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Lilu For one attempting to remember what it was like to be around others, the dark skinned healer with wild hair was keeping to herself. She knew a few of the wandering Militia by name now, but when not having to speak with someone, or make sure their body stayed in one piece, she lost herself in a world that actually put a smile on her face; the fields. Humming some old song, possibly passed down through generations, the woman rests on her knees and digs about at the earth. Rubbing the soil between her fingers, she smells of it and nods before starting to rake at a small patch with her fingers. Her body rocks with the effort, her cowboy hat hanging down and against her back, as the loose tendrils of rust-jet curls bounce and sway in time.
Bane      The fields, something Bane has not tended to for a very long time. The past decade he had moved around far to much to work the land and for the decade before he was occupied by keeping the farmers and the others around him safe. Now though all they represent to him is a little bit of solitude, sure he gets that out in the wastes but he can't leave the city just yet he has business so this is the next best thing for when he wants solitude without having to reach for his iron from time to time.

     His head turns slightly as he hears humming, not too often you hear people sounding that joyful here. Hell he doesn't here it much in El Dorado unless someone is going off with one of the Saloon girls or so drunk they can hardly walk. He shrugs his broad shoulders and slowly starts to move towards the noise, making sure to make some noise and draw attention to himself. He comes to a stop near Lilu and takes off his hat running a large calloused hand through his horrible head of hat hair. "What are you trying to grow here?"
Jacqueline Normally it's not that long of a walk from town, even in the New Mexico heat. But it feels long today to Jackie Wayne, after the hazardous week or so she's had. Still a little unsteady on her feet, she follows the road as best she can, taking advantage of every little bit of shade to stop for a few minutes' rest.
The directions she'd gotten had said to watch for fields. Well, they got that part right: There are fields to spare. There are buildings in the distance; their condition is hard to judge through the heat-haze of the day.
Closer, she can see a tall figure bending over a lump on the ground... which proves to be another figure staying close to the ground. She lifts a hand, waving as she comes closer. "Helloooo~..."
Lilu Lilu glances up from her work, eyeing the guards wandering about here and there before settling those violet eyes on the massive lug of a man that is Bane. "I guess whateva'll grow." She answers, unhelpfully. Leaving the small grooves in the ground alone for now, she stands and dusts off her knees, and then her hands. "M't'inkin' 'bout it, dough. Maybe s'm corn n' de like. Wheat. Crabapples, since dey grow betta n'easier dan reg'lar ones." Shrugging, she walks toward the fence line that seperates the pair. "Dunno yet. Still need t'go huntin' f'more seeds 'round here."

Hearing another voice, Lilu shields her eyes with her hand before spotting the newcomer. Smiling, she offers the woman a wave. "Evenin', Miss Jackie. How y'doin'?" Then to Bane, "Dis Miss Jackie, Jackie, dis biggen here's Bane." Her eyes settle on the woman, however, and soon she's walking closer to her, resting a hand on the woman's arm to help her steady. "Y'ok?"
Bane      Bane shrugs his shoulders "Corn does sound like a good idea to grow out here. I don't know of any places around here that would have a heap of seeds, but i'll keep a look out while i am out." He grins slightly as he places his hat back on his head "You never know what people will have out in the wastes, can come across just about any damn thing." He turns slightly as another figure approaches, he certainly wasn't expecting another out here. But it isn't exactly unwelcome at least out here he doesn't feel crowded like he does in the Saloon, much easier to be comfortable with a blue sky overhead. He nods to Jacqueline with a small grin. "Howdy, I expected to be on my lonesome out in the fields and now I have stumbled across two people in the space of a coupla' minutes."
Jacqueline Jackie manages a smile for Lilu and Bane, though it's slightly wan. "We've met, but it's been a while," she replies. "It's good to see you again, Mister Bane. You look as permanent as ever."
Her attention returns to Lilu, who is helping her stay steady. "I didn't know you had a green thumb, Lilu. But as for being okay... not exactly, no. My neck still hurts," she says, rubbing a finger over the faded blue scarf showing above the neckline of her gecko-skin jacket. "I figured I'd better find you, take you up on that offer of treatment."
Lilu "Fair's fair, I was out dis way first." She muses toward Bane, smirking in the man's direction. "Y'know, I had s'm seeds in m'pockets 'fore findin' dis place, dey too old n'dry, dough. Y'find me s'mt'ing, n'I trade y' even f'r it." She promises, her attentions returning to Jackie. "Yeah. Learned 'bout growin' n'mendin' fr'm m' folks. Here, com'on ova here n'sit. I look y'ova." Striding slowly away from the field now, she helps settle Jackie on a few sturdy crates. "C'n I see where y' hurtin'?" She questions calmly, stepping aside to wash off her hands in a near by basin.
Bane      "There isn't much that can slow me down. But all it takes is one well aimed bullet, same as anybody else." Bane looks over the fields as he speaks, guy always seems to have to bring everything down to earth. His head comes around at the mention of wounds, even if this one is a little less visceral than those he sometimes carries. "What is your wound? How were you injured?" He looks quickly towards Lilu knowing just how capable she is, certainly better than the Saloon girls are at patching him up even if she doesn't have the same bedside manner. He nods to Lilu with a small smile "I'll trade them to your fair with a discount. I like leaving places better than I found them. And you have helped me out plenty when I come in bleeding all over the place anyway."
Jacqueline "Looks like nobody's found the bullet for any of us yet," Jackie quips, smiling a little tightly. "But I cut it close with a set of teeth and some kind of laser." She steps over to the crates, her step a bit steadier now, propping herself up with one hand and brushing off the spot she's about to sit on with the other before doing the sitting. A sigh of relief escapes her. "Thanks. That was a long walk."
She begins unbuttoning her jacket with careful hands. "Well... I got scraped by some metal while I was out scavving, but that's mostly gone now. Then I got bitten on the throat by a really lively gecko, and then grazed across my tummy by a... laser pistol, I think. It burned like one."
She slowly unwinds the scarf from around her throat, laying it aside to show the bandage underneath. It's been changed recently, but the perspiration from today's heat probably hasn't helped it any. There's a faint outline of another bandage just below her midriff, showing through the tee she's wearing beneath her jacket.
Lilu "Sounds like a deal." Lilu answers Bane, drying off her now freshly cleaned hands. She helps Jackie, should she need it, and then looks at the bandages in place. "Good y'keepin' 'm clean. Dat's 'mport'nt. 'm gonna jus' take a look see, check how y'healin'." She explains, starting with the woman's stomach, carefully pulling back the bandage's seal. "S'lil burn still. I c'n give y's'm stuff f'dat. Help ease de pain." She offers, closing up the covering and then moving her fingers to the woman's throat. "'lright. Easy breath now." She warns, pulling at its seal as well and looking in. "Well, y'don' need stitchin', so dat's good. I c'n get y's'm stuff f' dat, too. Jus' t'help keep dem clean. Y'got 'nough gauze or y'need more?"
Bane      Bane smirks "Well the point is to try and die of old age before that bullet finds you." He shrugs off the shoulder of his duster and pulls his shirt to the side exposing a mess of bandages. the wounds are actually almost healed now. "Teeth have gotten me more than just about anything else since I have made it to El Dorado. Ghouls are just about everywhere. I suppose part of that is because I keep going to areas around Roswell." He looks over the wounds with a practised eye, he may not be much of a medic but he has seen plenty of wounds. He doesn't look immediatly worried that she is going to drop dead luckily. H watches Lilu closely as she looks over the damage, he has always been curious about how they do what they do and it is easier to observe when it isn't you they are putting back together.
Jacqueline Jackie watches Lilu as well, but she can't see what the healer's doing to her neck. She grimaces as Lilu pulls the bandage away from the skin at her neck, but gives little other sign of the pain. The bite looks less well than the burn across her stomach, redder around the edges, but does seem to be healing. "Some gauze would help. I'm almost out," she admits, doing her best to hold still for Lilu's ministrations. "Do you need to see the scrape I mentioned? It's on my leg."
She manages a faint smile for Bane. "Roswell's rotten with ghouls, for sure. There are some strange things around there anyway, but I've never seen anyplace else with so many ghouls."
Lilu "I'll look at 'nyt'ing you wanna show me, Jackie. I need t'get de supplies, n'should have'm by t'morr'r." Resting her hand on the woman's shoulder, she offers it a squeeze and steps aside to rewash her hands. "So y'ain' wanderin' 'bout in de sun, I c'n drop by n'see you instead. Dat 'lright? I have de balms n'gauze by den." She promises, looking from Jackie, to Bane, and back to Jackie. Another pat-dry of the ends of her limbs, the woman smiles assuredly to the half-Asian beauty.
Bane      "Yeah I know, already killed a couple dozen there. Have a big team getting ready to go in at the moment, got to be some good salvage in there. It is more than well guarded, most would have steered well clear." He shrugs his shoulders before smiling at Lilu "I'll keep my eyes out for any hospitals in the city, probably something good left in there. Most things will be well and truly perished by now, but might have good machines and hardware." He looks betweent he two for a moment "Anything else you both need? I'll keep an eye out and get what I can. But the spoils are going to be divided equally between all who accompany me on the expedition."
Jacqueline "That'd be great, actually. It seems like it hurts less when I stay out of the sun," Jackie admits, nodding. "And maybe I can actually get a little work done, too. I'm still trying to fix my motorcycle, and I've got two people knocking on the door asking about guns I'm repairing for them." She smiles wryly. "I think they've been almost as worried about me as the guns, though."
She looks to Bane, frowning thoughtfully. "All I need are motor parts, but I know they can be heavy. I wish I could be in on your expedition. Roswell's got me curious, ghouls or no ghouls. But I can wait for next time. I don't doubt there'll be a next time." After all, it's a big city.
Blushing a little, she stands and looks back to Lilu. "I'd better let you check this. I've been keeping it clean, but it's in a bad place for anyone who has to do a lot of walking, or wears a pistol," she says, unlatching her holster belt and setting her sidearm aside. Unlacing her gecko-skin pants, she pushes them down to her knees, then sits down again. There's a bandage wrapped around her upper right thigh, about seven inches below her pink underpants.
Lilu "I don' t'ink I need 'nyt'ing else at de moment. Y'deal wit y'shares den come callin' once dat's done." She offers to Bane, nodding Jackie's way and waiting for the woman to do as she wishes. Without pause, or hesitation, the woman checks in on the final wound in question. "Y'doin' good keepin' ev'ryt'ing clean n'covered. Try not t'walk so much or let dis one get irritated. Hard, I know, 'specially 'round here, but, all we c'n do is try." Standing back, she moves with her hand for the woman to pull her pants back up to where they were. "I c'n help y'walk back int' town if y'wan'. I c'n meet y'at y'shop 'r s'mwhere else if y'like t'morrow. Sorry m'so lackin' in supplies. I jus' get here 'n ev'rybody's all bleedin' out." She smirks, pointedly looking Bane's way with that comment. "Geks, ghouls n' bullets. Dat's de life."
Bane      Bane quickly looks away when Jacqueline begins to unfasten her pants, his gaze going back over over the fields not really focusing on anything. He is far from innocent, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have what he considers to be basic manners. "We are taking in a couple of wagons we can bring out some heavy items. I'll do what I can. But I can't make any promises." He smirks slightly as Lilu speaks his broad shoulders shrugging easily "Sorry about that doc, people around here seem to not like me a whole lot. And everyone is armed. Hard to avoid all the bullets."
Jacqueline Watching again as Lilu checks on her injuries, Jackie nods agreeably at the praise for her idea of wound care. "It's not easy to stay clean with El Dorado's water issues, but it's not impossible. I think my mother perfected the art of the sponge bath a long time ago. I just learned from her. I'll pass on your opinion of her first aid skills," she promises, standing and pulling up her pants. The laces are a bit tricky to manage while holding the heavy pants up, but she gets them tied.
Noticing Bane's polite look-away, she grins warmly at the man. "Don't worry, you can look now. I'm decent. And thanks, even if you can't get anything away. That'll just mean I'll have to go with you next time."
Lilu "Well, jus' see how y'feelin' afta t'morrow, den talk wit 'm 'gain." Lilu suggests, thumbing toward Bane. The man's comment causes her full lips to purse ruefully, sounding with a soft 'tsk' after the fact. "T'ink m'gonna ask dese Militia boys 'bout dere supplies. Den, I need t'go wanderin' n' look f'r s'm plants. Bane, t'ink y'c'n help Miss Jackie back in t' town when y'all ready?" The woman questions, giving a bowing, stretch of her back before attempting to tuck away her wild mane under her hat.
Bane      Bane turns back around with a small smile "Not sure how many times I will be going in. I just need the caps, don't plan on being in El Dorado for too much longer if everything goes well." He nods his head slightly and brushes his hand through the wirey copper of his stubble. "But I'll let you know."

     He nods to Lilu "Sure I can do that, I should be getting back anyway. Got to sort out the logistics and personel issues for this trip. Hopefully the militia can help you out." He shakes his head with a weary sigh "Best part of the job." He tilts his hat back down over his eyes and looks towards Jacqueline "Ready to head back in?"
Jacqueline "In that case, see you tomorrow, Miss Lilu," Jackie promises, bowing her head gratefully to the healer. "And thanks for all you've done."
Catching up her holster belt, she buckles it back on. "I'm good to go, Mister Bane. Let me know if you need anything put back together before the trip?" she requests, checking her sidearm's condition habitually. She picks up her scarf and begins winding it back around her neck, covering the bandage there.