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Kaelyn Well, Kae's little bit of an oasis has really come along. The odd woman has been working pretty much non-stop setting everything up. There's now housing, carefully built, housing at that, this having dirt rooves plugged into the aquaponics system to help grow food for the small colony. The houses have very thick walls and are also cooled and electrified, what with the hydro power from the crrek and nearby river, and the windmills not to mention the fusion generators. Kae's house its self is nice, and like all others it's built into the side of the cliff...

The Pond is now well large enough that one would be hard pressed to throw a rock across it... The visible small house housing looks quite nice now at this point, all the roofs are planted, there's date and coconut as well as thatch palms growing throughout the place. There's even a nice walk through garden with various flowers, rocks benches and fountains and a community area..

It's in that area that Kae can be seen now, setting out a couple large thermos of punch, there's even some cake and a few freezers plugged into the power grid that probably has ice crea in it... She's even got a couple grills going at this point...

Currently the 'young' woman is dressed in a simple bikini top and wearing shorts while she flips burgers and listens to a radio station that is transmitting out of Roswell....
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane has been working on getting to know the personalities in El Dorado better since she arrived. Offering Jackson a hand, getting a hand from him, learning more about Doc's... unique.. perspectives on existence and ghouls. Watching Ashur turn into a one being (Human? Monster? N/A?) wrecking crew. So why not come out to see what all the fuss is about at Kaelyn's very own settlement. Jane hadn't seen anything like this in her travels and it was an intriguing idea. So why not?

making her way to the site, she approaches Kaelyn at a comfortable pace. "Very impressive.."
Kaelyn Kae looks up from flipping a rather large hamburger... She tilts her head a moment, the dark-woman's countenance curious, before she smiles, a bit, a nice big 'anime' smile.... "Welcome to well, umm my little home! Have a seat, get something to drink!" She says, and then stops messing with the burgers long enough to turn on the fans within the open communal building and all.. "I just got the farm finished, and most of the first settlement buildings are done and whatnot.... KInd of a down hill stretch right now for this place!" she says happily...

A pause and she looks down "Sorry, had to be swimming while I was connecting things up with the aquaponics and hydro electric systems and all.. Figured Id just stay comfy ya know?"
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane looks around, suitably impressed. "Just the fact you can swim and not worry about contamination? That's an incredible realization right there. The places across the midwest and plains that could make that claim are probably limited to less than ten fingers from what I saw." She reaches for a drink and then takes a seat.
Kaelyn "Once more, this whole place is quite well cool and all what with the springs and stuff..." She says cheerfully... "I'm imagining the sand stone and other things really help with stuff." She adds then returns to the grill, checking out the burgers, then starts to put some paddies on a plate.. Seems Kae goes for the big pub-style burgers... "There's buns and stuff on the table over there, lettus, home grone tomatoes, you name it..." She adds and sets the paddies down on said table.. There's even a block of cheese and a cheese slicer... "Help your self."

Kae beams and flips the other burgers over, sprinkling some kind of dried spice mixture, probably salt and pepper on them... She peers around and then drops a few potatoes through a potatoe slicer, then those fries now are dropped into a fat frier...
Jackson The rains up north had given way to a beautiful, sunny day down toward El Dorado, and Jackson enjoyed it for the majority of his ride toward Bitter lake. He was thankful to have not travelled alone, and he and his companion passed the time buy trading stories of their past and draining their respective bottles. But eventually, as the deputy led his horse along the banks of the river, he couldn't help but wonder what Kaelyn was up to. It'd been a few days since he'd heard from the woman, which was unusual in and of itself, so he did his best to convince Franky to head on up to the woman's settlement to give things a look-around. So, here Jack now sat, Ladyfingers' reigns clutched tightly between his fingers, whiskey swimming through his veins, and a subtle case of the fuck-arounds slowly working it's way up the length of his spine. He could only hope the woman wasn't up to anything.. Too ridiculous.
"Party's here!" The deputy hollered as he rode his horse up to the elf-woman's strip of land. The place had really come along since the last time he'd been there-- that would explain why he hadn't heard from her. When the succulent smell of cooking beef drifted into his nostrils, Jack nearly fell off of Ladyfingers' saddle in his haste to dismount. He let the horse roam around freely to graze, completely forgetting about Franky for the moment as the prospect of food presented itself. Without another instant of hesitation, Jackson came sprinting in to the community area, only to see Kaelyn sporting a rather revealing outfit-- even for her. His thoughts jumbled together briefly as his eyes swiftly swung over toward Jane, then he spoke as he glanced back toward the elf.
"Boo-I mean, food. I smelled food. Was passin' through, and couldn't help but stop in. Place is coming along mighty fine there, Kae."
Franky     It wasn't easy getting here all the way from the Mojave, especially the last couple of days Franky's been having. What with the constant ghoul culling, the enclave and powder gangers all trying collect on his new landlord, Jackson. Franky trailed behind Jackson as the prospect of searching out Kaelyn's home was on Parkes mind. It was probably the wounds and the ride that kept him from getting completely drunken...But he was on a good one or will be soon. "..Not doing too shabblt bones..." He commmented to no one in particular his he tried to lead the borrowed horse where Jackson parked his before running off.

    "Steady you all lanky hag." Franky cuckled, attempting to throw a leg off before falling flat on his back in a thud and a cloud of dust. He laid there for a moment while he horse neighed and shuffled off. He rolled onto his back and groaned as he sat up, "Fuck me....This place is proper fancy." He worked himself up right before heading towards the gathering of food. "There's so much food out west." He waved to Kaelyn and the new face, motioning to Kaelyns attire. "Laundry day?"
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane ways seated not far from Kaelyn as the woman busied herself cooking and entertaining and everything else. She sips on a drink and smiles as Jackson arrives. Him she knows. Franky? Not yet but she's meeting more all the time. She offers a wave to them both, "Deputy. Nice to see you again. Particularly when there aren't ferals charging at you. Or me" she says with a smirk.
Kaelyn Kae peers over to Jackson, then laughs and nmotions to the table "Buns, paddies, toppings condiments and such are all on the table.." She then tugs the frying cages out of the frier, and soon enogh now has a giant bowl of salted french fries which she puts out on the table too.. She then drops another few chopped potatoes and turns to the grill. She drops a few slices of cheese on each of the paddies there, before placing those on a serving plate... Kae now even starts building her own burger...

She loads the thing up, puts mayo with it, then grabs a couple hand fulls of fries, before she grabs her self a large glass of punch and finds a table near where everyone else is... "Anyhow feel free to have a look around.. If ya'll end up having to spend the night, use one of the guest houses I've built." she says cheerfully.
Jackson With a grin of his own, Jack removed his handkerchief from his hair with a bow, and nearly tipped forward off of his feet as he did so. Whirling back up to his full height, the young man nearly tipped backwards, but suddenly levelled his stance with a chuckle and a roll of his shoulders.
"I'd think if it weren't for the ghouls, I wouldn't have had a reason to drink a fifth." At that, he pulled a flask out of one of his duster's pockets, and basically inhaled it's contents as Kae set up the food table. When his eyes fell on the majesty of the feast set out before him, he could've cried. He really should start feeding himself better.
"See? I told you this was a good idea!" He slurred to Franky, beginning the creation of a burger mankind had yet to prepare itself for. The amount of food that the deputy was cramming between two buns was near-blasphemous, but he seemed to know exactly what he was doing, and pursued his act of cullinary arrangement with focused precision. After assembling his mountain of a burger, he hit his flask again, grabbed a cup of punch, threw an unhealthy amount of fries onto the plate, then found a seat near Jane.
"So, what do you think about Kae's little piece of heaven out here?" The law man began, pausing only to take a gigantic bite out of his burger. He seemed to be enjoying it way, way more than he should, but felt absolutely no shame in it. Everything tasted better after a healthy portion of whiskey.
"I don't know how Kaelyn comes up with half of this shit, but it's fuckin'... Something. That over there's Franky. He lives up in Parkes Point. Good guy. Drinking buddy. 's'what we 'ere doin' on our way down here." At the mention of Franky, Jack held a finger up as if to ask Jane to wait for one second, then he screamed toward Franky, though the man was close enough that he could've heard him at normal volume.
Franky     A hand ran through frankys stubbled chin as he marvelled at the spread of burgers and all the fluff to put on them. "It's good to know that Tibbie isn't the only cook around." He procured a plate, slapped a few patties on bun bracketted with cheese and a single leaf of lettuce..because he was watching his figure.

    "Hm." He quipped as he was introduced, raising non-plate carrying hand to wave again at Sal. "Sup." He added. His feet started to carry him toward the a seat when Jackson politely asked how the booze situation was. "Ummmmm." A hand disappeared into his chest rig and produced a plastic bottle of clear liquid. He eyed the contents, "Got a few swigs left I think." Sitting down across from Jackson, and Sal he placed the dusty bottle on the table between them. Then he began to chew happily giving a stupid grin to anyone who would look.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane nods to Franky's comment. "I survive. But this? I have to say that this is truly living. If it isn't then I don't know what is." She smiles toward Kaelyn, "You're giving me more material to talk about. I might even have enough for a show in the next day.."
Kaelyn Kae peers curiously at the boys and smirks.. "I apologize, I don't have much alchohol here, I mostly use it for cooking.. I just cant get drunk to be honest so I don't keep lots around." she says cheerfully, then starts figuring out how to get around the hamburger.. "Gotta have Tibbie make those hamburger buns smaller..." she mutters and after a bit ofsquishing finally gets a bite into said burger...

She stares at Franky now, and the fact he's got over 1 pound of beef, a lot of cheese there and a burger it might take someone related to a snake who can dislocate their jaw to eat... She then shrugs and glances to Jane now, she then ummms... and sets about making a burger fo rher gest, setting the food down in front of her, with all the sides on the plate so she can add as she likes.... "So y'all like this little place eh?" She says with a grin. "Taken me quite a while to get it to this point though... Am hoping some of my sisters will come down and settle in..."
Jackson Eyeing the bottle Franky had placed onto the table with joy, Jack refilled his flask with gusto, leaving around a quarter of the bottle for the man who sat across from him to enjoy at his leisure. After he did so, he happily munched on his burger with a grin that shined bright enough to blind someone who stared for too long. As Kae spoke, Jack responded while chewing on a mouthful of food.
"It really is great, Kae. Your work is really paying off. I'm sure that if you keep at it, you'll be able to convince some of them to move in in no time at all. Speaking of sisters.. Did you still need help tracking any of them down? Because.. I'm a little bit trashed for that."
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane stands, "If you don't mind, Kaelyn, I'd love to look at your hydro electric and wind generators? I promise not to touch anything." She offers a smile. "Just need to stretch my legs a bit and I like to see how others can get things together like this."
Franky     The bites were indeed a matter of skill, it's not about bun to bun contact, but working your bites to make the next one is less work on your jaw muscles...Or maybe Franky just has a big mouth. "I'm amazing my own self." Franky says across to Sal when she mentions Kaelyns property. He sets his burger heap down for a moment, wiping his mouth with his forearm. "Your sisters all have CORA's too?" He shoots real quick to Kaelyn.

    His bottle gets a pull before setting it down, and resuming the burger-time fun.
Kaelyn Kae shakes her head "Nope, Cora's pretty unique to me really... Honestly had the place I as at not been lost and all my sisters would have probably come for me and cora, and cora would be managing more incubation chambers and helping out other clones and whatnot..." She says and shrugs slowly. "Anyhoo, to answer your question Jackson. Soon as I get a location on the facility my sisters are being housed at, I'm going to move pretty quickly and umm yah, there will be a body count I'm thinking.... Am also hoping to maybe knock down the facility on the way out." She says with a slight smile...

Kae takes a pull on her punch... She then tilts her head and slides the punch glasses with punch in it but not too full to the boys... "I hear it's really good with a bit of alchohol in it...."
Franky     Franky eats and listens, nodding now and again before he stops abruptly and places his hamburger down. His jacks clenching and relaxing, working the rest of the bite down before he swollows and sighs. His eyes staring at the barely damamged hamburger, maybe there's a sense of regret in the air at the waste of food? "I forgot about to get fries..." He mumbles, shifting his eyes over toward kaelyn. "Big assaults need bigger explosions...Especially those pre-war facilities, tough nuts to crack.

    He casts and eye toward the punch then to his bottle of booze on the table. "I actually have more rotgut on the horse I rode in on." He snaps his fingers and stands up. "Lemme go case it down, right quick."