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Matt     The road between El Dorado and Hondo is MOSTLY highway and well travelled, but parts of it fade away into dust and have to be traversed. Matthew Ward has hired on some green caravan hands for this particular run, as well as those who have an interest in getting something set up in Kaelyn's settlement for Lone Star.

    A few horses pull a long and well laden wagon across the wasteland, some nameless driver managing the beasts. Matt and accompanied gunners are sitting on crates in the back and generally wait for badness to happen.
Tibbie Tibbie is one of those caravan riders today. She's left her dear Tibbazoid at home with her mother, the poor woman is still getting used to a baby deathclaw as her grandson. "I miss'm already" Tibbie laments to the crew but keeps her eyes peeled on the scenery. She carries her trust hookshot and slugger on her hips, her cowboy hat obscures the partial braiding she's done for her hair, and she's dusty from the wasteland air.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane has been working on her radio gear and it's been giving her a few fits. So while she is currently off the air, as it were, she is looking to earn a few caps or at least find a bit of scrap that may provide the components she needs. So why not join up with the caravan? She'll learnt he region better, she'll get to know the people better and it'll get her out of the station for a while before she starts talking to the walls - and insists they're talking back. It's a good ting all around.
Shyrene     Ranger Caloway, as she liked to be called, arrived in full gear with her revolver on hip and rifle casually slung over her shoulder. Her face is obscured behind her helmet but she tips her non existant hat to the other caravaners before falling in step. While other folk are prepping to set out or engaging in chatter she checks her guns once more, in thorough fashion.
Bart Bart is here to run his drugs. That's right, his drugs. He doesn't even give a damn any more. In fact, there is a lot of scowling from the normally chipper scientist as he lugs his backpack onto one of the caravans for safe keeping. Muttermutter, curmudgeon curmudgeon. He stares out from behind those cracked spectacles at the group gathering here, squinting at a few faces for a second before moving right along again. He's got..something..strapped to his shoulder. It looks like it could be a laser rifle, but there's so much extra /stuff/ attached to it, alien tech winds through it and the pieces of armor that he wears under his labcoat. The medic's red cross emblazoned on the pistol-looking thing on his hip. If there was any doubts, the trademarked goggles are sitting on top of his head, making his mousey hair spray awkwardly from his head seal the deal. Mad Bart is riding with this caravan.
Matt Poor Matt is tucked into the wagon bed with these caravan guards, his own rifle slung and pointed at the bed with the safety on, and fingers away from the trigger. "Nobody tends to harass caravans travelling this close to El Dorado, but its known to happen." A radio is hung upon a peg of the wagon, and the dispatcher from Lone Star Compound can be heard squawking at all the wagons out and about. "Tibbie, this is Calwoay over here." A thumb gets hooked and lifted over shoulder to point at Shyrene. "Who else showed up for this boring wagon ride?"
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane falls in along side the wagon, not bothered by going on foot. She's walked across the middle of the continent over the past few years so what's a bit more? She offers a smile to Tibbie, whom she remembers from the Roswell scrapyard venture with Jackson not long past. The rest she glances at, offering loud enough to be heard, "Salvation Jane. Or just Jane if you consider your salvation to be elsewhere." The dusky woman's lips curl at the corners in self amusement.
Matt /--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--

    From the main highway, the wagon turns and slips into the shallow parts of the Pecos River, heading south towards Kaelyn's tucked away settlement. Around a bend, several donkeys are hitched up and immediately starting braying loudly at the approach of the wagon. Matt hefts himself over the edge of the bed and drops into the water with a splash. "Huh. Donkeys."
Matt /--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--/--

    Shots ring out from the treeline surrounding the river and manage not to hit a single gosh danged person! A staccato of gunfire rains down high from a large boulder and gleaming of a large automatic weapon can be spotted.

"Throw down your weapons, or we'll kill all y'all! We just want the goods!" A voice speaks from behind the boulder and a youngish raider steps out, dreadhawk flopping about his head and onto football shoulder pads.
Matt Matt leans against the side of the wagon and aims at the shouting raider, all intent on peaceable stage coach robbery. The bullet he sends down-range hammers into his chest and rips through crappy armor. Not peaceful surrendering here at all.
Shyrene     Reflexively, Caloway brings up her rifle and fires off a snapshot towards the treeline. It's more instinctual than aimed with precision but none the less, luck was on her side and the bullet finds its mark. With a nimble step toward the wagon, Shyrene crouches into a defensive position and grins. "Now we're lookin at good times," she says to no one in particular.
Tibbie "Holy smokes!" Tibbie says caught off guard and gathers her courage. She leaps from the wagon, aims her hookshot to the treeline closest to the offending raiders and zips past bullets and danger before landing right into the enemies cover! With the finesse of a bear, Tibbie swing at one of the raiders coming at her only to miss, but the next swing back is a lethal blow. The raider's skull is bashed in with such force blood oozes from his ears as he's rammed to the ground by her force. "AINT GIVIN UP NO HOW!" she yells to the raiders, the feisty brunette is up and at em today!
Matt The damnable raiders respond after their ambush is blatantly ignored! Raider guy fires off towards Matt, and misses. In fact, almost all of their shots miss. Except the one that dings up Bart's poor helmet paint and richochets off into the gravel!
Bart Bart was sitting there, minding his own business when voices started shouting around him. At first he's ducking, the first suprise volley of bullets managing to ting off his armor plating, sending a rippling blue energy effect up the blackened armor. "I beg your pardon!!" he shouts in upset Mid-Atlantic accent. He's already standing up to protest when another bullet richochets off of his helmet. "I have had quite enough of these childish antics!" He storms off of the caravan, dropping to the ground and quite literally walking straight at the raider who's gun scratched the paint on his helmet. The big laser gun whips under neath his arm and is leveled at the man before lights course through the gun and then BLAM! A blue streak cuts right through the fellow's face, leaving a seared husk of a skull. Still having his tantrum he wheels on the Raider that led the charge and squeezes the trigger off twice from the hip. Two more streaks, two more holes to play peek-a-boo thru. Furious he turns on the other two, "I'm going to dissect you!" at this point, that might be a frightening threat from the nerd.
Salvation Jane Salvation Jane didn't see the attack coming. As the raiders attack, their shot misses her if only just, splintering off a bit of wood along the side of the wagon. Drawing her pisotl, Jane fires off a shot from the hip that strikes one of the raiders, the incendiary round causing gruesome agony for the raider. Serves 'em right. The double shot following up, however, is wide of the mark, whistling off into the desert air.
Matt Matt steps forward out of the cover of the wagon and cycles his rifle to flick out a smoking cartridge into the air. Should he...let the team mop it up? Nah. The rifle comes up and centers down on Shooter 1, dreadhawk and leader and all aruond loudmouth. Who goes down with another round to his upper chest. Another empty cartridge is flung out by working the lever and Matt tracks on the last shooter and puts him down as well. Silence reigns now. Except for the trickle of Pecos River.
Bart Bart's still furious about something and he marches right up to Faceless Raider and proceeds to kick him with a steel toed boot. Only to hurt himself and flinch. "Bastards!" he spits and turns back to the caravan. Moving to the back he checks the backpack and the goods contained. Nothing harmed. Galaxy-Crusher's Head Laser is slung back over his shoulder and he glances around quickly as he pulls out that ray-gun looking deal with the medic's cross. "Anyone require healing?"
Shyrene     Things escalated quickly as ray guns and incendiary ammunition is dumped on the unfortunate raiders. At some point Shyrene just stood up and witnessed the rest of the caravaners destroy the opposition without much difficulty. When it was all said and done she didn't even have to double tap any of the poor souls. She whistles and shakes her head,"I can't imagine that havin gone any sweeter than that. Y'all really know how to throw down, I'm impressed." Caloway tucks away her revolver and slings her rifle over her shoulder after scanning the horizon. "Buddy I didn't take any lead this time but I do have an older injury you might look at?"
Tibbie Tibbie fist pumps once all the dumb raiders are done making a fuss. "We sure showed them dumbasses!" Tibbie cheers and gives one of the corpses a happy kick in the side as she walks back to their wagon. She gives the donkeys a reassuring pet behind the ears and heads back to the group, still excited from the encounter she raises her hand for high fives! "I tell y'what, them chums didn't have no clue no sir about who they was messin with!" Tibbie chuckles.
Bart Bart, seeing Matt still favoring his left leg makes a tsking sound. "You're going to end up ruining your posture," he chides before walking right up to him and firing off that ray-gun at his hip. A wavy red laser comes chargning out of the barrel and something even pops inside of Matt's body! Science is wonderful! After a few seconds the light goes away and the 'good' doctor leaves Matt feeling great! And burping in the color pink. Yeaaaaah no one said Mad Science healing was flawless!
Shyrene     Once they get to their destination Shyrene gives them a mock salute and heads towards the nearest watering hole. Everyone is given another looksie before the Ranger turns and disappears into the building without much fanfare or dramatics. Just another day in the Wasteland.