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Vault Girl 3 Weeks After Abduction

There had been a great deal of behind the scenes work by the abductees in restoring not just power to the engineering section on the lower levels of the mothership but also work to try and gain some measure of control over the vessel.

Through some miracle, Bart working with other scientists among the survivors had managed to insure that the vessel would head back to Earth, somewhere near New Mexico at that.

That was all they could accomplish however, something was fighting them for control and without access to the upper levels there was no way to gain a measure of precise control.

Making matters more complicated was that a pilot of some sort was going to be needed and that particular skillset seemed rare among survivors. As the final preparations were underway, a computer screen gave you a sight of something most of you had never seen before in all of her majesty.

It was a sight of Earth, and it was growing larger by the second as the 2 mile-long mothership accelerated towards it at uncontrollable speeds.
Kang     "Look at the puny blue rock!" Kang laughs and watches over the shoulders of a bunch of the people who seem to be messing with the strange inner workings of the metal fort. His hands going to his hips, he thrusts his hips forward slightly and stares forward. They hadn't found any of the sorcerers recently, at least, he hadn't, just the one. Given the task given him by the others, he works the levers and turns the cranks as dictated, but struggles to keep up with the demand given him by the sorcerers. "Curse these sticks and their infernal whining! Listen to them whine!" he bellows at the cranks and wheels. His eyes narrowed.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell walks up to the electricity handles of the ship. Beginning to fairly expertly move them around and adjusting them so that they flow just so. Caldwell was a man of SCIENCE and science RULED. He scans over the power situation with his eyes, finally without power armor for once sadly. And then looking over to Kang, not saying a word but giving him a look that says 'you srs?'
Ashur Ashur lingers before the computer screen. The blown-up view of the Earth is a new sight to him; he recognizes it, conceptually, from globes and old world maps, but to see it in all its beauty is something different. The thick curtain of cloud and atmosphere, the sheer blueness of it, despite his familiarity with the cracked brown and yellow of the wastelands.. and so much land, in strange and unrecognized shapes, filled with countless people who he will never meet and never know, all dealing with the fallout in their own ways.

For a moment, it's enough to make the Legionnaire's sense of brotherhood and human compassion sing.

"... It is a beautiful place," he decides, before the big bull of a man begins to labor in earnest. With the force of his thews, he turns crank and lever, converting raw strength into mechanical energy to facilitate in the spinning of gears, the powering of controls -- see the veins bulge on his forearms when a lever catches and grinds, refusing to budge, the sweat on his brow, and hear the awful keening of alien metal twisting on itself when he finally forces it, only to continue to the next.

Back and forth, back and forth, over and over and over again.
Kaelyn Soo, here's Kae, in the dephtbs of the engine room, and well she's got her self in what amounts to a Jeffries tube... SHe's working franticly, moving circuits, crystals, whatever as she tries hard to stay ahead of whatever fault pops up next...

As she's reaching for a tool it shifts out of the way and then she's arching her back, hopping wiggling and soon enough fetching the tool. Next she climbs further into the thing and grins "Knew going into that starfleet saucer thingie will help." she utters, yes she's using one of the tools brought back from that place...
Grover Grover grumbles a bit, "This thing is like a flying brick." As his hands continue to fiddle with various controls trying to make the brick go in the right direction. "You think, there would be some kind of Otto Pilot..yeah, wheres Otto when you need him." He makes wooshing sounds as he works the controls.
Carter Griffin As Tibbie tries to root around inside of the coolant system, Carter is standing near her. Above her, technically, holding the panel open, "I don't suppose you can pick up the pace just a bit." Carter asks, as he looks to be struggling a bit to keep the panel from snapping shut on Tibbie and causing her to lose access to that coolant system.
Tibbie "Now now hold yer horses bucko, I got this! Pass me that there Tibbazoid, quick!" Tibbie points while keeping her eye on the coolant systems and looking up at the helpful Carter above her.
"Good job buddy! You too Carter!" Tibbie praises the deathclaw baby and the tall muscly man Carter, takes the wrench he gave her and quickly tempers the cooling line and touches it to make sure.

"I think we got it guys! You see that buddy? Aint it pretty!" Once the cooling systems were stable enough to take a break, Tibbie had brought Tibbazoid to the computer screen room to check out the blue oncoming planet. The baby deathclaw's eyes shine at the sight and seems entranced by it blue-ness.
Bart Bart is in the middle of a mess of cables, wires and crystals that would make a Hentai tentacle monster blush. He's got conduit running between panels and he's frantically running back and forth while cursing at the power the whole way. "We're fine, we're fine, we're -" a klaxon alarm sounds off again as the matter containment unit erupts with a surge of power. Sparks fly and the man in the Westley Crusher outfit is is frazzled, quite literally. His hair all stands on end and he exhales a puff of smoke.

Charging back into the fray, he's dragging several thick trunks of wiring back into the main power systems. "I just can't do it, I'm givin' 'er all I've got," he cries as the engines whumpwhumpwhuuummp again. Then something strikes him as his brain kicks into hyperdrive, and he's tap tapping into the computer screen feverishly, "Re-routing from auxillary stations," suddenly power arcs in the reactors and the engines charge to a proper pitch and begin reacting as they should. "She's aliiiiiiive!" cackles the mad scientist as lightning arcs around him and licks the metal grating around the heart of the ship.

With wide-eyes, he pushes further; calculating and sciencing the shit out of the ship's power. At least the engines won't die, thus preventing at least one catastrophic ending to this adventure.
Jackson No pressure.
That was all that went through Jackson's mind as he focused on the series of holographic control panels in front of him. It was bad enough that he was flying a vehicle that he had never piloted before. Hell, it was terrible, considering he'd never so much as ATTEMPTED anything of this scale at any point in his young life. But here he was. 23 years old, abducted by aliens, and about to do his god-damn best not to crash the ship that captured him. Because if they crashed, they were going to do it violently. Against the surface of the planet. He'd managed to rig up his pip-boy and communicator to translate the controls into something that slightly resembled his own language, and was happy to see that a few gauges and readings were displaying information that he was familiar with. At least, familiar to a certain extent. He carefully monitered the miscellanious gauges and instruments that measured the trajectory of the ship, and used a series of finger-flicks, pinches against tactile holographic models, and good ol' fashioned button pushing to assure himself that the ship remained as stable as it could possibly be while under his controls. As far as he could see, they were at a stable trajectory, they were decreasing speed at the proper rate-- if things kept going this smoothely, he might have to take this thing for a ride to the moon.
That wasn't to say hee wasn't trying his damndest not to freak the fuck out. He was flying a space ship. A SPACE. SHIP. Made by ANOTHER.. SPECIES. For all he knew, he had already dug them foot deep into a hole they wouldn't be able to climb out of. As he worked, he was sweating bullets, and it took everything that the deputy was capable of NOT to let his hands quiver, even slightly. The absolute last thing he wanted to do was send them all into an inverted 360 tailspin toward the sun. As he did his best to immerse himself in his zen-like focus as he worked the controls, he could only wish his co-pilot had the same sort of idea.
"It flies like a Brick.. Because it is a brick. A giant brick with plasma thrusters and life support systems. Am I the only one worried about.. You know--My god." It was at that moment when Jackson finally saw the Earth for what it was. He'd been keenly focused on the image-- he was piloting this damn thing, of course he was keeping a careful eye on it. He was just so focused on the activity at hand that he couldn't appreciate the view for what it was. It was.. Surreal.
"That's.. Incredible."
Vault Girl It was a miracle but somehow the strange makeshift setup that had been arranged within the engineering section was working to control the Mothership. It was shaking and vibrating violently and nothing but Earth could be seen on the computer screen now that showed the sights of the outside world.

Even the pair of pilots in their makeshift Vertibird pilot couches were doing marvelously, but atmosphere re-entry was about to begin and that's when things would get tricky.

The same Mr. Handy who had helped gear you all up upon awakening from the crypods was overjoyed to see Earth again, "Why, I could cry at the very sight. Sadly, I am but a machine."

On the power control screen that had tape marked over what each section did there was a very bad thing happening.

The ships power systems were experiencing a massive surge from which they would never recover. The team must choose between shunting power to life support which will keep the tens of thousands of cryopods active and save all those lives OR they can shunt power to shields which will insure the ship is kept in better condition.

You would all have to do your part to help control the power flow by activating the sets of controls in the room.

Choosing to save the Abductees in Crypods will earn you the perk: Savior of Humanity. Choosing to keep the ship in better shape will earn you 3 Alien Rewards, Alien Intel, & Alien Crafting shard as well as the FLAW: Loot over Lives.

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Ashur The labor of keeping the controls and power supplies in working order is one Ashur is well-suited to; even as the infrastructure of the ship shakes and rattles, and every little lever bucks with bone-crunching force to resist his strength, he keeps it up without faltering. That doesn't mean the landing will be safe, or that any of them will live, of course -- he's merely the workhorse facilitating the effort of others.

But when a warning light washes over the area, and he glances toward the screen showing power failing, next to a blinking display of the crypods and what appears to be an image of a draining battery, he hrms. The display seems to show an arrow between a shield-graphic and that cryopod display.

"Bart, look at the screen," he mentions, waving a hand toward it. "Is it saying we can only power the pods or the shields?"

He waits a moment. "Power the shields, then. We must secure our landing."
Grover Grover hmmms as he checks the controls..."Well well..hmm..not enough lines of light here..hmmm...oh...well, whats life without a little more excitement...more light for life support...more rock and rolling for the ride...should make it more fun too. Whats the worse that can happen...we all die!" As he continues to work the controls..."Let there be light."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over to the power system and sees that it's a choice between life or shields. "This ship can probably take a beating, power the cryopods. Who knows? Maybe they'll thank us by joining up with us." he says assuringly. Then going back to work on the electricity systems
Kaelyn Kae's still in the the deep recesses of the ship. She climbs out and umms "Ship's big enough, just do re-entry... That's a lot of lives to sacrifice.." She states.. "Also there's probably a lot there that can help us in the future and we can still salvage what's left of this vessel." she adds then frowns...

As more people choose the lives over the shields, Kae's climbing back into her place trying to help better rerout energy to said pods and still also maybe help the ship with a better re-entry angle...
Carter Griffin "We're talking about mass murder if we shut off that life support." Carter says, trying to do his best to add to the conversation. As soon as Tibbie was done he let go of the panel so it could slam shut, "We'll lose some in re-entry, I'm sure. But that's better than losing all of them!"
Tibbie When the alarm blares Tibbie scrambles to the appropriate controls, dragging poor power-waddling Tibbazoid with her.
"Move it chums, we gotta save the people still stuck inside! If we pop back in our own pods in time we might just make it with'm!" Tibbie says urgently but optimistically while fidgeting with buttons.
Ashur Ashur slams a hand against a control panel, sending a reverberating shock through it as he roars. "We've already seen countless dead in these pods; you would endanger us all to save a graveyard? I will not allow it! Power the shields, or I'll break your damn necks!"
Kang     "I do not know what you people are talking about, use your sorcery better!" Kang tells them, not knowing the least bit what the discussion is about. He points then at the big blue rock as it gets closer and closer, and says, "That rock is growing! It must be sorcery." He looks over at Ashur as the other man speaks and nods in agreement, though he has no idea what he is agreeing about.
Bart Bart is already routing as much power as he can to the shields, "Those lives were already lost. We cannot account for what's been done to them. If they coule even live fulfilling lives! You are dooming these people to being lost because of your selfish morality!" The scientist is furious as the shields lose power and it starts generating towards the cryopods. "You don't even know how many of them will join the enemy once we land, you fools!" he is screaming his fool head off, attempting to subvert the do-gooders and save as much of this tech for the rest of the world as he can. "Preserve the science we can never find again, not the worthless sacks of meat in those freezers!"
Jackson Everything was going according to plan. Even as their ship began to penetrate the atmosphere, Jackson maintained an unshakeable focus, and kept his hands moving on the controls in order to best compensate for the ship's eratic movements in-atmosphere. This shit was definitely a lot harder than it was just a few fuckin' minutes ago. It was like all of the sudden, the laws of physics applied completely differently. Wait-- they did. They were inside of a gravity well. As the pilot attempted to calculate a guiding trajectory that would paint a holographic line for him to follow as he adjusted the instruments, alarms started blaring at full cvolume. More often than not, that meant bad things. It was then when the frantic discussion began. For a time, Jackson ignored it. He had more important things too focus on-- like keeping everyone alive, for example. To him, the decision at hand was a no brainer. It was either let hundreds, thousands-- countless lives be lost for the sake of technology, or take this one single oppurtunity to do what he thought was right. At Ashur and Bart's outbursts, Jackson lost his cool, and bellowed at them both from his controls.
"Fuck you! Fuck you god damned monsters! For god's sake, those are PEOPLE! PEOPLE! And you just want to throw them away for the sake of fancy machinery? If either of you, EITHER OF YOU... Reroute that power from the pods, so help me god, this ship crashing will be the least of your fuckin' worries!"
Ashur Ashur looks to Jackson and crudely grasps at his cock through his leggings. "I've made more men than still live in those pods," he remarks, "and I've killed more, too. My life is worth all of them."
Vault Girl Debris fall on top of Ashur and hurt him pretty badly. It's like the universe was getting back at him for being a lewd jerk!
Franky     The was a madness possesing the cooridors of the mother ship, a violent hum bum had, were they about to make reentry? Franky had to know for sure, also he wake up alone and got a little scared so made his way to engineering. His big awkward suit of power armor he'll probably just be in the way. He stands around and breaths, watching the commotion. "Does this mean I won't get to see Zeta Reticuli?" He asks no one in particular.
Jackson At Ashur's remark, Jackson scoffed audibly, maintaining a steady focus on the task at hand. Angry as he was, spiteful as the man had made him-- there would be time for it afterward. For now, he'd just have to leave it lie. He didn't have time to let the barbarian get to him. There were lives at stake. He left the short exchange with one last response, then buried what remained of his attention on keeping control of the ship.
"You better hope to god I don't let go of these controls. With talk like that, I'm sure you'd have no problem DIRECTING A GOD DAMN SPACE SHIP TO LAND ON YOUR PLANET? NO? Then.. Shut the fuck up."
Carter Griffin At this point, Carter is just doing his best to hold on for dear life. Because lets be honest, he can't do much to try to help improve the situation. He's done what he can to help them fix the ship, and unless somebody needs a hole patched with a peice of leather, or the alien ship can be improved with more bullet holes, Carter's next major goal is to survive this landing.
Vault Girl The decision to cut shields was a bold move, but it would ultimately save the lives of thousands of human beings. Lives that stretched through ages of mankind back to the age of men like Grognak and Kang all the way to the modern age; who knows what survivors of the better days of humanity yet lived thanks to this action. (This has also unlocked a new player Archetype: The Abductee)

The lack of shielding makes re-entry far more difficult and when the ship begins to enter the atmosphere of Earth, the ride is rocky and perilous for those onboard. With the exception of the pilots you were all being tossed about as the ship groaned and creeked, shuddered and shook.

Mothership Epsilon was being torn apart under the strain of re-entry..
Ashur "The planet is rather hard to miss," Ashur remarks dryly, before the ship shudders!
Bart Bart scowls at Jackson and almost hisses, "Your sense of clemency is going to be regretted, just you wait. If you would rather engage in fisticuffs, feel free, I will take over," the glint in his eyes says he can, he will, and he'll make it look easy.
Grover Grover tries to keep the thing moving as best as he can, when suddenly a walking tin can flies through the air, and hits him...he offs a bit, "Passengers will stay in the cabin area...air hostesses..please keep them there, even if you have to shoot them." He tries to concentrate on keeping them from crashing...."I am a leaf on the wind!, no...thats stupid..." He ponders and starts singing, "Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight..."
Vault Girl The entire ship literally seemed to spin in circles, the artificial gravity failing entirely as everyone onboard the ship was tossed to and fro. The worst part of it was the bulky Franky in his power armor slams into Grover in his pilots chair.

That singular moment could have spelled doom for the entire ship and all on it, but Grover managed to hold it together.

It wasn't enough to keep the ship together though and with a massive screeching goan the mothership broke into two large pieces, ripping in two as it broke through the atmosphere heading towards the good'ol United States of America.

One half of the mothership, the 'upper half' by this orientation spiraled out of control towards the state of Utah; no doubt with a very large and deadly impact but also with a possible gift of alien technology for the Enclave.

The ship was no longer under any sort of control now that it had been ripped in two and it was purely on momentum that Grover and Jackson controlled the spacecraft now. There was no way this ship would land, it was going to crash and it was going to be messy.

Lucky.. Ashur had worked with some survivors to create parachutes and there were enough available for anyone who was willing to take a leap of faith. You may not end up in New Mexico, but you would for sure survive the crash.
Franky     Franky was shedding a tear for a alien star system he'll never have the pleasure of getting drunk and falling in love in...Or meeting the local population and killing a few. That was all short lived as re-entry kicked in and kicked out the balance of the Power Armor. "Shit, not again!" Franky yelled through his mechanical mic. The servos wheened and the pistons depressed, but the shaking was to much and the large mechanical suit slammed into Grover. Franky was surprised for a second at the lack of pain he felt, none actually. He slid off of the pilot and tried to find something durable to grab onto. "Don't worry...I'm okay."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell grabs hold of one of the parachutes the refugees made, being sure as many made it to safety as possible before jumping out of the mothership, praying for dear life and using the parachute to hopefully not parachute into Enclave territory
Grover Grover pulls tight on the straps, "Everyone put you head between your legs, and kiss your ass goodbye...this is gonna be one hellofaride..." Nice to have somewhere to sit...yes.
Kaelyn Kae doesn't, but she's found a narrow alcove and she's trying to wedge her way in there while still trying to maybe get a few systems on line Maybe just maybe thrusters or some such in hopes to soften the landing... "Shoulda gone with sihelds..." She mutters to her self. "Lets hope these folks can do well...
Carter Griffin Jumping out of the thing doesn't seem like the best idea. Carter pulls out the pair of strange jeans he found and uses the legs to lash himself to a pipe. He ties the legs together as tight as he can and hopes they'll hold.
Kang     "The stupid blue rock is getting closer!"Kang grumbles aloud and then sprints after the others as they run to where the parachutes are, navigating through the confusing length of the ship. He follows the others in trying to figure out how to put it on, not the least bit understanding what he is doing, but he knows that there is a lot happening right now with the sorcery here, and if he is going to survive, he needs to follow the lead of the sorcerers. Then, he leaps. Flying from ship, he drifts on the winds, and proclaims, "I see my home! Or, is that it! This is all wrong? Where are the trees?" he yells at the ground below as he slowly drifts along. Swinging his axe to try to hurry things up. "I am free of your sorcery!" he yells after the flying metal fortress as it disappears over the horizon, and his parachute slowly lowers him to the earth.
Ashur The awful breaking of the ship is a force unlike any Ashur has experienced before. The ground itself cracks and splits beneath his feet; countless tons of metal twist and scream, gouts of coolant and steam issuing from pipes, strange-hued fluids dripping as a rip akin to the Magnum chasma splits it all in twain with Mars' own fury.

"Imbeciles," he snarls, catching himself as he's thrown against a wall and smacking his shoulders into it; only a quick catch of his hands arrests his movements, preventing him from clonking his head on some alien button-pad. He lumbers forward, abandoning the group, until he finds the stash of parachutes he had helped work on earlier. He created three himself -- one for himself, one for Tibbie, and one for Cassandra, once his memories had returned. He places it on, and then finds himself at the edge of the great split, his breath near stolen by the force of the gale-force winds that rise up and buffet him.

"You rescued a graveyard," he rumbles, to whoever might be listening. "And condemned the dead to fire. Burn together, heroes."

And there he goes.
Archene Caine Archene takes a parachute, puts it on, "Well tough luck if those people tried to save just die. And that'd be terrible." Jumping out of a ship is what people are supposed to do when it is going down. He was cerintaly going to just jump and use the parachute, death by fall is better than death by debris on his list of undesirable deaths to have. And thus, he jumped.
Tibbie "C'mon baby! We gotta get safe!" Tibbie pushes the hesitant crying deathclaw baby towards Ashur as he's offering parachutes when she realizes she's not fit enough to carry her baby! Tears swell as she looks with begging eyes up at Ashur all while trying to maintain both of them on the violently rocking ship.

"Jefecito! I-I I can't hold him! You gotta take him with you, PLEASE! He's my good boy!" Tibbie wails to Ashur as she's pushing the frightened deathclaw toward him. She has no choice, her heart's breaking, it's easily seen through her teary eyes and red face as she takes the chute and jumps out screaming.

Ashur then abandons ship with her, deathclaw baby flailing in his arm.
Franky     Nobody can see it, not through the helmet of a suit of T-45 Power armor. There is a smile on Franky's face, the whole ship is creaking and shuttering apart. He attempts to right the suit, grabbing onto a piece of bulkhead with his right hand gribbing as hard as the suit will allow. "I'm destined to always be falling." He lifts his left hand as high as it goes. "Time to yeehaw this bitch all the way to the crater! First round is on me, flyboys." He begins with a low cackle that eventually turns into a, "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...." and about goes on until Franky runs out of breath or the ship blows up.
Vault Girl The harsh landscape of New Mexico loomed in the distance, still many miles away from the spiraling out of control wreckage of Mothership Epsilon. Within that vessel, life was being held onto by the skin of the teeth of those within, it was the final hour and their chance at either survival or death.

The massive spacecraft spiraled over the haunted town of Dunwich before slamming into the ground with enough force that the surrounding landscape all the way to El Dorado felt the tremors.

There was no smooth skid through the desert landscape, it was a tumble for miles and miles that left a swath of destruction where it crossed. Entire minor settlements and homes were destroyed with the families still within.

A herd of Brahmin being lead by their keepers was crushed utterly.

Enclave Soldiers fighting against New Rome centurions found themselves fleeing just to survive the oncoming threat, but the spacecraft barreled right through them leaving no survivors.

Finally the momentum stopped and the wreckage of Mothership Epsilon was quiet. You had survived.


Poor William Caldwell had been blown so far off-course in his jump that he had ended up all the way in Utah. He was deep within enemy lines. Nobody was sure what happened to him and he was never seen again. (For the rest of this scene)


Ashur's parachute had been caught in an updraft that had pulled him further and further away, he had gained elevation at many points and when he found himself landing it was in the middle of NCR Territory. He would have many miles to fight until he arrived home once again.


Archene blew off course into Texas, finding himself soaring over thousands of mutants, thousands upon thousands of mutants. Much to his chagrin he would find himself landing in the middle of them all

New Mexico

Tibbie, blessed as she was managed to find a safe and secure landing at Conway's farm, watching the ship crash from a distance. Kang, similarly blessed landed not far from her, the ancient warrior have been able to keep pace with her when others had been blown off-course.
Kang     Landing with a grunt, Kang straightens out and uses his axe to cut the ropes that hold him to the chute and nods at himself. "This is real, I think, or is this MORE SORCERY!?" he yells up at the sky, and then, seeing nothing, and no signs of a need to fight something, decides that maybe this is real, this time. He wanders over in the direction he'd seen Tibbie land, because she was at least somewhat familiar, and perhaps she could direct him to the lands of the Red Sea, beyond the mountains of K'val.
Carter Griffin The landing seems to take forever. And all the while spinning, spinning. SPINNING.

Once the ship finally settles, Carter unties himself from the post, and immediately falls to his knees and hurls whatever the contents of his stomach were. He had some WW2 era French rations he found the other day, so it's probably mostly that.
Grover Grover wooooooooos, "Now thats what I call fun...we should make this an anual trip" as he looks around. "Any landing you can walk away from, is a good landing..and now I can check off, crash an alien spaceship off my list...thats the important thing......"
Kaelyn Kae is tossed rolled thrown, and well flailing as the ship does its own imitation of a pinball while grinding through the New Mexico countryside... She flips, rolls tumbles, somehow her raw agility and ability to well dodge and bounce around things keeping her from getting utterly mashed... As the ship comes to a stop she lays where she was, panting, then starts to pull her self out from under debris and heads toward the pilots.. "Ya'll allright?!?" she calls out....
Ashur The wind howls and bites at Ashur with frozen teeth. He casts his gaze across the country; he has never been this high before, buffeted by drafts and currents, sailing west into the sun until it dies. Eventually, he will fall in the territory of the Bear, behind the lines of his most ancient enemy, armed with nothing more than some strange, outdated clothing, a rucksack full of alien trinkets and doo-dads, and a screeching baby death claw certain to draw the attention of man and beast alike.

It's gonna be a long walk home.
Archene Caine "Well, dying among mutants is far worse than dying on the fall... Well, at least, I'm still alive." Archene half-panicked as he went over the mutants... well, with all of the bad luck he is having, by the time he gets to El Dourado. Yes, he will get through a horde and will kill them all with sticks and stones, certainly... or so he'd like. He will probably just attempt to sneak his way back... from the middle of several mutants. And then, the realization that he will likely land in the middle of them hit him, "Fuck..."
Tibbie Tibbie runs up to Kang and cries pathetically onto his chest.
"My..BABY'S GONE! JEFECITO WHERE ARE YOU?!" She keeps repeating. Gus, Conway's sheltie puppy howls and runs up to them, jumping and scratching at them both with excitement and worry. Other farmhands Conway had left to care for the land walk out and look at the falling wreckage, and some checking out the odd man Tibbie's crying onto along with the odd parachutes taking up the fields nearby.
Franky     The yeehaw Franky was attempting either got drowned out or stopped from blacking out from the exertion of g-forces on his body. Not long after the skidding stopped Franky released his grip from the bulkhead, there was a thud as the suit dropped onto it's knees. There was silent breaths being taken, evident by the voice amplifier. A long sigh was let out, before he manuvered the suit to his feet. "Better than the last crash I was in...Alright, first order of business. Where the bar?"
Bart Boom!

Inside the safety cradle made of rubber hoses and jacketed conduit Bart remains still for a long moment waiting for the spinning to stop, for the dizziness to lift long enough that his eardrums can tell him which way is up. His mouth wetter than he'd like, he resists the urge to hurl all over his nice Starfleet uniform. Smoke and vapor escapes everywhere as systems over load and power loss is complete. There's a keening sound of sorrow from the scientist at all of that knowledge just evaporating. Even a little whimper that matches the whine that pitches low as computer systems shut down for what is likely the last and final time. A tear, and he shoves out of his ball of cabling and wires scowling. Searching through the wreckage for sunlight he finally exhales a sigh of relief. "Well. Shall we see how many unfortunate souls survived that we'll have to explain their new hell to? I mean, I would allow you lot to do it, but frankly your childish morality might make you encourage them, or give them hope." PFft. Emotions.
Kang     Staring down at the pathetic woman, Kang makes a sour face, and sniffles a bit at her. "You must be strong in order to have another baby, or to find the one you lost, either way, being weak and crying does you nothing," he tells her and puts a hand on her shoulder. "I would help you have another, but I think that my lands probably need me again," he tells her firmly but sagely. "What manner of place are we now? Are we in the western lands, beyond the lands of the snake folk?" he asks.
Kaelyn Kae stares at Bart a bit as she looks around "People from different eras, workers, laborers, fighters, and, I might point out, quite probably -scientists-. Knowledge is a good thing..." She says and then she glances around "BEsides we still have half a ship to dig through and try to make life better and whatnot..." She says, allways one to look at the bright side...
Vault Girl Across the Wasteland of New Mexico, the dust finally settled in the wake of the crash, a gaping scar left across the landscape that would never heal.

Though foggy and weary, it isn't long before those remaining on the ship make their way out of it and find their way home once more. In time, there would be ample opportunity to return to the crash site and explore further...

Whatever plans the Aliens had in store for you all had been foiled.

Wild Rides. Wild Rides never changed.
Tibbie "I-I, what? No thanks!" She's now garbled and confused by Kang, taking a step back and kneeling to comfort Gus.
"We're home in El Dorado. Snake people? I think I know a map guy who can help you though, I think.." She says quietly, gulping down her pain from losing Ashur and Tibbazoid and the pain from the rough landing brusing her bones.
"I..should go do something, say Kang, ever had sourdough before?" She asks a bit solemly and points to the house, offering him a meal to get her mind from things.
"After we eat we should try and find the ship that crashed over yonder, we got horses now so it'll be nice on our feet."