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Vault Girl Welcome to Jack's Town; the biggest hive of scum and villainy in all of New Mexico. Run by a self-styled Bandit King named 'Jack', Jack's Town is as it suggests, his town. It's a way-station for mercenaries, bandits, raiders and everyone in between and the only law is, you obey Jack's law, whatever that happens to be for the day.

It helped that most people had never seen or met Jack, which only added to the mystery and some might say appeal of the man. Was he an old and decrepit ghoul? Was he a dashing rogue? A supermutant smarter than the rest? The rumors and stories about Jack were endless, but none of them were important today.

Several Hours ago, a distress signal, if you could call it that had been picked up by DJ Jackoff, the DJ of Jack Town's, you guessed it; RADIO JACK. It was almost outlandish, the fact that Jack's Town was asking for help, but if the radio message was to be believed? Legionnaires were attacking and trying to burn the place to the ground.

The Militia of El Dorado was not about to head out that way, but word was? Jack would be happy to reward anyone who came to the aid of his Town. If one rumor about Jack could be confirmed? It was his generosity.

Those of you with horses have no doubt ridden this far, while those on foot have just slowed everyone down from what might have been a quicker response. It doesn't matter, as the small force of you makes your way over the hill you can see smoke.

Down at the bottom of the hill just off of the highway was the shitty little settlement known as Jack's Town, currently home to a population of nearly a thousand ner'do wells fighting against just as many Legionnaires.

While the fighting in the town is fierce, the group of you have had the luck of stumbling upon the rear echelon of the Legion Formation. The Commanders and the most elite of their soldiers waiting in reserve to charge in and slaughter the broken defenders.

It was your moment to shine, a moment for glory or maybe, you would run while you still had the chance.
Manuelito The Lone Militiaman, Manuelito headed forth with the group. Slung in his arms was his trusty rifle that had gotten him through many battles previously. He was a trusted sniper amongst his peers.

At the top of the hill, he shifts slightly and glances to the group. "I'll stay here, perched and provide cover fire from up here." He notes calmly as he walks along the hill base to find a good perching spot.
Flint Athens     Flint needed the ratio station to keep transmitting. Radio waves attracted the space men. If the radio station was damaged, there would be no more radio signals, which means that the grey men would be less attracted to the area. All the radio stations had to be functioning correctly or, Flint theorized, the spacemen would wander to other areas and he would have to start travelling again.

    And that's why Flint's here! He's in combat armor, except for his head, which is exposed and wearing spiffy sunglasses. As he walks, he calmly unloads and checks the magazine for the 10mm handgun he's carrying before inserting the magazine and then turning the safety off.

    "It is vital that the radio station remain functional. Were they to take it, it would deprive the entire region."

    The man scowls before marching forward with gun in hand.
Stockton Stockton has a few things to prove to a few people, so he's saddled up with the Militia and headed out with the merry band. A handrolled cigarillo smolders, gritted between his lips. He keeps his trusty sidearms unstrapped, but holstered until they get closer to the fighting. Wearing his fatigues underneath his armor pieces, he looks ever the Merc among Militiamen. Hopefully that tall shadow of his still contains a Tobias, hyper or hiding, whichever's clever.
Ironface Jones Though he's faster than most of the others thanks to his mighty mount, First Horse Jones, Ironface isn't about to go rushing headlong into the enemy without some kind of backup. He dismounts his animal and ties the reins off as he takes the extra time he has to prepare. He looks over towards Manuelito and nods his head deeply, "I will rush forward when they are engaged and slay them in hand to hand combat." And he looks ready for it, too, armed and armored as he is.
Tobias Tobias hangs back near the center of the group and he's a surly man with a stooped posture. On his back he wears an oversized steel frame pack covered in an array of pockets, zippers and flaps. His face is mostly hidden, a filthy tattered red bandana covers the bottom of his face and an overlarge pair of goggle swallow his eyes as he moves slowly through the crowd. The mirrored black lenses of his goggles reflect back only dingy rainbows in the form of discolored oil sheen across their surfaces.

Tobias snorts and lifts up his chin scarf for a passing breath to hawk a lugie in the dirt. It isn't aimed at anyone's feet but he's not especially polite or careful around the unconscious gesture. He's not far from Stockton but he's being quiet as he fiddles with the straps that bisect his chest and hold his bag in place.
Decius Every other day of the week Decius, even now that he was far away from home and abandoned the Legion, would agree with the sentiment that a town like this deserves to be razed and the majority of the population put on a cross to dry. Unfortunately the Legion being here is of considerably higher priority than the local scum which is why he is here in all his old Legion glory to kill the former with his trusted spear. "I'll make sure to get into melee range quickly. Got to take some of the brute force from them headon."
Iris Lark Iris Lark promised to stay back in El Dorado, but when she heard what was going on she snuck out behind the group heading towards Jack's Town. Staying back and at least slightly out of sight, she hears the battle going on before she catches sight of it. When she sees the Legionnaires she goes pale, but stays silent, waiting to see what the others are planning.
Orathio Orathio is also here, on foot, with barely armed more than his pistol, already drawn and with a large club-like thing sheathed at his belt, looking onward at the problems ahead of them. "I'll go closer, as well, friends." The Preacher lets out, adjusting his hat as he stares onward, tapping his pipboy once. "Let us not be foolish, let us find cover and progress onward."
Aidan Drake Aidan had ridden over to Jack's Town with the rest of this motley crew of misfits and miscreants... Or rather fine upstanding citizens of El Dorado. When he crests the hill he takes the time to pull his lever action rifle from it's scabbard on the horse and most likely dismount with the best of the group.
Molly Brown Molly Brown got the call for help it wasn't a godo place, it was a horrble plae the peple wer enot 'good people' they were raiders or an inch away from being them. Yet the call for help came and at the mention of the Legion? That was enough to get Molly to come running. Slaving, degenerate raiders worse than thoe who lived in Jack's Town had come, worse they might be able to use the place as some kind of staging point which could put the city at risk.

"Look we need to take out those god damn raiders playing history dress up."

She makes a face and sighs she knows she shouldn't be on the front line she should be hilding baack and tending to the wounded. She would also be giving Iris as hell of a earfull if she finds out about this.
Skittles Skittles pose flips her rifle into active standby, the crisp high pitch wine briefly audible as it charges. She hadn't known what to think of the distress signal, but the view before them was evidence enough. While she didn't approve of raiders or any institution that harbored such criminals, she didn't like the thought of these alternative threats moving any closer. She'd rather deal with some raiders from time to time than a tactically driven empire hell bent on destroying technology. Fuuuuck that.
     Eyeing the route down to the forces below, she mentally plans a pathway down. She glances about then, and eyes Ironface, stating, "I'll tag behind you Iron face, you'll distract them while I melt their faces, deal?".
Abe     'I could have been a knight.' Abe thought as he stood at the crest of the hill looking down at the Legions clean-up crew. 'I could be standing here right now, all swadled up in one of those big tin-cans with a laser gatling or something.' His thoughts continued as he thumbed the safety of his laser pistol, bringing it to life with a quiet hum and a faint shiver as the capacitors drank from the energy cell installed in the side of the gun.

His attention shifted from his cohorts to their seemingly unaware enemy. Too late to turn back now. Too late to have faked a snake bite on the way in. Too late to think better of it when he was sitting in Kitty's bar, trying to chat up a serving bot for no reason at all.

"Right." he answers no one and possibly you. (Yes, you.) "You all do that, I have a gun and a preference to not get speared. I'll watch your backs."
Ruane Roman Raune was oddly enough a periodic supplier of odds and ends and even in the wasteland you can't question the source of some of your scrap and recycled products. Jack's town would represent a useful and prinicipal supplier and saving their ass from the fire would be the perfect opportunity to Roman Raune to renegotiate their arrangement.

So with that in mind, the man litertally is walking into the middle of a battle zone with one purpose in mind.. save the town, get owed some favors and perhaps if he is lucky scavenge up what little there might be remaining. 10mm in hand, he'll move along easily enough towards the outskirts of town.. eventually meeting up with the rest of the group and take a careful position behind them.
Joe Caine Having been in the Gold Digger Saloon when word spread over the Radio, one mercenary quickly gathered their gear. Marching along with his little sister was Ex-Militiamen, and mercenary Joe Caine. An arsenal of weapons were strapped to his back, and he appeared to be lecturing Lilly, "Look, stand behind me.. use me as a body shield.. just.. please.. be careful. I don't want to have'ta explain to Ma how I got my twin sister kill't.. I wonder where Pa is...?" This last question was mostly asked to himself, his massive sniper rifle eventually being slung off his shoulder and wielded, a quick snag of the bolt to check for ammo before slamming it closed. "You ready?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine slides down off Sprocket as they get close, nodding to Joe. She pats her mare's neck a few times as Sprocket goes off to find a nice spot to roll around and fart a bit while death and desstruction happen some ways off.

'You is my Meat Sheild. Got it.", as she powers up Grandpa's laser pistol.
Vault Girl The fighting within Jack's Town is pure and undiluted carnage as you catch glimpses of Raiders and Outlaws fighting side by side with Tribals and even a man in a suit of scavenged power armor with a nasty looking set of spikes mounted on it.

While many of the people in Jack's Town would be happy to stab each other in the back or rob each other or kill each other; today they were brothers and sisters in arms as they fought against the Legion.

It said something about the Legion that it was an enemy so vile it could cause people to toss aside their differences and fight side by side; it was something that people had spoken of in rumor regarding the Battle of Hoover Dam. A battle where Enclave Veterans and even Brotherhood had fought side by side with the N.C.R. against the legion. If you believed other rumors? The N.C.R. screwed them over after the battle anyways....

Due to the size of your group, it is quickly noticed by the Legion's Command Formation and an imposing figure in power armor at the center of the ranks issued forth commands that are impossible to hear at this distance.

Several squads of Legionnaires detach and move away to deal with the group of you, there were no rules of engagement.
Ruane Roman as the battle starts to hit a fever pitch is soon taking up position behind a building, the site of men in football gear and other pits of scrap and recycled old-world crap is hard to miss. Even as he moves to take cover though, he draws up his pistol and takes two quick shots, both of which ding pointlessly off the sides of buildings, maybe a bit of ricochet to hopefully cause them to duck their heads a bit, but the reality is that Roman Raune isn't equipped for a pitched battle."Expected lighter resistance. Ammo. Limited."

Yet at the very least Roman's little robobuddy is working just fine! The small insectile bot crawling up towards the men with machine guns, sneaking behind their cover and moving to pinch one of them as hard as he can.. if it wasn't for the armor that would be one deadly titty twister. Bzzt!
Vault Girl Decius, Achilles and Ironface are the first to taste the might of the Legion's Veteran soldiers, men who have fought in dozens if not hundreds of Caesar's campaigns; armed with the very best of equipment. They would likely be the most dangerous squad to face, a group armed with riot shields and power fists ready to unleash hell and fury upon all in their way. Decius and Ironface are able to stave off their attacks but the Beastlord Achilles is rewarded for his dauntless heroism with a broken arm as a power fist crushes bone and flesh.
Manuelito Finding is perching spot, his eyes scanned the section below and fell upon the veteran squad with machines guns. the guns would cause a lot of trouble for the group.

Taking in a breath, he aims the rifle down at the men below, taking careful aim at the Legionnaire mounting the machine gun at this point of time ...

clap goes the .308 rifle as a round heads downrange. Pulling back the lever, he reloads another round and goes to aim again.
Vault Girl The Machine Gunners move in and begin to support the other veterans, the team of well-trained soldiers executing their shots with firing squad level proficiency as they try to attack Roman, Joe and the Scorpion Robot but nothing hits home.
Aidan Drake Aidan sights down at the power fist squad with his lever action and squeezes the trigger and before waiting to register if the first shot hits he cracks the lever back and fires again.
Vault Girl The Prime Squad with their AK-112 Assault Rifles move into position to support the machine gunners and send a deadly spray of fire towards the group, mostly in the vicinity of Aidan who is hit several times in his duster.
Skittles Skittles scrambles back a ways as the charging group makes their way into their ranks. She lets off two quick snaps of her rifle, the first one striking true, and the second beam flying into Ironface's leg. She gasps as she realizes her mistake and glances about to spot a more appropriate target.
Stockton Stockton isn't willing to let the Desert Eagle do the barking just yet, he'll wait until there's more confusion before making himself a target. So he levels the 10mm at the Machine Gunners, trying to thin their herd before they let another rip of ammo over their resistance party. The Merc has his eyes open for cover next. For him and Tobias.
Tobias Tobias knows who his meat shield is, at least out here where bullets are whizzing through the air... he keeps low in his crouch as he skirts wide around Stockton to pop off a few shots into the machine gunners. He double back and follows the bigger guy's lead as he looks for cover, "Walked into a shitstorm.." The scavvy hoots with a mad peels of laughter as he popped off another shot that flies over the heads of the gunners. Shooting wildly one handed with his sweet pistol. The gun was probably the cleanest most well tended piece of his attire.
Flint Athens     "We got incoming," Flint says sharply as he raises his pistol.

    The armored man whips the pistol around carefully. He squints one eye shut behind the sunglasses he's wearing and lets a couple shots crack out towards the enemies with the assault rifles. He doesn't want to risk firing too deep into the front lines and hitting his own team. It's the safest bet to aim for those guys right now.
Molly Brown The Legion did have that habit of uniting people against htem evne people who would normally not care. For the moment she's got to deal with the Legion and not die or end up captured. To put it mildy Molly was scared but the thought of the Legion rolling into El Dorado and into Vault Town? No they had to be stopped here, the Legion had to understand this land was not going to be easy meat. She gets the power fist guys are some of the most dangerous Legion here, they need to go down but she wonders is that what the commander was counting on? She lines up a shot with the assault rifle armed Prime squad as she does her best to keep to cover.
Decius Decius entirely reasonable reaction to seeing himself face to face with a group Legion Veterans with shields and powerfists that just shattered the arm of one of the tough tribals near him turns out to be... to just go ahead and stab at the one attacking him personaly with his spear. Repedeately and hopefully painfully, although knowing their fanatism and discipline from personal experience he wonders if they aren't just too full of themselves to register the pain.
Iris Lark Iris grits her teeth and a look of anger can be seen on her face. She raises her pistol and pops off two shots towards the squad attacking her friends. She hoots when the first shot hits and then cheers when the second one connects as well. She ducks her head and tries to contain her glee, not wanting to draw attention to herself.
Vault Girl A series of loud bangs filled the field as a group of primes using lever-action rifles tries to take down several of the more prolific shooters in the group but every single shot misses.
Ironface Jones As he closes to melee wih the veteran power fist wielding legionnaires Ironface, old foe of the Legion, manages to evade the initial attacks of the man he squares off against. Then he's shot in the back by a laser weapon and lets out a loud scream of rage, swinging his slugger at his enemy. There's two loud thumps as his barbed wire bat connects, almost as loud as the tribal's ferocious shouting.
Joe Caine Joe moves over towards where Manuelito had been set up, dropping into a prone position to aim down range towards the opponent snipers, "What's up buddy?" He asks in cheery moods, way too happy for someone facing possible death. Looking towards Lilly, Joe ahems, "Please, make sure no one sneaks up on us."

Joe falls silent as he peers down the scope of his fancy .308 Rifle. Spotting a group of snipers, Joe takes a deep breath, left eye squinting shut as the cross-hairs fall upon an suspecting victim. It was rather poetic, considering, and in that moment, he depresses his trigger, sending a piece of lead down-range that was precise enough to leave one man dead due to a vital shot, and another wounded behind him. "Gotteeem!"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine drops quickly, noticing Joe taking fire. She oofs as she lands on her belly, taking a bead and lets Grandpa's Laser pistol do her talking for her.
Orathio Orathio takes the time to take in a deep breath, lifting up his pistol and opening fire on the legionnaires. He dives immediatedly for some cover after his bullet is gone, avoiding the hail of lead coming his way. Good lord.
Abe     The Scribe was never one to wilt away from kicking a few assholes while they were down, hefted his pistol and sighted on the tattered remnants of the Assault crew. Two pulls of his trigger was more than enough to put them to rest.

In fact, the second one might have been overkill.

"He twitched!" Abe insisted.
Achilles Once the attack commences, Achilles takes a vicious blow to his right arm, shattering it in several places. Staggering back a bit he watches slightly dazed as the combat commences around him. So much blood. So much pain. And then it sets in, the Red Rage that once tormented the Legion.

"Oh, what a day. What a lovely day!" A gruesome grin creeps across the giant's face and he leaps forward, axe in hand. There's a sickening wet thud as his axe sinks into one of the troop's heads, ignoring his helmet completely. His right fist parts the front of another soldier's helmet, fist lodging itself in the man's mouth. With a might yank the barbarian crudely sets his arm and takes enough teeth to make a necklace. There's a reason it took a squad of Brotherhood Soldiers to decimate the Beastlords.
Vault Girl Within Jack's Town the battle continues to rage on but the Legion forces within the scumlord heaven are presently being hammered heard, having lost the actual hammer of their force to an engagement with a group of heroes and wastelanders hailing from El Dorado.

Centurion Primo does not seem pleased not that his expression is visible in the suit of T-45 power armor he wears, he continues to bark out orders and the man beside him wielding what appears to be a Super Sledge, Decanus Lariat moves forward.

Lariat moves in to engage those in melee? While Primo steps forward and clean sweeps the entire battlefield with his minigun, even some of his allies are bound to feel the fury of a man on the verge of defeat with NOTHING to lose.

The only glory left to them was dying in battle and they would make you pay for their passing with blood.
Vault Girl Decanus Lariat charges forward in his heavy armor with a treasured Super Sledge in his hands and he stops short of engagement as the battle rages around him and points the weapon at Decius, "Traitorous scum. I will kill you before I die on this day." He spat in Decius' face and then leapt forward swinging his super sledge with inhuman skill and ability!
Vault Girl The machine gunners continue to spit out deadly fire across the battlefield but their targets are mostly too matrix-like for even their exceptional skills and only Joe is hit in the torso.
Ruane Roman Raune, glancing aside and over towards the side of the building sees the Decanus.. in power armor, arching a brow slightly, he'll turn to look across even as the machine gunners continue to unload fire onto the field. He'll take the time to fire off two shots with blink.. or that is what he expected off the Centurions armor.. but one managed to hit a pipe or something. Weird.

Oh and the Scorpion is still binching.
Manuelito Nodding to Joe, Manuelito begins to sight on the gunners again.. Until Decanus Lariat shows up and deals heavy damage to the front line. Tapping Joe on the shoulder, he points toward the gunners "Snipe them. I'm going for that guy."

Lining up his shot, he takes in a breath and pauses as bullets ripple the area that he, Joe and Lilly were at. He didn't see Joe get hit as he realigns the shot and fires at Decanus Lariat's chest.
Aidan Drake Aidan takes a couple of rounds to the chest and goes to sight in on that squad but they appear to have died so he moves his sights in on folks with lever action rifles much like his. Sighting in and pulling the trigger he once again quickly racks in another round and fires again.
Achilles For all the killing, Achilles isn't immune to a super sledge. The hit rocks the giant to his core and the rage fades. For a moment he's on his knees amongst the corpses he created, his vision swimming and his ears ringing. Then for a brief moment nothingness, before he's greeted by two familiar faces, a woman in sugar skull makeup and a squat red figure with horns and filed teeth.
Sammy     There's a shadow in the second story of those ruins over there. A shadow with glowing red eyes, a little wind picks up the edge of a cloak. And the Sword of God is where he was told to be. Some desk jockey thought they heard someone praying for help over the radio. And look, right here on the roster, one avenging angel. No, angels don't get issued horses, double time it, Ranger.
    Because moving with a large group is not a great way to maintain any kind of stealth, Sammy set up his hide alone. He's been trying to get a bead on that jack-knob in the power armor, the one over yonder spewing orders. But also deciding which group is getting closest to the 'Civillians' he was sent to back up. The fuckknob in the Power Armor it is then, and with a complete deadpan he murmurs, "Oh Lord, Save thy flock from these faithless invaders. At the end of their road, they shall reach the promised land."
Vault Girl Centurion Primo steps forward and declares, "Mars smiles upon us this day." He sets his foot solidly into the ground beneath him and begins to sweep the entire battlefield with the minigun he is holding. Bullets fly everywhere including into the squad of Primes who had been fighting in melee. Finding themselves cut down to a man, the survivor cries out, "YOU BASTARD! YOU KILLED KENNY!" Kenny was his best friend. Turning from the fight he began to charge his own commander! Go Go Rogue Primus!
Decius What is the correct reaction to having ones shield bent in the middle to the point of uselessness by a terrifying Decanus with a Supersledgehammer and then also be shot at by a Centurion in Powerarmor? According to Decius its first to contemplate that the former is likely from the rear-guard of the Legion since he hasn't seen that particular face before, that the later is a hypocrite and that it would be a good idea to stab the former in retaliation a few times. Which he does.
Flint Athens     Sensing incoming danger, Flint immediately drops to a knee to duck out of the way of some incoming shots. While he's crouched, he cracks off a couple shots at the Prime Centurion with the handgun, trying to put some suppressing fire and damage on him.
Vault Girl The Rogue Primus runs in and against all odds, he manages to shoot a bullet right through the eye-slit of the T-45's power armor which is not in fact bulletproof like later models... at least this suit wasn't. It's not enough to take down your foe, but you had gained an ally!
Stockton Stockton knows exactly where his shots need to go now, lining up the handcannon with the suit of power armor, he squeezes off two rounds. Those big bullets smash into armor plates, leaving dents deep enough to wound. Smoke rolls off the barrel of 'Serenity' and the Merc looks for cover.
Skittles Skittles is just in time to jump out of the way as a hale of bullets impact the ground around her, hair and arms flailing she seems to dance about as she panics and dodges about unpredictably. Whether or not it has any beneficial affect is probably unknown. Heart pumping, she's able to pick out the fellow in the power suit as well as targets within the machine gun club. Two beams flash from her rifle's barrel, the first plasma bolt searing into the small group, while the second beam heats up and chars the flesh of the suited villain.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine gets 'a bad feeling about this'.. mumbling to herself "fuckfuckFuckFuckFuckFuck" as she finds a little depression in the dirt.. bullets whizzing overhead like pissed-off-bloatflies on jet. Not even trying to aim, she just fires off a shot somewhere towards the veteran squad. Off in the distance, a lizard dies.
Iris Lark Iris makes it to Achilles and she opens her medical kit, leaning in to treat him and use smelling salts to get him on his feet. He wakes up swinging and after a few moments the man is able to stand. The healer moves back to the back line again, checking to make sure she has whatever she needs to keep treating the wounded.
Achilles "What're ya waiting for? Get out there and kill 'im."

Achilles jerks awake, big fist swinging in search of his axe. Taking it back up his right hand digs into the dirt, and with a mighty heave the giant /leaps/ forward, the blade of his axe sinking into Lariat's left left. Yanking the blade free the man proceeds to bury it into the armored man's stomach. He spits a mouthful of blood and teeth into the Legionare's face, "You will die here, and I will have your sledge as a trophy!"
Molly Brown Molly Brown is not doing well the cover she had is breached and her leg is cuaght if it wasn't armour it woudl be worse even than it ws as takes and she's basically running on fight or flight. She's got no choice byt to fight, and god she needs med-X right now she able to open firem and actually peg one of the legionairs in the world. Molly brown, is still having a very bad day.
Joe Caine Joe remains unphased by the vicious battlefield around him, even when a bullet lodges itself in his chest, he simply grunts loudly while readjusting his aim towards the Machine Gunners, "You son of a bitch." With a calculated finesse, the ex-military veteran lets off a clean shot, before cocking back the bolt and letting another bullet fly. "Oh they're hurtin' now.. but.. I'm down to three shots.. gonna have to move in on em here in a few.."
Abe     Bullets stream out from spinning barrels and a few just happen to find good old Abreham! His chest plate eats some of it, just enough to keep the bullets from slipping deep into his vitals. Still, he crumbles, bleeding from the most action hero of injuries, Flesh wounds!

Gritting his teeth, he hefts his pistol again... and does not fire upon the man that just opened up on him, but rather that bunch of machine gun nancies!

Eat SCIENCE! Pew, Pew!

Tobias Tobias takes some bullets to the guts for the second night in a row and he double over with a serious of curse words that spatter the inside of face scarf with blood. He rips it down with his right hand to expose gritted teeth bathed in a film of blood. His right hand goes to cover the holes in his stomach and he screams in a high pitched rage-inducing tone as he unloads two more shots into the machine guns. He knew better than to turn his tiny pistol on the power armor... better to try and take out a few ranks of shooters. Let the real Gunslingers handle the heavy armor.
Ironface Jones With spit flying from his mouth as he screams to the heavens, Ironface launches himself at Lariat, bringing his slugger around in a mighty arch! With surprising alacrity the big tribal brings it back from whence it came in a back swing, "DIE MAN OF CAESAR!" Based on the redness of his face, the froth at his mouth and the wildness in his eyes the mighty Ironface Jones has nearly gone completely berserk. It's probably a good thing, too, because the might of the insane man's wrath is enough to stave in chest of the villainous Lariat!
Orathio Orathio, as if it were, remains a lucky man of faith. The Torchbearer dive against some rocks even as the crazy Leginnaire starts opening fire with Miniguns. The ravages the Legion have made in the east are not forgotten on Orathio, he knows full well of what they have done in his travels. In fact... this is going to be satisfing.

     "FOUL MADDENED DOGS!" Orathio shouts, bellowing at the top of his lungs, popping out of cover to unload two bullets at the SMG-weilding Legionnaires. "YOU HAVE DEFACED THE LIBERTIES OF THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY FOR FAR TOO LONG WITH YOUR SAVAGERY! TASTE LIBERTY!"

     Liberty, as it ends up, fire lead, aimed straight at two of the legionnaire's middle sections, as if dead-on point accuracy. Orathio witneses his handy work. Hm. He'd rather the head, but this works just as well.
Vault Girl The Legion forces had been broken.

Within Jack's Town, the Legion had begun to retreat without the reinforcements that you had all stymied. The men trying to escape were cut-down to the last man even as Centurion Primo watched his son and second in command killed right before his eyes.

From Jack's Town mercenaries, cutthroats, bandits and others began to rush out to join the battle outside of the Town, throwing their own firepower and weight into Primo as they all descended upon him like vultures.

They wanted the Power Armor.

It was too much for the proud commander of hundreds of campaigns. He would not let his honor be defaced further.

"NOOOOOOO!" He howled out in rage before grabbing the traitorous Legion Prime by the head with his power fist, "Thus all traitors suffer the same fate and SO WILL ALL OF YOU!"

The self-destruct sequence was activated on his power armor and he cried out victorious triumph, "HAIL CAESAR!"

The power armor detonated, killing dozens of mercenaries who had strayed too close and leaving a small crater in the ground where the commander of New Mexico's Legion forces once stood.

Cheers began to cry out from inside the town and without.

The Legion had been defeated here at Jack's Town today and without their commander, they would never be an organized threat for some time.
Ruane Roman just shouts then as he buckles down and drops to his knees, covering his head as he listens to the sound of the eplosion then. The house beside him ricketting then as he grunts under his breath before he moves to stand up then, muttering under his breath. "Fuck... such a.. goodness." Roman just shakes his head as he steps back then, moving to slide out the cip of his firearm as he looks it oer and exhales softly, glancing aside to Molly and Lilu then he'll look to Aidan and back to the pair. "Should check on the wounded." He'll mutter then as he approaches the pair. "Anyone dead. Dieing besides this gentleman?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown is too hurt up to get upan chee she keeps down as she's maqnaged to take out another Legion soldier. She slumps behin her cover now leaning up against the wall. She's busy trying to, find something to tie up her leg so she doesn't bleed out, she knows others are there who need help more than her.
Aidan Drake Aidan sets himself down on the ground now that the fight's over... Blood seeping out from some of his nice new air ducts through the chest he looks down at it and shakes his head, "That's going to smart in the morning." And then takes his time to reload his rifle in case more bad stuff comes his way before he lays back and stares at the sky for a bit.
Stockton Stockton unleashed a barking fury and he can see the battle is nearly one. But then there's a cry from the guy in Power Armor and the Merc's eyes widen suddenly as he takes cover and drags Tobias with him behind some bigger rocks. Then BOOM. Once the heat washes over them and all's clear he pops up and booms out, "Medic!" Because fuck if he's going to deal with his little punching bag bleeding out on him. There's a holster of his guns and he's tearing a rag to apply pressure to Tobi's stomach, "Hang in there you lil shit. We are getting you armor before you go on any more adventures."
Iris Lark Iris covers her face with both of her forearms as the explosion detonates and after a few moments peeks out to see the carnage. She slowly gets to her feet, one arm crossed over her abdomen and stumbles forrward, keen to make sure that the threat really is gone. She then turns, pulling her cloak from her head and starts to moves towards Stockton and Tobias to help tend to the smaller man.
Manuelito Standing, Manuelito checks his stocks. "Well shit." He mutters quietly, head shaking. "I forgot to bring my .308's. Only had two left." Slinging the rifle, he moves to help Joe up "You okay Joe?"
Abe     He wouldn't... No, how would he even know how to-

He did, he was. Abe barked a curse and hit the deck, flinging his hands up and over his head. His ears ring even this far from the blast... Bunch of mad assholes. Aching, bleeding... but only just so, Abe pulled himself up to a seat and listened to the rush and cheer... even as some red, wet hunk landed softly on the earth nearby.
Tobias Tobias takes off his giant pack, it is a rare sight and his posture improves the moment the heavy burden is set on the ground. He turns the bag and starts to rummage through he while he keeps one strap looped around his arm in a protective fashion. After several minutes he finds what he is looking for and pulls out a filthy roll of duct tape. Without hestiation, in an unceremonious flush of blood the scavver starts to unravel the heavy duty tape in long strips. He circles the tape around his body, again, and again, wincing slightly as he applies the tape over top of his clothing an wounds. Once he has a thick layer of duct tape around his abs he pats them with a testing manner.

Tobias picks his pack up and eases into it, it anyone offers him healing he'll likely turn it down. "I'm patched enough to make it home, focus on the fallen."
Skittles Skittles throws herself to the ground as the shock wave from the explosion washes over her. She rolls to one side and coughs, the wind having been knocked out of her. Glancing about she realizes that no more threats have been made apparent. With a look of exhaustion, Skittles sighs to herself as she eyes the charred crater, "Dam... figured that was gonna happen anyway.", she wipes a brow before continuing, "Thing was under so much fire, surprised it didn't short out. But wow, how cool.". The explosion wasn't lost on her, and something so spectacular wasn't likely to happen again, right?
Ironface Jones After ascertaining that the battle is all over and his enemy is dead, Ironface falls to his knees on the ground, a mess of bullet holes, lacerations and blunt trauma. But he's alive and kicking. Or kneeling, as the case happens to be this time around.

Jones's iron face is beat red and blood leaks from the corner of his mouth. His rage has dissipate and left him exhausted. Looking around he attempts to see what happened to the others that came with him. Eventually he focuses on Achilles and gives him a gruff, "You kill well."
Sammy There's a rhythm for movement, the bolt slides forward, spinning smoking brass flies, the bolt is flicked back and locked in place, and Sammy squints through the scope, rounds are sent, he sees the *FWOOM* of the Centurion, who had the cowardice to self-destruct. Shots go out, and the barking of Sammy's rifle is heard, a second after each fleeing target of opportunity is felled. When the stragglers get too far in between for easy shot groupings, he disengages from his hide, and drops down, barrel still toasty as he helps sweeping and clearing. Anything in Legion uniform that's not dead, is confirmed as so, before he starts heading to the locals. Pausing on occasion to lower his revolver and end a Legionnaire here or there.
Orathio      Orathio lets a deep breath, sucking in air after his brief berating of the legionnaires. He reloads quickly his gun, before moving on ahead at the remains of the power armoured bastard. "Tch." He grunts, shaking his head. "Such a waste of human lives, for a wasted, twisted ideal." He looks around, focusing on the people that are dead or dying, making his way to them... including the people that were at the frontlines, like Ironface Jones.

     "Warrior Ironface Jones." Orathio says, making his way over, looking down at Achilles, frowning. "You have fought in a way to defend the Lady's Virtues admirably. Thanks to everyone here, men and women will be able to life more freely. Allow me to see what I can do for your wounds."
Flint Athens     Flint lets out a tired sigh as he steps forward from his crouching position. He slips the magazine out of his 10mm pistol and slides a few spare rounds into it in case the fighting resumes again before putting it back into the pistol.

    "Well, that was certainly something," He remarks as he heads over towards some of the fallen Legion members and flips them over with his boot. He holsters his pistol and starts engaging in an old Fallout classic: Raiding the corpses of the fallen for items. Mostly valuables he can stuff in his pockets, but he's keeping his eye open otherwise.

    "Lotta people hurt. Gotta make sure we fix them. Make sure people are okay."

    He narrows his eyes, "In case they come back and attack."
Decius In comparision to a lot of others Decius is on one hand not exactly fine, but still nowhere near death like several others. As result he is aware enough to fully appreciate the Centurio using his Power Armor to self-destruct and take out himself and a whole lot of the local scum. In his eyes a complete win-win situation which also showed once again that anyone of higher rank in the Legion does not live what they preach when it comes to technology. "Well, I think he might have missed a traitor here during his boasting since I'm still standing. So, how bad are things?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown isn't sure the legion threat it gone for good, but maybe it's time she kept back to El Dorado for a little while givne her injuries. She won't be running and running anytime soon, she think it might be for the best. SHe busy doing her best to deal with her leg injury so she might be able to try and heolp people worse off on her.
Joe Caine Once the smoke and dust clear, and there are no more shots being fired, Joe flips the safety of his rifle on, and stands, with the help of his fellow sniper Manuelito, "Yeah.. I'm... fine.." He says this only before he reaches a hand into his chest-piece, his hand blood-red when removed, "Might've taken a hit.." He grumbles, "Lilly.. Lilly, you alright?" He raises his voice, glancing about the battle field for his sister. Spotting her, he smiles, then looks to Manuelito, "Yeah I was running low too, glad it ended quickly. You hurt?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine scurries back into the little depression she's come to fall in love with, hiding before her head pops up to try to find Joe. She pulls her goggles off her eyes, leaving twin clean circles amid a dusty face. Crawling to her feet weakly. She rushes over to her brother. "Yea, I'm fine.. crap.. we gotta get you looked at.."
Achilles Achilles raises his axe over his head in victory. The giant had been beaten pretty bad, but he still stood, albeit barely. He doesn't seem too upset for it though.

"My Iris was in the crowd. Couldn't let them through." he says simply. It wasn't usually his place to help protect settlements. When Orathio approaches he looks down at the man, "I don't care much for the lady. I fight to fight. The only honorable death is one found in combat or child birth, and I'm not birthing any children."
Skittles Skittles meanders over to Ironface a little sheepishly, "Uh, sorry about that blast Iron Face, you were charged, and I was getting fired at, I panict.". she kicks the dirt in front of her, the laser rifle now slung to one side, but still at the ready. She offers him what limited help she can provide to help him over to medical attention.
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "We're going to need to dispose of the bodies, I suggest we burn the dead legion." She's go the leg tied up and will be able to stop the bleeding at least. "We haven't lost anyone yet... right?"
Iris Lark When Tobias puts tape over his wounds Iris takes a breath and turns to move towards Achilles. She circles the big man and starts to automatically check his wounds, pulling a needle from her medical kit. "You're gonna need to sit down, Achilles." She mumbles, a frown on her face. "If you bleed to death, I'll be very cross."
Orathio Orathio's smile widens down at Achilles as he speaks. "You fought for the Freedom to live and your own way to live it, without crushing other's Freedom, instead to protect it. This is, by itself, one of the greatest teachings of the Lady of Liberties. A man dying in action he belives is right, is an exalted man." He settles on.
Ironface Jones "Thank you, Orathio of the Lady," Jones replies when the other fellow approaches him, keeping to his kneeling position as to try doing anything further might exhaust his remaining reserves of energy. "These men needed to be killed to protect those with more value. Taking slaves and murdering women and children is an evil act that devalues the person who does it." He can still talk okay, and that might mean something.

Skittles' apology gets his attention and Ironface nods to her, "I forgive you, Sister Skittles. In the future I know you will not shoot me any more." Reaching up he goes to pat her gently on the shoulder to show that there are no hard feelings.

"I like friend Iris very much," Ironface tells Achilles with a big nod of his head, now maybe looking a bit punch drunk as it begins to loll a little. "I know that to die fighting the Legion is honorable, but it is better to kill them all as we have done today."
Achilles "Don't worry, I'm alive." Achilles reassures Iris, sitting down so the woman can work. "These troops were stronger than the ones I killed before. They were still weak though." He seems a bit disappointed, even though he almost died. "It's a shame, too reliant on technology and firearms."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "They take all women as slaves I hear, I don't plan to let them take me or anyone I know." She's stopped the bleeding for now but those bullets will need to be pulled out and she's damn lucky her bone isn't shatter or a major artery got hit.
Aidan Drake Aidan climbs back to his feet after a moment and heads over to where he left Elmer to slide his rifle back into it's scabbard before he goes to find a rock or tree or something to lean up against. "Just need to catch my breath again."
Joe Caine Joe Caine smiles, moving over to hug his sister gently, careful not to aggravate any of his wounds, "You did great.. don't worry 'bout me sis.." Joe was tough as nails, an down-played his injuries considerably. "You're pretty handy with a tool.. where'd ya learn to shoot like that?"
Skittles Skittles grins widely as Iron Face shoulder pats her. It seems to jar her though, and it almost looks like she's about to tump over. With strength through pride though, she manages to stay upright. She helps him to a resting position and scampers over to search some fresh lootings, an eye paid specifically towards armors. Helmets save lives, wasn't that how the saying went?
Stockton Stockton watches Tobias wrap himself up with tape and he starts to mutter something about getting skinned for letting this happen in the first place. "Dammit, can't you at least wait til we get you to the Saloon? I'm sure Kitty'n the girls'll fix yah right up." He pats the mechanic on the shoulder and helps the guy back to his feet. Even gets his pack up and hefted back onto his back, because he's a good friend sometimes. Those intensely feral eyes look around him at the carnage and he sighs. "Best get to lookin around for any gear b'fore it gets all picked over by the vultures," his cigarillo is still smoldering and he's pulling on it for a puff as he waits.
Iris Lark Iris goes still and she glances over at Molly. A few moments pass before she goes back to tending Achilles. "Don't say anything else, just let me work." She says to Achilles, threading the curved needle with catgut. She starts stitching some of the more pressing wounds, her teeth pressing into her bottom lip.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles to her brother.. "varmits.. out scavaging", she moves to give joe a hand as best she can.. She does her best to try to preserve his ego.
Decius Having appreciated the crater for long enough Decius just walks to where the majority of the group is lingering now and sits down to catch his breath and likely to remove the crushed remains of his shield out of the frame. Still doesn't stop him from commenting on what Molly supposedly heard. "Thats true and they do exactly what you might believe they do with them and worse."
Tobias "I'm not trying to run outta blood on the dey way dere." Tobias quips backs to his buddy as he clips the top two straps but leaves the one that usually runs across his lower stomach undone. "'Sides, this way I can have'em cut me outta these rags." There is a dirty snicker from the shorter Tobias as he pushes his blood spattered goggles up off his face with a series of squinted eyed blinks at the aftermath. "Don't have to tell me twice." And he trundles off into the mayhem to find whatever baubles of tech were left in the carnage.
Orathio Orathio works on Ironface Jones, taking out what meager medical thing he has to look at his wounds. After a few minutes, however, he makes a slow grunting noise, shaking his head. "It appears your wounds are a little... beyond my capabilities, Jones. I will not attempt to touch them beyond the most superficial aid, in fear of making them worse."
Sammy Sammy moves, lighting up a few more bodies here, there, ones that were pretending, get a confirming shot from the Magnum. It's almost a dance, there's a rhythm to it. A few steps, a hop, something that's moving and shouldn't be, *BOOM* belches the revolver. But he's making his way closer to the crowd, and along the way he spies Little Lilly, lifting someone up who's been hurt. The dead and dying legionnaires are skipped as he breaks into a sprint, coming to a halt, "Lilly, and .... " he squints, he's -seen- but never really been introduced to Joe, "... is that your brother?" he's already stowing his revolver and unlimbering his rifle, the revolver hisses as it slides into it's holster, too hot to trot.
Ironface Jones "The one with the sledge was the strongest man of Caesar I have ever faced," Ironface says as he allows Skittles to help him lay down to rest. It may or may not be necessary, but he goes along with it because he recognizes that other people might know better how to treat him. Once in a more supine position he exhales deeply, "I do not like lying down here." And then he goes to stand up, using his slugger like a cane to help him keep his balance until he can get to his feet. To Orathio he says, "Thank you for your help. I think I will go visit the saloon now, though. Visit the healers there."
Manuelito Glancing to Lilly and Joe, Manny nods "Lilly, lets get Joe back to El Dorado and patched up." He notes, moving to assist Joe.
Ruane Roman is stuck in the midst of trying to do some mainteince on his little robo scorpion, fingers wiggling under plates and insuring that everything is still working inside. Scrap up some other nearby parts and repair everything.
Joe Caine Joe let's Lilly think she's helping him, but in reality he's doing most of the lifting, ever the caring brother. Looking to Sammy, Joe offers a slight grin, "In the flesh.. and.. blood.." He looks down at his armor, shaking his head. With a shrug, he tosses his rifle over his shoulder, "Should get back to El Dorado though.. sure could use a whiskey and a meal." Looking to Manny he offers a nod of comradrie.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine makes a clicking sound with her mouth. A somewhat dusty Sprocket walks over to Lilly. "Wanna Ride, Joe?", giving Sprocket a pat on a dusty coat.
Joe Caine Joe Caine watches the horse ride over, "Sounds like.. a quicker ride home for sure.. thanks." As the horse arrives, Joe takes a deep breath, never being one for riding horses, but bullet-wounds and long walks don't match.
Sammy Sammy chuckles as he sees the horse come up, "Joe, I'll help you get up there for a ride, and lend Lilly the medkit to get you patched up." he offers, and draws back his duster to show the medkit hiding int he small of his back. "Good thing the Med Center in Shantytown is staffed..." he says, the darkness of his humor is still upon him.
Sammy     Sammy watches people go back to their lives, making sure, as he is wont to, that all the civillians are accounted for, and going to have to find some requisition forms for a horse. Or mabye that motorcycle in the one shop... if that shop that's run by the madboy could put a big enough muffler to make it comparably stealthy to a horse... Humming, mostly to himself, "We fought it seemd for a thousand years... a million nights and days, Sharing one laugh with a hundred tears, seeing clearing through a haze..." he looks around for any more Legion still wasting good air. Still humming that tune, "Then came that day, I know not when, beneath a blood red sun... atop a pile of dying men, they said that we had won."