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Matt Clovis Highway is the main byway between towns in this here part of New Mexico, and its unusually bustly for the wasteland. Armed militia walk or ride it regularly. A harley is settled off the potholed highway and a tinny voice is humming through a radio wrapped onto the bars of his motorcycle. Matt is sat upon it, listening and watching the road. For some reason.
Shyrene     This road is awful populated and well traveled, so it's no surprise spotting someone coming and going every now and then. All types of folk pass through one could imagine but it ain't every day that someone wearing Ranger's armor and toting their weaponry so openly would meander through. Especially not one so small of stature and unassuming. Their eyes are obscured behind the red glass of that iconic NCR Ranger's Helmet but the person inside's head swivels back and forth as if scanning the area as they pass through. The husk of a refrigerator is turned on it's side and something withdrawn, peeked at and tucked away.
Matt An NCR Ranger...and scavving. Matt sits up on the back and pops the kickstand down to settle it. His hat is flicked to shift upwards and he watches her meander down the highway. "NCR is a ways away, dahling." A woman's body should be noticeable even under that heavy riot gear. "Through some heavy enclave area too. Are you part of the delegation?"
Shyrene     It was a populated road and well traveled. So of course she wasn't going to respond violently like she might have elsewhere but she doesn't immediately acknowledge him either. After she's sifted through the contents of the surrounding area, showing good survival instincts, she approaches him and stands off an appropriate distance. "No, I'm not part of the delegation and yea...sometimes you gotta pass through a bit of a rough patch to get to the other side of the pasture." Her hand rests easily on her hip, near the big revolver. Perhaps she's looking him over but it's hard to tell but either way she gives him a nod and begins to head down the road.
Matt     He doesn't have a weapon out at all. Just a gleaming jewel of a rifle tucked into a sheath alongside the body of the Harley. Its long enough that he is surprised she answers at all. "I know the Rangers keep and upgrade their own gear. 'Specially when they finish their stint. I've got another fella working for me that was in your same boat. Probably." Matt murmurs to her, watching her walk further down the road. "Thats a long road to El Dorado. I'm not sure you could make it by nightfall. I could give you a lift."
Shyrene     The harley was given a once over, noticing the rifle and the fact that it actually works. She points at it with an off handed gesture,"So you have a working vehicle and you're telling me, a Ranger...or ex Ranger by the sound of it?" The silence hangs in the air for a moment before she asks the obvious question,"Who are you and why offer a stranger help? I don't have money and setting me up seems unlikely given your outfit and equipment of course. So what's the catch?"
Matt     "I'm not a ranger. I just hired one. I'm a branch manager of Lone Star Caravans. We've gotten out into NCR vicinity so you've probably heard of us." Matt smirks towards Shyrene, leaning back to give her aonce over. Armor is in good shape, so are her weapons.

    "A guy can't be friendly out here? Maybe I just want a woman with her arms around me for an hour or two?" He'll slip off the saddle of the motorcycle and offer a hand out towards her. "My name is Matt..." But the radio statics and a nervous voice comes through. //We've got Enclave Power armor in sight! North of Dunwich!// And he steps back towards it and double-keys the button a few times. "You've got a militia patrol not a quarter mile from you, due southwest. Head there. Dispatch, get them on the same channel."
Shyrene     Shyrene laughed at the man's comment about a woman's arms around him. It was enough to break the ice between them but as she was about to politely decline the static and radio broadcast comes over loud and clear. Slowly she nods,"Okay, I'll bite. You need a hand with that? everything under control? Either way...I'll take that ride." Quietly she brushes off her leather duster and steps towards his motorcycle,"You can call me Ranger Caloway for now. If you'd be obligin'."
Matt "We wouldn't get there in time." Matt shakes his head towards Ranger Caloway. "I wouldn't normally be overwatching like that, but we're training new dispatchers." He meanders back to the motorcycle and pops his leg over the side then pops down on the starter for the bike to roar to life, then settle to a rumble. "Hop on, darling."
Shyrene     "Hey Matt..." Ranger Caloway says in a sweet voice that's only slightly distorted by her helmet. "Don't call me darling yea?" Without any further comment she kicks her leg over the side of his bike and sits down behind him. Leaning forward and wrapping her arms around his waist while muttering something under her breath.
Matt The young man pulls up a scarf from around his neck, along with goggles before he putters out onto the road. "*Don't* call you darling? Good luck with that one." His hands grip her wrists and pull her arms a bit tighter around him before they take off down the road towards El Dorado.
Matt The ride to El Dorado isn't too lengthy on motorcycle, but it would've been a far walk. He skirts the city and comes in by the west gate, where Lone Star's headquarters is located. He putters in past the gate guards, who let him in on sight. A long and low trailer is where he parks his bike besides and he pats her hands. "Lone Star Caravans, main HQ. Theres quite a few places for you to sell scrap or find a room just east, deeper into the city."
Shyrene     When she gets off the bike her helmet is finally removed and her white tresses are shaken out. There's a small smirk on the woman's face when she looks out towards the city and then back to the Caravan HQ. "Hmmm...color me tactical minded but this place seems very well defended. I could find a room somewhere tonight but I could also stay here tonight." She walks by and presses her helmet into his arms, running a hand along his chest as she whispers teasingly. "I mean, if you want a woman to keep her arms wrapped around you for an hour or two."
Matt The young man manages to resist an eyeroll at her brazen flirtations. "I can't call you darling, but you want to stay in my bed tonight?" Matt thumps a hand atop of her helmet, then glances down inside it to see if its changed much since he acquired his own. "I don't sleep with my employees,
Matt The young man manages to resist an eyeroll at her brazen flirtations. "I can't call you darling, but you want to stay in my bed tonight?" Matt thumps a hand atop of her helmet, then glances down inside it to see if its changed much since he acquired his own. "I don't sleep with my employees, Ranger Caloway. And I'm thinking you'd prefer a job more than a free bed. Which I can let you have for the night anyways in the barracks."
Shyrene     Shyrene gasps mockingly,"Sleep with your employees. Oh my. I'd never dare but I never said I'd be your employee." Still, she does back up and pluck her helmet from his arms with a grin on her face. "Tough luck Matt. I think I might fancy myself a walk anways. Find myself someplace nice to sleep tonight, and in the mornin' if I'm still in town I'll look you up. Might be interested in a job for a time but I don't make any promises." Ranger Caloway winks at him again and puts her helmet back on as she walks towards El Dorado.