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Kaelyn It's quite obvious to most folks, Kae is rather different. Even her choice in farming methods can be way out there This is rather evident in this huge segemented off Aquaponics green house she's built. The ceiling is quite see through, using some kind of glass or polymer of some sort. The building's walls are sand stone about half way up the wall then they are pillars of sand stone with wide open side vents that can be closed or opened as need be... Also the roof/ceiling is set up so it has ventable sections that can open up to control the temperature within the large green house... All the non-rock walls are completely see through... Where Kae got the material is anyone's guess...

Kae right now is current near a number of palm like trees. From these grow bunches of semi-cylindrical purple or yellow fruit it seems in long pine-like bunches... She picks one and peels the thing, eating the white fruit meat within and smiles... "Ahhh, sooo goood..." She mutters to her self, grinning a bit as she picks another and begins to wander further into the veritable eden of fruit and veggies.

Soon enough, Kae's in the more open area at the back, with all the water tanks, and on an upraised platform, watching the fish swim around..
Doc     Doc has been wandering through Kaelyn's settlement, mostly looking for her, but also marvelling at how green and beautiful everything is. "Knock knock," he says as he notices the elven woman in the aquaponics bay. "Mind if I come in? I promise I wiped my feet."
Tibbie "This is even better than last I seen it!" Tibbie exclaims as she strolls into the garden, Tibba's claws clasped around her hand, he makes odd chirps when he notices the fish and tries to pull her closer to them.
"Hold on Tibba, we gotta teach you about people food first, and we gotta be polite and find Kae to say hello." Tibbie pats Tibba's horns and he follows, although he turns around to the fish frequently.

"Hey Kae! Things are really lookin up around here huh! It's almost like a GECK exploded in here!" Tibbie chuckles and nudges Tibba to wave hello. Once he's done so she lets go of his hand and he waddles back to the fish.

"Oh hey Doc! Came for a snack didn't cha!" Tibbie smirks.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and hears voices at the front of the Aquaponics garden, this thing is actually huge, like on par with a small warehouse, but well green, very very green... Kae hears Tibbie's voice, then sees her, watching the woman come into the back of the building "Ummm, I guess so... Got given a bunch of seeds and cuttings by my sisters and all Lots of these things actually come from weellllll south of the border.. So well they're very clean.." She says and grins a bit. She glances to Tibbies, Tibba and umms... She grabs a nearby dip net and catches a fish, depositing it into a bucket, and then a couple more before she climbs down off the platform...

She starts cleaning said fish at a proper cleaning station she set up, filletting and skinning the fish out quite nicely, before she feeds the remainders to other types of fish or the prawns she's growing... She then peers around agan and umms.. "Wonner if this is enough." she mutters to her self and then motions to the nearby percimmon tree... "You should try those! They're like really sweet and tart all in one" she says happily.

She then proceeds to peel one of the yellow curved cylinder fruits, aka a bananna... And begins nibbling on it... "But yah, looots more work went into this than a standard GECK.... " She says and smiles "It's why I picked a place so loaded with sandstone... all natural filters and stuff..."

She looks around now then calls out, hoping that anyone at the front of the large building can hear her.. "Come on to the back! Just take the left path and walk around! Watch out for the watermellons though, some of them grew out of their growing racks!"
Doc     Doc watches the fish be cleaned and chuckles to himself. "It's clear you're not the usual cut," he says. It had been some time since he'd seen a fish prepared properly. "It's only fitting you should have a settlement that's as out there and impressive as you are." He smiles and turns to Tibbie. He knew about GECKs, of course, but this? This was both harder to pull off and easier to build. After all, GECKs were the peak of Vault-Tek's proprietary tech, and some pre-war ghouls had theorized that was what started the war in the first place, not that he bought into that, of course.
Tibbie Tibba is hovering by Kae now, trying to peer at her fishy endeavors just out of reach.
"I think I will!" Tibbie smiles and heads off towards this sweet-sour plant giving it a sniff and a finalizing bite. Her face twists and dances as it hits her palate.
"hooo-dog! That's something I gotta play around with in the kitch'n!" Tibbie says excitedly and begins to explore the rest of the gardens, sniffing and rubbing petals between her fingers.
"C'mere Tibba. Yer a dense sun'bitch but I'mma hold you a bit so you can learn a'fore snack time." Tibbie hauls Tibba in her arms, for 2 feet tall he weighs enough to give her a hard time holding him.
"Now these things here are what people eat.. And o'er here's what people like to smell and give to each other 'acause it's pretty to look at. See?" She tickles a flower petal along Tibba's snout and he sniffs.
"Can you even see color's little man?" She asks and Tibba just stares at her, then back to the fish tank.
"Yer lucky I'mma waitful kinnda gal Tibba." She chuckles and leads him to the tank for a better look, then put him back to the floor.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Tibbie with the baby death claw.. She then ummms.. "I think Deat claws are carnivores, it's why he is so fascinated with the fish tanks.." She says and Kae is back up on a platform, now netting out a large catfish, which she whacks in the head with a hammer... "I can cook it for em or just let em have it." she says and smiles slightly, glancing to Tib..

Kae looks to Doc and umms "Well this method of growing makes a lot of sense, limited resources, limited space... The sandstone walls here making well these wonderful filters for really really clean water and whatnot... Figured I could grow lots of stuff in an enclosed cycle... Hard part was routing al this water." she says with a big smile..

After a bit of deliberation, Kae cleans up the catfish too, filletting that out as well... She then wanders over to a slightly enclosed area within the aquaponics area, and well that turns up to actually be a door to one of the many porches on all these bulidings, this overlooking the small Lake Kae's dammed up in the valley... She then turns on a grill, and also a fat frier, probably custom built, before she goes back inside, grabs some dried rice of all things and runs it through a grinder, grinding it into a flour... Next she dredges the fish in egg, and of course the flour and some spices, probably dried here as well, judging by the racks of plants drying and the grinding equipment... As soon as the oil is hot enough, she starts dropping the fish into the fat frier, before she grins and tosses some cauli-flour and potatoes on the grill....
Doc     "Doesn't feel like the same world as we were wandering around in just hours ago," Doc says. "Feels pre-war, almost." He closes his eyes and takes in the scent of things growing. As he opens them again, his expression isn't blissful, though, but rather concerned or weighted heavily. "Maybe it's the fact that I'm a ghoul, now, but this...isn't as inviting to me as it used to be. Honestly, the nicest place I can remember was that leaky fission reactor that was bathed in so much radiation, you could see the glow."
Doc     Doc's revelation got him thinking about the world outside. He smiles and approaches Kaelyn, giving her a friendly hug and says, "Kae, I'm going to come back and visit. Right now, I need to work on getting Megan One out of stasis, setting up a new lab around here, and figuring out a power supply. There's a thousand other things I need to do. It was nice to see you again, though." With a smile, he nods a final farewell and starts out.
Tibbie "Which way you like it Tibba?" She asks the short creature and although he can smell the fryer his eyes still fixate to the tank.
"Guess my home cookin just aint as good as the raw deal now aint it. I guess he'll be takin it slimy Kae. Now this whole set up would get even my Pa jealous." Tibbie boops Tibba's snout and chimes in when she peeks to the grill and fryer.
"Somethin tells me you'd be that way even unghoulified. See ya'round Doc! Good luck on the science n'stuffs!" she waves him out.
"He must not'ah got much tastebuds left, cause some of what you got cookin woulda changed his tune." Tibbie chuckles.

"I still cant believe what I'm seein right here. You really went through all the stops to get this workin, not even Mike could put together somethin this complicat- Nevermind on that. Did yer computer brain put this all together or did CORA have all y'needed?" Tibbie asks, changing the subject.
Kaelyn Kae ummms "Bit of both, that and the Sisters helped a lot." She responds, and tosses a fresh, uncooked and of course deboned fillet to Tibba... She grins now,it didn't take long to fry the fish after battering it. she sets the fillets on a plate, with the fast grilled veggies and hands one plate to Tibbie, and makes one for her self.. She even supplies some mango salsa... "Try the salsa.. It's probably not as good as yours, I don't claim to be an uber cook, but I can do well enough to get a decently tasting and good for you meal out." She says cheerfully.
Tibbie Tibbie dips her fried fish into the salsa and crunches into it happily, she nods and swallows.
"S'a real nice coatin' and the salsa's great Kae!" She grins. Tibba quickly swallowed the fillet whole and now slightly less focused on the tanks, he sniffs around and rubs up on Tibbie's shin deciding to stick close to her again. She offers him a vegetable but he turns it down, so she munches on it casually instead.
"I think anyone who's gonna wanna live 'ere oughta be charged half they soul, cause this place is just too good to be true." She thinks aloud and enjoys the rest of her meal cooked by Kae.
Kaelyn Kae laughs "Lots of work, but I think this should be self sustaining enough now to carve out a bit of a life out here..." She adds and rubs at the back of her neck again. "Am hoping maybe to talk a few of my sisters in coming to live in this place, would be a nice home away from home and all." she adds and rubs the back of her neck.. Just think, there could be a large number of 'Kaes' wandering around!

Kae grins and motions to the housing area that is visible from the greenhouse.. She also motions ot a completely rocked in well pool... "Swimming pool." Kae says with a big grin....
Tibbie "I thought I did hard work till seein' all this! It'd sure be nice to meet the rest of the gang! Do they all got that tele-power y'got or they all sorts'a thangs?" She asks and sets Tibba in her lap and wiggles his arms.
"You wanna go swimmin' lil guy? I hope you float!" She chuckles.
Kaelyn Kae umms "Well technically the sisters are clones made from bits of my DNA and three others like me, they call us Generation 1 I think.... Anyhow, they've added other dna samples and are like on Generation 3 or so, bt they're still using our DNA in the cloning process and whatnot.. I think, I don't completely understand it all.." Kae adds and shrugs "Needless to say basically they're all kinda related to me like a Sister might be..." She says and then shrugs "They also call them selves the Sisters, so well there ya have it.. As far as powers? Some have TK, some can do pyrokinesis, or electro kinesis.. Some don't have powers.." She then taps her chin "Many of them are cloned and their genetic profiles are customized in such a way that they will excell in a given skill when they leave the tanks, then can grow into others in time and whatnot.."
Tibbie "Jesus Kae, you're makin my brain twist knots. But I think I catch y'drift." Tibbie says.
"You, Aliens, half-robot things, gross acid spittin monsters, there's a lotta weird shit goin on I did'n know about till now. Shit, I wonder if chums just go on through shanty and El Dee like none of these thangs is out there roamin around. If y'tried to tell me a year ago about all this I prolly would gave y'a loaf and sent you on y'way, there'd be no way I'd believe any of it, and that's something seein as I roll with Davey. And to top it all off y'got this unbelievable room too!" Tibbie rambles a bit, having one of those rare philosophical moments as her leathery deathclaw baby looks back and forth between her and Kae.
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously at Tibbie and shrugs "Lotsa complicated things going on in the world.. Ya can try to accept them, or not, or try to understand em too.. Or not." she says with a bit of a grin.. "All in all, it's just the same to the world... It keeps on spinning and throwing new and interesting stuff your way."