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Kaelyn So, maintaining an aquaponics garden or farm is made easier than say a flat traditional farm. It's still some work. And currently, Kae is sitting in the edge of one of the fish tanks, tossing some feed in to the trout she's growing there... Some are even of edible size too.. Another tank has what appears to be catfish, and a third perch, the 4th? Judging by the look is probably tilapia or some related animal... Fish commonly grown in these environs and Kae's probably used some connections to get fry in from other places..

Kae is scattering what appear to be pellets across the surface of the small pond-like tanks, watching as the fish boil to the surface.... She tilts her head to the left, then grins a bit and goes to get a hand net... "Time to grab some dinner I think..." she mutters to her self.. As she goes for the net, she notices a ripe orange... She tilts her ead to the right now, grins and twists it of the tree, before starting to use her thumb to peel the thing.. "I likes having this. Glad I helped at one and learned how." she mutters to her self.
Ashur Ashur is fresh-come from bloody Texas; wife and dog in tow, he crossed the border near a Ranger outpost, arranging transport of a Reaver corpse to a workshop for dissection, and broke away to continue his travels. Through the foothills along the Pecos River he walked, dipping into the narrow valley where Kaelyn has made her home. It's only natural he'd come, after all - her home is closer to Texas than El Dorado proper.

He's left his power armor in her front yard, slid around in naught but his boots and toga, wandered left to circle the home and come to this little aquaponics farm. It is not a technology he's familiar with; the barrels of fish, the various fruits, the masses of vegetables and the systems that filter the excretion of the former into the soil of the latter are all unrecognizable.

The bull of a man hrms, pausing near a tank, running a finger down the side of it. "Kaelyn," he yells out, not having noticed her on the other side of an orange tree yet. "Are you here?"
Kaelyn Kae pauses and looks up from tending to a tomatoe plant.. She grins as she notices Ashur, then waves "Over here Ashur!" She calls out, She's been kind of trimming the new tomatoe plants so they split more stems and can make yet more fruit... She then glances around and notices some percimons, before she grabs a couple. She then grins and hearing possibly more than one set of footprints, gets a couple more, that and a paw paw... She wants to see Ashur's reaction to a fruit that tastes like a bananna split sans the chocolate...

She sets the things neatly in a basket, and when Ashur's in view around this kind of lush interior veggie and fruit forest she motions to the basket "Try something in there if you wish." She says with a bit of a grin and now climbs back to the edge of one of the ponds before she tilts her head and looks to Ashur "Umm Perch, Tilapia, or catfish?" She asks curiously... Kind of out of the blue but well....
Ashur "What a queer facility," Ashur remarks, gazing around the greenhouse's interior. He counts four tanks in the distance, churning water, and can see the tail-whips of little fish swimming about; but it's the variety of plants that draws his gaze most. "A.. garden, but inside a building? Why?"

He shakes his head, brushing the crust from his eyes, and then raises his head when Kaelyn responds. Seeing her over by the tree now he begins to walk, careful not to damage anything that might be in his path, the proverbial bull in the china shop -- and then he slows at the tank near her, peeking at the basket first and then the net in her hand. "What.. is this?" He questions, leaning down to gaze into the container. "Where did you find all of this?"

At her question of fish species, he blinks. "Catfish. The Colorado River had many fat ones; they were a treat during the Legion occupation of the Mojave."
Kaelyn Kae nods, and slides over a cople tanks... She then slips the net into the tank and before long pulls what has to be a 3-4 lb channel cat out of it. She then glances to Ashur "Sisters... They got it from Mexico, all over really... " She adds and then oohs "As far as this place It's inside the building so it can grow things more efficiently..." She then motions to the grow bins the plants lie in "Those bins are filled with a mixture of pummice stone and black dirt... They are flooded in cycle from the nutrient ritch water the fish generate. That water goes from a fish pond, to a first sump, there, fresh water muscles, clams, and shrimp break down the waste from the fish, this being well shit, and leftover food the fish doesn't eat... That water is then run through another sump where aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, these are naturally occuring mind you, break the waste nitrites in the waste water and turn it into nitrates... Plants really use the nitrates, in the water to act as fertilizer, and the plants clean out the nitrates, and the carbon dioxide in the water, converting it into rich oxygen bearing wate rwhich is run through a hydro wheel as it's filtered to aeriate it more and dropped back into the fish tank..." She says and smiles

Kae then umms "Think of it as a natural mini-river eco system... By doing this I can grow a lot more plants in a smaller growing zone, I can also stack up instead of spreading out and I waste no water." She then motions to the roof "That makes sure it can't evaporate out." she says cheerfully...

Kae then hops down with the large catfish and goes to what must be a cleaning area and whacks it in the head with a hammer before getting a second.. She does the same and then quickly guts and fillets the two fish... She then grins and slices a thin sliver off one of the fish and offers it to Ashur "100% rad free, try some. I'll fry them up... "
Ashur Ashur is a keen listener; all his life he followed orders, and paid due diligence to the words of his superiors. And when it comes to scientific understanding, he knows, without shame, that Kaelyn is his superior.

Nevertheless, he snorts when she speaks of fish generating nutrients. "Nutrients? Fish do nothing of the sort; all they excel at is swimming and being eaten. On occassion, we'd find parasites in them, little bugs, but nothing you would put in the soil." He raps a knuckle against the nearest tank, sending the wide-eyed fish that was watching him rushing away from the noise.

"Bacteria? Anaerobic? I don't understand what you're talking about, Kaelyn." He withdraws his hand and waves it. "Forget it. Whatever old world knowledge you have, it is not something I share; the fish make the water better, I get that much. But still, they do it enough for all of this?"

The behemoth rolls his shoulders back and clasps his hands against his spine, watching her clean the fish. He chews the slice in appreciative silence.

"Mm.. but where did you *get* all of this?"
Kaelyn Kae motions to the tanks "Found the tanks in an old soda plant... Plastic like this doesn't go bad when not exposed to a lot of sunlight..." She says and then overhead "Found corugated plastic, used that stuff to make the roof... The seeds, and the plant cuttings, the Sisters brought me. Only time I ever asked them to bring me anything... YOu were there the day they visited." she says with a slight smile.. "I left a request with them, and they brought me well, everything you see that's now growing here.." She grins a bit... "If I manage everything right I will generate enough secondary seeds and cuttings to maybe get about a dozen more of these gardens built... If we can get that many more made and all, we could probably feed everyone in and around Eldorado..." She adds.

"Anyhow, yah basically I'm using water with fish shit in it to feed plants.. The plants eat the shit, clean the water out, and that water is put back in with the fish who put more shit in it, and so on and so forth, a big circle and all..." She adds then tosses the bones and guts in the trout and perch tank... "There's ummm... several thousand gallons of water here with fish in it..." She then grins and reaches into one of the first sump tanks and pulls out one of the giant 8 inch long prawns.. "Seen one of these before?"
Ashur "Ah, that is why your sisters were here," Ashur says, head dropped in a nod. His fingers rise and comb through his greying beard -- there's more of that gray in it now than when he arrived in El Dorado, the aging man taking quite a salt-and-pepper look these days. "If this technology is so much better, why do the old world ruins lack it? I have been through many ancient farms; the soil cracked, but still growing some things. NCR has its brahmin barons, and their waste helps them grow vast fields -- could you fit wheat here, enough to feed an army?"

The simplified version earns the elf a grunt of acknowledgment. Now, that makes more sense: using fish shit to feed the plants. That's how the farmers he knew did it with brahmin and other livestock. Along with other things.

He stares the prawn down and reaches to take it. "It looks like the little mudbugs found in streams," he says. "But much bigger. They cling to the undersides of rocks, and eat the plant rot beneath the waters."
Kaelyn Kae laughs and nods "Exactly what they do here... I have mudbugs too.." She says and puts the prawn back... "I have some inside all cleaned out, I'll feed you and your guests.." She says matter of factly... She then grins and using a bit of string she gets one of those little mud-bugs to come out, it's not so little, it's rather actually quite big... "I got those in here too.... They help clean the water out... There's also a bunch in the main fish bins too, Fish eat them some and well keep the eggs down for me." she adds and hmmms.. "You wanna try the prawns?" She asks curiously...

She then umms "I'm not Tibbie's caliber of cook, but I'm pretty ok making stuff here in my garden... I can do us a pasta with the prawns and stuff..." At the mention of wheat, well when she gets around to it she nods "Yah I can grow wheat.. " She says and motions to a roof that's part of the housing area, growing on top of it is obviously wheat... "Wheat likes lotsa wind... But yes, it's also fed with one of the aquaponic setups..." She adds..> "It could also be grown here in a house.." She adds. "I cycle the wheat around as it can be tough on the soil." she says and then motions to an area inside the place, it's 5 grow bins deep, and appears to be oats.. -lots- of oats.... "Got oats too..." she says with a happy grin.

Kae then sets about picking a few more tomatoes, and starts going through veggies and stuff... "Pick what you want with dinner." She says and then motions to the paw paw in the basket "ooh and you soo gotta try that!"
Ashur Ashur takes a long moment to chew over all this information. Finally, he reaches out and clasps the girl on the upper arm. "Well done," he praises, squeezing, patting, and releasing her before his arms fold over his chest. "It is a clever system, then, to create fertilizer with smaller animals in less space. You should be proud of it. I suspect it will not scale well -- but you should make as many as you can, even if it's only the one. There is little more important than food."

Another tap of his knuckle on the tank and he turns away, watching the pretty little elf-thing gather vegetables. Another curl of his fingers through his beard and he rumbles thoughtfully.

"You are very domestic. Do your Sisters have similar knowledge? You would all make fine wives; I'd like to take one for my home. I have been rounding up the stray brahmin, and need to repair the broken fencing, but New Rome was once a Legion city. It has many useful facilities, and much open space."
Kaelyn Kae laughs.. "Ummm Yaaah, you'll have to talk to them... Ya might be able to talk some into it if they like you." she says and grins a bit.. "They won't settle down for long, they'd probably want to bring offspring back to their little praxeum or settlement, I dunno." She adds, then ohs! "By the way! I'll have a location on the Enclave facility with my sisters there.... " she smiles, a bit again, it's not a nice smile.. Even her eyes are cold at the moment, not something Kae oft shows, but yes, she's genuinely angry at the thought. "I'm getting transport set up, soon as I have a location, I'll be trying to get anyone and everyone I can to make a small strike team... " She says then beams a bit.. "Would love to have help getting the girls out and blowing that place to hell..." She adds and shrugs a bit...

Soon enough she has corn, and various other veggies and is setting about preparing it for Ashur and his wife.... She leaves it up to them to wander around the place and check ou tKae's small little settlement.
Ashur "Inform me when the location is found," Ashur commands, beginning to walk along the garden, maneuvering around the foraging elf. "I will be the tip of the red spear thrust in their hearts. Perhaps I will take a wife from the rescued, and she can oversee the administration of my territory; the others are clever, in their ways, but more with the toys of the old world than organization and logistics. I was never good at it -- it tests my temper and patience. Give me battle, not busywork. Such things are a woman's labor."

He nods, reflecting on that future plan. Yes, that will work well, he reckons -- slaughter the Enclave and strengthen his future tribe's home at the same time.

"Let us be off."