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Carter Griffin The NCR abandoned El Dorado. They had done it a while back, when the city and surrounding areas had decided to become their own would-be country instead of falling under the banner of the NCR.

Carter had disagreed with that decision, but had remained in El Dorado due to his outstanding mission objectives. Time had passed, and he had heard back time and again that the NCR had been working with raiders against El Dorado. The embasy had stayed locked and abandoned, until Carter's recent return from outer space. He had made the decision to become a Desert Ranger, but wanted to make sure he had fully cleared this place out. So he'd broken in, forcing the door with a crowbar and now was going through anything that had been left during NCR's flight out of the town.
Doc     Wandering in the desert, the native american man in Vault-Tec attire checked the Mil-Pip 3000 on his wrist. He was still dead-levels of irradiated, but he didn't look like a ghoul any more. Not since the mothership. The rads in here were just barely above background levels. He stepped in, imagining that the door had likely been forced a long time ago. He then stopped and kicked his own carelessness. There was somebody else in the building. He raised a hand and tried some nicities first. "Hey," he says.
Carter Griffin When the sound of footsteps behind him is heard, Carter instinctively reaches for the holster on his hip, turning his head. Of course he's inside of El Dorado in a technical sense, so shooting someone dead is generally frowned upon. He rises back up from where he had been working and turns to face Doc, "Hey back." He replies, though his hand stays resting on the holster, he's not tensed up or anything like he's ready to draw, "You look familiar."
Doc     Doc nods. "Likewise." He adjusts his Vault-Tec hat as he looks Carter over. "Didn't I see you aboard the alien ship once or twice?"
Carter Griffin "Yeah. I think the main one was when we went on the smaller ship inside of the bigegr one." He replies, "And a few other times. The arena a bit, if I remember correctly."
Doc     Doc looks at his arm and adjusts his open, yellow trenchcoat. "Something like that," he says. He takes a deep breath and lets it out. "I just hope we did the right thing up there." He looks around the room before looking back at Carter. "So...what are you doing poking around an NCR outpost?"
Kaelyn Well, it's not every day someone wanders into this place wh has nothing to do with the NCR. ok it's probably every day, but not often a bouncey-white-haired dark skinned pointy eared lady comes litterally bouncing in while wearing a starfleet uniform. The sleevless kind from wrath of khan era... She pauses just inside and looks around curiously, as she fiddles with her pip boy, aka CORA, whos currently flail-slapping at her finger with her holo-sprite avatar... Kae's poking at said avatar.... Yup those two are easily amused
Doc     Doc turns. His synth-flesh seems to have been maintained after the crash, somehow. The answer probably had to do with science. His eyes seem a bit strange, however. He smiles as he sees the elven beauty enter. "Party's just getting started, apparently," he says. "I just keep running into you two, don't I," he adds, assuming that is CORA whom Kaelyn is messing with. "I'm not really fond of describing things as fate, but this is starting to lean that way."
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "Probably more akin to statistical probability. I live nearby so frequent Eldorado... Also word gets around when strange things go on and since I gravitate toward that and all..." She says and grins a bit... "That and I'm here to see about selling a bunch of spare weapons off... I gota pile of the buggers..."
Doc     Doc nods as Kaelyn speaks. "I'm afraid I've gotten a rather random debt of...just ridiculous proportions. While I'm more than willing to take stuff off your hands, I couldn't pay anything for it." He shrugs. "C'est la vie, as it were."
Carter Griffin "I'm poking around an NCR Outpost because as far as I know I am the only representative of the NCR still in El Dorado." Carter replies, "I could ask you both the same thing, hello Kaelyn, but honestly I know I'm the outsider here in this city...Even though I've lived around here longer than most." He actually does crack a smile, "Truth be told I'm looking for any momentos of the NCR before I officially join the Desert Rangers. I have heard rumors several cities in the NCR were hit bad during the Enclave's attack."
Kaelyn Kae ooohs "Looking for souvineers then?" she asks curiously and rubs the back of her neck curiously.. "Also thinking of Desert rangers?" she asks again then tilts her head "Sounds interesting...." she adds then umms and looks to Doc "What did you get a big loan for anyhoo?"
Doc     "Oh god," Doc says. "The Enclave." He shakes his head. "I am so sick of hearing about those guys." He furrows his brow and thinks for a moment. "You know," he says after a moment, "I bet we could probably find Vault 30 after that simulation, provided it was accurate, geographically." He itches his eyes. "Damn my eyes," he says, rubbing at them like they've gone un-goggled through a gravel storm. He blinked hard several times, then went back to rubbing them as he shook his head slightly at Kaelyn's question. "I don't know," he said. "I came back from the mothership and went to the bank and my balance had basically been flipped to negative, with a bit of negative interest."
Carter Griffin "Well that's...Probably bad." Carter says, though he spots Doc's Mil-Pip, "I could be persuaded to help you out. I mean I don't have enough caps to bail you out entirely, but we survivors gotta stick together, you know? Help each other out when we can. I could offer a trade. Some caps and gear you can sell in exchange for something."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Doc "Eyes bothering you? That treatment they give you in the alien ship wearing off?" she asks curiously... She rubs at the back of her neck again and glances around curiously.... "Ummm exactly how much in the hole areyou? And have you any idea why you're in the hole?" she asks...
Doc     "I wouldn't mind the help," Doc says. He looks at his Mil-Pip again, pondering selling it just to get out of debt. He was planning on giving it to Megan, once he figured out how to get her safely out of stasis, but-- "I bet alien gear would sell for a bunch," he thinks aloud as he looks at the reflection of his eyes in the pip-boy's screen. In the dark of the room, his eyes are...curiously visible. They're glowing green, like a glowing one, though his pip-boy isn't freaking out about radiation, at least not active radiation. He still had enough rads to drop anything not immune, so he could tell he was still a ghoul on the inside. He touches his cheek with his right hand and mutters to himself, "Huh. That's interesting."
Mellie Mellie peers as she makes her way into the NCR embassy. A quick look behind her and in she comes! She shuts the door quickly and awkwardly smiles at the NCR personnel who are probably staring at her for her strange behavior, "Sorry! I thought I heard a deathclaw outside and I didn't bother looking behind me to sprint towards the first hidey hole I saw.. which happens to be here! Can't outrun deathclaws.. don't ask me how I know that either.."
Carter Griffin "I managed to pry a pistol out of the hands of a dead one on the ship," Carter says, "But I'll be damned if I know how to use it. I could barely get those weird laser guns working and I actually have practice with those." He muses for a moment, "Could trade you that pistol and some caps and some of the shards of alien metal for that Pip-Boy?" He offers, "It'd be a pretty fair trade and would help you pay off your debt."
Doc     Doc looks at the new entrant and starts to wonder if this tiny NCR room is going to be strong enough to contain them all. He knew for a fact that at least one of them was a powerful being. He seemed to be a barely-contained radiation bomb right at the moment, and he wasn't sure he wanted this pip-boy on his arm constantly reminding him of how dead he should be. "You know," he says. "Unless someone makes me a better offer, I'm tempted to take you up on that. I've lived a hundred and fifty years without a pip-boy. It's not like I don't know how to get by without one." He unclasps the thing from his wrist and looks at his reflection in the screen again, eyes eerily looking back at him as the lack of an arm causes the device to shut off, not even the little cartoon character standing in the way of that reflection.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Mellie curiously and ummms "Honestly? There is very little likelyhod of there being a Deathclaw inside the city... Too many guards and fighters around... That deathclaw wouldn't live long.." She says then oohs "Less it's Tibbie with her little baby deathclaw, then it's entirely possible.." She comments and rubs at the back of her neck... "Which pistol you trading anyhoo? One of the starfleet phaser thingies?"
Mellie Mellie answers Kaelyn, "I know.. that was what was so strange about it. But if I think I hear one of those things I am not taking chances. Super Mutants are just as bad." She looks around, "I've seen plenty of those but never fought one. Never met anyone who has fought one either. It's just best to ruuuun awayyy..." She's a little odd.
Carter Griffin "They're no joke." Carter says, as he looks to Mellie, "Unless you know you can take one, it's best to steer clear." In response to Kae's question, carter pulls his backpack off and reaches inside, pulling out the sleek, alien pistol, "As far as I can tell it's still fully loaded. Damned if I can figure out what kind of ammo it uses though." He says, as he turns the handle towards Doc to offer it to him, "And if you want I can offer you a replacement Pip Boy. It's an older model but it'll still work for you."
Kaelyn Kae peers at the alien blasters.. "You can convert em to Mfc's but it takes 1k worth of resources to convert em.... I know how to do the job, have the facility to do it, just not the extra resources...' she suggests... she then holds up he phaser pistol. "I want to try and duplicate the technology in this gun to be honest..."
Doc     "The more resources you can give me, the better." Doc looks around, then holds out the Mil-Pip 3000 at arm's length. "This feels weird to do with so many people around and watching our every move." He smirks playfully as though he's not really all that concerned about it.
Mellie Mellie nods at Doc as she starts to walk closer, very eager to talk it seems, "You are telling ME! They don't even TRY to calm down! Just one look at a human and they go berserk! I don't know where they come from or why they exist but.. I wouldn't miss them if the planet opened up and swallowed every single one of them.."
Salvation Jane A newcomer approaches the NCR building. Nearing the door, the darker skined woman known as Salvation Jane steps in and looks around curiously. Her brown eyes move to each individual, perhaps looking for one in particular. But whom?
Kaelyn Kae peers and waves to Jane now curiously, the tall elf-like woman well she stands out more than the fellow with the green glowy eyes.... Probably anyhow... She holds up her phaser pistol and shows it to Doc now, grinning "Whatcha think about this thingie?" she asks curiously...

Her crimson eyes carry to Jane again and she smiles before waving, then she looks over to Mellie and umms "I only worry about super mutants in large numbers to be honest...." then again Kae can boast a lot of experience and training.
Carter Griffin "Well I've got a pretty decent amount of caps saved up. I figure I can give them to you, along with that gun and this older Pip-Boy and you can pawn off the Pip-Boy and keep the gun. Since I know you can use that type of thing...At least I'm pretty sure you can." Carter notes, as he sets the gun down on a table, and then grabs the Pip-Boy 2000 Plus out of the pack and sets it next to it. Last but not least he puts a bag of caps down.
Doc     Picking up the swag from the table, Doc sets the military pip-boy down. He aims down the sights of the alien blaster like a pro, maneuvering the controls on it like it's an old friend. "I think this is a different model than mine," he says. "Little bit newer, maybe. Mine IS about 200 years old."
Carter Griffin Carter grabs the Mil-Pip and then unlocks it. He rolls the sleeve on his left arm up and then locks it on. Flipping the switch, it goes through it's boot up process before the smiling face of Vault Boy gives him a thumbs up, "I'll never understand that mascot."
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane moves quietly over to the side, waiting patiently as the group talks. She offers a nod to Kaelyn as she offers the wave. Her glance flits towards Carter and Doc and she seems more intent on speaking to one or both of them. Perhaps it's why she came here to begin with.
Mellie Mellie watches the transaction taking place, and she keeps talking, "Even ONE super mutant is enough to ruin your day." She is talking to Kaelyn now, "I watched two of them argue once right? One of them accidentally spilled a keg of.. something on their radio. The radio shorted out and they couldn't get it working again. The other super mutant got so pissed off that he threw a tantrum and killed a death claw!! I was so scared.. I got out of there quick.." Whether Mellie is exaggerating or not is unclear, but the look in her eyes says she is convinced that she saw that happen.
Kaelyn Kae smiles again at Mellie.. "If you know what you're doing, super's aren't too bad... Death Claws are avoidable... Killable too but tough... "She says and rubs the back of her neck... "Generally I just sneek around the death claws, wipe out supermutants when I can... " She says and shrugs. She really doesn't like super mutants....
Doc     Doc notices Millie eyeing him. He looks at her with freshly glowing eyes and asks, "You look like you've got something on your mind," he says. "Talk at me."
Carter Griffin "Considering the constant threat the Super Mutants pose, I'm with you Kae." Carter says, as he fiddles with the new Mil-Pip a bit, "One day we need to find out exactly where they're coming from and take it out. The expedition we ran helped but...There's still more out there. Too many more."
Mellie Mellie widens her eyes, unable to believe what she is hearing. She is staring at Kae, "You.. WIPE OUT super mutants??" She BLINKS, "Where have you people been all my life?? I love travelling, it's what I do with myself really. I travel the wasteland, find places to prospect, and I take everything I can carry out. I'd probably be rich by now if super mutants and death claws weren't crawling out of every radiated pore in the planet's crust! Running away is my only option most of the time unless I happen to have explosives on me, which isn't as often as I would like. I used up all of my dynamite trying to break into a rumored gold mine last week but the shaft caved in.. I never claimed to be the master at demolitions.." She sighs, "I don't know who you guys are but wow.. it's like I found a league of superheroes or something!"
Doc     Doc raises an eyebrow and lifts a hand to touch his face, reminding himself that he still had eyebrows. He shoves his newfound alien weapon in a pocket, then says, "I don't know about superheroes," he says, trying to forget that his eyes were currently glowing like one and he was immune to radiation. He also did everything he could to save people. He had done his whole, long life. He also was in possession of two highly advanced, alien weapons. Maybe he was a superhero? "Killing a bully doesn't make you a hero. No, if we were heroes, we would do a lot more to help the bad guys onto the path of good. All I've got is that I'm doing my damnedest to try and cure feralism in ghouls."
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane turns while the gruop discusses super mutants and super heroes, looking around the room. She isn't trying to listen in to the conversation as she waits, but at the moment it's a bit difficult not to. Still she tries to focus elsewhere, her gaze falling on the NCR guard positions and the machine gun nest. Lot of firepower in just this area alone, really.
Carter Griffin Carter listens to all this talk of superheroes and such. He's read old comics of The Unstoppables before. The Silver Shroud and Grognak and what not, "Yeah I don't think we're superheroes. We're just folks trying to make it day to day." He says, trying to not brag about past accomplishments. Not in his nature, "You're being kinda quiet there, niss." He says, as he looks to Jane, "Don't worry we don't bite."
Kaelyn Kae umms "Well from what I've seen these amalgum FEV creatures call Abominations can spit out Super mutants... Also the Enclave loves to make em and drop em on cities..." She says and rubs at the back of her neck... "They only view their own as humans, and look for well folks who don't carry an inherant strain of non-active FEV or something like that..." She says and shrugs "Soo my best guess, to wipe out Super Mutants one needs to destroy Abominations, and well find a permanent cure for the FEV strain as well wiping out the Enclave would take a world power that could rival one of the pre-war powers I think..." She says

Kae glances to Mellie and nods "Yah, I generally snipe em at a distance if I can. If I get too close I either telekineticly rend them apart or just shoot them lots with a fully automatic weapon... Or now that I have it I can use an energy weapon.." She adds going into rather gruesome detail on how she normally takes em out... "Also timers in molotav coctails, and a spinny shiny thing on the end works really good with Super mutants, they get attracted to that thing... Most of the time I use some kind of bait to lure them together then make se of my Beowulf to remove the issue..."
Mellie Mellie BLINKS again, "You guys are.. amazing!!" She still can't believe it, "I'm Mellie.. from Goodsprings. You've probably never heard of it. It's this really small town near Primm.. well you probably don't know about Primm either. New Vegas is.. kind of close by? Anyhow we never seen anyone like you around there, it's so small, and quiet! I mean.. geckos are the worst thing you have to worry about.. sometimes giant wasps. That's why I started prospecting! I wanted to see the world! The world happens to be a lot scarier than I ever thought but I get by.."
Doc     Doc couldn't help but smile. He rubs the back of his neck almost bashfully as he says, "Well, thanks. But really, we're just doing the best we can. We're all in this together, after all."
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane looks to Carter as he speaks of not biting. She laughs lightly. "I didn't think that you did. But I was raised not to be rude and interrupt. Nothing I had to ask was a matter of life or death so I figured I would wait for a polite moment?" She offers a shrug. "Anyway. I'm a new arrival. Name's Jane." She glances between the four others.
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods, smiling and offering a bow to Jane "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Kaelyn.." She now looks to Melie and smiles "Yer name" she asks curiously, then motions to Doc "That's umm Doc... I think he was called Ash a few times on the ship..." She then motions to Carter.. "There's Carter, he's with the NCR, at least currently.."
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods, smiling and offering a bow to Jane "Pleasure to meet you. I'm Kaelyn.." She now looks to Melie and smiles "Yer name" she asks curiously, then motions to Doc "That's umm Doc... I think he was called Ash a few times on the ship..." She then motions to Carter.. "There's Carter, he's with the NCR, at least currently.."

Suddenly a little holographic sprite appears hovering above Kae's wrist. "I'm CORA!" She then points and waves the pointy finger comicly at Kae "Rudness here didn't bother introducing me!" Kae then peers, if she could sweatdrop she would... "The Goofy A.I...." meanwhile CORA is sending up holo letters C ... O ... R ... A over and over again while she pantomimes making smoke signals, complete with a feather in her blue hair.. Kae pauses in speaking, now just staring at CORA... She says in a flat voice "She's getting worse...."
Carter Griffin "I know Goodsprings." Carter replies, "On the border of the Mojave Wasteland and NCR territory. At least last time I was there, I have no idea if NCR is securing it or not, but it's near the NCRCF, so I'd imagine so." Carter hmms, "Came all the way out here from Goodsprings, huh? I'm glad you made it, some of those Legion patrols can be hard to get through."
Mellie Mellie is clearly impressed, "CORA is adorable!! There used to be this robot in Goodsprings.. really weird thing that used to roll around. He had this cowboy personality.. one day he just vanished." She shrugs.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane looks to Kaelyn and smiles. "Hello Kaelyn." Her gaze follows around. "Doc..." She lightly points a finger in his direction. ".. you're actually who I'm here to talk to when you have some time.." she adds then nods to the others, "...Carter.." And... she looks to Millie, having not caught her name yet.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Mellie, as CORA takes on a puffy-cheeked smug expression.. Kae then asides to Mellie in an almost conspiratory whisper "Please don't encourage her.." She says and smiles a bit before winking to Mellie... Kae then glances to Jane and nods "Yup got it right." She says now genuinely smiling... Even if she's kind of a bit of a one person gun bunny/wrecking crew, Kaes rather happy go lucky
Mellie Mellie glances at Jane, "Like I said, I'm Mellie! From Goodsprings!" She looks at CORA again, "Does CORA have.. a sister?!"
Carter Griffin With his business transaction completed, and with Kae being the center of attention of the others, Carter takes this time to slip out of the NCR embassy and head back into El Dorado proper.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane nods to Mellie. "Sorry, I missed you saying it earlier I think. It's nice to meet you though, Mellie." She looks up as Doc is called away for something important. "Well.. I'll have to catch him another time. And the rest of you, too, probably. It was nice to meet you all though."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Melie and is about to say when CORA calls out "Nope! One of a Kind!" She then points a finger at Kae "Don't think she could deal if I had a sister!!!" She calls out, Kae ten sighs and peers at CORA... "Umm I don't think the world could handle it if there were another of you.." She says and glances to Mellie "Anyhow to make a 'sister' of CORA one would have to coppie her subroutines into another system then memories and hope the mesh in such a way that that program achieves sentience..."

CORA then calls out "Kae has sisters! Loooots and loooots of cloned sisters!!!" Kae then sighs... "CORA..." she ten promptly shakes her arm at a rather blinding rate... CORA her self flailing her arms while calling out "Eeeee! Dizzyyyyy!"
Mellie Mellie blinks, "Wow! I don't know anything about AI or.. clones. But I would love to have my own CORA one day.. or at least a robot friend. I could use someone who can shoot better than me at least. When it's not super mutants or deathclaws, it's rad scorpions or bandits.. or powder gangers. Well.. powder gangers probably aren't a problem out here, that's more of a New Vegas and Vegas region problem.."
Kaelyn Kae peers for a few moments. "Well learning how to shoot wouldn't be a bad idea..." she says simply... She tilts her head and grins "So gotta introduce you to Tibbie...." She says with a slight smile... "You two would get along splendedly!"
Mellie Mellie widens her eyes, "I'm.. not really a good shot.. I mean I am just not wired for that kind of thing!" She laughs nervously and scratches her head, "It's um.. well it's why people who know me usually hand me a grenade launcher or.. a grenade?"
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly "Well never hurts to push a second skill set... Maybe heavy weapons or some such?" She asks curiously and umms "Or melee or hand to hand..." She says and smiles "All of that is very useable, and just needs to take time to grow!" she says and beams....
Mellie Mellie keeps blinking in disbelief, "I am just a prospector! I am not like.. you guys.. It's better if I find someone who is already good at shooting and just bring them with me!" She laughs nervously again, "I usually just sneak my way past things that want to hurt me.. and then hope I can find a door heavy enough to shut behind me."
Kaelyn Kae smiles and shrugs "Well there's a time where you can't just slip away, run away, or might not even have folks with you who can save ya... NEver hurts to be prepared... But it's still yer decision..." She says and shrugs. "A lesson I kinda learned the hard way.. Anyhow, I gotta go wander around in the wastes... You have fun with your prospectin!"
Mellie Mellie smiles, "See ya! I need to find a robot.. yes that is next on my list I think.." She starts to wander towards the exit herself.