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Ashur The trip downriver has been a swift one. The wide pontoon raft -- a simple thing fashioned by the Rangers, using some old, buoyant containers they no longer needed -- has floated easy and quick down the churning waters. Ashur has held a long oar for most of the trip, using it to direct the raft when it starts to turn, pushing around minor obstacles and the like.

Early in the trip, he'd unearthed a clutch of lakelurk eggs just beneath the water, buried against a half-rotten log. By this point, about half of them are left, having served as tasty snacks. Ashur, himself, is chewing on one, devouring the semi-developed fetus with a crunch.

"The mission should be around the next bend," he says, mouth full, raising the oar to point ahead past the high sandstone cliffs. "An old God's fort from the pre-War times. Its back is to the river, making it easy to supply; the Rangers have made it an outpost."

As the raft bumps against the shore, he pushes off once more, gently bobbing down and then righting once more. Float, float, float, and past the turn the eyes open up, giving vision to the hills and plains and sprawling grasses of Mission Protection (its original Spanish name was much, much longer). High walls of adobe, with an entrance gate adorned with a broken cross. A church is seen deeper within, atop a hill, rusting bell within it.

The bell burns bright white, then melts to slag. A moment later, the steeple itself is hit, breaking apart and tumbling down.

And trailing far behind the raft? Sinister bubbles.
Esscast esscast looks behind him "ashur did you just fart in the water" esscast just looks at the bubbles and cocks his gun knowing ashur didnt
Kaelyn At seeing the bright white light and the liquified bell, Kae blinks slowly. She then draws her phaser pistol from her hip. She glances around now, head on a swivel as she tries to figure out just where the shot came from... "On yer toes foooolks!" She says as she scans for targets.... "SOoo we're going after more hoard remnants?"
Tibbie The short brunette smirks to Ashur and his bounty of eggs, "Hey now, save some'uh'm for me t'grill up later." She chuckles, she's never been on a river adventure like this so she's enjoying it by splashing her hand in the water and pointing out to the group any critters on the riverbanks they pass by.

"Well aint she gorgeous! Awww shiiiet, you seein this Jefecito? Guys?" Tibbie alarms the group of the unstable church and readies her assault rifle while keeping her balance on the raft.
"We got some ass to kick today! HEE-HAWW!" Tibbie rallies the group in her new texan ways.
Jackson Jack casually kneeled upon the edge of the raft opposite ashur, a long, metal pole clutched in between his hands-unusual though it appeared, he was using the utensil to push and slap aside any pieces of oncoming debris that could've halted their progress. Ashur was a good enough navigator, but the job was made significantly easier if somebody kept an eye out for loose boards, rafts, and rocks. It was an easy enough task for Jackson, who seemed to spent the majority of his time with the pole laid against his lap. There hadn't been much in terms of debris that would be obstructing them as they travelled, and aside from a casual nudge against bunched up driftwood, a push off of a rusted car or two, and the occasional sight of glowing eyes beneath the water, the deputy's ride had gone rather smoothely. At least, until they caught sight of the Mission itself. The sight of the bell melting into molten slag caused Jack to whistle in surprise, and he tossed his pole toward the rear of the vessel as he rose to his full height. An instant later, the building was struck alongside the bell, and the steeple came tumbling down into the water in a hell of a lot more pieces than it'd been in a moment ago.
"Well, shit. That's no fun." He said simply, pulling his gas mask down over his face.
"And to think, God's supposed to protect places like that. Where's god now?" At that, he tightened his suit's gloves slightly, and listened to Tibbie's triumphant war cry as the woman readied her rifle.
"Let's rock and roll." And with that, the man prepared for the inevitable.
Ashur The raft bumps into a small dock, and Ashur steps off it, grasping a length of rope and tying it down. All the while, a chorus of screams fill the air -- men and women shouting and organizing, human voices, and the overbearing roars of supermutants. From this position at the dock, the conflict can't be seen; whatever's happening is happening on the other side, necessitating the group make their way around the walls to the gate.

"There was a small camp of a half dozen in the hills," Ashur says, grasping his helmet and war-mask from his belt and lifting it over his head. His voice muffles, then amplifies, filtered metallic through the speaker of his mask. "They should not have the numbers to besiege us--"

He speaks too soon, and the air sizzles with another crimson blast of some energy weapon, searing the sky's atoms and leaving a glittering aftertaste that falls like fireworks.

"Tch, move! The lot of you circle ahead to the gate, I'll go ahead."

Saying so, the brute leaps, augmented by the sudden fiery blast of his jetpack, choosing to vault the walls rather than circumnavigate them. He soaks up the sun from the cloudless sky, drawing the eye of every enemy and ally in the outpost --

And sees how they're arranged. The camp is roughly square, built against a hill and the west-side river where the dock is. A dozen Rangers operate here, living in tents behind the walls, while the church itself, at the highest hill-point, is given to the Ranger in command. A storehouse and an armory can be seen.. and at the crumbling gate, pouring in, is a veritable army of supermutants. Twenty of them, maybe thirty, overseen by a hulking 13-foot beast whose armor looks to be soldered bits of scrap T-45D. He wields an enormous, two-handed plasma cannon.

"Kill'em all!", the supermutant shouts. "And take the survivors!"

The mutants push through bullets and stone, the Rangers having taken defensive positions behind sandbag dug-outs.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur as he flies off and ummms.... "Ookay..." She disembarks as she is evidently supposed to and begins making her way toward the locale they're supposed to hit. Nope she doesn't notice the bubbles, her eyes are on the church thing and now the super mutantds and mega-mutant...

She frowns and then the girl tries to be sneeky, looking for a flank to try to get to before she opens up with her phaser pistol... She flips her communicator open and says to those in their group. "Going for a flanking positon, will be ready to engage here really soon...." SHe says and gets to sneeking.
Tibbie Tibbie's cowboy hat raised back as she watched Ashur leap over so easily. She nods to the orders and heads over to the gate. Tibbie's decked out in some Militia gear and her rifle at the ready, it seems she's losing her fears of the wastes and her time spent with the others has her better prepared for it. She takes no efforts to hide as she's usually the shortest anyway, it would take a squat by her to be forgotten to most people. But super mutants? Who knows how they think aside from being assholes.
Jackson Ashur's exit came in extravagant fashion as the golden avatar soared skyward atop a churning bundle of nuclear flame. He went up, and up, and up, and eventually cleared the wall, descending out of sight, and out of mind as the deputy's other companions began to hustle toward the battlefield. However, something was bothering Jack. He got the odd feeling that something had been.. Watching him. So, as the others advanced, he took a moment to glance down into the murky waters of the river, switching his glasses over to their infrared setting in an attempt to surmise what exactly had their eyes on him. What he saw, unsettling as it could be for the rangers inside of the walls, gave him an idea.
Half a dozen twitchy, angry, swimming forms that could be none other than lake lurks. So, that'd been the source of the bubbles that'd been following their raft. But when the hell did it start? The deputy took a brief instant to think back on it, and his face fell into an irritated grimace behind his mask a moment later as the sight of Ashur gleefully chomping on lakelurk eggs materialized in his brain.
"Mother. Fucker." The deputy swore, the metallic static of his mask distorting his southern twang slightly as he spoke. The bubbles were surrounding the boat now, and the others had already started to make their way toward the battlefield. He switched his HUD back to it's normal visual setting, and prepared himself for the insanity his brain attempted to muster. Jack grabbed the last of the eggs from Ashur's pile in the corner of the raft, held it clearly between his armored fingers mere inches above the water's surface, and crushed it ruthlessly under his armored grip. An instant later, he was bolting along the surface of the doc, fingers cranking up the volume on his armor's external speakers, free arm waving frantically toward anyone that could hear him.
"Reinforcements Inbound!" He bellowed repeatedly, pumping his arms and legs purposefully as he ran. He pulled on every last fragment of his speed to carry him through the small base, and didn't spare himself the time to glance over his shoulder at his watery friends-he knew that the second he did, he'd give them just enough time to slam him into the ground, and tear him to bits over the death of their young. So, he ran. Sprinting at the quickest speed he could manage toward the gate, and the battle outside. As he approached the men keeping it guarded, he screamed out toward them with all the volume his lungs and suit could muster.
Kaelyn Kae is sneeky, she's proven that in the past. From her little vantage point she takes very careful aim at one of the mutants close to Esscast, then she squeezes the triger, twice... Two long blue beams lance out from the nearby cover, one burning a hole in one of the super mutant's chest. The other hitting him in the head. The red glow from the impact points connect and the glow seems to eat the large creature away, disintigrating it from both impact points and leaving nothing but a small pile of ash and a black mark on the ground.... Kae tilts her head and holsters her weapon now, and begins to shift points so she isn't so easily spotted again.
Tibbie "SUCK ON THIS Y'COW'RDS!" Tibbie pounces out from the gate and hammers out bullets to the cowering mutants, keeping them in place behind cover. The digital ammo count on her rifle ticks down at a fast rate, but their intended targets remain unscathed save for some gashes in a few shoulders.
"There aint gonna be no survivors when I'm done wit'cha!" she warns the ugly group.
Esscast esscast turns to the 3rd mutand group and says "taser rounds" to wich it mimics him as he fires 60 50 cal rounds made to double as tazers at the enemy group
Ashur Ashur of the golden armor stands imperious in the air; his titanic figure shifts, cloak drawn about his shoulders, waving like a bird's wing, currents of air eliciting movement in the wool.

"Beasts," he thunders, and his voice is the voice of Mars, and the red lenses of the mask flash with wrath and fire, and the sun behind him flares brighter, until his outline burns to black and he floats a god-like silhouette, all sharp-molten fury to burn the retina. "Grave-bound filth who steal my name! Bow, praise, and swear your eternal obeisance, or be ripped apart."

A squad of the supermutants look up and train miniguns and rocket launchers on him. The air is filled with their loud anger, but he, immobile, goes unharmed, high enough that their aim falters.

The wind whistles, and he flies with it, crashing to the Earth with such an awful impact that, like a sun-flecked meteor, his collission is Apocalypse; there's a terrible quake that cracks Gaia's graven bones, the hill itself breaking, a storm of dust and dirt and stone thrown into the air as he flattens the storage shed three of the supermutants were behind.

Two die instantly on impact, flattened with such speed they never realize they expired, their organs and entrails bursting from the seams of their straining flesh and pouring in great spurts from the orifices and filling the air like the paper ribbons of an old festival.

The third has time enough to raise the barrel of its minigun, to spin the chambers, and Ashur has leapt, thumbs in both its eyes, pushing it down to the ground as his blood-soaked cloak conceals them both from sight.

Only the screams and the wet crunching crushes suggest what occurs.


And moments later, shimmering into view, Stealth-Boy deactivating, the giant mutant in its salvaged power armor with the massive plasma cannon fires into the air, deliberately missing; charges, smacking the brute aside until he rolls and thuds and slides down the broken dirt of the hill, and stands only in time to have the earlier-shot wad of crimson slag land and burn the armor of his legs.

"I am Ashur," declares the mutant, staring down with.. an almost human pride. "the Magnificent!"
Jackson As Jackson continued his dead man's sprint, he barreled through the gates, lake lurks on his heels, and threw himself directly into the brink, hoping the creatures on his tail would serve as an adequate distraction fo the mutants that were attacking the mission. As he advanced toward them, he unslung his shotgun with practiced ease, angled the first shot at a super mutant's chest, and let loose a screaming white handful of 2MM buckshot directly into the creature's chest. As it roared, Jack continued his charge, and jammed the weapon's barrel directly against one of the mutant's crotches, pulled the trigger, and rolled aside as it's inevitable scream echoed into his ear drums. With a satisfyied smirk, the man rose to his feet, and fired a third shot that went wide of his targets. However, he readied himself for the inevitable counterattack as the lake lurks closed on his position.
Kaelyn Kae's sneeky, she's also sometimes good at picking a moment to try and take someone out. So when the 'assassin' fake Ashur shows up and declares him self she tilts her head... The odd dark-elf woman sneeks around, looking for a good angle at the Mutant Assassin as she tilts her head then nods to her self... Quickly she brings up her p90 and cuts loose with a round. Missing... SHe blinks then frowns and kneelsl, firing a pair of rounds, and watching the mutant slip between the two shots...

"This guy's almost as bad as I aml..." She mutters to her self... Then her tongue sticks out the corner of her mouth after she adds "Lets try this..." CORA of course calls out, loud enough to be heard "Machinegun-elf-gun bunny attaaaack!" Right as Kae squeezes on the trigger and unleashes a stream of bullets at the mutant, litterally boring a hole through his middle with the spray of lead.... Somehow she even puts every round within a quarter-sized impact point... Kae then pauses in her shooting as the mutant falls over and stares at her AI... "What int he world are you talking about? Gunbunny?" CORA then nods rapidly, showing up a holo-pic of Kae with bunny ears... "Gun Bunny."
Ashur His legs still burning, Ashur raises his gaze to this mutant assassin, staring down the barrel of its plasma cannon. Once more, it repeats: "I am Ashur the Magnificent! I will take the Rangers, and make new supermutants! Make a new Legion! You can't stop me!"

As if to prove it, he laughs, and opens fire on the others, spraying a storm of plasma through the air toward Tibbie and Esscast.

Despite the pain in his knee, Ashur lurches forward, hurling himself in front of that gun; the plasma punches right through his Hellfire, scorching his breast and breaking ribs from sheer force, despite the fact it wasn't even a kinetic weapon! Ashur falls to a knee, teeth clenched, and glances back with that dark-eyed mask to see Tibbie unharmed.

He chuffs, and stares down his foe. "You.. are not me! Why do you degenerates pilfer my name, and play at sharing my greatness?"

The mutant prepares to shoot him again. "I am Ashur! We all remember, born at the Alamo!"

It's at this point Kaelyn does her thing.
Kaelyn Kae peers at the dead Mutant, and begins to wander toward Ashur, as she tilts her head "Allright?" She asks curiously as she looks at him now and tilts her head... "I can maybe try to give you some first aid if it will help, but I am no... Medicus?" She says and smiles abit, then glances down to the plasma carying goo puddle that was once Ashur the Magnificent... "Not so Magnificent is he..." she quips... She begins topping off her P90 and glances over at Ashur again, then to Tibbie, then eyes drift to Jackson and Esscast "Everyone else allright?"
Tibbie When she turns to see plasma coming at her Tibbie instinctively crouches and shields her stomach with her rifle.
"Jefecito!?" she yells when she sees he's taken the blow for her.
"AUUGHH! YOU UGGO GIZZARDS ARE DYIN TODAY!" Tibbie stands her ground behind Ashur while she clicks her rifle to charge up something mean. When it's ready she ducks out from Ashur and shoots her charged shot right into a supermutant's 'personal area'. "Bullseye!" Tibbie smirks and rushes to Ashur's side now as the more than castrated mutant bleeds to death. "You gonna be alright now Jefecito. Let's walk it off." Tibbie reassures him. She grins to everyone now that things have settled down here.
"I'm alright." She answers Kae.
Ashur The ground is littered with the dead. The Rangers have managed to clean up the other supermutants with clever use of grenades and lots of lead, and in the chaos of the brawl the poor, mutated snapping turtles whose young the raft-crew dined on were killed, their flippers strewn like marbles.

Ashur stares down at the dead, head-sploded assassin. He clenches his teeth and screams behind his mask, slamming both his hands into the fractured ground, fingers curling into the soil, grasping handfuls of grass, ripping it and throwing it aside. "Damnit! God damnit! I wanted to -- I wanted answers, not death!"

He hurls himself upon the corpse, heedless of Tibbie's concern for him, apathetic to Kaelyn's offers, and simply beats it with his fists again and again until the flesh has pulped and broken and the guts spilled like stuffing from a doll.

"Why? Why do you all have my name?! What do you mean, born at the Alamo? You fucking cunts! Answer me, you degenerate bastards!"

It isn't until he exhausts himself in his tantrum that the other Rangers dare approach. They offer rest for the day, food, before beginning to clean and repair the ruined gate and storage shed. The visit to the mutant camp is postponed for tomorrow, given the attack.