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Aris Some time later, the pair had wandered down to the kitchen, probably at Aristides insistence for tea. Hed started something, introducing her to that beverage.

Presently, the reformed raider is, against all propriety, perched on some food prep surface. Alberta would be appalled. She's mostly dressed again, with the exception of several of her shirts buttons still hanging undone and Barts suspenders on over it. She's got a steaming cup of tea in one hand, a slice of some sort of fruit pie in the other. That alien shard shed promised him sits on the kitchen table nearby, wrapped up in a swath of cloth. Aris makes a point of not touching it with her bare hands, though she doesnt elaborate why.

"Learnin anything from that mountain a books?" she asks the man who knows everything about most things.
Bart Bart's idea of pijammas is a pair of linen trousers and smoking jacket draped over his shoulders like a robe. He's got a book in hand already and those cracked specs are perched on his nose. The wild hair is kind of slicked back finally, almost behaving. His eyes, of course, are on that alien shard wrapped up beside her then the girl herself. "Yes, we can apply this technology to our own. I believe the aliens were attempting to assist us in the coming conflict between bios and synthetics. All of the signs point to the synths eventually winning. I've run several models and the signs do not look good." he explains before sipping his tea, delivering terrible news without so much as a tick of emotion.
Aris "Joder..." The dark haired woman curses under her breath, wrinkling her nose a bit over her tea cup. "So we're fucked." And not the good way. Gray eyes slide to that book in Bart's hand. "But ya've got a plan, I reckon, else you wouldn't be wasting your time with things like this." She motions very purposefully to the wrapped up alien shard without touching it. She takes another bite of pie instead.
Bart Waving a hand about in a gesture that rotates his wrist, he explains, "Humanity and this world is fucked. Once life has been extinguished and only synthetics hold sway over the earth, it will likely begin to regenerate and heal. Computers and robots won't make the same mistakes we did. So at least, we can take some infintescimal comfort in the knowledge that our extinction will eventually not matter." He puts the book down on the counter on her other side, then moves around her to start unwrapping the shard. "Of course I have a plan. We are going to arm ourselves, bunker down, and begin building our escape. There are plenty of failed rockets. I am going to attempt to reverse engineer the mother ship's systems to build a more reliable spacecraft. And then we are leaving supposing we haven't been replaced by Synths before hand of course," he's just so /chipper/ about the apocalypse.
Aris Aristide laughs, light and lilting. She can't help it, what with the way he seems absolutely fine with extinction and all. Or near extinction, as he seems to elaborate. Once he starts unwrapping that shard, though, her smile disappears, and Aris hops down off the table to stand behind Bart. Something has happened since they'd woken up on the ship to make her wary of this particular tech. She glances at it over his shoulder. "We're good on that for now..." she murmurs about being replaced by synths, her hand coming up to touch that small cut under chin that had bled. Still human. "But what, then? A rocket to...?" She glances at his profile in the low firelight.
Bart Bart blinks as she moves to escape the alien shard as he exposes it. Turning over his shoulder he lifts an eyebrow. "Why are you frightened of it? I've handled them before," he insists, but then he doesn't know /everything/ does he. "Yes, for now we are safe," he agrees before lifting an eyebrow and looking back at the shard. "A spacecraft," he insists and corrects, rockets were all powered by radiation and he simply refuses to go there any more. "To wherever we can find. Clearly there is life beyond our planet. We will find the most peaceful civilization and make a new attempt at a life. Or we'll drift lost in the cosmos until we crash into the immolating flames of oblivion," he shrugs, uncaring which.
Aris Aris meets his gaze squarely, clearly offended. "I'm not -frightened- of it," she argues, eyes drifting away from his face and back to the shard. "Just don't trust it, is all." Her hand drifts up to rest on his hip as she peeks over his shoulder. "Ain't the point, though. The point is, I wanna help." She leaves him for a moment, moving to the other end of the table where her jacket is. She digs a bag of caps out of one pocket, tossing them onto the table beside the shard. It's nothing obscene, but a decent enough amount. "I'd rather not crash into the oblivion thing, though," she muses.
Bart Bart gives her that double eyebrow up, cock-eyed look that says he disbelieves before asking, "So why don't you trust it? What's happened?" he continues to prod and poke, searching for answers. Seeing the caps he just shakes his head, "Unless you're after a modification for a firearm, I don't need your money to get things working. Keep yourself afloat." he insists before smirking some. "Come, darling, we are all simply particles and to particles we will return. There is no need to avoid the inevitable outcome. Even Mr. House cannot escape death forever."
Aris The dark haired girl simply shakes her head at the shard. "What, getting abducted an' prodded an' brain fucked isn't enough to distrust that thing?" She snorts softly, but digresses. Especially at 'darling'. "Mmm. 'To particles we will return'. Reckon you're the most romantic man on earth, it'd be a shame to leave it." She grins up at him, stealing a kiss from the corner of his lips. "So how can I help?"
Bart Bart shakes his head, "Hardly. They did it for the noblest of reasons, the sake of life as we knew it, I hold them at no fault and would have likely acted the same had I the technology and more compatriots who felt as I did." He shrugs though and wraps up the shard once more, he will put it with the rest. For now he's pausing as she grins up at him and steals that kiss. His own lips quirk some in a smile and he hums softly. "Continue the scavenge the wastes, we will need scrap, leather, spare parts. Convince others to do the same. And tell no one of our plan to escape. I don't need anyone with a whitehat thinking they're doing the 'right thing'," totally in air quotes.
Aris Aristide scoffs, but doesn't argue. Perhaps because she knows he's right. Doesn't mean she has to like it, though. She watches the shard disappear back into the linen she'd brought, looking visibly relieved to see it go. "Understood," she offers simply, bringing one hand up to mime zipping her lips. Then it wanders back to his shoulder, turning him around to face her. "What does your brother think?" This brother she's yet to meet but that Bart speaks fondly of, and often.
Bart Bart was going to walk along only to find himself halted by the presence of the Radier Princess. Looking down into her eyes he smiles some. "Milton will do what I tell him if I make sure it's understood it is life and death. Otherwise, he is going to continue to do what he does, which is many things." He chuckles and shrugs before glancing towards the stairs. "I have a few more tests to run, but you are welcome to linger," he tells her with a smile before reaching and finishing off his tea before setting saucer and cup in the sink. "Besides," he grins, "I have something to show you."