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Jackson It was a hot, sunny day in the Mojave. The sand sizzled the flesh it touched, and the breeze that kissed the group's skin was light, refreshing, and warm. There wasn't a cloud that could be spotted in the sky, and the temperature was rising by the minute. Already at 90 F and counting, it was fixing to be a hot, hot day in the Nevada sunshine. Beautiful and scenic though it was, the day had been rather uneventful so far. As the volunteers travelled toward their destination, they were fortunate in the sense that they weren't encountered by anything hostile. They now stood in the shade, leaning idly against their destination, smoking cigarettes and passing bottles around in an attempt to motivate themselves.
Repcon Aerospace Site 261 didn't look like much upon first impression. The sizeable two-story steel building was connected to a large warehouse of sorts, and didn't seem much worse for wear in the wake of the apocalypse. Though rusted and corroded in places, the building looksas though it's gone relatively untouched in the days since the bombs dropped. A faded, cracked black sign with sunbleached white letters and a red rocket embossed upon it proclaim the words, "Repcon Aerospace"proudly above the building's entryway for all to see. The patchwork remains of a cement awning leads toward the facility's entryway, who's glass has long since cracked and warped in the desert heat. Unpowered electronic sliding doors stand closed, and through the twisted, bubbled glass and missing sections, a lobby and check-in area of sorts can be partially perceived, as well as several hallways leading toward other sections of the building. A small, unpowered control panel is visible near the entrance that contains a speaker, a faded screen, and a call button. Really, it's a pretty typical sort of business, aside from the gigantic warehouse flanking it's left side.
"It's hot as a mother fucker out here." Jackson said lazily as he flicked the ash off of his New Vegas menthol. He idly sipped at his liquor as they relaxed for a moment in the shade, and sighed idly as he glanced over his gathered group of volunteers. After the last time they'd been in this place, he wasn't exactly looking forward to their triumphant return. There was still an entire section of the facility that needed to be cleared, and though they'd been briefed on the details already, this place was full of surprises. Hell-- if it wasn't for Ash having randomly showed up last time, they'd all be feral ghouls by now. Well, except for Kaelyn. With another distinct chug at his flask, Jack sighed, rubbed his eyes, and tapped tapped at the bandages he'd recently wrapped around his leg. The burns from the ship were still screwing with him, but he didn't have time to deal with them now. There was too much that still needed to be done. For the time being, he'd just have to drown the pain in whiskey, and do what he could until he had time for a proper sit down with the doctor. With that htought in mind, the deputy busied himself with re-attaching the armor plates to his shin, knee, and boot as he reminded his group of their mission.
"Alright, so.. We enter through the lobby, like we did before. Then, we head down to the operations section, clear it of any hostiles, and try to gain access to the storage section of the facility. All things considered, the rads should've filtered out of there by now, but we can never be too careful. Hence why I tried to convince at least one of you radiation-immune folks to come along for the ride. We never know what me might find in here. Any questions?"
Doc     Doc adjusts his hat and checks his laser pistol. He takes a deep breath of that Mojave air and closes his eyes. "Given what was in here last time," he says, "I'm guessing I'm on point?" Ghouls didn't attack other ghouls, and radiation wouldn't harm him either, so it made some kind of sense for him to be the point-man.
Kaelyn She's still wearing that body suit she got off the alien ship. Over it she has some flexible leather leg guards, and a vest now it seems, and well Kae is looking rather comfortable given the heat and all... She glances to coRA curiously and pokes "Yer being quiet..." CORA responds "Shush! I'm watching soap operas!" Kae then blinks and stares at her Pip machine that CORA resides in. "How in the world are you watching Soap Operas..." CORA then flails now, her little holo avatar appearing over Kae's wrist "It's complicated virtual stuff!!" Then she dissapears...

Kae stares a moment and slaps her forehead... She begins wandering with the others and stuff, the woman drawing her phaser.... "I swear CORA's getting wierder..." She mutters.
Tibbie "I'm surprised the heat aint getting to y'lil Tibba!" Tibbie mentioned as he clung to her waist riding horseback on Butter. Today Tibbie is decked out in her Militia Guard stuff and it's got her sweating up bullets. She dismounts and lazily salutes Jackson when he's finished laying out the master plan.
"Sounds like you know what's what boss!" Tibbie chimed and let Tibba thud off the horse, now holding hands. She uses her spare hand on her hookshot.
"Them Ghoulies aint gonna get the best of us this time round!" She warns with a smirk.
Jackson As always, his group was small, but easily capable of the job that he had in mind for them. He finished his smoke with a sigh, then dropped it and snuffed it out with the heel of his boot. Armor attached, weapons ready, the deputy pulled his gas mask down over his face, and adjusted it so that the lenses of his glasses sealed off the mask's eyeholes in place of it's lenses. A quick application of clear, specialized tape he'd scavenged for just such a purpose assured him that he'd be safe from any sort of airborn toxins that might be present in the building. Not that he thought there'd be any-- it was just better to be safe than sorry. In response to Doc, the sheriff gave the man a firm nod of his head.
"The window panel on the far right side of the doors is loose-- I was able to knock it free of the frame last time, so you should be able to get in through there no issue. We'll follow your lead. Follow the red hallway down toward Operations. From there, we'll breach and clear." With that said, Jack assured himself that the group was ready for action, and followed Ash, who was their point man, toward the building's entrance. As promised, the window was knocked free of it's frame simply enough, but there was something unusual about the place. The last time they'd been there, the door leading behind the front desk had been picked and left open. Now, it was firmly shut, locked, and reinforced. As the group entered, Jack, Tibbie and Kaelyn froze as they noticed the terminal behind the desk flashing red lights against the wall, but unfortunately for Doc, he hadn't had the foresight to pause before attempting to stroll across the lobby. The very second his foot touched the carpet in the lobby, two panels built into the far wall slid aside, revealing two mark III laser turrets, which proceeded to fire on the ghoul with reckless abandon. At the sight of the devices, Jack hastily threw his arm out in front of Kae and Tibbie, halting their advance before they stepped onto the carpet. After Ash managed to scramble out of the way of the oncoming laser fire, Jack took a moment to observe their surroundings.
"Mother fucker," He began, throwing his fist through the rotten drywall to his right. The deputy withdrew his dust-coated fist with a snarl, then looked back toward his group.
"We're not alone in here. Somebody beat us to this place. Those turrets werent active when I got here, and the sensors built in to the electronic doors we bypassed are dead. We've gotta do something about those turrets before we move on, or we're going to have some issues."
Doc     Doc moved in through the window easily enough, and Jackson's directions were clear, but Doc's mind is focussed so much on worrying about ghouls that he doesn't notice the lasers right away. At the last moment, he notices and dives behind cover, barely missing being zapped. He looks about, making sure everyone else is not fried. Glowing eyes aren't great for his stealth. "Who installed lasers in my reactor's housing building?"

    Doc's experience with building robot armies and cyborg apes made him brimming with all kinds of ideas about how to overcome the situation. His Alien-Pip-Boy's wireless was useless without an access point, but he's going to get his robot army, dog gone it! In his moments of madness, he plugs into the closest terminal he can sprint to and runs a script. The turrets come under his control. He pulls the data cable from the terminal and lets it snap back into its place triumphantly. "Clear!" he says with his growly, ghoulish voice as he poses like an action hero for a second.
Tibbie "Holy Shit!" Tibbie gasped and grabbed Tibba, pulling him back. He squeals with excitment as Ash scrambling is very entertaining to him.
"Glad y'lived Doc, I don't think any one of us coulda quit them guns! Now who else coulda went on and found this place?" Tibbie asks.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and shrugs "Take all the fun out of it." she mutters. Then re-holsters her pistol and begins to wander along now behind the others? "Soooo... What now? We go in and shoot lotsa ghouls?" She asks curiously.
Doc     "These aren't ferals," Doc says to Kaelyn, keeping his narrow eyes focussed, his laser pistol ready. This was both good news and bad news. The good news was he could try to persuade a non-feral. The bad news was, he was absolutely in danger of being attacked, now. "Stay down, we're likely being watched." Doc was wearing bright yellow Vault-Tec gear, his gun was made of shiny gold, and his eyes were glowing. Hiding was futile for him, so he didn't try. He only wanted to see which way the enemy was coming from so he could get behind appropriate cover.
Jackson Doc's quick thinking and scientific genius made quick work of the turrets which fired upon them. As the group calmed slightly, Jackson remained on edge. He slowly strode across the lobby, then took a knee in front of the door before drawing a set of long, thin hook-like utensils from his toolkit. As he moved to push them through the hole, he realized that it was filled with some sort of hard, clear, crusted substance-- super glue? With frustration evident on his features, the deputy placed the tools back in his kit, then withdrew his laser cutter, beaming the small red light into the keyhole in an attempt to clear the glue enough so he could work the tumblers.
"Whoever the hell it is, they're not dumb." The man said simply as he worked. He carefully pressed his laser's igniter with light taps as the glue bubbled and drooled out of the knob, and eventually, he was able to work his hooked tools back into the slot with a suitable amount of effort. As he worked the tumblers, he activated his suit's stealth module, and seemed to nearly disappear before the group's eyes. A hazy outline was visible upon close inspection, but as far as anyone else was concerned, Jackson was a ghost. So, stepping free of the door, he allowed it to swing open under it's own weight, then slowly wrapped his fingers around his pistol's grip.
"Somebody check that terminal, the rest of us will move toward operations." Just as implied, Jackson strolled through the office with purpose, and upon reaching the split-hallway, took the red hall down toward the Operations section. As he passed through, he noticed a small camera fixed pointedly toward the doorway he'd just decided to pick. Luckily for him, he'd activated his stealth module. For all intents and purposes, he should've remained unseen as far as he could gather. As for the others? That was a bit more unclear. As the group reached the operations section doorway, Jack peered through the vacant entry in an attempt to appraise his surroundings. A moment later, he whipped his body back around the frame, and planted his back firmly against the wall.
"FUCK!" He exclaimed in a whisper, tightening his hands into fists. Before anyone had a moment to query, the deputy pointed toward the doorway.
"Look for yourself."
As the group glanced in to the Operations section, they'd find the warehosue that was attached to the building's exterior. Hanging chains, conveyor belts, chemical stations, and a hell of a lot of metal fragments, salt mixtures, and heavy machinery of mysterious origin and purpose. But that wasn't all-- all throughout the room's two stories, walkways and open floor space, there was a sea-- a literal SEA of feral ghouls. Some looked angry, some looked.. Well, huge. Some were red, some looked aparticularly starved. The worst of it all? The tell-tale glowing of the most irradiated sort of ghoul could be seen shining out from several sections of the warehouse's interior. After everyone had taken a quick peek, Jackson led their group back down toward the lobby, and stopped them all in the clearing they'd started in.
"What.. What in the hell do we even do?"
Kaelyn Kae blinks and tilts her head "Ummmm.. That's a ton of ferals.." She mutters as she glances around curiously... She's not using active camo, she's just eally sneeky on her own... "Sooo ummm yaaaaah, I might have enough ammo to handle a bunch of them... buuut well I'd have to get them in a narrow area to make that work..." She adds then glances to Doc.. "Dun think you can reason with all those guys, man..." She says and motions to the huge number of well possibly soon to be rather angry ghouls....
Doc     Doc moves into the room, peeking and seeing the ferals. "Wow," he says. He steps forward through the door. His glowing eyes were the exact same shade as the glowing one, for they were of the same cut of radiation, just Doc's was bottled up inside because of the synth-flesh from the alien mothership. "I could set up shop here and have test subjects for years!" he marvels aloud, though rather quietly. His pip-boy clicks softly at all the rads coming off the glowing one, but Doc isn't worried about that, either. He captures his own awe and moves to where Kaelyn is fussing with a terminal, helping her to do...whatever needs done to it.
Kaelyn Kae blinks as she is fiddling with the terminal.. "Really... I dun wanna do that CORA..." CORA responds quietly "But it would be neat!" Kae blinks "Not right now, besides we gotta get access to the main computer to do that.."CORA then pouts "Awwwe.." Kae sticks her tongue out at CORA 'You know that too..." CORA then nods "SOo? It would be funnier this way..." Kae then sighs, shakes her arm with CORA as she glances now to the thing... "Soo I need main frame access and I can get control of the turretts......" she says simply....
Jackson While Kaelyn did her best to decipher the contents of the terminal, Tibbie and her tiny deathclaw companion stayed behind at the front desk alongside her to watch the woman's back. Kae was by no means a weakling, but even the strongest individual couldn't defend themselves and hack through a terminal's encryption simultaneously. Especially while they were having a conversation with a certain pip-boy's holographic avatar. While the ladies conversed and did their best to form their own zany strategy, Jackson and Ash were standing in the ajoining red corridor, doing their best to form the most reasonable strategy to overcome their latest issue. The ferals were an ever-present threat in the Operations section, and if they wanted to proceed, they'd either have to kill them all, or find an alternate method of travel. As they discussed their potential avenues of entrance, Jack had propped his gas mask half-way onto his head so he could smoke another menthol without compromising the integrity of the device's filters.

"Well, I'm in a bit of a pickle here, Ash. Obviously, you're not going to have a problem moving through the warehouse. But if my stealth module fails, I'm going to be swimming through a swarm of ferals bigger than I've ever seen. Now trust me, I can take care of myself, you know that-- but I don't exactly want to initiate a wholesale slaughter if it can be avoided. If anything, you can slide through, get to the door on the opposite side of the room, and see where it leads. If you can find a terminal back there, you might be able to relay a message through this building's intranet to the terminal out here at the front lobby. It's under the username M_Wheatley. If I can figure out where the hell we're headed, the rest of us might be able to use the maintenance tunnels to get through there without spooking the ferals." His monologue was lengthy, but it expressed the thoughts that had been clouding his mind in the time since he'd made a courtesy call back to Parkes Point for volunteers. He wasn't sure if anyone was going to show up, but if they didn't, they already had an alternative plan of action, at the very least.

"I'm completely open to ideas though. If you've got any, shoot. Hell, if If you have enough faith in me, I'm posetive I can move through that feral sea right next to you. You wouldn't even know I was there."
Doc     Doc nods. "Hey, I'm set up to wander through them. I just don't want you guys to get splatted if you fail to sneak by. Ferals operate on a very low level of instinct. Basically, you're either a threat, a meal, or a mate, and I haven't met too many ghouls with working junk. Either way, it sounds like I'm going through. I won't ask you to go with me, but I will either send word back or come back and tell you what's over there."
Jackson Though all of the logic in his mind screamed at him to stay behind, Jackson couldn't shake the uneasy feeling it gave him. He'd grown rather close to the glowy-eyed bastard in the time that'd passed since they met in the scrapyard, and the last thing he wanted was for the man to get himself killed unintentionally when he could've been there to help prevent it. But Ash was capable in his own right. He knew ghouls better than anyone else Jack could think of, and in this particular instance, he was the most equipped to deal with the situation at hand. So, though it made him uneasy, Jack met the man's glowing gaze with a nod of resigned approval.

"It's all you, then. I've linked my Pip-Boy to the network through the lobby terminal already. So, the second you send your mail through, It'll forward straight to me, and I'll do my best to meet you on the other side. If everything goes to hell, find an alarm-- a sprinkler system-- something. Set it off, or send another message through the terminal. That'll let me know that I need to haul ass. If you're particularly fucked, just do your best to find access to the maintenance tunnels, and we'll rendezvous down there. Otherwise? I'll meet you over there as fast as I can. Good luck." With that said, Jack gave the man an appreciative, and encouraging slap on the back, and walked alongside him down the red hallway back to the entrance to the Operations section. As before, the place was absolutely littered with industrial grade chemical manufactuering equipment, miscellanious machinery, and a god damned ton of ghouls, feral, glowing, mutated, and none-too pleased. As Jack watched the man advance, he took a last precaution of activating his stealth module, just in case he had to run in there to do something.
Doc     Doc steps through and waded through the ghouls. They, of course, didn't pay much attention to him, though he did get a couple stragglers who seemed interested in his glow, even though it wasn't getting through his synth-flesh. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, Doc thumbs the alloy of his alien weapon, hoping he won't need it. "'scuse me," he says, idly, mostly to himself. "Pardon me. Pardon me. 'scuse me." Pushing through the group clustering around the glow of the glowing one, Doc finds the doors mostly in open areas, though as the glowing one shifts, the groups shift, so that could change in a hurry. He walks through another door, just scouting, like he said he would, looking at what's there.
Doc     Peeking around, Doc sees employee offices. There are a few actual security ghouls, and their uniforms haven't rotted away enough to make them unidentifiable. There's a timeclock terminal, probably network connected, a secure door, and all the other normal trappings of office drudgery pre-war, with the ravages of time and destruction thrown on.
    Walking up to the terminal, Doc sends a message to the others. "Way not clear. Locked doors and more ferals. Standby. Might have solution to both."
Doc     Doc approaches the security ghouls stuck in the security station. This is going to be interesting. Doc's Pip-Boy scripting skills might get him through that door, but he needed to be very careful about how he did this. He needed the keycards on them and for them not to go wandering out to the glowing one's side. If only he was a stronger glowing one himself.
    Doc checks the terminal to find Jackson's message. "Keep moving. Will find alternate route. Well, that's encouraging," Doc says, not exactly enthused with what's happening. He began using the terminal more seriously, to see if he could lock down the whole room before trying to get into the security station.
Tibbie Avoiding the ghouls, Tibbie nods to Jackson and takes a maintenance tunnel opposite of him and finds herself passing posters and charts. Her luck doesn't pan out as she opens the next door to cubicles and more papers strewn about.

"Well aint this some shit. Maybe there's some directions in here for the rockety stuff." She thinks aloud and starts shuffling through papers.
Jackson The word anxiety didn't quite do the feeling that Jackson had swirling through his mind justice as he watched Doc disappear into the sea of ferals. Before long, the man had disappeared entirely, and left the assembled group of volunteers waiting for an update from their scientifically inclined ally. In time, the lawman's Pip-Boy beeped an alert at him, and after checking his messages and reading Doc's thoroughly, he sent a short response to the man that described his intentions. While Doc worked, he'd take the time to find an alternate method of transportation through the facility, as they'd discussed. Without wasting any time, he and Tibbie made their way up the hallway toward the laboratory section, and gained access to the maintenance tunnels where Doc had the last time they'd visited this facility. Jack offered Tibbie a silent hand gesture of instruction as they reached a fork in the path, and they seperated, Tibbie heading left, the deputy heading right.

As he advanced, Jack activated his armor's stealth module, and did what he could to blend into the shadows given off by the dull red lights illuminating the maintenance tunnels. The passage was cramped, and twisted and turned at awkward, descending angles as he continued onward. He followed his gut instinct as he reached forks in his road, and in time, he found himself in an area where the spiderweb of tunnels seemed to connect. It was a simple, utilitarian room, decorated only with a series of terminals and storage lockers for janitorial and mechanical equipment. The deputy was irritated that he hadn't quite found the right way, but he did what he could with the resources he had at his disposal. Without wasting any time, he hastily entered a series of keystrokes into the terminal with one hand, and used his other to pry off s palstic section of shielding for the terminal's inner workings. As he typed, he threw a jab into a bundle of chips that connected to the motherboard, and with a shower of sparks and and a high-pitched chirp from the terminal, Jack looked up to see that he'd managed to override the cryptography modules through use of quick-thinking and brute force. He retrieved a map of the facility's maintenance tunnels through the system logs, and sent a message to the three active terminals in the building that were still connected to the network.

"Retrieved a map of the maintenance tunnels, attached below. We'll rendezvous in Ash's current location. Ash-- feel free to continue onward, just be careful. We're right behind you."
Doc     Doc's eyes go wide as he notices the security settings. He doesn't have the luxury of time as his friends might find working turrets before he does. He just begins typing, his fingers so fast his keystrokes sound like a motor revving. "DANGER!" he writes in a broadcast to every terminal connected, including Jackson's Pip-Boy, hopefully. "Building security active! BE CAUTIOUS! Working on it, now! -Doc" He had taken control of the turrets in the lobby easily enough, but now? Now it was slightly different. Taking over control of the turrets in the whole complex would require mainframe access. He wasn't even sure where the mainframe was.
    Looking at the security guards, Doc sighs. "I bet you guys knew," he says, again to himself. He turns back to the terminal, trying to access the security door. "I don't suppose you guys are secretly NOT feral?" he asks aloud as he types away. Standing up, Doc adjusts his tie before walking to the hissing-open security door. "You wouldn't keep secrets from a fellow ghoul, would you?"
Tibbie After some time digging the short brunette finds a map and the terminals here display where her team is, so she follows. It's during her trip back she gets uneasy, adjusting herself as cameras light up and focus on her.
"Looks like we got more than ghouls around folks." she speaks to herself on her way to Ash and Jack hopefully.
Jackson As Jack recieves Doc's warning, he takes another moment to carefully appraise the terminal he'd previously been working with. If the security systems were activated, that didn't spell anything good for them. It'd also explain the cameras that'd had eyes on them as they were moving through the building. As Tibbie came running into the maintenance hub, the deputy pointed her in the right direction, then fixed his attention pointedly upon the terminal's screen. All of the tunnels in the building connected in this area-- all of the calbes and terminals certainly explained that much. This had to be the mainframe of the building Kaelyn had referred to earlier. So, as Tibbie ran toward Doc, and Doc entered the storage section, Jackson did his best to gain control of the automated defence system before it was too late.

As Doc entered and saw the Protectrons with lasers heating up to fire, he heard a voice call out to him through their speakers. It was gravelly, and half-dazed, but clearly belonging to that of a female ghoul. "Stop right where you're standing, glowy-eyes. I don't want to hurt you. Take another step, and these robots shoot. Tell me what the hell you're doing here."
Doc     Doc doesn't move. "Woah, there, lady. I'm not here to hurt anyone. I just walked through that sea of ghouls because I'm a glowing one. I know I don't look it, but I promise, I'm a ghoul. Security ghouls didn't touch me, either, see? I'm ghoulish."
Jackson As Doc was confronted with the realization that there was, indeed somebody watching them throughout their time in this facility, he froze. He knew, deep down, that that ghoul wasn't bullshitting when she said he'd be fried if he took another step. So, he did his best to think about his response. If he didn't say the right thing, he'd be leaving with a hell of a lot more holes than he entered with. But before he had time to speak up, Tibbie bursted through the maintenance entrance in the security lobby that Doc had been in previously. As the door slammed against the wall, the sound echoed throughout the facility, causing the two feral security guards to go berserk within their booth. They came bursting outward toward Tibbie, who efficiently defended herself with the use of her trusty bat, then snapped the length of the bat into the feral's knee before taking off toward the storage section. Behind her, a horde of feral ghouls came barreling out of the stairwell. as Tibbie made it through the doorway, it slammed shut behind her once again, and the protectrons powered down their lasers. It seemed that they were safe... For now.

"Don't think it's going to be that easy. I closed the door out of self preservation, nothing more. You two have some explaining to do.

And explain they did. They told the ghoul woman everything-- who they were, where they were from, why they were here, and what they wanted to accomplish, and after hearing their explanation, the woman agreed to give them refuge for the time being. She refused to give them a name or a story, but in time, the ferals cleared, and the group was able to reassemble with the others back in the lobby. After a discussion of their plan moving forward, they mutually decided to head back to Parkes Point, and attempt an assault of this facility another day. The storage section remained full of goods, and the facility was still entirely populated by feral ghouls. But for now, they were just happy to have made it out alive. That being said? They'd have questions for this ghoul woman when they made it back to town.