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Jackson It had already been quite the exciting evening in the Epsilon arena, even more so then usual in the wake of the battle royale. After The room had been thoroughly ventilated of noxious fumes, and the vacuum system sucked up all of the loose debris and weaponry, Epsilon's automated drones began setting up the arena for another event. It was odd to see the structure in action-- hundreds of hovering drones tore apart the existing features at a near microscopic level, and replaced it with material of their choice at insane speeds. As the passengers started to flood into the arena from the lower levels, they would be surprised to see that the place had changed entirely in the short few hours following Tibbie's victory.
What was once a primitive cement arena had become a sprawling, humid jungle that dominated their surroundings with vines and foliage. As they entered, the entrances the competitors passed through seemed to disappear entirely after one looked away for the briefest instant, and the space that they had found themselves trapped in seemed to be much larger than it had been earlier that afternoon. As they continued further into the jungle, the temperature became cripplingly hot, and the air felt humid enough that breathing by itself was an excersise in fortitude. But suddenly, a loud, staticky whine penetrated the contestants' ears, and the now familiar voice of the announcer became easily identifiable over the croaks, growls and chirps of the jungle's wildlife.
"Gladiators! Follow the river, and eliminate any opposition that tries to oppose you on your way to your destination! If you reach the waterfall, and you're still alive, you will be crowned APEX PREDATORS! Good luck!" As instructed, if the competitors turned and looked around, the river wasn't hard to miss. It was a narrow, green, quick-flowing, and serpentine-shaped current that lazily cut it's way through the jungle, apparently leading them toward a distant waterfall. In the waters upon the shore nearest to them, however, were a series of rafts that they'd have to board in order to navigate the waters safely. Apparently, it was time to mount up.
Kang     Over and over for twenty thousand years, Kang has been fighting in battles in the arena. This is all familiar to him in some manner or another, but still, it's simply sorcery. Thankfully, this time, he is spared being put back under the cold magics afterward, so he can still enjoy a meal and some wine after he has had his fill of enemy blood. Walking through the jungle, he keeps his axe at his shoulder and follows along in the direction they are drawn. "These sorcerers need to give it a rest," he mutters. "Kang grows tired of their foolish battles," he remarks, his body covered with a faint sheen of blue in places still where the blue goo that'd coated them earlier still remains.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell was in the arena, having finally awoken from Cyrosleep and being armed with the most basic of gear because even aliens don't like him! He was aiming his pistol around, ready to blast anything that came out of the trees at them. Hopefully there weren't alien bugs in this jungle...ew..bugs
Kaelyn There she is, wearing the starfleet uniform, the red sleeveless leather-like vest over her armored body suit, and a rust red jacket and pants, complete with starfleet emblem. On her back is her trusty Steyr Aug, a well a wierd rifle seemingly with a thin barrel, and a little dish on the end, and three coiled canisters going into the the barrel, a type three phaser... On her hip. A type 2 phaser... She grins a bit now sitting on one of the rafts, holding the phaser rifle in hand as she looks around curiosly..

Kae peers at Kang, and digs into her hip pouch... Out she pulls a hypospray of all things, she wanders over and then reaches out to touch it lightly to Kang, it makes a hissing noise, but well nothing else, there's only a cool sensation to the big axe-wielding lug, followed by some of his injuries getting a little better... She then grins slightly "These things are nifty.." she mutters. She then goes back to scanning around the place, looking for whatever it is they're supposed to be hunting
Jackson Jackson's stay upon the Epsilon was easy enough to track at first. A scratch upon his stasis pod for each day they'd spent there was easy enough to do, after all. But as the scratches added up, progress was staggeringly slow going. Though they'd cleared out the engineering section, the young blonde felt as though he wasn't making any real tangible effort. He'd fixed up BGX, but aside from that? He'd just been sitting around with his thumb up his ass. Thus, came the call for battle in the arena. It gave him purpose-- gave him something to focus on throughout this hellish stay upon the nightmare vessel to Mars. In between bouts of scavenging, he'd thrown all of his effort into combatting whatever horrors their captors could come up with, if for no other reason than to prove to them that he, and the rest of humanity weren't anyone they should be fucking with.
So he found himself within the jungle, pistol in his hand, bits of blueish ooze still dried upon his speedsuit, walking in stride with the massive barbarian who called himself Kang. Though he didn't expect it at first, Jack had taken quite a liking to the man as they fought alongside each other. Some people were best acquainted with on the battlefield, apparently. Even if the information he had on their captors left much to be desired, his killing prowess was to be commended.
"I'm not a big fan of them myself. You think they'd get tired of testing us." As he spoke to the giant of a man, he idly stepped onto the bamboo raft that had been constructed for them. In all honesty, raft was a poor choice of word-- it was more a gigantic, floating platform that would carry them toward their destination, whether they liked it or not. He strode toward it's far edge, and waited for the others to board. As he did so, he spoke to Kang once further.
"Once everyone's on, if ya' don't mind, cut us loose and we'll get this nightmnare over with as quickly as possible." As Jack spoke, he gestured toward an intricately braided length of vine that anchored them to a gigantic tree on the shoreline. All it'd take was one nice thunk of the axe, and they'd be on their way.
Kang     Looking at Kaelyn when she makes her hand-snake hiss at him, Kang says, "Your sorcery is great today, well done." Striding along, he stares at the river, and then looks over at her and says, "I will also give your people chickens, two, maybe three," he adds, upping his offer. He nods at the words of the son of Jack and strides onto the platform, following the tune of the sorcerer's call. He knows better than to go against their games, that way just makes things take longer. They rig things too much. As they climb on board, he turns and cuts the rope at the words of the man and says, "They claim they have made mistake, that we must save people, but they will die all the same. They have kept me from my people for too long," he says.
Jackson With the fall of the man's axe, the platform took off in no short order. The current was apparently a hell of a lot faster than it looked, and before the group knew it, the platform was gently spinning around counter-clockwise, swaying lightly with the motion of the river. The sound of the running water was almost soothing as they slid down the river-- until the unmistakeable sound of a discharging laser weapon overshadowed it, and quickly transformed into that of vines bending under the pressure of some unseen weight. No sooner than two minutes had passed them by, six grey-clad Enclave troopers swung on vines from high trees that flanked the river, and opened fire on the competitors with their rifles as they swung toward the platform. All but Jack and Kaelyn were hit by the red beams as they fired with perfect accuracy, and the troopers landed in an arch formation along the far edge of the platform from the competitors, rifles up and ready for battle.
Kaelyn Soo two groups come roaring in, they start shooting at everyone! Kae's suddenly bouncing all over the place, hopping, flipping rolling around and well then suddenly her ear gets a teeeny nick from one of the laser hits! She blinks and touches the lightly scorched tip... "Oooh yer all gonna die!!!" she shouts out, worried about her hair too! IT's got singed tips!

Suddenly she opens up, chasing one of the groups around with that phaser of hers. Forget like a bunch of little bursts and whatnot.. Instead, it's a solid beam, now running around behind in front all around the guys... Trees pop, limbs fall, trees fall too after getting cut by the solid beam...

Kae blinks and peers at the phaser "Ooh I like this!!" She calls out, and now the giggle, ist starts quiet and but gets louder as she holds the phaser to her hip and starts spraying a long purple beam at the other group, this also cutting trees limbs, and well the vines they're swinging on, forget hitting the actual targets, they just end up falling into another sweap of the phaser and are instantly incinerated.

Cue more loud giggling and a kind of slightly maddened look to Kae as she turns around (duck folks!) Another beam lances out from the phaser, complete with its audible hum. The purple line of death now cutting through more trees, people, trees, a small rock too.. As she incinerates the other guys leaving just a black bit of shadow she looks to her phaser gives it a kiss, flails "Hot!" before blowing on the barrel and shoulderng thething.... "I'll letcha cool down..."
Kang     Kang goes charging across the platform, and as he nears on the Enclave troopers he lets out a bellow then slams his axe into a few of them, sending them spilling right back over the edge to their watery graves. His wicked axe driving through them, splattering the deck of the raft with gore, which only serves to make him laugh, "Die, servants of the sorcerers!"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell raises his phaser pistol like he was in Star Trek and he was Captain Picard. Setting phasers to KILL and going ham on the Enclave after them. Disintegrating one after another wounded enclave soldier and turning them into smoldering ash. Then dusting off his hands. "Well then..that was easy enough."
Bart "For El America!" That's the town they represent right? His brain is fuzzy as memories start reappearing like bubbles popping and revealing something else. He's crouched down in a boat in his Ensigne uniform with it's one little pip. But that alien blaster he wields looks deadly all the same. "Remember the Starfleet!" Bart cries as he pops up long enough to fire off two crack shots that just happen to catch them right in the soft parts creating more burns and mess than anything else. Pew pew pew. He turns those lasers on the last group standing and still manages to land a hearty plasma bolt against their feet at just the right time.
Jackson One could say that Mr. Jackson was ready for action. As the first group of enclave knuckle-draggers swung down toward them, he nimbly ducked out of the way of oncoming laser fire with ease, hoping only that his group could do the same. As they landed, he drew his pistol, fired a round that went wide in the same motion, then decided to test his luck. Another group of enclave fighters was in the process of swinging on to the platform, and as they swung, Jackson fired off his colt into the barrel of one of their weapons, and watched with a smirk as the bullet ricocheted off of the man's rifle, and directly down and into the skulls of one of the men who'd already attempted to shoot him. His two remaining ffellows looked at each other dumbly as the blonde man readied his pistol, and sent another duo of high velocity rounds directly into the left one's chest. The right one, being the only one standing, was nearly no match for the assault that came next.
Kaelyn's assault was relentless, and the fighters dropped in a flurry of fired phasers and smoking piles of ash. The second group of enclave couldn't so much as lift a finger before they were completely incinerated. Kaelyn in particular forced Jackson to duck, roll, and swear at her fire alone-- if she wasn't careful, she'd end up killing them all. As he attempted to recover himself, another nine enclave troopers attempted to catch the group by surprise, but were surprised themselves to see that their comrades had been destroyed so efficiently. As the third group landed, Kang dug his axe into them, and sent one of them spiraling over the edge. As the fourth landed, Bart delt with them easily with a few carefully aimed pews of his pistol. And lastly, the fifth group was dealth with by Caldwell as he set his phasers to kill, turning them all into smoking piles of ash.
But it wasn't over.
"BOW DOWN COMMIE SCUM! ULTRA MAN AND CIRCLE ARE HERE TO CONQUER YOU IN THE NAME OF CAPITALISM!" With the sound of rocket boosters igniting, and laser weapons heating up, two mechanical monstrosities took off from the nearby trees, landing atop their platform with enough force to shake it's whole mass. What stood before them was odd, but intimidating nonetheless. Two humanoid robots, one blue, one orange, one with a laser-cannon for an arm, the other with a glowing green plasma sword in it's hand. Both were ready for battle.
Kang     While everyone else is struggling for footing, Kang is sent flying across the rocking platform and lands with both legs, and lands squarely in front of one of the robots. He immediately swings his axe with both hands and lets out a roar, "Blue monstrosity, you come to make battle with Kang of the Red Sea! When they ask who mangled you so, tell them my name!" he yells with a laugh and throws in a headbutt and a few other pointless maneuvers that don't amount to much, but which make him look awesome amongst his other battling.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and is suddenly dodging a flailing sword.. She neatly slips out of the way of one, bending completely over backward before popping up. Then another, it looks like it's about to hit, but suddenly the flexible woman slides into a split, underneath the sword and between Circle's legs before popping up the other side

As she does, she hops away slightly, while swapping to her rifle... She then squeezes the trigger once, landing a rather nasty shot into the robot's back...
Kang     Despite taking an attack from 'Ultra Man' whatever that is, Kang continues to hammer away at the blue robot thing, trying to cut it in half. His axe making drastic deep cuts as he cuts away at its torso. His blows capable of felling normal men, but the powerful blue robot is apparently capable of resisting his mighty blows. But not forever, for he is Kang the Barbarian. "Die already, you child of the ruinous powers!"
Bart Bart is being super patriotic as he rampages with that laser gun at Ultra Man. He's a damn genius you see! So that first shot actually ricochets back and smacks the bastard in the back of the shoulders. Right where it hurts. Just in time for the second shot to blast him right in the exposed chesticles. Kaplow!
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell goes pew pew with his phaser at the strange robit with a plasma sword. It hits and melts a bit of his armor. But that's about it! Then he pretty much goes back into Guerilla warfare tactics, hiding in the trees and waiting for a good opportunity to STRIKE AGAIN
Kaelyn Kae peers and glances round her now, looking at the dead bodies, then blinks again.... "Well that went quick." she mutters as she glances around the place curiously.... "Quicker'n I thought it would anyhow..." She mutters, then cycles another round into her steyre aug... Making sure to keep it completely topped off....
Jackson As the platform continued it's demented dance down the curving green river, the gladiators made absolutely short work of the Enclave scum that they'd run across. Fifteen enclave troopers later, and two extremely amazing and totally not copyrighted enclave robots later, they had reached a gigantic waterfall that seemed to be pouring out of the sky itself. After they pushed off the corpses and robotic heaps, the platform was able to quickly travel down and through the waterfall with ease. Though they were immediatly soaked to the bone, the chilly waters were a pleasant contrast to the heat and humidity, and thus, could've been a hell of a lot worse. However, after passing through the waterfall, they quickly found that they were falling from the areana's ceiling, still standing atop the platform. That bamboo structure exploded into a million tiny shards as it made contact with the ground, and the group collapsed in a heap on top of it as the announcer's voice boldly proclaimed them Apex Predators.