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Kaelyn It's yet another great day in Kae's cool (litterally) little Valley. If one were to look around they might notice some new trees? Yup, there are, there's even fresh dark soil around the base of them as if they'd been planted fairly recently. Some are date palms, some are olive trees, usually all of them are some kind of fruit bearing, tree, there's even mesquite trees around, their whispy leaves offering good shade....

Currently the place seems quiet, there's the sound of the creek bubbling, and the sound of the spring, and the occasional splash? Wait splash? Yup, for those looking they'd see a bikini-be-decked Kaelyn, hopping off an upraised section of rock, diving into a rocked in natural type swimming pool....
Tibbie Tibbie strolls up to Kae's place with her abomination baby in tow and she's got some fabrics draped over her shoulder. Releasing her hand from Tibba's claws she gives Kae a wave from the distance.
"Howdy Kae!" she hollers and closes the gap, now by the pool.
"Whada great idea! Tibba needs to burn off some energy too, he's been upset I aint take him the to scrapyard the other day." She pats his horn and ushers him to sit by the poolside.
"I'mma get somethin nice on real quick, I'll show m'self the way." She skips to the main house and comes back in her own bathing suit, a simple green bandeau style top with simple bikini-cut bottoms. When she's back she slips on Tibba a pair of blue swim trunks and sets a towel off to the side.

"Moment of truth lil man, can y'float?" Tibbie asks and smiles to Tibba and Kae before dipping herself into the pool and reaching out for the deathclaw.
He floats! The ungraceful creature flaps in the water as Tibbie holds his waist, she's laughs as she's getting splashed.

"Best idea ever Kae!" she turns to her with a grin.
Kaelyn Kae blinks after she surfaces from jumping in and ummms..... "Welll.... I guess so, it was something in my head and all... Anyhow, the water here's filtered by the sandstone and stuff and cycled through back into the pond and all... So it has a bit of a current... Water comes in the deep end, is circledf about and exits through the shallow end to help keep folks from drowning and stuffs, Dun want the natural current to cause anyone harm.." SHe adds and grins... "You cantest it out by trying to swim from shallow to deep, then deep to shallow end... You'll find it a workout to swim to the deep end and easy to swim to the shallow."

Kae grins and floats her way to said shallow end, then starts swimming against the current, the current is actually almost non-existant at the surface of the water, but it is existant the lower you go... However it's only gentle in feel and all, not like a raging river or the like... There's also obviously jets it seems around the outside of the pool's walls and intaks at strategic areas all around to help keep the thing clean and algae free....
Tibbie "Shit, fer'real Kae? There anything you aint go beyond on?" Tibbie smirks to Kae. She lets go of Tibba and gives him a few pointers. "Now go on and try the current out lil dude." She pushes him by his bum out to the mid-deep end, the poor thing cries for a minute but he stops and purrs as it seems he's found that calming current. Tibbie chuckles at the scene.
"I swear, that lil guy's really changin m'heart these days." She says and looks to Kae.
"I sure hope we kin get yer sisters here in time, then it'd be a real party!"
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly "Oooh me too... Am thinking really soon we'll be heading in that direction.." She says as she peers at Tibbie's deathclaw... "Ummm I think you should go to the airship... there's sentient death claws there too.... they can teach you about stuff..." She says and rubs at the back of her neck before she hops up, the rather exceptionally curvy woman now making her way to a nearby tikki type hut with bar... "Sooo ummm wanna drink? I have orange and pineapple juice, Got some coconut water.. Umm, watermellon... well lots and lots of fruit... Oh and banannas!" She says, while she sets about mixing her self up a drink, half pineapple and orange juice, with some red syrrupy liquid, then ice, and a quarter bananna... All this is put into a blender and she buzzes the thing on, soon mixing her self up a smoothy like drink... SHe pours this into a large glass and skips back over to the pool, now choosing to sit at the edge with her feet in the water while she sips on her drink through a straw...
Tibbie "Really? You think they could help'm talk too?" She asks and nods agreeably to Kae's offer of a drink "Sounds perfect! I aint been around that way since them talkin moleratties saved us, they got a whole town n'all huh?" She heaves herself to the pool side with Kae, watching little Tibba and enjoying Kae's company and her fruity smoothie all the same. It was a really great day for some fun like this too.
Tibbie Kae and Tibbie are having a fun little kiki chat by the poolside, sipping smoothies and waiting for anyone else they've invited to show up. Tibbie's deathclaw is taking to the water like a waterdragon, enjoying the built in current Kae's so expertly planned into the stone pool. The diving rock at the side is artfully placed, not only is Kaelyn smart, but she's got a designers eye as well.
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and yah "That's kinda wierd, I allways end up in conversation with the cats though..." She says and shrugs again... She hops up, and starts mixing up another smoothie "So whatcha want in yours Tibbie? I have ummm, 3 differeng kinds of mellons, berries, percimmons, oranges, pineapple, bananna....." She then grins and holds up a couple bottles that are corked and full of liquid "Got some liquors too!!!" She adds cheerfully... "NOt that I get drunk but in these smoothies and things the alchohol tastes really good!"
Eden Eden wanders in. She spots 2 friends first. "Hi Kae, HI Tibbie!" seeing the smoothies she is making her eyes get big. "ooo, those looksooo good! my favorite drink was always vodka and pi eapple juice. bet that would be great as a smoothie!"
Franky     There must have been a whif of Kaelyn's booze in the air cause just about the time she pulls out the bottle does a wild Franky appear. Probably having a layover in El Dorado from his adventures in Roswell.

    Franky dragged his feet on the track up to Kaelyns house, he looks a little weary but strolls on in, following the voices to where Kaelyn and Tibbie. "Yo." He states, announcing himself then looks around. "Still laundry day eh?" A grin while Franky stands there looking around, he puts his hands in his pockets and shrugs his shoulders.
Tibbie Tibbie grins and thumbs to Eden and says to Kae, "What Eden's getting sounds real good!" She smiles and kicks her submerged foot to splash the baby deathclaw in the pool. He makes what one would assume to be laughter, but its sounds more like an insidious cough instead. Tibbie laughs harder at his laugh and looks to Eden, "This lil guy's Tibbazoid! I got em up in that alien ship business. Aint he just the cutest?" She asks her.
Kaelyn Kae umms "Dunno if I have vodka, I have apple juice though..." She says and digs through her fridge. Kae's dressed in a light blue bikini, she's barefoot on the sandstone patio around the natural type swimming pool and she has a few blinders out in front and loooots of juices and fruits and stuff..... Soon enough, Kae has a bottle of apple juice, she then slices some of a nice red apple up, making sure to core and peel it, it goes into the blinder with the juice, a little orange juice too... cause why not... She scrapes some cinnamon in it and tosses in a tiny bit of clove and a cardamom pod... Then she tilts her head and looks through her exceedingly limited selection of alchohols, and pours a shot's worth into the blender, then adds another half as an after thought...

Kae puts the lid on and blends the drink up, before pouring the icy concoction into a pair of glasses and hands one each to Tibbie and Eden...

Kae's eyes drift to Franky and shrugs "Would rather swim in a swimming pool in this than full armor?" She says and grins before leaning on the bar some, her chest kind of mushing on the surfice and pushing a glass out of the way as she wrests elbows on the counter top and her chin on the top of her hands.... "Whatcha want to drink?"
Eden "I wish i had been there. Ashur needed me to stay home with the kids that day and I missed all the adventure! He is adorable though. does he like scritches or pets?"

After taking a sip of the drink Kaelyn hands her Eden exclaims "ooo, this is delish!I love it! thank you kae!" to frank she says "hi, im.Eden. i dont think weve met" and extends a hand and a smile.
Franky     The grins remained on Franky's face until his eyes caught sight of the baby deathclaw in the pool. He stares at it mouth breathing in amusement, giving the Eden the dumb expression. "Franky." He manages, taking her hand giving it the up and down before he strolls over to pool to to stare at Tibbie's baby. "Sweet samson's sister, I forgot all about him."

    Somewhere in the back of his mind he feels an itch, he grabs his neck and turns around to look at Kaelyn. "Sorry...ummmm? Something strong?"
Tibbie Tibbie beams to Eden, "He's a good boy, likes all the attention he sure does." she waves to Tibba and he swims over to them. "This is Eden and Franky Tibba, she's real nice! What do we do when we see new people?" She gives him a hinting look and the baby monster wiggles it's claws at the both of them. "Come git'sum pets baby." She grins and headtilts to Eden, the baby swims to the edge and rubs Eden's leg with his face like a cat would. Tibbie helps haul him out of the pool, he plops by Eden to receive her glorious pets and scritches. Tibbie's face curls to a mischievous grin and turns to Kae, "Kae! Can you 'magine throwin a fish in here, he'd go nuts!" Tibbie laughs.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously and ooohs "Yah sure..." She taps her chin and looking through things, starts juicing up a bunch of limes, grabs some orange liquor, yay for trading and stuff, and well yah it's a margarita she's mixing... She finishes the frozen treat, and pours it into a large mason jar, then salts the edge, before puggint a lime and an orange slice on the edge of the glass and dropping in a stiring straw... She grins and hands that to Franky... "There...." She says cheerfully, then looks over to Tibbie "Well glad you're having fun Tibs..." She says and blinks at Tibba..

As she goes back with her own rather crazy fruity concoction she sits near Eden and asides to the other woman. "Should I tell her that this pool is filled and made basically by pulling water from the nearby stream into it? It's probably got little fish everywhere..."
Franky Franky cocks an eyebrow watching Kaelyn mix up his drink, even going as far as garnishing the edge. He nods his approval of the presentation, accepting the drink with one hand and giving a solid thumbs up with the other. Franky saunters off towards the edge of the pool again, staring into the moving crystal liquid. He raises the cup to his lips, and tries takes a small pull, his face turns sour. He gives a sidelong glance to Kaelyn and Eden at the pool, trying sneakily to wipe the salt from the edge of his glass with his forearm. Franky then resumes his swigging of the bleched icy booze, smacking his lips audibly as he finishes a mouthful.
Eden Eden giggles, nah, let the little guy find out on his own! will be a fun surprise!" Eden grins and and sups her drink, happuly kicking her feet in the cool water.
Mellie Mellie arrives! Her small backpack is strapped on as usual, only tonight it's filled with alcoholic drinks of various sorts. She is the personification of BYOB tonight as she takes a swig of whiskey as she walks through the entrance. Her wide eyed smile takes in the gathering as she makes her way inside.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Frankie and laughs "Use the straw if the salt gets atcha..." She says cheerfully, then notices Mellie and the booze? Kae grins and motions to the bar with the blenders! "Ya can put yer stuff over there..." She says before the curvy elf littreally floats her drink over to a table sets it down all telekineticly and slips back into the pool to casually float around the water on her back.
Franky The blue eye's of Franky's turn to land on the new arrival. His eye's wonder over the backpack she's brought, A grin is produced, he turns to kaelyn as she mentions the straw. Franky looks at his drink and the straw staring back at him...with an open..mocking expression. Franky shrugs, lifting the glass to his lips and taking a large gulp. He strolls over to the bar, "So these pool days going to be a regular occurance?"
Mellie Mellie takes another swig as she continues forward. Seeing Kaelyn she drunkenly states, "Really great theme here! I.. kind of started drinking before I arrived though.. I brought my own drinks too!" She motions towards her backpack.
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "I dunno, maybe? I usually end up having to go swimming daily. Whether it's working on the water system or just because I want to?" She says and shrugs... "It's also good for you too and all, cleans ya off, keeps ya fresh!" She says happily.... "Generally after this I just go over to one of the shower stalls, rinse off and wash my hair out too... I have lotsa herbs and stuff to make a good soap for my hair too.... " She adds... Kae swims over to the other side of the pool, kicks off the wall and swims under the water now. She seems to mess around there for a bit and as she surfaces she holds up what appears to be a small bass... "See? Fish in the water!"
Franky     Franky stairs at Kaelyn's drink at the bar then to Kaelyn in the pool. The blue orbs dance side to side in their sockets, he blinks and then shrugs. "Sponge baths for me. Ghoul about ripped a rib out of me a week ago. He lifts his poncho to show his rust stained vest, lifting the rest of his drink skyward he finishes it and lets out a long cool breath. He nods to Mellie, "Franky. Nice to meee." Franky screws up his face, and shortly after both his hands are clutching his temples. Evidently chugging iced drinks isn't good for your brain health.