortunately only allowed the alien's chemical attack to filter into his bloodstream quicker. Before he knew it, all of his thoughts had given way to rage, distrust, and survival. The allies which had once stood at his side were nothing more than targets in his mind, and he was going to show them what the hell he was capable of. As he readied himself to satiate his bloodlust, he thought he could hear the announcer's voice attempting to cut through the haze of crimson filling his brain.
"As you can see, we've sealed our gladiators inside of an air-tight environment, and exposed them to experimental chemical J3526-- a more processed and elegant derrivitive of the human chemical referred to as psycho. For your enjoyment, the chemical working it's way through their bodies will soon finisht the process of encoding the target's brains into thinking their allies.. Are their enemies! WHO WILL TRIUMPH?! ONLY THE CHAMBER CAN DECIDE!"
Kang     As soon as he discovered that he was trapped again by the foul magics of the sorcerers of the metal fortress, Kang sat up and let out a bewildered groan. With a push off the group, he hopped to his feet just in time to get a lung full of 'experimental chemical J3526' in other words, a bunch of sorcery! "I will destroy you, sorcerers, you may have caught Kang again, but I will not be caught again the same way!" he yells at the ceiling and then looks around, and realizes that he is surrounded by evil sorcerers and goes over to axe them.
Tibbie Tibbie just so happened to be in the arena today, stalking the place looking for people to interrogate, when she catches sight of Parkes and a group of people with him, she sprung forward and tried to hop on his back but the noxious gas made her choke and falter.
"YE'DAMN ALIEN COMMIE SPIES! RRAAWHWHWHG!" Tibbie froths and rushes at the others like a crazed toddler!
Kaelyn Evidently, the head of the arena wants folks to cheer people on! Kae finds her self abducted and well stuck in a bench while watching the fight starting on below... She blinks at the announcement and tilts her head before leaning forward, and resting her head on her hand, and elbow on her knee for support...

"I really hope no one dies in this..." She mutters...
Archene Caine Among those who were there, there was Archene. Yes, that Archene. Who else after all? Crazy people were everywhere... and he was just there standing in a calm park. He was confused to say the least. How the hell was he in this place, he barely had a chance to think around and now he is in... some sort of death match?

As for the effects of the thing... the people around him were suddenly enemies. Gotta get to a safe place! Hopefully they will die of natural causes! With that, he bolted off to the nearest barricade, jumped over it and just looked at the others.
Tibbie Tibbie's metaphorical barrel of deranged monkeys is let loose as she aims her hook shot at a cage wall, screaming intelligibly as she's flailing her legs right towards Kang! As she passes him she lands a pathetic kick right in the chest! Now hurling herself to the cage wall she splats right into it and falls back onto the ground, she looks vulnerable to attack should she not get up in time.
Kang     Tibbie comes flying across the arena like a goddess of battle, and Kang is glad to take her mighty blow across his chest. He turns when she goes flying past him, and with a mighty roar, hits her twice with his axe as he follows after her, trying to cut the foul sorceress in half. "You are no sorcerer, but you are clearly in league with them!" he yells at her and keeps trying to cut her in half.
Jackson Through the lens of crimson rage, Jackson's eyes fell on his first target. He'd yet to meet the man aboard the mothership, and as such, the stranger was easily the first one who he identified as his enemy. He was an unkown, and therefore, unpredictable. The rhythm of this battle would be much easier to predict if he'd managed to take care of this man first. So, turning on his heel, he drew his colt with a flourish, fired a shot wide as he did so, then refocused his aim upon the man who'd taken a dive behind the cement block cover. With a quick squeeze of the trigger, his first shot dug through the cement barricade into the man's arm, and with another double squeeze, the rounds, again, dug straight through the cover the man chose, and slammed into the armored plate protecting his chest.
Kaelyn Kae is staring as she is watching the madness.. she rubs at the back of her neck now and blinks a few times..> "Well she makes up for lack of skill, complete, lack of skill with utter exhuberance." Kae comments and her ears twitch a bit as she stares ahead...
Tibbie The feisty fired up female Tibbie snarls as she's hit twice in the chest by Kang's axe!
"Hyeeearg!" She bellows, trying to stand and launch herself at him simultaneously but she fails, leaping into the space right next to him. Still, she's got that chemically induced rage just pouring out of her, she's looking more animalistic by the minute!
Ashur The drums of war sound against his eyelids, calling the beast to wakefulness; he rolls over on his side, arm stretched out, fingers splayed upon the ground, groaning. Whatever poison flows through his veins has triggered a migraine, that thump, thump, thump, drums, his heartbeat, mingling together until the pressure in his head threatens to split him open.

"Where..." His tongue is dry, and when he turns his head, he sees bullets, axes, wild-eyed charges and observant spectators. Confusion gives way to a jolt of adrenaline as he recognizes the Arena. And he recognizes, before anyone else, the sight of Tibbie, taking a few axe-blows and snarling like a rabid animal.

Amnesiac as he is, the sight still stirs some primal anger; the drugs enhance, causing the man's flesh to writhe and twist, his bones to break and reform, tendons to lengthen and skin to darken to a demonic red as his veins bulge and pulse blue.

His fingers are like claws, his shoulders a mile wide, back a mishapen hunch-lump of knotted tendons and striated muscle; the ground dents beneath his feet, his shadow that of the mountain, and the man-turned-supermutant lets out a roar, charging like a wild ape on all fours toward the unstoppable Kang.
Kang     When a big sorcerer's monster attacks him, distracting him from his attack on Tibbie, he turns and starts swinging on the bigger man, hacking at him with his axe. He is too lost to rage now, as he progresses further into battle, and forgets language. His axe coming away wet with the blows.
Archene Caine Archene was just Archene after being hit a few times. But minor flesh wounds which hurt and bled like hell, he had to find something... never mind his colt, or the loads of weapons in the duster. He still found two good stones...
Jackson With chemical-born rage fueling his thoughts and actions, Jack was determined to maintain his assault on Archene. That is, he ws.. Until that mastadon of a man Ashur underwent some sort of hellish, inhuman transformation. Whether it was a result of the alien experimentation, or something else completely, Jack didn't know. But he didn't much care, either, considering the weapons-grade pyscho pumping through his circulatory system. But now, the man's transformation made him the prime target, and the blonde leapt into action. He let out a howl of rage as he charged toward Ashur, narrowly missing an attempted kick into the man's back, but came around with his pistol's grip, smashing it directly into the massive mutant's chest. He finished off the trio of attacks by attempting a heavy overhanded swing toward the man's head, but missed, instead slamming his curled fist into the ground.
Tibbie The rabid gal Tibbie is at it again, it seems this chemical has her full of raging energy as she leaps at Kang with sprawled arms! In mid-air of her attack Kang easily swats her down back to the concrete she started from.
"HAAARGGG!" Tibbie exhales as her ribs hit the unyielding floor.
"COMMIES!" She yells and gets back to her feet. The wounds on her chest bleed slowly but her face and moment show they're not hindering her will to kill.
Kang     Bringing his axe down on the huge Ashur a single time, and with a growl, tries to cut the guy in half. He hits the huge man with his axe, and in return, gets punched in his loincloth area by the mighty Ashur, and ends up letting out a light-voiced, "Ergh!" as he staggers and goes to his knees, then tips over on to his side.
Ashur The Ashur-monster strikes with thunder and lightning; for all his size, his limbs move with strength and speed beyond reckoning, every impact possessing bone-crunching force that sends clamoring echoes throughout the arena. He is blind in rage; grab and knee, headbutt, backhand, hurl himself bodily like some steroid-ridden sumo wrestler, it all is the same in the end -- at some point, someone definitely wound up bitten, too.

But he is not invincible. Bullets strike him and sink into dense muscle; the blows of an axe near cripple, sending the giant thudding to the ground with a loud smash. But before any finishing blow can be dealt, an instinctive lash sees a fist driven into a groin, and Ashur, grabbing fistfuls of dirt and sand, rises, throwing them into the air and pounding his chest repeatedly.

Kaelyn Kae stares at the goings on.. "Ok crazy is as crazy does..." She's then poked at by a clap-trap like robot "You're supposed to be cheering or you need to be fighting!" Says the robot. Kae reaches out and pokes at it's 'eye' Making it scream and flail "My eyes my eyes." Before it rolls off and runs into something.

Kae glances back at the fight and then yells out "Go crazy southern paranoid lady!!!" She calls out cheerfully!
Tibbie A rock scuttles nearby Tibbie and her eyes dart around like a wild dog, looking for the source with flared nostrils. Although she notices the huge misshaped muscled man nearby her she sprints to the cover wall and where she's assumed the rocks came from and hopefully an easier target to maul! Although the fights in the dog here this little Chihuahua Tibbie just can't land any bites as her pounce behind the wall misses her target again, falling beside Archene and scraping along the cement yet again.
Kaelyn Kae peers ahead, blinking watching the fight. "This is crazy..." She mutters to her self. "We got the red hulk, some guy who uses everything as weapons. Then a midget frothing at the mouth.."
Tibbie "GIT OVER HERRREGGH! COMMIE!" Tibbie bellows and she hastily fires her hook shot at the crouched Archene! It snags into his chest and pulls him toward her, she tried to co-ordinate her foot to kick at him but the momentum has him swinging past her and the hook tears free with a bit of skin attached.
"RRAAGHH!" The disturbed chihuahua Tibbie roars in frustation of missing her mark.
Archene Caine Archene meawhile is very disturbed at all of this. He has been throwing rocks, stones, pieces of concreate, and things that shouldn't be named in front of children. But then suddenly someone just came flying at him, shooting at hook shot at him. What the hell was happening?! BE A BIT MORE SENSIBLE WHEN FIGHTING A LIFE LONG ENEMY! Then again... it was natural for that to happen. BUT WHY THE HELL THAT THING CAME AT HIM OH NOES! He then drew his magnum and shot at ashur, to no avail... then shot again. ONLY TO BE GRAPPLED?! "I take a nap, wake up in a strange place and first thing I do is a death match?!" He picked up some... phalic piece of concrete, trying to stab it into ashur... but however close the call was, it was close enough... for a miss. He was going to die. Soon(tm).
Ashur Rocks. Sand. Bodies. All of it screaming, and the red-blinded Ashur is in motion. He breaks into a sprint, but his unsightly form is too swollen with muscle, too poorly-balanced to easily control; he trips over his massive feet, stumbles to the ground, skids along it, continues, using his hands to propel him along, leap-frogging forward to Archene.


What's a commie? Who the fuck knows, but the giant, raging retard has leapt through the air and wrapped his massive arms around the whole of Archene, squeezing, crushing.
Archene Caine Grapple, sure... just gotta slap the things face with this... other thing that isn't living. Then get out of this mess. The plan didn't go too well, as he was mostly a match for the beast. However, he was outnumbered as the little beast came at him. He'd say it hurt. His scream probably meant it hurt, but then he was just there unmoving.
Jackson Jack was a whirling dervish of punches, kicks, and flashing steel as he made his assault on the hulking mutant which had formerly been Ashur. His physical blows hadn't been enough to so much as stagger the creature, so, instead, he used the cold steel of his pistol to do the job for him. With three thunderous cracks, he discharged nearly what was left in his magazine, and stood, waiting for the results. What came was entirely unexpected.
The fist that pounded into his chest was nearly the size of his entire torso, and thrice as strong as any man could ever be. He felt his ribs buckle, crack, and shatter under the force of the blow as he rocketed across the arena, and felt their ragged edges piercing one of his lungs as he slammed into the arena wall. The blonde screamed in agony for a moment, but it only came out as a sort of half-mustered, bloody wheeze-- the ribs poking into his lung were preventing him from pulling in any remote amount of air that he thought he'd be able to use to refuel his fighting spirit. In spite of his injury, he was still able to stand, and stagger stallwardly back toward the mutant monstrosity... Only to see the barbarian Kang's axe cut into the man's ribs, pass through the flesh, and lodge directly into his gut.
"Fu--" Jack attempted as the axe bit into his organs, but quickly passed out from the effort. If this was the way he was to die-- so be it. It was just a shame he'd never be able to figure out what the hell the story was behind this place. So, suffice it to be said, that the man was incredibly confused upon his awakening. He was leaned against the corner wall, still bloody, but altogether in the same amount of pieces that he'd been in to begin with. His ribs were no longer pressing against his chest, and he could breathe freely. What the hell happened? Well, simply put, when all of the competitors fell unconscious, they sunk into the floor and into a gigantic basin of glowing blue liquid, that of which consumed and restored the whole of their physical forms before shooting them through a pneumatic tube system and back outside of the arena, safe and sound.
Tibbie "COMM-HERRGGEERH-IEEEE!" Tibbie's voice rips through the arena as she stands her ground and rips into Archene. Her palm jams up under his chin and pushes him back onto the concrete wall he'd been using the duration, she falls with the screaming Archene which makes the impact of head to concrete much worse as the corner of the wall makes impact!

With Archene passed out the furious chihuahua Tibbie seems to tucker out finally, she can only muster a small growl at the ginormous man before panting hard and dropping her hook shot. She still seems ready to hold her own should she have to face this knarly man.
Ashur When he feels the man's body go limp in his arms, Ashur tosses him aside like a ragdoll. Now, the bloody-handed brute draws in a ragged breath, that scarred barrel chest expanding endlessly, the veins that trace across it near thick enough to see pulse from his heartbeat. The berserker fury and the drugs alike stir in his thoughts, make him see naught but fire.. but the sight of Tibbie, familiar as she is, unarmed save for her little toy and quite injured, does not provoke an aggressive response.

Instead, squatting down, the hunchback raises an arm and pats her on the head. Thud, thud, heavier than is comfortable, though by the end of it the flesh is returning to its natural hue, the behemoth shrinking to man-size once more. He leans backwards and passes out, smacking his head on the ground and snoring loudly, naked and helpless.

Tibbie wins again!
Kang     Some time later - - Emerging from the blue goo, Kang growls and looks around looking like very angry, then sniffles a little and begins wiping himself off as he stands up. "The blood of all of the sorcerers covers us!" he proclaims, and with his senses back, he pats his chest a few times and declares, "Kang demands food and libations! Come, small woman and others, I will find us food! We must honor this victory over the blood blooded sorcerers with a feast!" Stomping off into the ship, he goes looking for food, whether anyone follows him or not.
Jackson It was a long and bloody battle, but the most unexpected participant stood proudly in the center of the arena. The stranger had fallen, Kang the barbarian had been slain, even the mighty Ashur was no match for the likes of the tiny Tibbie who'd hookshot her way to victory. As she stood, bloody, tired, exhausted, and still full of that undeniable rage, she could hear the same hissing she'd heard before. Except this time, as the chemicals took effect, they nullified the strange gas that'd filled the Tibbie's bloodstream. This one was the alien equivalent of ecstasy-- The drug, not the feeling-- to go along with her victory. As she regained her faculties, she could hear the roaring thunder of the audience, both holographic and physical. Then, the announcer's voice cut through the commotion.