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Ashur He was gone without warning. Stolen away during an afternoon stroll after a frenzied tryst, disappeared for weeks and weeks along with a number of others in the El Dorado region; no one had the faintest idea what happened, until the ship struck like a meteor through the sky, splitting into two fiery trails. One went north, the other west, crashlanding into western New Mexico, close enough for New Rome to take interest.

A few survivors were in that half of the broken mothership. Abductees from across the region, a few even placed out of time; some had word of Ashur, saying he and a few others chose not to go down with the ship, evacuating via parachute in the air. But no one had seen him since.


It was a few weeks after that that Ashur returned, ragged from the road, bloodied; forcing his way across dusty plains and old highways, trekking from the California-Arizona border all the way back home.

When he pulls in, it's late morning. He comes from the north, following the highway. A baby deathclaw is clutched in his hands, one he sets, sleeping, into a hammock in the backyard.. and then, with a huff, he squats down and falls right on his back in the thick grass, staring at the clouds.

Dirtied, unwashed, and in unfamiliar armor, he just stares.
Eden Eden sees him from the window and comes running out. She opens her mouth to speak and can't find a single word. 20 different emotions running through her mind - not the least of which is anger. She sees the wounds and sighs.

Still without a word Eden goes back into the house to fetch a few supplies and a pot of water. Starting with his head she begins to clean and treat everything she finds. He's a mess, so might as well go head to toe.
Ashur The wind plays across the half-bared chest of the brute, marred by the claws of some wild beast. He managed basic first aid, cleaning and wrapping the wound, but what it really needs is stitches. He's lost blood from the constant, slow leak, the pressure of his swaddling be damned; this is why he looks pale, and so tired from his travels.

"Hello, little lover mine," he rumbles, chuckling, voice dry as sand. He breaks into a whooping cough and lifts a hand to his mouth, propped up on one elbow, turning on his side, hacking and wheezing into the dirt.
Eden "Hello" Eden sees in no shape for a long talk, so stifles all her questions and just concentrates on her work. wiping tears away as they come so she can see straight. Deep breath, then starts stiching across his chest. The wet cloth uncovers the actual size and location of the wounds. While not quite as dire as the blood splotches made it seem, this is still not good. "your going to need to eat well and actually sleep to help you heal. Do you think you can manage that?"
Ashur The wound is a raw and glistening thing. There's no infection, it looks like -- Ashur's constitution is a fearsome thing, even so wounded. But the flesh cannot knit properly without the stitching, and he is not quite savvy enough to do it himself while watching a baby deathclaw. Speaking of which..

"There is a baby deathclaw in the hammock," he notes, pushing up to a seated position, shoulder grass-stained and one palm flat on the ground. "It is friendly. Do it no harm."

A breath to steel himself, and before his adrenaline fully fades Ashur lurches to his feet, unsteady. His head goes light and his vision swirls, but force of will sets it right. "Stitch the wound, mine," he commands, as he makes his way toward the back porch's old rocking chair. "Then heat some water, bring cloths, and the soapbars. I need you to wash my body first."

Grimacing, he strips away the armor he wears, tossing it aside. He aches and sits.
Eden "do i even want to ask whete you got a baby deathclaw and this armor?" eden continues stitching. she nods at Ashur's words. "Do i even get to know anything," she says in almost a whisper
Ashur The pain of the stitches is a familiar one; it relaxes him, brings about the comfort that comes from realizing now he's well and truly safe. "It was not by choice," he explains, eyes closed and head tilted back, fingers brushing the ground as his long arms hang. "I was taken by a ship in the sky. Creatures from another world, far away from ours; thousands of men and women locked away in frozen chambers, unmoving, unbreathing, like animals kept for display. You saw the fallen star? The ship -- we brought it low, and it broke apart."

He opens one eye and fixes her with an affectionate stare. "You are wife to a hero, little one. And the lives of heroes are frightful things. But I returned."
Eden Eden pauses and stares at him a moment. Carefully putting down her items, she steps closer to his head and kisses him. "my hero, please just always come back. I've missed you. Im glad you are back". wiping away a final tear she goes back to her stitching, wondering how much of his skin is actually untouched by stitches or scars. After a bit... there's enough gashes that this takes some time... she says "finished stitching. time to start on the hot water."