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Owner Pose
Doc     Doc wanders toward the farm, doing a little snagging and pocketing of a few tasty-looking morsels of fruit as he approaches the almost scandalously-clad brunette. "Hey," he says as he gets within earshot. "I hope you don't mind me coming back here. I remembered who you were just before we crashed, so I wanted to come talk to you a little bit more than our previous hiccups of meetings."
Tibbie The tomgirl was lazing about on Conway's porch with his sheltie dog Gus when she saw Doc.
"Howdy Doc! Yeah, that ship business had my brain six ways from Sunday. I 'pologize fer bein outta sorts. It's nice to see y'with a normal face too!" Tibbie apologizes quietly, then perks up with her compliment.
"Y'had any grub yet? I just got done with Mister Conway's lunch, s'plenty of leftovers." She offers and rubs Gus behind the the ears.
Doc     "Oh, thank you," Doc accepts, graciously. He moves up to her and smiles, his glowing eyes less obvious in the bright sun. "I'm just glad you're okay. I know you probably don't think so, but to me, you are a lady, and I do my best to be a gentleman and come to the defense of ladies. I wish I could have done more to defend your peace of mind up there."
Tibbie She snorts in laughter, "The thought's awful kind of y'Doc, I'm just tryn'a move on past it all." Tibbie stands and heads into the house, she returns with a heavily stacked sandwich for him.
"Did uh, that Megan gal make it through alright?" Tibbie asks sheepishly. Gus is at Doc's feet now begging for bites as dogs do.
Doc     Doc accepts the sandwich and takes a small bite so he can keep talking to her. He moves to sit next to her and nods. "Her pod survived. I've got it stashed somewhere. Once I figure out how, I'm going to open it. I don't know how she'll react to...all this." He looks at Tibbie for a moment, as if he's about to say something, then turns back to his sandwich and takes another small bite, hanging out with Tibbie for a while in the relative peace of the farm.
Tibbie "Well, I'm sure whenever we reach that other ship half-a-doodle, it might have yer answers. And that Meg seems like a smart enough gal to not get her head too wrapped around enough to crack specially now that y'aint so damn ugly lookin." Tibbie chuckles and takes a nice breath of that farmland air. Animals braying in the background, the skies just right, and a gentle breeze sifts out the animal's smells.
Doc     Doc lets the ugly comment slide. He had just gotten so used to his ghoul face that now that he was himself again, give or take a couple glowing eyes, he was going to need to adjust again. As he looks at Tibbie for a bit, his face betrays that there are deep thoughts going on in his head, though not their contents. "I think I'm going to start socializing more, now that I'm not so ugly," he says after a moment of pushing the dog away from his sammich. "Do you ever go into town for a bite to eat?"
Tibbie Tibbie grins, "Well sometimes I like to go on out and taste what other chums's got goin on, helps keep my home cookin on the right track. I been so poor growin up it's nice to afford somethin I aint gotta make myself. And socializing's real fun, you get to figure out people and how different they's stories are from yers." Tibbie rambles on a bit about Davey now, how he grew up even worse than Tibbie but somehow managed to get in more trouble with her around.
"Like that one time he was tryna corral molerats for his big plans of trainin'm to stack up and sing on each other..Until you Doc I aint ever seen so many chunks taken out of a guy!" Tibbie smiles.
Doc     Doc just listens and smiles, taking bite after bite out of his sandwich. It's long after he's finished that Tibbie's done with her tale of the glory days, after which he says, "Sounds like you've led a busy life!"
Tibbie "Y'kin say that! And I bet Miss Megan's gonna git in all sorts'ah adventures with y'too Doc. Just do all this waitin till we an wrangle up enough chums to ride on out to wherever the hell it landed, fuckin hell that was a wild ride. I aint even had a chance to tell Davey bout it, fact he been hard to find ever since his last accident with the Sherriff." Tibbie thinks aloud and grabs the sweetheart Gus and snuggles up with him in her lap.
"Bossman doesnât want Gus getting spoiled, but he deserves it." Tibbie boops Gus' nose.
Doc     Doc smiles and just leans back in the chair for a bit. "Well," he says, "thanks for the sandwich. I need to get moving. I've got a delivery to make." He stands and bows while taking off his hat. "It was a pleasure to see you again, miss Tibbie," he insists with a kind smile.