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Kaelyn It's well kind of 'party' time and Kae has opened up her Settlement to anyone who wishes to join in. Her little valley is a bit off the beaten path, but once there it's an absolute oasis. There's trees, a small stream and pond, much less the pair of greenhouse aquaponics gardens, each with a large water tank full of fish...

Seems she uses the fish to help with the plants and vice versa some how... It's a little strange. Kae also has a few other tanks that are growing young fish as well.. And here's the crazy thing, not a rad to be found here... Currently she's got the porch stairs in place, has a bunch of buffet tables on the porch, and set out round improvised tables under the nearby shade trees.. Kae's even gone as far as to aquire a large amount of metal plates and eating ware... Also there's a large cake, it's shaped much like the Epsilon mother ship there on one of the buffet tables... She's standing there with her hands on her hips smiling at it, before she goes into one of the green houses and returns with a couple baskets full of fruit... It appears tropical in nature or near so, yet there's also apples, grapes, oranges, even melons.. She's currently carrying them inside, the house she has is well opened up as well, it appearing larger on the inside than out, probably because the house is built into the cliff side..

Kae then calls out "Can't thank you enough Tibbie! Sooo how's that punch idea of mine? juice a bunch of this fruit and make a nice drink? I have tea leaves too if you need them!" She shouts out, honestly just helping out the person doing the cooking inside....
Kang     Being led around by Tibbie, Kang is wearing slightly different gear than the last time he'd been seen on the ship. He'd already started scavenging, and has apparently found himself an NCR Helmet and duster, which makes him look far more like a normal member of the post-apocalypse, and less like Grognak the Barbarian. Still, he acts like the barbarian, but does help when asked, and has joined Kaelyn in pulling fruit, which he does with a look on his face. "Kang should be hunting mammoths, not pulling fruit," he says aside to her as he helps. "But I don't know where mammoths are in this strange land, and so, I help," in case anyone was wondering, he isn't about to let them think he has become a fruit picker by choice.
Tibbie Tibbie's shuffling around Kae's luxury kitchen with the same excitement Kaelyn likely had finding all that alien stuff from weeks prior.
"It's gonna be great! We could use a few leaves to level her out though." Tibbie adds as she samples some of the punch and gets back to the stovetop. When she sees Kae she beams,
"Its sure nice having all these thangs to work with! It's gitting my cookin brain all fired up!" she's propped a worn looking blue journal against the backsplash and squints at it periodically. Her hair's frizzy and her apron has fresh and dried stains, it seems she's been here for more than 4 hours at least as she's batch cooking a Mexican themed feast; Fish tacos, burrito fixings, fresh tortillas and taco shells, empanadas and tamales of both sweet or savory fillings, spicy chocolate pecans circle the cake for those with adventurous palates, and plenty of fruit and pepper based salsas to choose from!
"Phew! I better get into somethin nice so I'kin get into party-mode! Cookin's almost my favorite part'about parties!" She says anyone around her and she pours some steeped tea into the punch, when she samples it and grins she adds plenty of ice to it and takes her apron off, finalizing her work. She grabs her bag and heads to the restroom to change. Tibbie returns in the same outfit she'd worn to the ice cream social months ago and her hair's been combed through but left unstyled this time.
Kaelyn Kae grins at Kang and shrugs "Don't think Mammoths exist any more..." She says to the other, then tilts her head.. "And if you think these fruits aren't worth the effort you should try this.." She says and slices open a mango, popping the giant seed out, and then offers Kang the two halfs after skinning it "Eat that..." She says simply and gets a handful of cilantro...

Kae makes her way out of the greenhouse and now toward Tibbie who she sees now all dressed up... She offers Tibbie the handful... "Ya ever like try this herb fresh?" She asks curiously "Smells really good..." She adds and with a grin, Kae is heading on inside... She returns in her usual relaxed attire, a tank top, futuristic sports bra and cargo shorts.. She does have a communicator and a phaser on her, but well it never does well to go unarmed anywhere these days

Kae then glances at Tibbie "Sooo I take it the kitchen is up to spec?" She asks curiously

CORA, Kae's pipboy then calls out "Kae after all the work you put into building that danged thing, that kitchen is up to specs for a 5 star bloody chef..." Kae then blinks at CORA "Stars? What's that gotta do with anything...." CORA's avatar now appears next to Tibbie on the porch, seems Kae's put in holographic generators into her house... "Hopeless isn't she." the hologram asides to Tibbie...
Kang     Eating the food that Kaelyn offers him, Kang nods his head slowly and says, "This is good, but what do you mean not around? They have moved? Herds do that, I just must find them," he tells her and stares off into the distance as he helps pull down some more of the fruits, but with a bit less of a protest, since he actually enjoyed the taste of the one. Standing back as he fills whatever basket he was given to fill, he hands that off and puts his hands on his hips. "I cannot bring goats for you, if you cannot help me find my home," he points out, though the smells of Tibbie's cooking makes him think that he needs to bring more goats than he'd originally planned. He'd need a herd of goats to marry all of the good healthy women in this land.
    Standing around, he stares at the his hands and shrugs to some random thought.
    "What manner of thing are you cooking?" he asks of Tibbie. He pointedly ignores the sorcery being used, because it freaks him out and impresses him at the same time, and he doesn't want to appear foolish, not knowing their magic.
Tibbie Tibbie smirks to CORA and answers Kae, "It's the nicest kitch I been in, not that I been around much kitches even close to this really, but it's the nicest fershur!" Tibbie grins and rustles up a plate for Kang; chile colorado with a side of green rice and pinto beans, a dollop of guacamole and sour cream.

"Give it a shot big guy!" She hands him the plate and peers outside the doorframe.

"Should be expectin more chums any minute now." she says and nibbles on a spicy chocolate pecan while she waits with Kang and Kae.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell appears on the road, unsuprisingly in his power armor. He was completely decked out for combat, but that didn't stop him from wanting to have a good time. He had all of his weapons locked onto his suit and was quickly approaching the house, finally arriving and offering a armored wave of his hand. "Sup. Hows it going, folks?" he asks, looking around the party area and noticing some friendly faces from the previous adventure on Mothership Epsilon. Which..wasn't a good place to be on all things considered, but at least they were friends!
Kaelyn Kae looks to Kang and shrugs "What I'm saying, and I'm trying to be honest, is on this continent I doubt there have been mammoths in thousands of years.. However there's other things to hunt... Possibly more challenging, but I would wait till you're a bit better acclimatized here." she says to them

Kae then looks through the various foods Tibbie has and giggles "Really went south of the border huh"

Kae is then waving to Caldwell rapidly "Howdy! Ummm yah hop out of the armor, grab fod sit down and relaxe!" she calls out cheerfully. Kae then grabs some fish for tacos, and some of the stew... She also gets her self some mango salsa, before slipping inside and grabbing a soda for her self... She then oohs "Yah, soda's in the fridge, got tea and punch out here, plenty of ice..."

Kae peers at Kang for a moment, and grabs a large metal mug, puts ice in it and then punch... She hands that to Kang while grinning and then she settles onto a stool, near the pond that boarders the house...
Kang     Eating from the offered plate, Kang even uses the utensils provided, which has been taking some getting used to, but he doesn't mind not getting his foot all covered in the stuff from his hands. "It is good," he decides after he has eaten over half of it. He continues to snack, and settles down on the edge of some random piece of the scenery while he finishes the rest of what he has been offered. "What is this?" he asks of the drink when she offers it, and he takes a sip of it, utterly perplexed at how sweet it is, but it's also rather delicious. He sips at it a bit more and makes a bit of a face. "It is like a very sweet wine," he says but doesn't hand the mug back. Instead he just sits there and seems to be thinking about what she has said about mammoths.
Tibbie Tibbie greets Caldwell with a friendly smile and nods to what Kae's said about getting comfortable.
"There's plenty made that's gotta get scarffed down!" She chimes and finishes that pecan she started on earlier and now fixes herself some punch. She kicks her boots off and stands in the pond to cool her feet.

"You know I been meanin to 'pologise about that whole wild brain ride back on that darn ship. I'm glad you made it so I could tell y'in person." Tibbie says in soft earnest.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Kae and Tibbie, taking a plate of food and sitting down on one of the stools provided, taking off his power armor helmet and beginning to chow down on some various bits and bobs that have been arranged. "Excellent cooking." he states through a mouthful of food. "Hmm? Brain ride?" he asks curiously. Not really understanding! He only woke up the day before the ship went crashing into the Earth!
Kaelyn Kae is all smiles as Tibbie talkes about the brain thing... "Honestly, things on that ship were designed to break you. It's why they took our memories and such. Makes it easier to modify behaivior.." she says and shrugs slowly.. "Least thta's my theory.." she bites into a fish taco then looks to Tibbie and gives a thumbs up! "Very good!" She adds, and looks to Kang "Well sweet wine sans the alchohol content... We make wine in this age too..." She says and looks to caldwell now... Then Kae moves her stool just a little ways toward the water, and pulling off her shoes lets her feet sit in the cool pool while she nibbles on her food still...
Tibbie "That helps me feel a lil less sore about things. Thanks Kae!" Tibbie's chipper southerner voice returns and she takes a long swig of her punch.
"Wine n alcohol's somethin Pa never got the shot to teach me, and it aint in his cookin book neither. Sure I'll figure it out someday when I run outta caps at the bar." She chuckles and swirls her foot in the water.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell doesn't really get the whole conversation, he understood about the memories part, cause he didn't have any memories when he woke up in that pod. But the rest of the conversation draws a blank on him, so he doesn't intervene in any way. He continues munching on a tamale and an empanada and nodding, taking a glass of punch to down it with. Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a cool glass of punch, which he had!
Carter Griffin Seems Carter is back in his old clothes after the weird bout on the alien ship. The Ranger's uniform worn with pride as he makes his way to this, he's not sure. Party? Party's probably a close enough word, he spposes. He's never been much for partying but celebrating not being dead seems good enough.

He has arrived late, though that's not unexpected with him, and he sits down at the table after grabbing some food, "I'm glad everybody made it out...Mostly okay."
Ashur It had been a week on the road, thereabouts; maybe two. Ashur fell near the Long 15, outside the bounds of an NCR military outpost set to patrol the interstate and the trade route into the Mojave. He touched down during the cooling hours of evening, dressed as a raider, holding a screaming baby deathclaw that did not, at all, enjoy hurtling through the air. The sight of the man and his opened parachute was noticed by sentries.

A bit of questioning, a check for contraband, and a few stink-eyes, and Ashur had wound up holed in a cell, waiting to be interrogated by an officer who wanted to know what that enormous flaming wreck in the sky had been, and just what the hell is going on.

... By the time Ashur escaped, the deathclaw piggybacking on his shoulders, he'd added three more deaths to his name and an alert was going out on NCR channels for his head.


He'd fallen in with a merchant caravan. Plied his trade as a caravan guard, with the none-too-subtle implication that if guarding was refused he'd turn raider, instead. They burned asphalt and made a steady pace.

A few deathclaws harassed the caravan on I-15. The baby's cries attracted them. This led to an awkward exchange between the merchant, his daughter, and the other three guards, when they finally realized what was in his wrapped-up bundle of goods.


Bloodied, bruised, and cradling the sleeping baby in his arms, Ashur stumbled out of the deathclaw-filled ravine, using the torn-off claw of a matriarch to gently stroke the baby's head.

Eventually, after a few other.. unfortunate encounters, he made it to New Rome. He slept. He fed the deathclaw part of a dead brahmin. He washed. He dressed. And he set off for El Dorado.

When he arrives to the festivities, it is in his golden ensemble, bearing the gold-horned Mask of Mars, his shimmering cloak spread behind him like a royal carpet. Thump, thump, thump.

And the baby's screeching as it walks alongside him, imitating the barks of the spike-collared dog on the brute's other side.
Kaelyn Kae grins a bit, wiggling her toes in the water, before she looks back at the others... She then pauses and smirks a bit before motioning to Ashur, then motiioning Tibby to the baby deathclaw.... Next she glances to Ashur curiously and waves again "Well welcome to my home, again! I think it's changed just a little bit since you were last here! " Kae hops up, standing bare foot in the edge of her pond... She glances around and then looks at her plate...

There's a pause ande Kae smiles again before quickl ascending the stares to the porch and of course fetching more food... "Anyhow, food's up here on the porch, help your self... It's all cooked by Tibby!" she says cheerfully... "We have lots of umm South American styled and inspired dishes here!!!" She adds and oohs "And cake, we have a chocolate cake too.."

Kae pauses a moment... "OOh on top of tea and punch, I think I have rootbeer and soda in the fridge if anyone is interested in those!" She calls out, trying to be the good host and whatnot...
Tibbie Tibbie had finished her punch and turned around to what Kae was pointing at.
"JEFECITO! TIBBAZOID!" Tibbie exclaimed joyously and she throws herself toward them, forgetting she was in the pond she fell on her hands and took an unexpected dip in the pond! She scrambles to Ashur and her barking baby with happy tears in her eyes,
"Oh Jefecito I thought you were dead! My lil Tibbazoid! Mama's missed you so much! You bein'a good boy for Daddy?" She smothers the baby deathclaw in hugs and kisses on his horns, then clinging one arm to Ashur's arm and the other around her hideous child she nods to Kae's welcoming offer.
"Y'both must be so hungry! Please will y'stay a while Jefecito?" She asks unable to grin any wider.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell finishes up his meal and looks towards Ashur and the BABOO DEATHCLAW. Offering Ashur a nod and a smile to the baby. "You look like you had fun." he says only slightly sarcastically. The rest of it was worry, Ashur was a cool dude and he didn't want his friend to become a deathclaws next meal! "How long it take you to get back?" he asks curiously. "I managed to land in Utah. Fun times."
Carter Griffin "I could go for a cold Nuka Cola." Carter says in reponse to Kae as he heads over to the fridge and grabs one, "And I stayed on board the ship, Lemme tell you, not a fun ride at all on the way down. But it sounds like you guys that bailed out had a hell of a time too." He muses, as he pops the bottlecap off and pockets it.
Ashur The baby deathclaw wastes no time returning to Tibbie's arms. For whatever reason, it seems awful attached to her -- more than Dogmeat is attached to Ashur, at any rate, as the husky German Shepherd has already moseyed on over to the food and is trying to slyly steal some from the table.

"It has changed," Ashur confirms, voice echoing through the mouth-piece of his mask. "When last I was here, your sisters grew like weeds at the water's edge; where have they gone?" He rumbles and wanders toward the food, impassive metal face watching the canine companion go to town with a jubilant wiggle of butt.

"Your Tibbazoid was well-behaved," he lies. "He ate the flesh of a Ranger with rapacious glee. He will grow strong." A look to Caldwell next, and he lifts one shoulder, light glinting off the clasp of his cloak affixed there. "Weeks. One, maybe two. Time blurs in transit; measure a trip in landmarks, not days. Crossed the Long 15. Kept to the shadows, outside the Vegas lights, and crossed the Mojave. Saw wreckage, saw Rome, saw home. Would have stayed longer, but the child wept."

An incline of his feather-frilled head to the deathclaw.
Kaelyn Kae grins at Ashur then blinks at the dog.. She wanders over to him, then into the kitchen and returns with a bowl... It's full of meat cuttings and the like... She grins and moves to the base of the porch and waves the dog over... "Got something here for ya boy..." She says cheerfully and sets the large bowl down.. There's even a bone in it for the pup..

Kae glances to Ashur now... "Well they went home... THey were just visiting at the time. I just decided this was a good place to call home so I've been improving it." She says with a big grin... She then grabs a large metal mug, fills it with punch and tries to put that in Ashur's hand, along with a small plate with buttercreme iced chocolate cake and a fork.. She knows Ashur likes chocolate.. "That won't give you brainfreeze by the way..." She says, winking impishly before she sets about obtaining more fish tacos, some tamales, and other delectibles...
Guardian Caldwell A nod to Ashur by Caldwell is given. "Yikes. That kinda blows. The Enclave kinda used me as a testing dummy until Arnold saved me, though I thought for sure he was dead, wasn't he?" he asks curiously, scratching his chin before biting into a fish taco and washing it down with more punch. "When did you get a dog?" he asks, still chewing on taco!
Carter Griffin There's a frown from Carter as he hears Ashur talk about that Deathclaw eating a Ranger. But this is not the time or place. Plus he knows Ashur could probably break him in half with a funny glance so he decides against it for now.

Besides, if a Ranger couldn't take a baby Deathclaw then what the hell was he doing being a Ranger in the first place? Probably a rookie.

Carter takes a long drink from his Nuka Cola and then goes back to eating his food.
Tibbie "Awwww! Did you eat a big baddie baby? Yes you did! Y'sucha gooood boy Tibbazoid! Let's get you somethin cooked big boy!" Tibbie coos and heads over to the table with Ashur. She makes a pinching motion, instructing the little demonic-looking fella to pinch a plate with it's claws as she stacks a bit of everything onto his plate and making a meal on her own plate.

Tibbie's glued to Ashur's hip now that he's back. Tibbazoid's just as glued to Tibbie as well, he's quietly purring and gnawing on a ham hock she fished from the bean pot just for him.
"Sisters? Testing dummy?" Tibbie asks, still being friendly with the others here during this unexpected family reunion.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Tid bits. "Yeah..Enclave captured me and basically made me into a pincushion with a concoction of different drugs and the like. Wasn't fun. Anyway, thanks for everything guys. I'll be heading back to my home for now." with that he gets up, puts on his helmet, and begins heading off into the horizon
Ashur "The Ranger was already dead," Ashur explains to Tibbie. "A corpse tucked against a hillside rock overlooking a river. Broken and bleeding from battle; the Mojave's violence tests all. I took the canteen, and Tibba took the meat."

The bull lifts his hands and unfastens his helmet, setting it upon the table with a whump that rattles dishes. His lips are cracked, and his left cheek bears a long, thin scratch, curving just beneath the tired lines of his eye. "Be wary, my Tibbie; the parent loves the child, but that creature's parents are many, indeed, with longer claws than yours. Do not take it near their nesting grounds."

He'll take the food from Kaelyn and ease himself down to sit, drinking and eating with slow caution. She says there's no brainfreeze, but it is a fearsome foe, and suspicion justified.

But Dogmeat? Oh, that motherfucker's wigglin' and jigglin', snarfin' and scarfin', making a big ol' mess as it chomps into the bowl and huffs.
Kaelyn Kae smiles and waves to Caldwell "have a nice afternoon!" she calls out cheerfully.... She then occupies a seat on one of her steps, grinning a bit as she looks around "Yah Tibbs, I have umm, a -lot- of sisters as you might call it... Seems I'm not the only E.L.F or whatever it is you call me... The crazed scientist that created me, created two more ummm baseline models in his experiments, then has hused our DNA as baselines to clone many many more of us...."

Kae glances to Ashur now "Speaking of which, I may need to ask your help to go rescue a few... I'm getting particulars on their locations, but a few of my 'sisters' have been captured by the Enclave.. they really don't have a whole lot of time.." She adds and shrugs...

Kae then grins "Back to a lighter note. Soo what do y'all think of this place? I'm working on getting my gardens up to full production and all, but well ummm I'm trying to maybe also get an armor workshop built, got my weapons workshop done... Also need more computers inside the house and stuffs...."
Tibbie The brown-haired gal tsks her tongue when she sees the state of Ashur's face.
"Aww I aint got much left to worry about with the both of you back Jefecito." Tibbie grins and nods, still taking the advice from him.

"Well that's kinnda neato, cept for them bein in a jam like that, I'm sure we can get'm back in time we all here make a good team!" Tibbie assures Kae's problem.

"And the place is like dream Kae, you really got the best lil nook in New Mexico! I wouldn√Ęt add a single thing more, but that's a'acause I aint need anything sides that kitch and y'gardens, when you get them extra doo-dads well it'll be really homey for ya!" Tibbie compliments Kae's work and bites into her chimichanga. As she happily chews she's truly content in this moment; her friends and her Jefecito, her baby, real land, a days worth of cooking and a week's worth of leftovers, and even a pond to jump into later! It's a little slice of heaven cut just for her.
Ashur The talk of Enclave kidnappings, sisters, and future adventures stirs Ashur's blood. "What use would the Enclave have with them? They honor the purity of blood, untainted by the wasteland; you and yours wander these lands unprotected. They are not fit for breeding stock." He gorges himself on cake, eats fast and selfish, til the crumbs fleck his beard like little dark gemstones.
Jackson It felt weird to be walking through the wasteland again after everything he had been through. From simulations aboard the mothership, to crash-landing the damn thing in western New Mexico, it had been a crazy few weeks, and it definitely felt a bit refreshing to slow down the pace a little bit. Kaelyn's invitation was a welcome one. He'd gotten to know the strange woman quite well over the last weeks, and a relaxed dinner among friendly faces was something that the deputy's troubled mind needed right now. So, as he travelled amongst the rolling hills flanking the river, he was surprised to see how quaint and scenic Kaelyn's home was. As he approached, it definitely struck him as a sort of secrety paradise of sorts. The woman was lucky to have acquired such a property. As he approached the table where the guests had gathered, he nodded to each of them in turn, and removed his hat in a polite gesture of welcome.
Appreciate the invitation. Hell of a place ya' got here, Kaelyn. Hope the food tastes as good as the property looks."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur "Am thinking because our original purpose was as weapons before the bombs fell.." She says and shrugs "Well some of us... anyhoo we're also completely immune to most diseases, Radiation poisoning and mutation... Those sisters after me are purpose grown and done so fast..." She suggests... "Then again we might just be a curiosity them, or they're looking for psykers and trying to figure out how to mass manufacture psykers?" She says and shrugs "Lotsa things... "
% Kae peers at Jackson and grins "Yus, it is, Tibbie and I have been working on it all day.. I've learned lots from Tibbie..." she says cheerfully. She then oohs and adds "As far as upgrades in the future, Imma put a proper medical bay in, and get my gardens to where I can provide more food than just for my self and a few guests every now and then... Oh yah, and definatel more computers... Specially once that mothership wreck cools down, I'm gonna go in there and see what I can scrounge out and build new toys..." She suggests..."

Kae then peers again at Ashur again... "Anyhow, they're in Utah... I'm guessing they were captured because the Enclave was having trouble getting me, and when an opportunity to get another like me came the went at it..."
Carter Griffin "So are you going to do a rescue operation?" Carter asks, "I mean not that going against the Enclave is the best option.." Carter muses, "Wonder if at least some of them got kiled by falling debris.." He muses, "That would be nice.."
Jackson At the mention of the mothership, Jack let out a slight sigh, and purposelessly seemed to avoid discussing that topic in particular. In present company, he felt at though it wasn't the sort of thing he'd like to talk about at length. That being said, the talk of mysterious sisters and settlement building definitely gave him something to think about. He didn't realize that the woman had sisters-- were they really related, or were they just sister.. Experiments? The elven woman was wrapped in an aura of mystery that the deputy hadn't seemed to be able to penetrate. She'd explained a lot about herself to him already, but clearly, he still had a lot to learn about her. After he fixed himself a plate and found himself a place at the table next to Ashur, he piped in himself.
"If you need anybody to ask around about them for you, I'd be happy to. I've got sources all over these days. I'm sure I could get us pointed in the right direction at the very least. Especially if the Enclave's involved with them. I have a tendency to.. Keep an eye on their activities."
Ashur Stretching his legs out, Ashur reaches down and scratches behind Dogmeat's ears, listening to Kaelyn speak. "Utah? North, then; during our descent, I saw a piece of the vessel break that way, and crash like a fallen star. If it means striking a blow against the Enclave, I will aid your rescue. At least your sisters have some value, unlike the Dissolute kept in the cryopods."

He snorts, nostrils flared, looking off to the distance. The memory lingers, sour.
Kang     Springing up again after having wandered off a while back, Kang makes his way over towards the others and resumes eating again as if he'd never wandered off in the first place. "More food here still?" he asks and goes looking for the source that draws his nose most strongly. As he walks, he mentions, "Your lands are filled with many strange artifacts. Metal beasts slain and covered in red scales and the roads are very strange too, so much stone, I've never seen so much in one place, save on a mountain." Scooping himself up a bit more food, he takes a seat and starts to eat again.
Kaelyn Kae nods to Ashur "Could definately use your help.. I'll definately see about getting us some explosives or some such to really give the Enclave abloody nose..." She says and then a glance at Kang "Eat till your hearts content, Tibbie cooked enogh for a small army." she says and grins a bit..

Kae peers at Jackson now curiously, and then slips off her perch to go fetch him some punch.. She sets that down in front of him along with cake, then makes it a thing to get everyone a slice of chocolate cake.. She also gets Ashur fish tacos cause well, these are especially good...
Jackson Jack thanked Kae with a nod and a half-smile, then dug into the deliciois pastry like a man starved. Nothing could've possibly tasted so good in comparison to the shit they'd been fed aboard that alien ship. As Ashur referenced the lives of those still trapped inside of cryo stasis, he shook his head with a roll of his eyes.
"I wouldn't be so quick to judge the merit of the frozen, Ashur. It wasn't so long ago that you were among their number, as trapped and helpless as any of them. For all you know, there could be a warrior even stronger than you sealed within one of those tubes, just waiting to sink their teeth into the Enclave."
Ashur "I am without peer," the Legionnaire remarks to Jackson. "Even without my memories, I laid waste. If you think there a warrior whose merit surpasses that of the ship your imbecilic compassion saw ruined, send him to me; I will eat his heart."

Ashur rises to his feet and rolls his shoulders back, the heavy plates of his duraframe armor chafing. "That the lot of you did not die in a rush of hellfire was stroke of undeserved fortune; that your helpless trapped pets survived the crash the whim of providence. How many of them can live in this world, as it is? Taken from time, from tribe, and brought to a land the old world would call nightmare -- tsk. Opportunity squandered so you could jerk yourself off at night about how kind you are, with no thought to their torment after."
Kaelyn Kae ummms and rubs at the back of her neck before she shrugs slowly. "Folks make decisions, good or bad in the future. Right now we don't know how this decision is going to go.... There are probably people there that can benefit everyone Not to mention, there's enough of that ship we can scavenge and clean out to advance what we know of science at this point." She says and grins a bit. "Hind sight is 20/20 is what they say. To let that burden anyone one's self isn't the best thing in the world..." She says.
Ashur "It takes no hindsight to know that machine is rarer than people; people! Look around you, there is no lack of them. There are too many! Too many to feed, too many to house; and now, you weak-hearted El Doradoans have brought greater burden. Even the animals know to let the weak die, that the strong might concentrate resources."

He swings his arm low and grasps his helmet; in the moments before the emotionless visage of Mars conceals his own, his face is portrait of wrath, eyes afire and mouth twisted to expose teeth.

"Had Cassandra died in that crash, and my child inside her, your blood would drown the rising sun, and in its darkness your families would follow. You will never -- ever -- behave in such fashion again."

He spits, and the helmet settles. There is only Mars, now. "Enjoy your feast. Ten thousand empty stomachs won't."

He turns to storm off, furious.
Jackson Jackson maintained a stoaic sort of silence throughout the length of Ashur's barrage. Much as he wanted to raise a counter point, however thought out and logical it may have been, he knew it was a pointless gesture. The man stood firm in the face of his decision-- he was a killer, through and through. The problem the deputy had was the merit that he heard in the golden berserker's words. Yes, he'd saved countless lives-- but at what cost? The world as they once knew it was a shadow. A fleeting, flickering memory in their mind's eye. Little did he realize, it wasn't a miracle that they'd survived. It was because of everything that they'd done. As the shining titan rose from their table and marched off in a fuming cloud of rage, the deputy pushed his plate away from his hands.
"In his own way, he's not wrong." Jack said simply, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes.
"Who knows what sort of technology we'll never recover. Who knows how the hell we're going to feed, train, and accomodate all of these people? I can only till so much land, build so many houses. I made my choice, I stick by it, I would've made the same choice in a heartbeat. But that doesn't mean I have the answers he seeks. Little does he realize, my piloting was half the reason he and his unborn are still here."
Kaelyn Kae peers curiously "Ummm Well there is that, but what kind of knowledge will they bring with them? Maybe knowledge on how to better farm these lands? Maybe they'll know enough old science to help us out more in the long run and so on and so forth." she says and motions to her little green houses "My gardens aren't even at 10% production yet and I had more than enough to feed us here.. I'll have enough for the next few weeks then will be picking more fruit and veggies and these are tiny areas.." She says and grins just a bit.. "Honestly, to lament the choices we made is silly.. Figuring out what to do going forward in the future is what I think we sould do..." She says and shrugs. Yes she's the eternal optimist
Jackson "Lament isn't the term i'd use to describe my feelings on the matter. I don't regret it-- not one bit. It's just something that's going to take a hell of a lot of effort to account for." Jack replied simply, taking a tentative sip of the punch. It tasted dull to him. It wasn't as though it wasn't good, he was just... Struggling to keep things together in the wake of everything. He'd been doing the best he could to distract himself by preparing for the inevitable onslaught of refugees from the crash. The ship's remaining power would eventually die, if it hadn't already, and the life support systems would eventually force the people within to thaw out. For now, the most they could do was moniter the wreckage, and prepare for that eventuality.
"I'm in the process of refitting a plot of land myself. The crops'll be growing soon enough, , there's a small lake fed by springs connected to a deep-ground aquifer. It'll need people to help it along. Citizens to tend the fields, build homes, give people a chance to start over. I'll give as many of these people a chance that I can. Those who I can't take in myself, well.. There's Roswell, Acme, Avalon, New Vegas, the NCR, New Rome... I'm just going to have to do some running around. Shake hands with the right people, whisper in the right ears." At that last bit, Jack suddenly looked like he was feeling the exhaustion of his last days' efforts.
"We have an entire Federation's worth of resources, and we've done our best to form alliances with people that can give the survivors the right training. The right information. Hell, give them a chance. We just have to.. Well, get to work before they thaw. And keep an eye out for when they do. That way, they can all be brought up to speed on the state of the world, and what exactly happened to them."
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly "Am thinking we set up a bit of a settlment or a base around the crash site... Maybe even set up a place to take the folks as they thaw bring them in and debrief them on their situation... See what we can do for them going forward and debrief them... Also there's still so much stuff in that wreck I think we can still gain quite a bit of benifit for the alliance from it and the people there..." She says and grins just a bit...
Jackson Jack nodded to her in response, and idly ran his hands through his slicked back hair before taking another sip of his drink. Ideas were fine, a plan was good, putting their thoughts on the right track helped, but right now? He didn't have the willpower to do any of that. For one night, for once in his life, he just wanted to.. Sit down. So, when he spoke again, he shifted the topic of conversation entirely.
"So Kae. What do you do for fun, anyway? We've talked, we've eaten. Hell-- we've killed together. But.. I feel like I don't even know who you are."
Kaelyn CORA's avatar appears on the porch, the blue-tinted see-through woman waving "She doesn't completely know who she is! Part of what happened to her 200 years ago!" She says cheerfully...

Kae stares at CORA and then shrugs at Jackson "Pretty much... Anyhoo what you've seen of me is really me, It's why I didn't stop being who I was even on the ship with our memories gone.. I only have a little over a year and a half of memories.... Everything else is umm genetic or programmed memory... Some memories are locked away and those gradually will kind of unlock in time.." She says and shrugs slowly....

"For lack of a better, term, I'll use something I heard the Knox brothers said. I'm a bio construct..."
Jackson At the woman's explanation, Jack couldn't help but chuckle a bit. Especially when her quirky companion intelligence put it's two cents in to their conversation.
"I understand that much, I've heard the whole story. But you mean to tell me you don't just.. Take a walk? Listen to music? Read books? Yeah, you might be a bio-organic construct, but you're still a person, with a heart and a soul and a mind. I think that.. Maybe you shouldn't be so concerned with WHAT you are, so much as wWHO you are."
Kaelyn Kae ummmms..... "I work on this place? I build my aquaponics systems, work on my fusion generator, ummm I'm slowly aquiring components to create computers.. I've built a workshop to build and upgrade weapons... It's even got a cnc mill in it..." She says and rubs at the back of her neck... "I even practice with weapons now and then?" she says, idly fiddling with her phaser pistol then with a grin firing, this hitting the center of a bulls eye some 50 yards away... "Nice thing about the generator, if I don't go bonkers here while using the energy stuff, I can avoid using ammo and having to burn up SEC's and MFC's
Jackson If nothing else, the woman was a hell of a shot. She'd knocked out the center of that target from fifty paces with a flick of the wrist, and didn't so much as break a sweat. And judging off of the way her home was shaping up, she was quite the scientific mind. Glancing at one of her nearby targets, jack quick drew his gauss revolver, and let out a quick snapshot directly through the center from the same distance Kae had. With a smirk, the deputy dramatically blew on the tip of his gun's barrel, holstered it, and cracked a grin toward the red-eyed Kae.
"Not a bad shot, figured I'd do the same." He said, maintaining his grin.
"I fiddle around with most things scientific myself, but lately, I've been particularly interested in robotics. After I fixed up that Mr. Handy on the mothership, he actually managed to survive the crash. Pulled me out of the wreckage, even. I figure the least I could do was give him a home as a thanks. Aside from that? I just indulge the baser urges. Sleep, eat, fuck. The usual."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods slowly.. Then CORA interjects "Kae only needs a couple hours a day of sleep... " Kae blinks and shrugs "Umm I Sleep more than that, CORA's just messing with you..." CORA then pouts and stomps a foot, cheeks puffing out comicly "Ruin my fun!" Kae then shrugs...

She glances at the shot that Jackson made and nods.. "I can help somewhat with restoring robots.." she says and smiles slightly...
Jackson taking another drink of his punch and another bite of ckae, Jack smiled at the mention of her help.
"I'd really appreciate that, actually. I'm alright, but.. Not exactly the best when it comes to that kind of thing. But sleeping? Shit. I'd sleep all day if I could. And don't get me started on eating and the other thing."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods.... "Umm yaaah, I eat lots... I do sleep, enjoy my naps every now and then... Sometimes I like to float on my back in my pond and relaxe that way...." She says and then grins a bit.. "Anyhoo Imma thinking Imma gonna be making an armor shop here pretty soon.. I needs to make some kind of armor that's segmental that will go with this body suit that will aid in stealth. maybe with some active cammo
Jackson "Floating in a pond does sound.. Surprisingly nice, actually." Jack replied lamely, smiling like an idiot at the youthful thought. It'd been ages since he'd had the sort of time and carefree nature to do that sort of thing. This one was really a breath of fresh air. Between her and Tibbie, he was starting to feel like he was up to his eyes in optimism.
"In terms of armor, I don't think that's a bad idea at all. Particularly the camo. You could always try to reverse-engineer a suit of stealth armor, maybe a few stealth boys. Then you might be able to improve it's effective range and capacity. With that windmill over there, you could do the kind of research most wastelanders only dream about."
Kaelyn Kae looks to the windmill "That's the water pump..." She says cheerfully, "I have a microfusion generator here too...." She adds and shrugs slowly... "Am wishing I can come p with a means of harnessing the sun for energy in the future too.. That might be quite efficient..."
Jackson With a smile of his own, Jack nodded in affirmation. She certainly had a hell of a lot of plans for this place. Then again, the same went for Parkes Point. There was a hell of a lot he needed to get in order up his way before the place could be considered even remotely livable to outsiders.
"It's all so damn exhausting, sometimes. There's always something else to do, always something else to tackle. Certainly too much for me to do by myself anymore. Between the land, the garage, the house, the barn-- I don't even have time to sit down and talk like this anymore. Not most times, anyway."
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "Welcome to life out here. We're rebuilding civilization. We're gonna have to work twice as hard as newer generations and so on so we can build to the future and whatnot.. Just too bad human nature makes it so we can't work together.." She says and she shrugs again "Yay for the life of living in the wastes in a post nuclear holocaust age!"
Jackson "I'd argue that human nature, complicated as it is, is simultaneously what keeps us together and drives us apart. It's not so much that we CAN'T work together, it's more so that certain individuals ask for too much." As he spoke, he leaned back into his chair, putting his glasses back on and removing a small flask from his duster. He pulled off it's polished steel cap, and took a sip of the whiskey inside of it with a soft sigh following it's burning journey into his gut.
"My parents did it. Hell, they even found love. Now that? That's astounding to me."
Kaelyn Kae nods "Yup Human nature is a wierd dichotomy..... One group of humans telling others what to do and so forth, willingto work toward that end, but not willing to help the other group and so on..." She says and smiles slightly.. "Capable of so much hate and so much understanding and love toward another all at the same time..." She says and grins just a bit... "Anyhoo, I'mma gonna go and grab some scavenging and a patrol or two... If you like you're welcome to hang here and enjoy the food..."
Jackson The deputy took a moment to think on what Kaelyn had said in response to his own words, then, after finishing his plate and his drink, he put on his hat and rose from his chair. As she said-- this was the nuclear wasteland, and there was plenty that needed to be done. It was nice to sit down for a while, but the world didn't stop turning for them. He'd basically seen as much firsthand. So, as he adjusted his glasses and hat, he gave the elven girl a respectful dip of his head before going on his way.
"It's been a pleasure, as always. I've gotta' start winding my way back up toward Mojave. Unfortunately, I've got a garage full of ghouls with my name on it. Take it easy though, Kae." And with that said, the deputy began his journey back toward El Dorado, and back toward the Mojave.