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Sparrow Some time has past since Hondo's last cry for help. he ragged little town of ghouls had been hlding on by the greying warped skin on whatever teeth they had left and they finally had an opening. The 'Mayor' had finally sent a letter to the Locals who'd been helping them asking any who could gather to gather and as usual the Lonestar Caravan's brought them from Rosewell towards the West along with their two interpreters from Rosewell.

The town is much like it was before only - less. It's nearly as empty and they meet only a dozen bodies in the broken down 'hotel' that passes off for the City Hall of the crumbling town. They explain that there is a path leading out past Hondo to the glowing hills and that is where the brave three are sent.
Stockton Stockton is crouched and low in his stealth armor, his twin guns still holstered for now as he just angles to remain quiet and alert. He will take the lead if the other two won't argue, creeping along ahead of the group so he can scope things out. There is caution and trepidation as he envisions that there will be ferals somewhere along the way. Heavy boots don't make as much noise as they should while he stalks along. Sparrow will already know the signals he uses so he doesn't bother teaching them to their companion. Should he ever return from the lou.
Rexus Rexus is not really built for stealth... power armor and miniguns will do that, though Rexus has gone for a lighter load this time round, wearing just his standard utilities... evidently more of a tactician than a leading from the front style. He squints, gauging the streets and buildings, evidently looking for advantageous positions to place sharpshooters.
Sparrow The city isn't the problem. The road leads them out to the hills in the distance. The hills have a faint green glow from the rolling waves against the black night sky. Star and moonblight lights their path towards the opening in the hills like a small mossy cave Rexus in his power armor can just get through. The cavern under the overhang leads down..
Stockton Stockton returns back to inform them, "Small cave ahead, going to be a tight fit for you in that armor...not sayin' that you should take it off, dat's yer choice," he chuffs. Glancing at Sparrow she's thrown a toothy grin and a wink before he turns back around and goes at a slower pace, bringing them both with him rather than going ahead of them.
Rexus Rexus gives a shake of his head, "No problem." he says, going through the ritual motion of stepping out of his armor. He pats his outfit, reaching for his pistol. "More appropriate." he says, a little easier to move through tight caves.
Sparrow Sparrow is there, the Medic nodding to Stock and Rexus both. She'll help however she can. She watches Re and shakes her head eyeing the power armor with a little awe but she couldn't handle it so she's inside quickly after the other two.

The cavern is roundish, looking to have been made by natural means leading down a ways into the earth. As they get lower the general musty odor becomes something a bit offensive, something like amonia and dirty sweatsock.

The caves glow too, green and bluish moss that lines the walls above head level; here within the layers of flora clawmarks can be seen. Some large, some small, small and medium bones crunch underfoot stripped of flesh by Molerats or worse. Echoing drips and drops assult the ears from all directions as the cavern branches off into six directions. From one the drips come most loudly but the others lead off into darkness.

Technically they are hear to find out whats happening with their water supply as it should've been restored after the Nuka Cola Plants well was cleared but something seems to be staunching the flow. Given the smell it's an unpleasent guess as to what.

The experienced hunter or tracker, as at least two of the party members are will note that there are numerous prints around the area and not all are human or humanoid.
Rexus Rexus slowly gets down on his knees, gauging the tracks, are they fresh? heavy? The depth may give an idea as to how well armored or armed someone is. "Blockage in the water supply?" he inquires, trying to stay on task. He does his best to keep the team organized, at least two looking forward for security to give some breathing room for the others to investigate.
Stockton Stockton is going slowly and even through the filters of his armored helmet, he can smell the death in the air. There's a low growl in his throat as the feral Marshal shakes his head, "Somethin's leavin' its leftovers in da river," he assumes befoer pointing at the tracks, "Whate'er it is, it's gonna be close," in other words, keep your eyes open. Looking at the flow of water, he's keeping note of where they are, what else is around them, not wanting to be ambushed.
Sparrow Sparrow nods as she looks around and moves closer to Rexus and Stockton though still behind them. She knows she doesn't belong in the front lines. "I know the one that's dripping should be the obvious one but what about the rest of these. Shouldn't we be worried?" She wonders quietly, "What if something comes from them while we're going down there?"
Stockton Stockton comes to a slow scuffing stop and he lifts his fist in the air at them in the universal signal to 'hold'. He looks left, looks right, tilting his head towards the tunnels some before grunting once like a beast. "We're gonna have visitors if we wait here, would rather see 'em as they come outta da tunnels they in afore givin' 'em our backs," he notes, basically ready to make his stand here.
Rexus Rexus doesn't know! He usually has people who do know.. filling him in. He crouches, peering at the water, "Alright, ideas?" he looks back at Stockton.... he's not naieve enough to think he knows everything, no shame in asking for help.
Rexus Rexus gives a nod at that, "Right, if we got any explosives, leave them here as a sort of trap.... we'll move out an cover the entrance... channel them into our field of fire......." he says as he rises, ready to lead the group outwards and prepare the ambush of sorts.
Kaelyn Well she's kinda covered in scuff marks, carbon stains, and such items. She's also wearing what appears to be some rust red uniform with vest over well a body suit of some alien design... The uniform has a delta wing type shape inside an oval it seem as well...(Starfleet uni out of wrath of Khan)... Kae blinks as she notices people and hunkers down low, moving silently as she moves up on them, suddenly appearing next to Stockton...

Really Kae's also got CORA on, and well her trusty carbine, but on her hip is a very very strange pistol of some type....
Sparrow Sparrow nods and steps back. "I'll cover your backs from back here." She says softly as she gets herself set up. Unstrapping and putting her medkit on the ready. She takes a breath and a step back and tilts her head. "I'm behind you two. You guys decide how you want to do this." She says between them. She probably shouldn't have spoke and Reus isn't exactly light on his feet. The first rustling comes from the second cave on the right followed by the telltale rasp of ghouls that seems to start stirring others from several other directions.
Rexus Rexus isn't one to mince words, "Fire." he barks, aiming his pistol at the ghouls. Nothing saves past the first bullet, the lanced blasts of his pistol hopefully stirring the others to just give it their all.
Stockton Stockton waits until he can see the first hoard shambling down the tunnel before he starts letting bullets fly. Those heavy calibre rounds do exactly what they're supposed to do, ripping through tissue and muscle, bouncing off bone and leaving the already partial corpses much more dead. Turning on a fourty five degree turn he aims those guns down the next tunnel and unloads two more rounds on the incoming group, laying waste in echoing barks of .50 fire.
Kaelyn Just what in the world kinda pistol is that that Kae is using? She has her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth before she pulls the trigger. There's no zot, no bang just a dull humm as a blue beam lances out from the end of the pistol. This she sweeps across the ghouls, as the beam hits them it lances through and just simply disintigrates them, only leaving a small black shadow where they once stood! Kae blinks and looks at the pistol, grinning "Ooh I love this thing!"
Rexus Rexus is fairly piddly with his pistol, it's not a big thing, he'd rather the others lend their fire. And lend they do, tearing it up, Rexus just squinting, offering little tidbits for the others to shoot at as he hangs back and gives direction.
Lowry      Kae's shot is pretty bad.. bad-ass....but she leaves a little leftovers. The Sig BOOMS! Ghoul mutated green glow paints the background. The illuminecsant grossness aparent as it serves as the backdrop for everything 180 degrees of Lowry.
Kaelyn Kae peers as the folks have wasted the ghouls... "Soo straight from getting off an alien mothership. I'm here shooting ghouls..." She mutters quietly then shrugs and smiles "Feels just like home!" she adds.. Yup she fires the phaser a few more times at targets that offer them selves. SHe then holsters the phaser and fetches her trusty carbine.. "Oookaaaay..." she says and rubs at the back of her neck "That all of em?
Sparrow Sparrow is standing quietly. She looks around and her head tilts as she does. Her expression grows curious but she's said nothing so far; the Doc stsays in the back.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell appears in a CRASH of metal against earth as the man steps out of a smoldering wreckage of a vertibird. He spies the group entering a cave, some familiar faces at least and enters it with his minigun held nearly effortlessly in his hands. He looks over at Kae "What's err..goin on here?" he asks, looking around in the darkness that is now illuminated thanks to his physical enhancements
Lowry      Lowry starts to laugh. He looks to Kae, "I swear ya' is' a gonna get dry rot ya' keep rubbin yer'self like that," Another little lighthearted laugh is had. A random ghoul shakes and Lowry points and shoots, that ended quickly. The crash and automatic weapon gain his attention though. "How goes?" He manages with the pistol still in hand.
Sparrow Sparrow is listening to Lowry and the others but her attention is on Rexus and Stock for a moment. She frowns a little and licks her lower lip but moves off to the side still covering her nose to try and rid herself of th stench and avoiding the little bones that gather on the cavern floor.
Kaelyn Kae peers a Sparrow curiously and then adds "Long time no see. HOw're you doing?" She asks curiously as she glances around the place... She raises her rifle to her shoulder and peers at the bones... "Soo how many ghouls do you think are in here maybe?" She asks curiously now... She then ohs "SYou should see what all we brought back from being abduced, we eveb brought back half the mother ship!" she says cheerfully
Lowry      Lowry starts to see blue, "Fuck!" He shouts as sights leaves his senses.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and tilt sher head, ears twitching "Got stuff heading this way folks." she says.. "Bit further up the tunnel, might suggest we grab some cover and get ready.." She says quietly, before she does exactly as suggested for now, the woman shouldering her rifle as she glances ahead, read eyes scanning the place... Oddly in the dark they seem to glow eeever so slightly. Also it seems Kae doesn't need goggles to see in the dark well...
Sparrow INdeed, shortly after Lowry swears and Kaelyn meantions that there is sound there's a scratching and the familar noseless rattle of yet more ghouls. But these sound diffrent somehow. Unusual to be sure, and moments after Lowry first sees them the others might see an eerie blue glow coming up the tunnels, faint at first but glowing brighter as the sounds grow closer.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell takes a look towards Lowry and waves, before raising his minigun and looking towards the eerie blue glow. Readying himself for a fight. He wasn't sure how he'd fare against these creatures without his power armor, he felt naked. He only had a chainmail shirt and some levis jeans on. Nothing to help protect him from claws or bites!
Lowry     G Lowry backs off and will even lend a hand to move Kae back. "Let 'em' rip that auto'!" Weather that happens or not is anyones guess. Lowry holsters his Sig and slows down though, his Rangemaster now readied. Wavi g Caldwell up he shouts, "Hug tha' wall, Partner'!"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell revs up his minigun and opens fire on a horde of the glowing blue ghouls. His minigun seems to spit out less ammo then usual, but still doing it's job just fine, cutting into the ghouls and causing blood to splatter against the walls but not quite downing them yet. He continues revving his minigun, not firing again quite yet
Kaelyn Kae sees the blue-colored glowy ones come roaring in and she stands, blinking as she's suddenly flexing out of the clawing grip of one. Then kicking off a wall and nibly flipping over another wave of attacks. As she lands, she falls back in a tumble, before popping up in a kneel. She then fires a long spray of rounds at the glowy ones from group three, ripping into them with bullet after bullet. Then flips her weapon to semi auto, and spins aside from another groups of attacks before firing off two more rounds, knocking the creature in the chest...

Another attack and she rolls to the side againl, coming up before firing a quick burst into that group as well to devestating effect with that, as each round from the fired burst seems to hit some vital location or another.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell continues his way through the caverns. Stopping his minigun revving and simply walking with it held like The Heavy from TF2. He proceeds to look around the area, making sure nothing was lurking, hopefully nothing was because he couldn't defend himself otherwise.
Kaelyn Kae frowns and glances around, ears twitching "Somehow I dun think this is all of them." She says, while she tugs the magazine from her carbine, then plugs a new one in... She tugs the charging handle on the carbine and sets the mostly spent magazine into a pocket before glancing around again...

"Thiiiis is gonna get fun..." She mutters.
Lowry      Lowry slows his pace and gets greedy on ammo. A nod given to the others. "Hope fer' the best, expect the worst."
Stockton Stockton was out of it for two seconds. Shell shock maybe, but then he's right there in the action. Bringing up those huge handcannons he rapid fires several more rounds. Those heavy gauge bullets rip through the air, rip through bodies and leave pieces in their wakes. The Marshal doesn't fuck around!
Sparrow Sparrow is trying to dodge and stay OUT of the way. The ghouls go after her anyway and she yelps and hides behind a rock ducking and covering as blue glowing blood that smells just..just awful goes spraying all over everything and everyone coating the cavern in it.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell revs up his minigun and unleashes hell on the giant ghoul. Ripping into him with his minigun and sending chunks of flesh flying in random directions. Bullets go whizzing and whamming into cavern walls and Caldwell takes rapid, slow breaths. His minigun recoil having gotten to him it seems. The man was strong, but certainly not super man.
Kaelyn Kae peers as they hale of bullets from Stockton and Caldwell drop the really big glowy one... She glances down at her rifle then the thing then the rifle.... She then shrugs "Now I know how I make others feel..." She mutters and sholders her rifle... "Well that's going to be only 17 rounds I gotta police and then reload when I get home..." she mutters and yes she begins picking up that brass for re-use.

CORA now speaks up, she's been oddly quiet "You survived! Yaay!" she calls out, and Kae stares at CORA "No longer angry about me getting kidnapped by aliens without you?" CORA then says "Well after much consideration..." Kae interrupts "Almost a full day." CORA continues "Much consideration, I'm a computer! most of a day is a lot of computing! Ahem!" CORA goes on "It's not your fault for getting kidnapped on your way back from the showerhoue..." Kae then winces "Ah jeeze thanks.."
Stockton Stockton fires until the slides lock back with heavy clacks. The handcannons barking their last and smoke spilling from the barrels and breaches. He holds there, waiting, watching. Seeing if anything else happens to move before he goes to reload his guns again. A glance to Kaelyn and he chuckles, "Yeah maybe," he quips before smacking a fresh pair of magazines in the empty wells. He goes through expensive rounds like tissues sometimes.
Sparrow Sparrow is mildly horrified by what she sees. The massive grotesque thing that mauls itself from the direction of the sound of the water is glowing blue and looks more like the hulk fucked a nuka cola bottle and then went through the nuk-ocalypse because it's huge and nasty. Bigger and smeller than a super mutant it's first action is to barf up a nasty looking glowing goo all over the group in the small intersectional cavern. Of course the group unloads on it and unloads hard.. Perhaps they'd overprepared because after a few last shots from Sparrow the thing falls over into an oozing puddle of nasty. People can touch it... if they want.

A thorough search of the caverns will find ghouls down ehre, not all are fully feral and when they are spoken too they'll come out of their haze and be led like lambs back to Hondo.

The water supply will need a few days of cleaning out. Mister McNasty had been nesting and a steady supply of filth and bodies had been clogging the watersystem which, it seems, had been coming from the Nuka Cola Plant where this whole areas water comes from. A little searching will reval an acnient consol speaking of a man who' taken up in a bunker in the hills. He speaks of 'Alien crashes' and 'Nuclear Testing' and even little green men. About how the Commie are coming to get them all and no one knows but he was prepared and had found a natural spring.

There are signs he tried to grow his own food but after a while degenerated into a mindless mutant.

The story from the others is that of course, Ghouls congrgate and have no issue with eachother and it seemed that big blue and digusting was trying to make a family.