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Kaelyn Soo Kae's pretty much opened up her little hole in the wall, or little valley, whatever you want to call it. She's currently got all the windows and shutters to her house opened up and the work station is also well exposed, what with all the shutters opened, it's like its own little porch.... Currently the odd, elf-like, woman is getting iced tea, soda, drinks in general set up, as well as snacks while she hums to her self. As soon as she gets the little table and kitchen set up, she wanders back to the work station she has, there's a couple weapons there, including a Beowulf auto cannon, and a super futuristic looking rifle (A phaser mk 3)...

All around are marker boards, or well actually black slick boards she's writing on with white wax-like pencils it seems, this leaving a nice white mark on it, that's rather easy to read.... She begins drawing a diagram of the phaser rifle at this point, her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth.
Lowry      Lowry comes trotting up on the mangy black steed he calls, Despair. Slowing him down he hops off, presumably tying him off to something or another. With no ghouls or whatnot the horse seems at ease - for now. Lowry retrieves a satchel from his ride and approaches the front of the house. His eyes wide and curious as he looks around. "This must be the place." He mutters to himself before shouting. "Kaelyn, Point eared girl! I know yer' in thar'!" His voice seems amiable enough and certainly when one seen him he would pose none. But he isn't 100% sure he's idn the right place, just going off rumors...
Vera Two figures in ponchos have made there way into the hole. "Not sure, I kinda thinks an energy weapon is an energy weapon. You'll have to compare it to yours." says Vera. Sora nods, "The principles are the same I believe. Energy..focusing crystal...seems simple enough." Vera shrugs, "I'll stick with lead slugs...those I know better..." As she gets there right after Lowery, "Hmmm, looks like were not the only visitors"
Kaelyn Kae is visible as she has all the large steel shutters of her house open.. In fact, she's kind of hard to miss as she is drawing on her black slick board.... She then sits down in a rolling swivel stool, office chair sanse back. And taps her nose with the end of her white pencil....

Then her ears twitch and she swivels around and waves rapidly to those here "Hallo! Welcome to my humble ummm... valley!" she says, the oddball woman rather full of energy as is usual... "Come on up, there's drinks and food! I am contemplating this laser-plasma hybrid technology and how best to produce more!"
Lowry      Lowry accepts and ascends, enters etc... He notices Vera behind as well and gives her a nod and a smile. Then his attention is back to Kae and her words. He gets a dissapointed looks as he sets his satchel down on a nearby table. "Well, shoot. Was gonna peddle ya' some firearms. But seems you's inta' the supernatural stuff." He pulls a flask and has a tired drink. Then his eyes perk up. "Hey. With all this, think you's can make me a few files and such. Need ta' do me some gunsmithin', ain't had no luck findin' tha goods. Tough these days. Riflin' ain't no joke." He sounds discouraged. But it passes and he adds, "Thanks fer' the food." He helps himself to something off the table before silently regarding, Vera.
Vera Vera and Sora make there way inside..of course Lowry seems to totally ignore Sora...yes, he must be one of those anti-robot types. Yep, best to keep an eye on that one. "Yep, thats what we came over to check types of weapons popping up lately, and the militia would like to know what were up against." says Vera.
Kaelyn Kae ooohs "We can do that too... But with the crash of the alien ship, get read yfor new and crazy powerful weapons. Including hybridized slug throwers, laser-plasma hybrid weapons, hybrid plasma, alien plasma, alien hybrid rail guns, etc.." she says. And smiles.. Kae pulls out her gause assault rifle and puts it next to her beowulf machine gun, aka auto-cannon... She then glances to Lowry "Suuure, need resources to run my machines and make your tools and stuff!" she casually motions to a number of cnc and solid matter printers she has in her little workstation...

Kae then umms "Soooo lets get some thing started.... First and fore most, I would like to introduce you to a weapon called the phaser...." She says, then holds up her phaser pistol... "This weapon is extremely high-powered for its size, and is capable of emitting a constant stream. It will continue to fire said constant stream till you let go of the trigger, or it runs out of power." she says and adds..

"NO it won't over heat... Like some lasers we are familiar with...." She then motions to the side of it "It has power settings too.. This is low... "She points it out a window at a target and pulls the trigger, it emits a blue beam, with a dull humming sound.. It's rather frighteningly quiet, and it only leaves a bit of a hole in the metal target.. "Here's a medium setting.." she fires and hits another point, it leaves a bigger hole in the target, and turns the metal target dull red for a moment... "Here's max.." she fires, and it instantly slags the whole target, melting it to the ground... "Am sure, once folks start getting into that wreck more of these little buggers will show up... They're plasma, laser hybrid technology..." She says..

Kae then grabs an alien blaster, it's new and swanky.. "Here's blasters that were evidently carried by the owners of that mother ship we got to live on for a while..." Kae then fires it at another target, instantly blowing a hole in said target, there's not even slag where the football sized hole is now in the bit of quarter inch thick metal...
Lowry      Lowry's mouth just slightly hangs open at Kae's usual hyperness and explanation of aliens and slug throwers. About half way thru he closes it and nods along. Then he says, "No problem, darlin'. What it cost me? And don't forget who always got you on /actual/ weapons when need some moddin'. Ya know, the ones that built this land." Or, the ones that destroyed it? Either way he seems proud of gunpowder.

     When she explains the phaser he takes a step back, one of the few times a slight amount of fear might be present on his face. He sweats a little and takes another deep drink before returning the flask beneath his coat. "We?" He mumbles when she speaks of lasers. When she starts firing and adjusting power levels he steps even further back. Always behind heat on the range even if from some strange gizmo. He's no stranger to what they might do. When she's finished he just looks down range at the melted molten metal. "Mother fucker." He mutters. "Man..." Might be he's impressed, or scared, or stuck in mmmmmmm's from the tech. The next demonstration is destructive, there is no doubt and he casts a sideways glance at his satchel. In no need of showing off some old 7.62 now. Shrugging he turns to Vera, "Militia, huh?" He squints but it's warm hearted though his look doesn't leave. Nora gets a quick glance, no more regard then one's cat would get from the man.
Vera Vera watches the demonstration of the weapon, though she doesn't really seems as shocked as Lowry. " and better ways to kill people. Lots of these things out there you say...might be a good idea to find a way to seal that wreck then..make sure no more turn up. We've got enough problems already...what with mutants, a computer trying to kill us, and random crazies....this is something we really didn't need."
Kaelyn "Well they could be out there... " she says and motions to the alien blaster pistol.. "Am thinking more of these than the phaser thingies.... She says and glances to Lowry "What's with the sweating? I'm not gonna accidently discharge these things.." She says, not mentioning the fact she accidently once and ended up stunning her self..

CORA on the other hand is happy to mention it. "Yus she did, she told me so, she messed up and stunned her self by accident on the ship when she was trying to figure that thing out!" Kae blinks and stares at CORA, the AI in her pip boy using the holo projectors she has throughout the house to project at full human size and all.... Kae reaches out and pokes at the hologram, pushing her finger into the hologram's nose, who then flails "Boop." Kae says with a slight grin.. She glances to Lowry now and ummms.. "I'll start the machines on printing you up some tools and stuff, give me a couple days and I can get you umm, how many sets you want?"
Lowry      Lowry nods at Vera's comment. "Always new ways." He mutters. turning to Kae he says, "Ain't concerned in with what you may 'er may not do! Damn, doll." He shakes his head but grins a bit. He laughs now at Cora and says, "Maybe these things aint so bad." He doesn't answer her yet.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Lowry and tilts her head curiously.... "Meeeh, lemme get the machines making you tools and stuffs.... There anything you need to modify while you're here?" She asks curiously and rubs at the back of her neck....
Lowry      "Nah. No mods." Lowry says before grabbing for another drink from underneath his coat. "Thar' ya go with the neck stuff hun," He chuckles and continues. "Just get them tools a goin'." He looks around now more in depth. "Quite tha' interestin' place ya' got here." He turns back to the table and starts fishing stuff out of a satchel. "Any use for steel?" He asks as he pulls things out.
Ironface Jones After wandering around outside for some time the armored titan that is Ironface Jones arrives at Kaelyn's house. Before he attempts to knock on the door, however, the man is smart enough to exit his power armor and knock the old fashioned way, with his normal, human fist. "It is I, Ironface Jones of El Dorado Tribe! I am here to aid in acquiring the science. He turns back to his armor and collects a metal cylinder from it's belt, holding it lightly in his hand. The big tribal now wears a skin tight speedsuit, perhaps making one wonder what he used to wear inside his power armor before he got it.
Kaelyn Kae oooh's atta Franky.. She then shrugs at the mention of neck things.... "Well some folks bite their nails, some have other ticks, mine is a neck rub, oookieee?" She says and grins a bit. She is at the front of a computer interface, powering it up and well the other machines attached to it.. Soon she pulls up the specs for gun tools, and hits the send button, before turning on the 3d printing machine and the cnc mills.... "There we go..." She says cheerfully then umms "Metal? Ummm I have no clue..." She says and puts hands on her hips "Mebbe in the future..."

Then the door is knocked on, even though it's open and all. She glances over and waves to the person and the power armor at the front door... "Umm if you could put your armor like to the side of the entry way and stuffs.... That'd be awesome, come on in though, have a snack or drink or foods and stuff... We were discussing these new weapons that are being introduced by this alien ship crash..." she says and hmms... "Also what they can do, then it turned into me turning my machines on to make weapons modification tools..."
Franky     Franky was back in Kaelyns neck of the woods, or maybe he never left? Perhaps venturing off to explore the surrounding land when he rode in with jackson last time. He made his way down the creek and towards through where the talkings is coming from. He stops as he see's a suit of power armor and then the large man who exitted. Franky cocked his head before shaking it left and right as if something was crawling in his ear. "Gat dammit.." He mumbled, turning to look behind him at nothing before strolling up next to the door as he hears Kaelyn calling from inside. "Hey big guy." He nods to Ironface, before he strolls over to where everyone is gathered. "Hey, Kaelyn." He points a finger at Lowry, "Think I met you in the second chance one time." He gives him a nod. "Anyway, was about to head back to the Mojave. Thought I'd rest my feet for an hour or so, that gravy?"
Lowry      Lowry just shakes his head and hangs it at the ground at If's approach and greeting. "Ma', friend." He says a bit loudly while chuckling. "We need aid in science!" His words a bit sarcastic but joking as well as he keeps clear of the phasers and such. "Don't encourage them!" He's a bit more good natured as the moments go on but still of wary of the odd weaponry. His eyes do hit IF and he grins. "I know Snake-eater didn't leave ya' that get up." He smiles some more and takes in Kae. "Aww, yer' entilted to it. I just drink. Or smoke. Don't worry. Just pokin' fun. Hey? How accurate you with them things? When ya' get done with the tools, think yer as accurate with that alien stuff as ya' are with some ole' fashion ammo?" He's not pushy just curious. Franky gets the nod then. "Yep. I recall ya', partner."
Lowry      "Oh!" Lowry shouts and ADDS turning to Ironface. "You been gearin' up and I heard ya' the other day. Got me some new stuff." A nod is given and he adds, "Let's get us some chili fixins'. Fire claw season I here."
Ironface Jones "Very well!" Ironface says to Kaelyn before he returns to his power armor, sticking his cylinder into one of it's hands before climbing inside. After it seals itself with a hiss around his body he takes a few steps to the side so that he's not blocking traffic and gets back out, retrieving his cylinder again. Then he enters the house proper and turns to greet Franky, "Greetings! It is good to see you." Then he looks at Kaelyn and Lowry, "It is good to see all of you." The man mountain makes his way deeper inside to look over the machines arrayed around the room, "There is much science being done here." Then he looks to Lowry and asks, "What manner of aid is required?" He finds himself next looking down at himself, then back at Lowry, "Snake-eater? I do not think I know them." At the mention of new stuff Ironface's large head inclines in a nod, "It will be good to use all of our things, old and new, against the mighty fire claw. We shall travel to Dunwich and find it and eat it soon." Then he announces, sounding rather sad even though his expression hardly changes, "I cannot stay very long here. I have discovered a gecko nest near the city that I must destroy. I will need to hunt them before they become a threat."
Kaelyn Kae laughs and nods to IronFace... "Come on in, grab a chair..." she says and glances around, then motions to the taroe chips and the punch and other drinks she's got around. "Help your self to food... We were just talking about new weapons that may start propogating pretty soon... And I was making Lowry some gun tools." she says with a big grin..

Kae glances to Franky now then back to Ironface, and shrugs before fetching both a large mug of home made punch each... She then umms.. "I have some beer but it's not done making yet.. Or I'd get you some... Also ooh, I have wine! If you prefer!" She says cheerfully. At least she's trying to be a good hostess!
Franky     Franky smiles at Kaelyn and finds an empty chair and drops into it. He cocks an eyebrow as he looks everyone over, especially this Fireclaw character in dunwich. Franky takes the offered punch, and takes a swig, then frowns as he takes another. "It's good." He adds, bobbing his head in thanks.

    "Anyone from the spacewalk manage to find any explosives of outer space origins?" He directs to kaelyn.
Ironface Jones "Thank you, I shall devour your feast most gratefully," the big tribal says to Kae with a nod as he heads for the food and starts to fix himself something to nom on. Ironface takes the mug with a polite, "This will be excellent. Thank you again." He has a hearty swig, "This will be fine. I must make sure to stay not very drunk for the hunt ahead." Then he holds up his metal cylinder and says, "This is my second newest weapon. It makes a glowing blue blade come out of it which thirsts for blood. It is very useful for slaying things. It is more powerful than my slugger." Eventually the big dude makes it to a chair so he can eat and drink as he continues to look over the room's science machines.
Kaelyn Kae ooohs "I got one of them too, mine's purple." she says and smile slightly "Vault frozen blade tech is interesting.." She comments, then looks to Franky and shrugs "Not that I know of... I don't think we found any explosives...." She adds and hmmms... "Though explosives aren't too hard to make..."
Franky     A look is passed between Ironface and Kaelyn as they talk about their cylinder weapons. He shrugs to himself and drinks from his cup of punch. Theres a moment where he looks over food free for the taking, but refrains after the waste he created with the burger incident. "I was just curious what kinda explosives the aliens would have."

    Franky leans forward and rests his hands on his knees, "Where you guys sourcing the vault stuff from?" His hand indicates Ironface's cylinder.
Ironface Jones As the food disappears down Ironface's throat, washed down by copious amounts of punch, the large guy nods his head, "I look forward to slaying the fire breathing deathclaw with it. To do that would make me quite happy." Once his food and drink are done, and they're finished in what might be record time, the tribal looks for where to deposit the dish and mug, "I have very much enjoyed your hospitality and I think I would like to return, but now I must leave to kill geckos. I shall bring their meat back to you to say 'thank you', my friend." Then he looks over at Franky and says, "I do not know of any alien explosives, but if I had some I would happily trade them to you." And he holds up his cylinder, pressing something on it to show off it's approximately three foot long contained blue laser. He only leaves it on for a few seconds before turning it off again. "It was presented to me for being useful to the El Dorado Tribe. I do not know where it came from before that." And he's headed for the suit of armor that awaits him outside the door, "Be well, friends. I shall see you again."
Kaelyn Kae ummms and rubs at the back of her neck "Caravan... Got it from the Caravan traders.." she informs, then waves to Ironface... "Well I'll cook it up when you bring it!" she says cheerfully, and glances to Fanky.... "Ummm, anyhow, have as much as you like and all. If you need to rest a day, there's the settler's housing I've built, there's a few empty ones that you're more than welcome to make use of..." She says and smiles.. Least she's nice enough to offer shelter....
Franky     Franky screws up his face as Ironface and Kaelyn list off their source of vault weapons. The blue laser blade seems to interest Franky before it's deactivated, and Ironface exits the residence. He lifts a hand to wave, "Maybe take you up on the night, if only to get away from the ghouls at Jackson's." He grins a little, maybe that's an inside joke. Lifting the glass and drinking the rest of the punch, he smacks his lips which are probably bright red from the drink.

    "What are you gunsmith tools going for? If you don't mind me asking?"
Kaelyn Kae umms "Well they cost me about 500 resources to make them, Draws a lot of power from my power supplies here.. I end up putting about 500 resources into them, so I guess I will just charge 525 for em or something like that... " Kae responds and grins "I'm not much of a business person to be honest..."
Franky     Frank drops and lifts his head in understanding, "Imagine the gun tinkerers will be going through enough tools to keep your machine humming for awhile." He stands up now, arching his back in a stretch. "I thank you for the sugary drink and the moment to rest. But I got a date with my own cot." He grins at the thought, he steps over to a counter and sets his cup down there. "Not that you need help or anything, but I'm up at Parkes place if you do." He throws a hand back in a wave. "Until next time, stay dangerous."