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Kaelyn Word's gotten out about a location of some Enclave information. People don't quite know exactly what kind of enclave data it might be, but it's being held onto by Reavers. A request went out to well stop said Reavers, not just because they have the data, but they're a strong enough group that together they can hit a well armed Enclave research facility and as such they need be dealt with.

The Alamo had actually gone as far as sending out a couple vertibirds to pick up anyone willing to help out, and well Kae of all people was the one heading up this mission. She'd gone around asking those she knows and anyone interested to swing by her little neck of the woods for pickup.

The Texas Brotherhood was afterall quite prompt landing and picking up those waiting near her house, and now they're litterally winging it toward a drop off point.

Kae is currently near the front, tinkering with what looks like a Mil-pip of sorts, on her is her trusty carbine, a couple energy weapons and wel lshe's wearing her armored body suit and starfleet uniform of all things... Seems she thinks they're quite comfy.. Those looking out side will see the ground pass by in rapid fassion... Occasionally Kae will open up her communicator and talk to folks in the other bird or just the pilots as it's easier to talk to them via the communicators rather than put down what she's working on...
Vera Vera is up in the cockpit of the bird, the militia not having such nice things. Its not often that she gets to fly as much as she wants. Sora sits straped into one of the jump seats, just staring out the window.
Doc     Doc also showed up. It turns out any opportunity to capture Enclave scientific equipment is something he'll jump at. Also: He hates anyone who preys on people just trying to make a way in the wasteland, and reavers seem to him to be exactly that. He holds onto his Vault-Tec-issue yellow hat as his trenchcoat billows in the vertibird downblast of air, giving him a look reminiscent of when he burst through a certain simulation window.
Mellie Mellie has never been in a vertibird before. She clutches a puke bag tightly, grimacing at the strange sensation of being in the air, "Are we THERE yet?! My dinner was expensive.. I don't want to waste it PLEASE!" She looks out of a window with an anxious look on her face.
Ashur The Rangers rule the Citadel, and all sin in Texas is theirs to punish; it is no surprise, then, that Ashur has been called to this mission, to fulfill the obligations he owes beyond his crusade against the mutant army that stole his name.

The behemoth lurks in the back of the lead vertibird. None linger near him; he is a mountain peak, cruel and uncrossable, swollen in the darkness with ill intent. Shelled in black gold, an enormous white cloak drawn about him such that he seems frozen-over, only the red eyes of his war-mask move, baleful lights that shimmer a reflection of all on the outside.

He waits, while Kaelyn tinkers with his property, silent. The humming song of the vertibird rocks his heavy bones.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane is one of the new girls. She's largely an unknown other than briefly meeting DOc, Kaelyn, Mellie and Jackson a day earlier. But hearing of the request for help? Well, Jane has no real love for the Enclave. And what better way to get to know her new neighbors than to go out on a search and destroy mission as it were. She settles into the vertibird's seating, head back and eyes closed for the moment. As the craft takes off, she turns to look out at the ground as it passes below. "Sure could have used one of these on my walk out here..."
Doc     Doc's free hand clutches the alien weapon he's had since that night Megan One disappeared. That was a fateful night for everyone involved. Doc looks back at Jane and smiles. "I designed these," Doc says. "I never thought they'd be used for 200 years. Shows you what proper maintenance will get you."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Doc "Am sure they're building new ones too... The designs have changed somewhat.." Yep another fragment in the 'elf's' rather jumbled mind.. She looks to CORA who's got her sprite now human size and is walking circles around Kaelyn.. dissapearing sa she 'walks through teh wall' and reappearing on the other side... Kae then glances down at the work at hand, finally installing the last disk...

She grinsat Mellie... "Take a very deep breath, then look out the window... Sometimes that helps... " she says cheerfully, it might help with her anyway...

Kae's eyes now go to Jane and she grins "Yaaah these things are sure convenient..." She adds and then hops to her feet...

A few steps later she's handing both the pip-boys back to Ashur and motions to them "Installed and running sir... " She says happily, then ooh's... She pulls from her pocket a chocolate bar... "This was made from those cocoa beans I'm groing in my green houses... Fresh chocolate..." She says to the guy, leaving him with the food while she walks back up to the front...

Kae peers at CORA who's still walking circles around her before sighing "Need a map now, sooo..." CORA salutes all military style as Kae hits a button and makes a holo map appear above her arm... "So! Basically we have a large group of reavers in vehicles... We have a direction and we should be deploying out in front of them.. We'll rappel down a rope instead of the birds landing this way it won't disturb things too much and make it so we can't see.. Am suggesting an ambush of sorts I guess.. I'm going to use my phaser to try and disable the vehicles, giving Ashur there the chance to close in to Melee range... I'm suggesting we all fan out and move in using cover to try and support him and keep his flanks safe.. We don't want any of those crazie techno-humping monkeys out there getting behind him.."
Vera Vera hmmms, and turns to look back to Sora..."We really gotta get us one of these. Make things a lot more fun." Sora nods her head, "I'll file the paperwork and put it in the when hell freezes over file." Vera sighs, "Your prolly right.." She then turns as Kae starts a briefing. "Oh, I don't know..sometimes a little dust storm is just what the doctor orders."
Doc     Doc nods as he looks at Kaelyn's holo-map. His own left arm is clad in an alien-built pip-boy as he reaches out with that hand to point at the map. "They're going to use those vehicles for cover," he said above the vertibird din. "Will your phaser pierce the fission reactors? If so, we need to stay well back from those."
Mellie Mellie widens her eyes as she stares out the window, "It's not working! I still feel like I am going to lose my lunch! I hope this bag is ready.."
Ashur The armored giant's cloak slips away from his front, arms sliding out. There now lie exposed the heavy plates of the Hellfire armor, the tendons of augmented musculature at the elbow joint flexing as he secures the military Pip-Boy around his left forearm. "Thanks, amicus," the once-Legionnaire responds, depositing the candy and the old Pip-Boy in a footlocker to be retrieved later.

He steps forward, to the door of the vertibird, gazing out across the horizon and the landscape that flows, exposed and naked, beneath them. "What need is there to rappel and pursue? Fly over them, and I will jump."
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane looks to Doc. "I'm impressed. Never knew somebody who was somebody before. Other than this one ghoul who said he used to be the next big singing sensation. But that was kind of hard to prove so..." She shrugs, looking to Kaelyn as the plan is laid out. "I know my way around a gun but I'm no soldier. Just a girl who tinkers and talks on the radio."
Mellie Mellie looks down at her backpack, "I'd drink the whiskey I have with me but that would probably make it worse! How much longer until we land?!"
Doc     Doc shrugs and smiles. "Believe it or not, I'm a ghoul. Obviously, pre-war born. I think I am, anyway. It's really hard to tell, scientifically." He holds up his Pip-Boy for her consideration. "Rads say I should be dead, so that's good enough for now." He winks a glowing eye at her. "And the gamma headlights are another giveaway."

    Doc looks at Ashur for a moment. He had seen the giant in action, so he believed he could truly jump from this height and survive, power armor or not. Looking over at Millie, he says, "Whatever you have to do to do this, try to make your mental image of what motion we're experiencing line up with what you see. Depth perception is hard at this range, so remind yourself not to rely on it." He wasn't sure how much any of that would help. It should, in theory, but it had been so long since he had had his first vertibird ride.
Kaelyn Kae smiles at Doc "My intention is to take out their wheels... I should be able to do that with the pistol." she says simply, then she glances to Ashur curiously "Ummm Right now we're going at about 5000 feet in the air and 350 notts... Over 400 miles per hour... Also the Brothood loaned us these Vertibirds, but don't want to put them at exceptional risk... Best plan to save the vertibirds is to drop us off in front of the targets..." She says and grins a bit.

Kae's red-eyes settle on Ashur and she grins "Besides, more fun for the rest of us this way... And folks need to learn how to work with youl, so us working together is probably the best way for growth for everyone... Also I can't hit their tires easily while being thumped around on a bird, I need a good steady location where I can fire without putting the birds at risk...

Kae then peers at Mellie, and the bird lurches a bit as it drops altitude... "Ooh probably really soon..." she says simply and the woman stands up, checking her carbine before she connects a large thick rope to each of two hardpoints... As they get closer to the ground, lights insie the cabin turn red... "Besides not completely my plan.. " she says and shrugs a bit before she opens the sliding doors and kicks out the ropes...

There's more rumbling and shuttering as the vertibird comes to a stop and slips into a hover.. The interior lights turn green... "Ookahy, wrap your arms around the rope step out and slide down, use your feet to slow your descent!" She says cheerfully and well the wierd elf-like woman is suddenly sliding down the rope toward the ground.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane nods to Doc. "Figured you were, Doc. Still amazes me anyone of any race could live that long. Or want to. As the bird begins to drop altitude, she rises up and waits her turn at the rope to drop down to the ground.
Vera Vera hmmms, "guess were going for a walk." As she moves for the door, Sora unstraps and follows. Vera stands there a moment, her poncho flapping in the wind. She the grabs the rope, and rapels down...Sora following a moment later....
Doc     Doc tosses his handgun to his off-hand and wraps his other in the rope, kicking off to begin his descent. "Banzai!" he cries out, deciding against the racially insensitive, if ironic, alternative.
Mellie Mellie does not really understand what Doc means. She STARES at Doc, "I.. I have no idea what you mean! I am going to be sick.. so sick.. so so so so sick.."
Ashur 'Believe it or not, I'm a ghoul.'

Those words draw a long stare from Ashur. How does his face look beneath the golden-horned helmet? The craft obscures all human expression, leaving naught but the glint of red-lensed eyes and the stern stoicism of bearded Mars. His arms fall once more to his sides, drawing the radiant threads of his cloak around him. Its folds pile on the ground like the foamy crests of sea-waves.

The rope descends, and the Legionnaire spares one look to the rest of the group. Two unrecognized women. A member of the militia. A ghoul. He chuffs, and the rumble comes off muted and metallic through the concealed air-filters of his helmet.

"Guard each other. Cleave to cover. Avoid open areas; there you will be outmaneuvered, and risk being run-down. Stay out of my way. Puke outside."

He steps forward, absent the rope, and drops down.
Kaelyn Kae settles on the ground, quickly moving to get out of the way of everyone else so they can come down and also so she doesn't get landed on by Ashur.. She peers at the armored behemoth and glances up "UMmm Milie?!?' she calls out "If you ahve a problem with the rope, just hop out, I'll catch you!" She calls out, eyes actually starting to glow. "We need to let the birds fly away and refuel so they can come back and get us!" She cals out again.

Kae brings up the holomap "We've a few minutes...." She mutters and says on her communicator.. "Soo can someone help Millie out the door?" she asks curiously...
Doc     Doc's feet hit the ground and he moves like a trained infantryman. At least in the speed he vacates the area. His arms up over his head, he is sprinting to cover, diving behind the nearest thing before popping out to the side and leveling his modified, antique (to aliens) blaster pistol at the vague location of the enemy, but only vaguely.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane is already on her way down before the request to help Millie comes up. She isn't the most proficient but she doesn't land on her face. Or her ass. Once on the ground she steps away and draws her pistol, readying for what is to come.
Mellie Mellie RUNS to the rope and grabs on. Her backpack is tightly fastened to her back and she doesn't waste any time time sliding down!! Mellie groans on her way down, "Solid ground-solid ground-solid ground-solid ground.."
Vera Vera gets to the bottom, as she checks her boom stick. Sora checks Mister Sit Down, then powers up her laser. "right, this should be a nice little outing...try to aim at the enemy this time, alright?" Sora nods, "right right...shoot an officer once, and you never near the end of it."
Kaelyn Kae sees Mellie coming down the rope and smiles, now drawing that odd pistol of hers and moving up, looking at the holo-map... They should be coming through this valley here really soon." She says now, motioning to the map before she glances to Ashur and hmms She transfers the map informationand tracking stuff to his Mil-pip... Knowing he'll want to kind of do his own thing... Kae then begins moving at a quick walk toward a good point at the mouth of the valley, but also wanting to stay on high ground....

"Am thinking if I can close this valley off and eliminate their vehicle's usefulness we all can go to work maybe?" she says to Ashur, and motions at the map... "Maybe close front and behind them with a phaser generated rock slide? Then you can jump in the middle of them and we can try to shoot them from two sides? While you do your thing?" she glances back at the others and grins giving Millie a thumbs up and calling out "Glad you made it down! See? Not so bad!"
Doc     Doc looks at his alien-pip and his glowing gaze narrows. He stands up and moves from cover to the gathering train-themselves-to-fight types. "I thought we were coming in a lot closer to the enemy," he says, looking up at the vertibirds, cables already starting to be retracted. "Why are we so far away? Are we scheming?"
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane looks around and moves toward cover as well, dropping down to a knee, eyes sweeping the area before glancing to Kaelyn as she lays out her plan. She lets the others make the plan. She's more at home behind a microphone or working on something in a garage.
Mellie Mellie manages to slide down the rope without incident, however she promptly runs to the nearest semi-cover and pukes.. and pukes..
Ashur "Seal their routes, and I will come among them," Ashur agrees, looking at the transferred map. "The road is narrowest.. here." He has identified a spot on the topographical map just a little ways in, near a slight turn through the valley, a few hundred yards in past the mouth. "Drop your rocks there, where it is too thin for them to turn and accelerate."

A moment passes, and he realizes others cannot see his map. Technology is still something he is unaccustomed to. He lifts one oversized hand and extends his arm southward, pointing to the turn. A faded roadsign marks it, and it is awash in weed and bramblebush, dusty and cracked. It would not be hard to dislodge some of the larger rocks knocked loose by the erosion of time and create a minor pile of rubble.

"Take cover behind the ones that remain, and kill them all."

He looks north now, following the lonesome road, at the Reaver gang kicking up smoke into the hazy heatwaved air.
Kaelyn Kae shows everyone the plan using CORA of course, and then settles into a bit of cove, her phaser pistol at the ready. She peers at it, looks at the setting sand takes it almost to full power.. "I'll drop rocks in front and then behind them... Then I'll try to focus fire on their wagon.. if you guys can do what you can to take out the riders ont he bikes then? Ashur? Well I'm sure you'll do what you do best..." She glances now to Millie and Jane... "Just hug cover and do your best.. They'll be focussing on Ashur and my self here real soon anyway..." she glances to Doc now and tilts her head "Everything good then?" She asks, then glances down at the oncoming gang

There's 7 vehicles in all, 6 gangers each on a some mad-maxified bike of sorts, the bikes rumbling like some messed up chopper. There's also a large 8 wheeled van like thing... It's in the middle between all of them.. Finally as it gets too narrow for the bikes to surround the wagon, they split into 2 groups, 2 bikgers in front of the wagon, 4 behind.

A few heartbeats are waited before there's a sizzling hum and a blue beam lances from the end of Kae's phaser. The rocks holding the rubble up and honestly half that cliff- face are litterally vaporized in an instant, sending a mass of rocks and dirt sliding down the side of the valley, litterally filling it to behind head high with rubble.

Kae turns and that same humming sizzling noise of the phaser discharging and another mass of rock rubble and destroyed dead trees goes roaring down the hill, this one actually taking out a bike in the process... Thogh the Biker appears to be ok.

Kae turns and takes aim, really looking at this double .50 cal turret on top of the wagon, and the person manning it. Kae's red eyes squint and another blue beam lances out from her phaser as .50 cal rounds start bouncing around the elf... Seems beam weapons like hers can be followed quite easily on a long discharge... However the blue beam lances across the top of the wagon, ripping, or more like disintigrating a gash along the top armor before it incinerates the gunner and cuts both the .50 cals in half....
Mellie Mellie looks at Kae, "I can't shoot.. I will miss! Just.. just tell me if you need a lock picked!" She hides behind a boulder.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane moves toward one of the indicated positions and settles down to wait for the convoy to arrive. She nods to Kaelyn, "I can give you cover as needed." She grasps her pistol firmly and waits for the vehicles to come into range.
Doc     Doc runs, a bit more dignified this time, taking careful cover behind the rocks left by Kaelyn's phaser blast. He aims down the sights of the alien weapon, his aim enhanced by the alien pip-boy on his wrist. He pulls the trigger and fires once, lancing through two riders. The first is skeletonized from the attack, his bike falling over without a rider and spinning as black bones smash against the wasteland dust and shatter into clouds of ash. The other is simply knocked from his bike with a hole the size of his fist through his torso. "I've missed you," he said to his weapon, kissing the side of the alien alloy peace.
Ashur Ashur remains immobile as the others spread. He's taken vantage atop a rocky overhang; here, on high, he stands like a small god, the sun behind him stretching his shadow like endless dark roots across the opposite cliff face, and leaving him, gold-and-white, shining as if on fire.

The other seek cover. The caravan rushes ahead, ignorant of the Colossus bestriding the valley-mouth; with her alien technology, Kaelyn triggers the flood of rocks, the ones directly hit half-melted into a brightburn slag that oozes like blood from the cratered wound as the rest, dislodged, tumble down with such clamor. The vehicles slow as the energy fire comes, the bike-mounted Reavers revving up and preparing to swing around, raising all sorts of warmachines to retaliate.

That moment, when they pause to fire back, is when Ashur moves.

His right arm thrusts out, twisting and bunching up the ample material of his cloak around it, moving it away from the barrel vents of the jetpack wrapped 'round the suit's energy supply. A toroid of plasma ejects down the superconductor barrels, heating the air and triggering an immense gout of flame to spray from it with a thunderous rumble that sees the behemoth lurch into the air. Inertia lags a moment, the air's resistance breaking; then he soars, and his cloak catches the wind and spreads out like one massive, ragged wing, before he drops on the eight-wheeler like the hammer and the anvil, cratering the asphalt beneath him with earth-splitting force and grinding the metal beneath him. The sheer force of the impact unbalances the riders nearest him -- and he is in motion, the fires gone, bloody-handed in an instant as he seizes one of the cyber-men's mechanical arms and twists it off at the joint.
Kaelyn After firing her first three shots, the woman stares as Ashur starts whaling in on them... SHe's really staring and hunting for targets. Eyes taking in the place while she hops up from cover and tries to close the distance so her shots are better placed..

Seconds later a Reaver starts to clammor ot of the vehicle, it's huge, looks nasty, and well is trying to get at Ashur's back.. Kae frowns, and without thinking suddenly her eyes glow... Ashur might even feel that odd pressure from Kae using her abilities just shortly before the large Reaver is slammed by a flying motor cycle and knocked off his back quarter (he wasn't engaged mind you) Kae turns to the large Reaver and as he starts to extricate him self from the bike and point his weapon, what appears to be a pistol of sorts, at Kae, the odd elf-like woman points her phaser in his direction and cuts loose.

That same odd sound from the quiet phaser is heard and the blue beam lances a basketball sized hole through his middel before the blue light or energy seems to engulf the Reaver from the middle out and render him just a ghostly pile of ash and a person-shaped shadow left on the ground...

Reavers are now fully engaged with the group, many shooting at the quickly moving and incrdibly agile elf woman, while the 'bull' as it were is drawing most of the other fire... Some of it is sent at those in cover, but gradually they are startin gto whittle the reavers down.
Doc     Doc narrows his gaze out. He questioned his choices about making Vault-Tec yellow his go-to color choice for this fight, but only in his head. In person, his confidence streamed from the previous shot, but that kind of fire only made him a target.

    The whir of fusion and the gutteral roar of gasoline sound loudly as the madmen circle their bikes. They don't seem to have a fear reflex. Doc suspects that they are non-ghouls with feralism. He rushes forward and pulls up the bike of the skeletonized rider, using the fusion-powered ride for cover. Fusion reactors, after all, could not spontaneously explode like fission ones. As he hears the obnoxious gasoline-powered bike coming around, he shifts and kicks out the stand. He suddenly realizes he's on his last shot.

    Fumbling with his blaster, he shifts around the motorcycle, doing a bit of a dance with the other motorcycle, keeping the innert vehicle between himself and the other rider as best he could. He pulls his communicator from its hiding place and flips it open, the gold grating glinting in the sunlight. "Anyone have any Microfusion Cells I might rapidly procure?"
Ashur The most apparent target, Ashur is immediately subject to a storm of automatic fire from the gathered Reavers on their battle-bikes. They open with automatic fire on him, wielding a mix of ballistic and laser weapons salvaged from around the wastelands; rat-a-rat tat goes the first, and the second hums and burns the air with pale fingers.

He is quick in the Hellfire. The Duraframe plates are nigh-immune to laser fire; their ablative coatings and clever angling deflecting the beams harmlessly, and the sheer thickness of it does much to resist the weaker kinetic weapons. Still, he hops around the bike and turns, lifting it like a shield, driving himself at the remaining biker on his side.

The bike sparks, and begins to burn, its explosion imminent. Ashur hurls it at the other, and they wisely accelerate, narrowly evading the blast. They'll head back up the road some and then turn for another drive-by shot.

Ashur, at this point, lurches forward and drops behind the wreckage of the eight-wheeler, using it as cover from the fire on the other side.

He is about to speak on his built-in radio when there's a bzzt and a static keening; there's a FWOOSH, and a burst of electricity that crackles in the air, as from the wreckage comes a heavily cybernetic War Priest. With a robotic eye and a gun built into his left arm, he laughs and fires what seems to be a lightning bolt from said hand. It forks thrice like a trident.

"I saw you! I saw you! Give it to me! I'll make you part of me!"

He throws himself at Ashur and begins to electrocute him... and Ashur, for his part, does not move to resist. This close to the EMP, the Hellfire's become unresponsive. He struggles, and the limbs move, slow, with an awful grind.
Kaelyn Kae's finished boaring a hole through one of the larger Reavers when she sees the EMP go off.. CORA calls out "Straight up EMP honey, my systems are protected but watch it..." Kae then nods and notes Doc... She tosses him the phaser pistol while shouting out "It's full, go to work with that!" She calls out "It will continue to put out a beam till you release the trigger and there are power settings, it's at full power now, so watch it!" she shouts.

Kae then turns and is now racing toward Ashur and the war priest, the woman covering ground suprisingly quickly as she draws on her carbine. It's been her friend for quite some time.. And here's the odd thing. As she closes in on the war priest she leaps, the woman aiming a well practiced and rather precise slam of the butt-stock of her custom carbine across the face of the cyborg. She spins as she lands now, skidding on a shin before she rolls forward, those red eyes of hers now deadly serioues, no sign of mirth in them whatsoever..

As she comes up, and in close mind you, she fires a birst at the cyborg, before ducking from his own fire, somehow dodging the lightning bolt from his hand, then leaping over a swing from the other as she starts to turn his attention on her. When she lands another burst is fired, this one rattling rounds off the cyborg's chest, or head, somewhere vital, before she's in on him again and swinging an incredibly hard, and well aimed swing at the inside of the creature's knee.

Kae's then out again, and as far as possibly even Ashur may be concerned, Kae's fighting particularly brutally, mixing in close fighting with a fire arm while using the fire arm its self as not just a ranged weapon but a rather deadly club.
Doc     Doc catches the weapon, but only barely. Sustained beam weapon, eh? He stands from cover and pulls down the trigger, intentionally missing just in front of the riding reaver, but not shifting the beam forward. He watches the reaver ride right on through the beam without time to react. Then Doc lets go of the trigger. "I think a few movies might improve this tech a bit...or not, who knows." He turns to see the boom team going to town on what was left of the reavers. The crashing gas-powered bike explodes in a huge fireball behind him. Yes. That was why he picked the fusion-powered motorcycle to hide behind.
Ashur The Hellfire's systems refresh themselves as the power cycles once more. The stalled frame shudders and the limbs flex, Ashur's mobility restored; the EMP's effects were powerful this close, but this is Enclave-make, advanced military grade, and it's resistant to damage from such assaults. Still, those few frozen seconds left him vulnerable to the priest, whose electric assault wracks Ashur's body with pain and bursts capillaries across his flesh, leaving him with unfurling rashes like a lightning bolt hit him across the chest and shoulders.

"Beastly machine," he growls, even as Kaelyn leaps to his defense and strikes the one-eyed Reaver with her gun, opening fire. "It has left your spirits weak! You think this will stop me?"

He roars, not in gratitude, but wrath, crushing one foot atop the wagon's wreckage and leaping off it again, propelling himself forward with a burst of speed as he lands upon a bike carrying two Reavers -- one in the main seat, and another in a side-cart. They accelerate, dragging him along, the fusion core engine powerful enough to move even his weight.

His legs drag along the ground, cloak blaring outward, sparks shooting up as the metal grinds the blacktop. He clenches his teeth to spare his tongue, taking bullets to the face, the chest..

And then with a scream he clenches his right hand and drives his ballistic fist through the bike's side, crushing the fusion core between his fingers and triggering the massive explosion these machines are known for, engulfing himself and the two Reavers in blinding incandescent shells.
Doc     Doc counts the bikes on the ground. He notices the absolutely destroyed 8-wheeler, ravaged by attack after attack around it, mostly from the two thumpers among the group. "I really need to figure out a cure for feralism."
Kaelyn Kae works on the war priest for a bit, tumling and flipping all about him. Quickly she has that arm of his rendered incapable of firing any more electric arcs, the woman having fired enough rounds so as to empty her weapon. She instead uses the magazine from the gun to shove it in a hole created by firing at that deadly arm.. When the Warpriest tries to fire again, he screams as the arm explodes...

Kae is not smiles, nor is her face remotely expressionate as she quickly reloads the weapon and races back in on the war priest again. She rolls under another stream and fires another burst, this one into his knee before she slams the butt of her rifle into that joint a few times, snapping the cybernetic leg.. As the Reaver falls, Kae is tumbling away again from him, jumping out of the path of his flailing arm before the woman's eyes glow and that arm is twisted around like some kind of rubber band, eliciting another scream as now Kae walks up on the war priest slowly. She then, while holding the rifle in one hand fires a pair of rounds, one for each eye of the reaver, rendering the back of his head and the tech it holds all over the ground... Kae lifts that rifle up and drops the partial mag out of it, catching it in her hand before slamming another home... She then looks up. The explosion pretty much wiping out the last few reavers and Kae glances to the 8 wheeler... She tilts her head to the left curiously and calls out "Mellie! We can use you now!" As she makes her way toward the vehicle....
Ashur Ashur barrels out of the explosion like a linebacker, knocking aside anything that might be in his way -- mostly flaming scrap. God bless the special heat resistance of Hellfire, and its thickness beyond normal power armor.. this is the situation it's made for. He slows and walks down the road, pausing near a deep pothole, foot on the edge of it. "Well done. Gather what we came here for, and leave the bodies to rot."
Doc     Doc has done this more than a few times, but it is his compassion for the mentally unwell that keeps him looking for things like a cure to feralism. Still, he did everything right, and now all there was was to get the info. "Here," he says to Kaelyn, flipping the phaser around and handing it to her. "Nice little weapon. If you'd be up for it, I'd like to do some science on it and see if I can replicate that beam it makes." He pockets the alien blaster in an inner pocket of his trenchcoat and shoves the communicator back in its little hidey hole. "Are there any working bikes left? After that simulation, I'd quite like to see how good I am on one in the real world."
Kaelyn Kae takes the phaser back and checks it, sliding a new power pack into the butt of the handle, before she holsters the weapon... She then grins ta Doc and motions to one of the still in tact fusion bikes "That right there, but they're Reaver bikes, I dunno if they're usueable by normal folks..." She says and then looks to Ashur.... She glance sto the wagon, and then to the dead war priest "Wanna searc the war priest for the enclave data? I'll try to get into the wagon...."
Doc     Doc moves to the war priest. He wasn't entirely sure how he'd missed that whole fight, but maybe he was just concentrating on staying alive. He kneels down and looks at all the cybernetics. "These are fancy," he says. "I'd love to get a lab set up so I could tear this guy down to his component parts." He starts poking around inside the ruined arm and pulls some wires from here or there. In a few minutes, he's made a makeshift data cable and is wiring it to another part of the reaver. "How do these guys even function cybernetically?" he ponders aloud. "Given what we saw of them on the ship, you'd think they'd just be broken steel severing muscles and tendons and move like horror movie zombies."
Ashur Ashur looks at the dead and bristles. "The living are flesh; these are hollow men, metal things filled with ghosts. Leave them or burn them, but study them at your own peril. It's soulless."

The bull shakes his head and walks off. Just being around these freakish dead gives him the heebie jeebies.
Kaelyn Kae is soon wandering out of the mashed battle wagon with what amounts to a USB... "I think this is it..." She says and rubs at the back of her neck.... She then pockets it and glances around. "Lets go grab Mellie and Jane and call the vertibirds in, get our selves a ride out of here.." She says and flips her communicator open, calling in the Vertibirds.. "I think we can go hom enow.."