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Lowry      Its early enough in the evening where the last remnants of light push through the windows of the second chance saloon. The place is fairly busy with a girl or two hustling drinks between the bar and tables. The bar itself is nearly full as well, the chem dealing and good food are catching up. Smoke hangs thick in the air and is accompanied by foul words and the stench of liquor.

     Seated somewhere near the middle is Lowry of with a couple fellow caravaners. Hats and guns are on the table, drinks mostly in hand. the men seem to be huddling over some magazine the cowboy has and shit eating grins are all about. "Aww, shoot!" Lowry shouts, "Kinda like the hair! Broads should wear it like that these days. We need some o' these picture takers. Darn good idea!" He flips a page and another round of 'oos and ahhs flood out from the table along with some lewd comments. Handing the magazine over to one of his friends Lowry picks up his glass, the brown liquid drained and the cup then held up. A girl comes over and refills, she gets her wink and some caps and a long look at the backside as she leaves. "Gettin' time fer' thea' real thing." He mumbles.
Milton Coming down from above, Milton's got a nice thin cigarette tucked in the corner of his lips as he adjusts his silver framed glasses, pulling his suspeners over his crisp, clean shirt and tucking a hand into a pocket. He's got his ancy coat tucked over one shoulder and buffed boots make light sounds on the stairs. Milton Knox isn't as famous as he is notorious. There are rumors that surround the man but one thing is for sure - Milton is well known around town as great lover of humanity.. In so much that he attempts to love humanity but most stories end with him drunkenly passed out before the deed is ever commited.

Still the pretty man makes his way down and over towards the bar lifting up a couple of caps to show the tender he's in need of refreshment and sets them on the sticky surface before sideglancing at the book. "Oh, I say, there's one I haven't seen before."
Lowry      Lowry lifts a brow. "Oh yea?" He takes another drink and gives a twirl of the finger. The tender giving him his drink but taking no caps. "You seen more o' this shit? I mean." Another sip is had. "I dun' only seen this stuff once maybe twice before. Damn sure neat, if'n ya ask me!" His buddies voice there agreement as they continue to flip pages. "Found it in a scrap yard of all places. Well, guess it aint that surprisin'."
Milton Milton lifts a shoulder, "I like to think I'm collector of sort. An Antiquarian by nature, I also happen to like the finer things in life and what is as divine as the powerful message sent by a Goddess assured in her sensuality?" He taps the bar next to the page, "It's rare that I see something like this though. You wouldn't mind selling it to me would you?" He wonders as his Sunset Saspirilla is brought to him and he takes a swig.
Lowry      Lowry lifts a brow. "Well, everythin' got a price, partner." He reaches over and snatches the magazine from his friend who gets a sour face. "Hey!" He shouts but a quick glance from Lowry quiets the man. "Collector huh?" He tosses that around in his head and swirls the last of his shot. Downing it then he says, "What ya' have in mind? Anything ta' trade? Caps work too."
Milton Milton chuckles and continues in his Transatlantic accent, "Well, yes, I have plenty I could trade but most of them are back home." He gestures vaguely with well manicured fingers. "But for something of this quality a collector such as myself would be expected to pay about one hundred caps. It's not overused and there do not appear to be any sticky pages so I might consider giving you a hundred and fifty, for your troubles of course."
Lowry      Lowry considers. "Nah, Don't need no more o' these. They get old." He grins. "Anything else worth partin' with? Either way a hundred caps is fine. Gunsmith tools, ammo, holsters shit like that is always worth askin' after though." Millie!" The girl behind the bar looks over. Get tha' fella another drink. Then clock out and get over here." He sends her a smile and she grabs another sas for Milton.
Milton Milton says, "I don't tend to carry may wears on me. But I happen to be a talented Leatherworker and Tailor, so if you've the leather no doubt I could make you what you need." He inclines his head to Millie offering her a ice-melting smile. "So it will have to be caps and perhaps business to be done at a later date."
Lowry      Lowry considers again. "Huh. How about this. Give ya' eight nice scraps o' waseland leather and the photo book. Just make me a holster. Sound fair?"
Milton Milton's brow lifts, "Very well." He lifts his soda and drinks it back. "That sounds reasonable enough. How large do you need your Holster to be?" He wonders curiously leaning against the bar and nodding to the women and even some of the men in passing. The man should work at a brothel.. if only it weren't for that reputation for never getting to home base.
Lowry      Lowry nods. "Deal. Make it two slots though, pal." He sets the magazine down, a nice picture of Jenny mccarthy looking back at Milton. "Be right back." He stands up and heads upstairs. returning shortly with a heap of leather.
Milton Milton nods and waits by the bar, taking the porn and thumbing through it shamelessly as he leans on the bar waiting for Lowry to come back. "Pleasure doing business, Sir, I'lls ee you soon about your aquired items."