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Vault Girl It's been a little bit of time since Fern's whacky adventures with the aliens and FINALLY a courier has tracked Fern down to remind her that Mr. House was very excited to sit down and have a glass of good'ol fashioned root beer with her.

When she arrives at the Lucky 38, a Securitron Robot escorts her to the VIP lounge and moments later, the handsome face of Mr. House appears on a large screen that dominates an entire wall! It was the biggest screen Fern had ever seen!

"Hello Young Miss Fern!" Mr. House exclaimed, his digital image holding a glass of refreshing root beer. An alcove on the wall extended and a chilled mug with frothy root beer from the pre-war period was waiting for her, something else she had never tried, "Won't you join me for a Glass of Dug's Root Beer? It's quite good, I keep a few cases around for my most special visitors."
Fern     Fern slowly makes her way into the room, taking a cautious step as her shoulder slips past the door, eyes narrowing. The kiddo takes a look around, and when she sees the large screen (that actually works!) she perks up slightly. Her hands slip into her back pockets and she starts heading closer to the screen, spurs jangling on her dusty old boots. "I thought you'd be here in person," Fern says once closer to the screen. The extending root beer then catches her eye and she looks over to it.

    "Huh.." Fern turns and walks to it, picking it up to sip.. and sip again. Okay, gulp, really. "Well, damn! That's good stuff!" She looks at it and back, "Thanks... So what did you need me for, huh?" she asks, sounding curious. She's still sipping the drink.
Vault Girl "With the world the way it is, being at things in person is not always possible Miss Fern." Mr. House replied before taking a sip of his digital root beer, "What I needed you for was quite simple. I would like to offer you a job, you would work for me as a Courier, doing odd jobs, delivering messages while enjoying the benefits of my employment. Your stepmother Katherine did much the same once upon a time. What do you say old sport?"
Fern     Fern goes to sip at the root beer, but she drank it so fast that all she finds is an empty cup. She puts it aside and then moves her hands to her hips as she puts one foot forward slightly. Her chin lifts and her eyes cut at that screen. "Courier, huh? I guess you done heard all about me, yeah? Fastest boots in the west, yeah? I can run like a horse," Fern says, a little smirk showing. Sure. She ran things here and there in town, but she's about fast as any kid.

    "That's it, though? No funny business like.. I gotta work for you for ten years before you cut me loose or anything?" Fern asks, a brow lifted at the screen. "I ain't gonna be delivering body parts or nothin' am I? I know some shady stuff goes down. I seen things," she says, arms now crossing over her chest.
Vault Girl "No funny business, no. Mostly messages. I'll also provide you with your own suite here at the Lucky 38." An alcove on the wall opened up, "As well as a platinum chip to aid you in your journeys in the Mojave assuming you accept, your first job will be to deliver a message to Kaelyn of El Dorado." There was also an envelope beside the platinum chip if Fern accepted.
Fern     Fern gives the screen that mean ol' stink eye for a bit longer before she shrugs it of, giving a chipper, "Okay. Sure." Easy as that! The girl's happy to agree to take the job. She moves on over to the alcove again, this time taking the chip and stuffing it into a pocket before taking the envelope. "Kae? The elf girl? You know she's cloned or something, right? Crazy, huh?" she asks, snickering. "I'll get it to her," she says as she starts to head for the door. "Thanks for the root beer!"
Vault Girl "Indeed. Very crazy!" Mr. House finished his digital root beer, "Anytime, old sport. Good luck with delivering the message, I'll contact you on your Pip-Boy with the details of your next job when it's ready."
Fern     "Seeya!" Fern calls as she heads out in search of her buddy, Kaelyn.