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Doc     The memory pulse had been like a shotgun blast of new...or rather old...information. Sitting on Megan One's stasis pod, Doc plays with his braid like it's brand new, moving it in his fingers as he looks around at the thousands of stasis pods. "I don't know," he says to the surprised-looking frozen woman in the pod beneath him. There was no question that had been posed, he just is beset by hundreds of years of memories unsquished by any particular ordering. He can remember his time in vaults, his time in rockets, his time making robots, his time inventing amazing technologies that were wiped away by nuclear explosions and couldn't be recreated with mankind's current level of tech. He had a chance with alien tech, but this ship was rotting under their feet and he wasn't sure why, since he'd missed some key exposition and events. He looks down at her, putting his hand on the glass and remembering for a moment before looking back out over the stasis pods.
Kaelyn Heeey, it's the happy-go-lucky bouncy elf! She's doing just that, possibly because of her mode of dress, maybe she's just in a good mood or most likely trying to make the best of a bad situation. The fact that she's nearly bristling in high tech guns probably has nothing to do with her good mood! Who knows!

The not-so-self proclamed gnbunny (She could use ears and a berrete) peers at Doc for a moment, then swivels on her heel, now heading over to em... "Penny for your thoughts? Or should I toss several hundred?" she asks curiously...
Doc     Doc smiles at Kaelyn. It's not the strongest of smiles, but it's genuine. "You always make me smile," he says to her. "I've gotten a bunch of memories. I assume they're mine. They lined up with what Megan One told me. They're way darker than anything I could have imagined. I'm starting to wonder if I even want to be the person I remember." He pats the pod, inviting her to sit next to him. "Something that seems to be consistent, whether in shared halucinations or reality. I like you. I'm glad you're my friend. Even though I don't really know you." He looks out again over the stasis pods. "I keep thinking about those people. What do they think they are? Is one of them having some kind of halucination of being a purple-wearing gangster who becomes the president of the united states, then was kidnapped by aliens? How do we help them? Are they going to be a bunch of people like Kang and smash things? Is that a bad thing? Kang was careless, but he's not mean." He sighs. "Could take more than a dollar for my thoughts at this point," he admits to the elf with another smile. "But I am glad you're here to share them with."
Lucette     Luce, creeping around the ship as per usual so far, suddenly screams a string of obscenity that gives her presence away.


    Her rant finished, she takes a few deep breaths and plucks up a nasty looking pole that might double as a spear. It's chrome and has a sharp point, atleast. "Sticks, hah."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head to the left and shrugs "I probly don't have as many memories... Really only a few years worth of memories I can readily access... All the other knowledge I have was put in by a caretaker A.I. While I matured and was kept in a chamber..." She says and motions to one of those pods "Very much like that, cept the fluid I was in was nutrient rich and helped stabilize and modify my genetic structure." She adds...

Kae glances around again, curiously before she blinks and peers at Lucette now.. "Ummmmmm......" She then glances back to Doc and then stares at Lucette... "Talk to MR Handy wandering around I'm sure he's got more, better weapons for you..."
Doc     Doc smirks at Kaelyn's comment and looks at Lucette. "I remember you," he says to her, pointing a finger. "You helped me save Megan One from broken-cryo-tube induced death." He smiles. "Thank you. I'm starting to remember a lot, and while Megan has a way higher opinion of me than I deserve, she's still important to me, and I'm glad she's not dead."

    Genetic modification explained a lot about Kaelyn. A true A.I., though, that was worth asking about in detail, later. For now, he just stood with her as her compatriot on an alien space ship whom he trusted for some unknown reason. Maybe it was because they both looked different...except he didn't so much right now. He was glad he had all his skin, though. That was nice.
Jackson The human mind is a fickle thing. Absent his memories, Jack was motivated solely by the pursuit of obtaining what had been lost to him. Over the last weeks, he'd maintained unstoppable momentum in their journey toward enlightenment. Now, they stood upon the precipis of their goal, and the deputy stood still. The electrifying pulse which resonated from the core of the engineering section stirred the dormant thoughts that had been buried in Jack's subconscious mind, and, loathe as he was to admit it to himself, he almost wished they hadn't been successful. As his past gradually returned to him, he mindlessly walked through the ship's lower corridors, entranced by the things that materialized in his pysche. A storm of explosions rocking the streets of El Dorado. Ribs caving in under the force of an exploding radio tower. searing pain of a rebar-coated block of cement striking him in the groin. A silent, somber funeral, shared by three men before two freshly dug graves. A quiet moment on the farm shared between unlikely friends.
He wanted it all to disappear.
Jack's wandering eventually brought him into the main chambers of the lower corridor, where they'd originally thawed out as blind, sickly amnesiacs without tip or trail of how they'd ended up that way. As his eyes fell upon the chamber he'd awoken from, he walked up to it, laying a bare hand upon the surface of the frosted glass. Would it really have been that bad if he'd never woken up at all? Would anyone have tried to save him? If they didn't notice before, and they saw him now, after they'd regained their memories of him, would they bother to thaw him out? Was he even worth it?
It was then, and only then, as those thoughts clouded his judgement, that he realized he didn't stand alone in the corridor. With a glance to his left, he realized that several yards down the line stood Doc, Kaelyn, and Lucette, the former of which stood in stoaic observation of a fragment of his past. Though Doc had a much more physical representation of the things he had lost, the duo had that in common. They held a great deal of regret for what could've been. So, in an attempt to gain a bit more clarity, he approached them, and spoke his peace.
"So." He began simply, unable to properly express the geyser of emotion coursing through his mind. It was easily apparent that the man had a lot on his mind, but it was increasingly obvious to those who cared to look that he was losing his grip on his calm facade.
"I... I don't know how to feel about this. Any of it> I just feel... Hollow. Like we made some sort of mistake. What about ya'll?"
Lucette     Lucette is opposed to any regret. When Doc points out to her she flashes a thumbs-up to Doc, "Can't let the commies have'm all." she chimes in warmly, tinking a finger against her spear. "A handy? I'll see if I can catch sight of'm. Meanwhile, how much control do we have in the engineering section? What do we know about the ship. Where, state of disrepair, when?" a brow raised quietly to everyone present. Then she turns her gaze to Jackson, "Ball up kiddo, we're not out of the thicket yet. Start feeling hollow and then yer disrespecting the people you know, everyone whose helped you and you've aided in the past, and everything they've ever done up to that point or in yer name." she replies. "We still gotta get back."
Doc     Doc looks back at Jackson, then hops off the pod, moving to his fellow abductee. "Hey," he says as he approaches. "It's intense, the flood of memories. I get it. I've been kind of...struggling with the torrent." He touched his face again as most of his memories involved a vastly different face. "Trying to focus on the positives, sucks...and then you get abducted by aliens."

    Doc acknowledges Lucette's point. "That's right. I'd like to go back and try to rebuild Earth a bit. Rather than their next encounter with us inspiring more abductions, I think I'd like to prove to them that we've got something more to offer and become interstellar friends, you know? But in order to do that, we need to be safe on the surface of Earth. Earth, not here, wherever we currently are orbiting or travelling between." He looks at his alien-built Pip-Boy. It is advanced and filled with transistors and other fancy tech, miniaturized to the dickens, but maintaining all the ports of a normal pip-boy, because THAT is a logical thing for aliens to build. "Aside from a little bit of a hit I took while digging for useful kit, I'm not injured, but I don't want to try taking the full brunt of a crash. If we can get up to the upper levels, maybe we can save some aliens and have them help us fly this thing somewhere safe. Maybe even back home."

    Doc is obviously trying to distract himself from the flood of memories. He keeps looking off into the middle distance as he remembers yet another time when everyone he loved was torn away from him or some other experiment when awry and caused massive destruction. He put his arm on Jack's shoulder and looked at him. "You up for this?" he asks.
Kaelyn Kae umms and rubs the back of her neck before she shugs again and ten hops up or leans on a probably occupied tube The person inside won't be bothered.. kicks her feet or crosses them or something while glancing curiosly from one person to the next "Sooo... I think we're getting a good hand on the whole engineering section... Our next phase is to clear things out and get to the upper levels... I got zotted by one of those lil grey buggers in the speed suits just this morning, was forced to come back here, but I got some more cleared out." she says and then rubs at her neck "Least I think I did.. I know they tried to probe me the other time I tried to clear out that corridore, I got away..."

Kae glances to the Doc and nods "Well making friends with them might be good, if we can come up with a mutually benefitial arrangement, their tech can probably help us greatly in fixing at least our little corner of the world.." she says and grins "Alternate power sources, a means to reclaim soil, eliminate rads, etc.. I'm sure they may have the means or the means to show us how to get said means and fix our planet and all..."
Doc     Doc nods to Kaelyn. "Exactly," he says. He remembers ghouling, ferals, FEV, supermutants, ghouled supermutants, Institute synths, 200 year old robobrains, and all the other various things humans have done to get immortality and other various accomplishments. "I--" he starts, then rethinks what he's going to say. "There are a few things we've done that really deserve a mention," he says. Remembering pre-war news, he adds, "We were on our way to switching to a hydrogen economy, practical fusion power was available, to say nothing of hydrogen fuel cells for lower-power demand uses of hydrogen." He thought of all the various scientific progress that was made. Then his memories flooded with all the negative uses humans had for science. He sighs as he concludes, "Look, we're just going to have to make the best of this. Let's focus on getting onto the upper levels, saving the aliens we can, and maybe saving this bucket and her crew and passengers." By passengers, of course he ment popsickle population.
Lucette     Lucette listens to stuff and shrugs. "The real problem is that we need to open up the rest of the ship and, commie assistance or not, get back home. Worst case we can't deport them and they make a city out of the ship." she lists out in answer to Doc, "These clothes are terrible, already missin' my kit." she murmurs mostly to herself while poking at the chrome spear she's snagged.
Jackson Doc's words came first, and as Jack had assumed, the man--ghoul--no, man, was having similar troubles coming to grips with the truth of his past. you could try to focus on the posetives as much as you'd like, but no matter how badly you wanted to forget the bad, the darker thoughts were constantly at war with their cheerful counterparts. They relentlessly pushed themselves to the forefront of the mind, and no amount of effort could shake off the darkness. When Lucette spoke to him, his initial reaction was a flood of adrenaline and rage pumping directly toward his heart. Who the hell did she think she was, talking down to him like that? Everything she was saying was easier said than done. But at that realization, Jack's flames of anger dissolved into the ashes they'd been only moments before. His rage only came because she was right-- If he started doubting himself now, he'd only cripple the rest of their efforts. So, if for no other reason than assuring the others that they'd get home safely, Jack gave Lucette a nod in the affirmative. It wasn't much-- but it was an acknowledgement that she was right. Though she might not realize it looking at him, the deputy gained a significant amount of respect for Lucette in that short exchange alone. The jaded man listened on to their conversation in silence for another moment, pondering over what had been said, but when Doc placed his hand upon Jack's shoulder, it brought the man back into the conscious world.
"Yeah," He started, his voice hoarse and hesitant. He took a moment to clear his throat, then nodded, looking more sure of himself afterward.
"Yeah. Yeah, I'm up for this." It was only with the words of Kaelyn regarding her encounter with an alien that his prior experience came back to him. He'd had his own encounters with one of the green men, and this was a better time than any to mention it's results.
"I got attacked by a group of scavengers while I was trying to clear out the junk in that blocked corridor earlier today. They almost had me-- I was gut shot, laying in a pool of my own vaporizing blood, when one of the aliens saved me." Jack paused for a moment, and as he did, his eyes sunk into a deep glaze as the memory played itself out before his eyes.
"It didn't look right. It was frail, sickly looking, even. But that didn't stop it from killing those scavengers. It even spoke to me-- had a translator built in to a computer it was wearing. I don't know how much of it's word that we can trust, but according to it? This is a scientific vessel. It claimed that the creatures on board this ship were scientists, just like the people of El Dorado. They were trying to prevent some sort of.. Synthetic extinction event. It didn't go into much detail, but it had the decency to say that it was the kind of thing that happened to all sentient life eventually. By his word, their people watch, and do their best to preserve sentient life, so they might have a chance to live on and advance." With a sigh, Jack rubbed his palms into his weary eyes, then continued, his voice framed by the frayed edges of a growing rage he was struggling to control.
"Oh, but it gets even better. Like I said, it was sick. Looked like it was struggling against some sort of chemical attack. By it's own admission, guess who was responsible?... None other than the American Enclave. Why, how, or what the hell their intent was behind it? Somehow, they managed to do this to this ship. They did to these people.. Exactly what they did to my parents. My friends. The people of El Dorado."
Doc     Doc looks at his Vault-Tec outfit he's managed to procure, then clears his throat. "Yes, well," he starts. "If they make a city out of the ship, then we will absolutely want to do everything we can to help them on the ground. Humanity is in tatters, and we are going to be faced with either joining an interstellar alliance with a technologically superior race or being put in zoos like animals. If we really screw over the aliens on this ship, we might just find ourselves wiped out by alien superweapons. I can think of at least eight different hypothetical techs the aliens might have to wipe out all life on Earth, and that's without counting the ones humans used to try to do the same thing."

    Doc listens to Jackson, but can't really even pretend to be surprised. "You know," he says, "I keep trying to find the good in everyone, but those Enclave boys do nothing but give America a bad name. What do you think, Jackson? Is this the kind of thing we can fix given our very limited understanding of alien tech?" He smiles hopefully and confidently and puts his hands on his hips, ready to do everything he can.
Lucette     Lucette groans, "Great. Either this is Old World mistreatment and keeping the people against a potential hostile, or Zax has made an affront to one of the greatest advantages America could have on its side." she murmurs, shaking her head. "I can't make up for my people doing terrible things until I can kick their asses and bring them in line." being muttered to herself. "Probably why I don't recall any probing. Most of my encounters so far have been eating dinner and talking about America and why we hate the communists."
Tibbie "And this here is where y'momma started!" Tibbie walked into the crypod section of the ship with her hand clasped with a baby deathclaw's. When she noticed the others lounging about she waved to them and her shoulder violently twitches up to her ear.
"Raa?" The baby looks curiously to the other humans around.
"These here are my buddies from the dirt place, y'got Jack.." Tibbie continues to introduce their names to the baby and tell the group Tibbazoid's name.
"Thangs is all comin back to me real molasses-like, say, whatcha'll up to here anyhow?" She asks around and it looks like her shining optimism is coming back as her smiles to them are more sincere than before they were all strangers weeks ago.
Jackson Whether they realized it or not, everyone's words held their own merit. It was in their best interest to do what benefited the most individuals in the greatest fashion-- even if that meant the sacrifice of the lives they led previously. Doc was definitely on the right track in regard to preserving the tentative and quiet peace that seemed to exist between them and the aliens, and Lucette was certainly on track in regard to the Enclave. The fact remained that something, anything needed to be done, and those who were on board this ship were the best equipped to make a difference in the coming hours.
Jack motioned to speak up on the matter further, but was interrupted by the appearance of Tibbie and her new acquaintance. Though he tried to fight it, the ghost of a grin formed on the deputy's face at the sight of Tibbie's optimistic smile. Her chipper, up-beat mannerisms were always just a bit contagious. First, he filled in Tibbie on all of the details that she'd missed-- everything from the moment Jack had walked in on the conversation, up until now. Then, he turned to Doc, who's hand was still on his shoulder, and nodded toward him with a determined grimace.
"Me personally? I think it's a problem we can fix with cold steel alone." As he spoke, he clutched the handle of his 10mm colt that he'd improvisionally holstered against the thigh of his speedsuit.
"Whether ya'll agree with me or not is your business, but I could give a shit less about any sort of peaceful resolution to our disagreements with them. I understand that they've got innocents on their side too, but anybody who willingly bombs out a town of peaceful settlers, kidnaps strangers for experimentation, or kills wastelanders just for the sake of purifying America... Can Fuck. Right. Off. And I've got six fourty-four caliber solutions to dealing with shitbags like them."
Doc     "We're going to try to make friends and hopefully save the ship," Doc says to Tibbie. "If it's worth saving. It's breaking down, and everyone seems to be having more weird encounters than anything productive, though Jack has actually had a conversation with an alien, so that's something." Doc holds his head as memories flood back. Connections are re-formed and rather than isolated stories, he begins to feel narratives. His face squishes up slightly as his shut eyes tighten a bit. Tears run down his face, but he doens't cry. He takes a few slow breaths before saying, "I don't know what to do any more. So much of my life has been a shitstorm of pain and loss. I wandered to try and avoid becoming attached to anyone again, which makes science damn hard to do. I probably would have been happy enough in the zoo." He turns and looks at the disengaged stasis pod that holds Megan One. The look of surprise frozen on her face from the stasis pod's activation is frequently an inappropriate expression for the mood of the conversation, but as he looks in at her, he runs his fingers over the glass. "Do we cling to the past because we need it or because the present sucks so hard?" He begins speaking to Megan herself, though she can't hear him. "I didn't even look for you. So many others were relying on me. But how could I help them after wrestling with that glowing one? They didn't want to touch me. Should I have looked for you then? I know now it wouldn't have mattered." He pounded on the stasis pod, but doesn't have the heart in it or the strength to damage the space-age glass. "And what good did it do?" He slides down to his knees. "What good does it ever do?" he says, reminded of every similar tragedy that tears everyone he loves from his life. It seems to follow him like a plague, and the memories flooding back feel as fresh as if his heart was stabbed anew.
Lucette     Tibbster is new to Luce, and she gets a little wave.... pending Jackson's little information exchange, Lucette smiles. "Unfortunately, that's the attitude that has innocents fighting back and throwing away their lives to try and defend their sovereign rights. Can't say I agree with how my people've done things, honestly can't say I wouldn't expect rebellion in going with what I have planned. Just don't jump the gun, their current boss isn't one that's going to admit defeat until we wipe out all of my folk and their tech besides. Without some kind of inspired action." then she sighs. Doc's commentary begets a raised brow.

    "You can see the good you've done when people you've protected move on and can live the way they want and have a chance at happiness. When your own cries for help are answered in the way you've assisted others. When your work spreads from your effort and produces its own benefit. Now if you'll excuse me, I need a moment to simmer out my undying resentment for goddamned communist assholes making shit difficult." on that note she resumes her usual slinking about the ship.
Tibbie "Bye now! Give her a lil wave with your fingers now, it's what we do when people leave." Tibbie instructs her baby deathclaw and his long claws click and wiggle as Lucette leaves.
"Now my Pa would tell me when I was gettin antsy that we gotta take our cards and play em out as they been delt. And it looks like our dealer's just on up the way and when we get there we get the cards." She addresses the tension of the upcoming Alien Contact looming overhead.

Tibbie frowns when she hears Doc's painful reminiscing, not wanting to invalidate his strife or thoughts she simply places her hand on his shoulder and pats it.
"Everythang's gonna be alright Ash, we can fix most of it together." Tibbie quietly assures Doc then removes her hand from him.
Doc     Doc puts his hand on Tibbie's, then lets her remove her hand before he stands up. He looks at her little deathclaw and he remembers a bunch of things about them. He doesn't let his memories overpower him, though, and he smiles down at it, careful not to show any teeth. "Hi, there, little guy," he says, distracting himself from the torrent of pain. "Can I have a non-eviscerating hug? Hmm?" Doc opens his arms to Tibbazoid. Regardless of the deathclaw's reaction, he says to Tibbie, "Thank you."
Tibbie Tibbie smiles and nods approvingly for lil Tibbazoid to hug Doc, she splays her fingers out as far as possible to show the little one not to scratch poor Doc.

"Awwww!" She coos at the sweet moment between the two then pets the baby lovingly and kisses it's growing horns.
"Good Tibbazoid Good!" She praises and smiles to Doc.
"Maybe you kin science out why he loves me so much one of these days." She grins.
Doc     Doc smiles at her. "Maybe you're just worth loving," he informs Tibbie. Once the adorable moment is over, he pets the baby deathclaw as he says, "I'm going to try to set up a lab when we get home," he says. "That was my plan before all this started." He looks at Tibbazoid and says, "Maybe you'll even be invited." He puts aside his fear of everyone he's growing to know and care about dying in a huge fiery mothership crash and he being the only survivor. It would fit the pattern of whenever he got a group of people he started to love.
Jackson Again, Lucette's words held too much merit. Jack hated the Enclave-- he hated everything they stood for, everything they did, and every last one of them, Lucette seemingly excluded, would stop at nothing to stomp atop what little progress the survivors in the wasteland made-- all in the name of the American dream. Whatever the hell that really meant these days, anyway. It was easy to feel the rage when he was facing down a faceless suit of armor on the battlefield. It wasn't so easy once the veil was removed, and one had the oppurtunity to look upon the face of one who called themselves a patriot. That mentality was even harder to maintain when one of their supposed number shared wisdom of that caliber to a man who was on the verge of losing everything he held dear. Simply put? Though he'd still be keeping the woman at arm's length, Lucette was definitely not the typical Enclave soldier. One day, he might even be able to trust her.
Tibbie, in typical fashion, always seemed to have the perfect sort of advice that only a parent could give. It was a shame that her father had passed-- he seemed like a hell of a man to have raised a daughter like that. There certainly weren't enough men like that in the wastelands he'd grown to know. Every ounce of it was right, though-- down to the core principles that they could do everything they could, as long as they didn't choose to go it alone. The deputy silently watched on as Tibbie did what she could to pull Doc away from the depths of his despair, and waited until after the heartfelt deathclaw hug to put his own opinion forward. He removed his vault-tec sunglasses, hung them on the collar of his speedsuit, then glanced toward Doc with a serious, though somehow hopeful expression shining in his eyes.
"Y'know.. I think we hold on to the past... Not because the present is terrible, not because the past is better.. But to guide us toward a brighter future." It wasn't much, but in his heart of hearts, Jack knew it was the truth. As much as his mind and soul ached with the loss of his family, as much as he couldn't let go of the burning pain that filtered through his brain, he knew that there was a purpose to it. That pain made them human. It made them whole.
"We all have things we wish we could've done differently. Some more than others. But ultimately, I think.. Young and naive as I am, that it's what you do with those experiences moving forward that shapes who you are. Your demons don't define you. Your actions do. Much as I don't know what the solution might be, I know that... I can't just sit here and watch it burn. Not anymore."
Doc     Doc stands and nods at Jackson's resolve. "Me, neither. Let's go do right by the people on this ship, human and alien," he looks down at Tibbie's new little one, "and deathclaw," he turns his gaze back up to meet Jackson's stare and concludes, "as best we can, because that's all we can do and all we can give. Let's keep pushing forward and make tomorrow something worth remembering."
Tibbie "Awww schucks Ash yer makin me blush!" She says with a chuckle.

"Me and lil Tib would sure like to see whatcha set up Doc!" She says and listens in to what Jack and Doc say, nodding along with a proud smile, even Tibbazoid looks interested in what they're saying. When they finish Tibbazoid waddles over for a group hug! Tibbie looks like a proud mother hen as her lil baby is learning so well.

"I think it's time we got some real grub going, I think I got enough brain-juice comin back I can whip up something good for all of us! Y'hungry Tibbiazoid? Yeah? Aww my lil Tibbizoooo!" Tibbie chimes and coos with her ugly baby and leads the way to the food processing room.