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Franky     Rays of light jutted into the windows and doorway of the Gold digger saloon, the last beating of the afternoon sun drew the pre-evening patrons in for refreshing drings and company. There was a slight breeze that would come in gusts, stirring the particles of El Dorado. Their floating spects visible in the light rods that punctured the Saloon.

    One such breeze brought Franky onto the planked skirt of the saloon, his head peering over the swinging doors, mouth breathing with a stupid grin. He waited before he entered, turning to glance over his shoulder and nodding at nothing before he stepped inside. He glanced around cautiously, having been here a number of times before in his treks east from the Mojave. His feet carried him to the empty section of the bar, he sat down and waited for the Bartend to stop wiping glasses and serve him.
Valerie The doors swing open again shortly after, allowing Doctor Valerie to sweep into the saloon, her lab coat flaring off her curvy hips and her expression looking slightly irritated at having to be here and unimpressed with the establishment. A little too clean for the wasteland and a little too soft for a Wastelander, Doc Val wanders over toward the bar with her hips lazily swaying to and fro against her coat once it settles back down from her entry. Stopping at the bar between two stools, she frowns softly as she waits for someone to serve her.
Yah Briefly silheoutted against the setting sun, Yahweh pauses only long enough to remove his broad-brimmed hat. With it clutched loosely in one hand, he uses the same shoulder to gently barrel through the swinging doors. A few blinks of his good eye to adjust against the comparative dimness, and he has begun to meander toward the bar. Stepping up alongside Valerie, his hat and hand fall atop the bar, while his eye swivels toward her. After a few moments' pause, in a coarse, raspy voice, he speaks, "You one of the workin' girls, sister?" Even as the words gutter out from between his lips, his gaze is travelling, wandering up the bar and over its various patrons.
Franky     The barkeep looks up from his important glass wiping to stare at Franky, he resumes his wiping only to smile as Valerie enters. He waits for her to situate herself before moving over to take her order. In his book the tourist can wait, he smiles at Val before asking her what she'll be having.

    Franky seems to care little for the tourist treatment. A hand going into his chest rig to withdrawl a plastic wrapped box of smokes. He props on in his mouth before lighting it with a lit stick. He's about one drag in before his ears twitch, and his brow furrows. He stares at Yah for a long time, a shudder runs through his body almost as if he man caught a chill or saw a ghost.

    Slowly, carefully he rises from his stool, he begins his slow walk towards Yah and Valerie. Every step might aswell be an eternity, the thump in his chest has to be audible to everyone in the room. He raises his left hand, he four fingered hand. Stretching it out infront of him, eye's wide and mouth askew, a smoldering cigarette dangling on for dear life. As he gets closer, his hand seems to be reaching for Yah's face, risking to touch it and make it real.
Alasa Alasa strolls out of the casino followed by two large wildcats. "now see, I told you that you'd have fun in there..." As she moves over to her normal table and plops down into a chair. The two cats each jumping up into one of the other chairs. She looks over at the bar, and snaps her fingers..."A pot of hot water, and two saucers of milk for my friends..." she says with a bit of a smile. "We had a good day in the casino."
Valerie Valerie beams at the barman, looking pleased to not be kept long. "Did any new medical alcohol come in with your last caravan?" But when someone walks up and asks if she's one of the 'working girls', Val blinks slowly without immediately turning. Glancing over sidelong at the one eyed wanderer addressing her, Val gives him a firm frown, looking up at him from just over the tops of her glasses. "Not unless you are in need of immediate medical attention, sir, no." Hmph. Looking mildly offended, she continues to give him /that look/ for a little longer before blinking in confusion as Franky...reaches out to gently caress the wanderer??
Yah Yah is briefly distracted by the entrance of the two large cats, and their handler, brows lifting quizzically. His attention drags itself slowly back toward the woman he's conversing with, while Franky makes his approach on his blind side. One hand idly fishes about beneath his robes and skins for a moment, producing a handful of caps that he places on the bartop. "Thought as much, cute glasses." he replies after a moment, voice still cracked and dry. In the middle of ordering a drink from the man tending the bar, his face comes into contact with Franky's fingers. A spasm etches its way across his visible features, and his hand flashes toward the sword at his waist while he does his best to swivel away from the man, and to get a better look at him, clearly caught off guard.
Franky     The barkeep thinks a moment, "Wood alcohol?" He concludes, motioning to a waiter to go to the back. "I'll have a bottle brought out." He gives Yah a look before a handful of caps are placed he sets a glass infront of him. Pouring brown liquid into it just before he see's Franky's odd actions, he ducks below the bar. The barkeep reappears a moment later with a shotgun, and an annoyed look.

    Franky's most likely dirty finger, all four of them, grace the flesh of yah. Feeling past the itchy beard and onto the skin underneath just for a moment. He pulls his hand back into his chest and cradles it with his other hand as if snake bit. He face washes over, bone white, his temples hurt and thats where his hand go. Palms supporting his dome-piece as his mind attempts to process, "..Yahweh?" He manages, his knees buckle but he manages to stay erect. "..Who...who's that!" He peers toward the doorway, the empty doorway.

    From the back comes another waitstaff, boiling water and milk with saucers for Alasa.
Valerie Valerie shrugs haplessly at the barkeep, "Anything that will sanitize a wound or clean equipment." She seems to have dismissed whatever throw-down was about to happen between Yah and Franky as not her problem, turning her back (well, side) to them, but the appearance of the shotgun just makes her sigh and fold her arms under her chest, cocking her hips aside with a swish of her labcoat. Franky's odd conversation with himself has her looking over with an odd tilt of her head, however, and she glances at the doorway quizzically. Shaking her head a bit, Val looks a bit lost.
Alasa Alasa sets the bowls in front of the wildcats, then pours some of the hot water into a cup. She then digs around in her utility belt, pulling out a tea bag and dropping it into the water. She looks over at the others in the bar...she then looks to the cats. "For now, lets assume there fish..ok?"
Yah Yahweh's features smooth over into blank neutrality, and instead of replying straight away, he reaches to the bar, to knock back the drink with a subtle wince. Setting the glass back down, he tips a nod toward the woman and her feline companions, before addressing the woman in the labcoat. "Hey," he says to her, some of the desert washed from his throat, "S'posed to say thank you when you get a compliment." Finally, finally his one good eye tracks to Franky, while a hand drops to caress the miniscule mammal skulls tied about the hilt of his sword, "You have to tell me if you're dead Franky. Either way, it's good to see you."
Franky     Barkeep waits patient to laydown house rules against shenanigans. His throat clears, then his face recoils, he looks past the two wasters and toward the empty door, then back to the two Wasters. He looks to Valerie for help, who he finds little of that. "We drink here, 'gents. Let's remember that." He cautions to the two. The wait staff appears with a clear bottle of methanol, labeled with a skull on it.

    Franky squeezes his eyes shut, as if subjected to a bad brain freeze or maybe some bad gas. When he opens them again he looks toward the door, a dead blink, then he turns back to look at Yah. "I'm not dead...and neither are you." He states, his palms remain on his temples. He straightens up right, he remembers the cigarette he had in his lips. Spitting it onto the floor, "What happened to the airship, Yahweh." His hands find themselves at his waist again, he resumes his normal mouth breathing.
Valerie Valerie looked rather surprised by Yah's reminder, as if she hadn't quite believed the compliment was genuine. But all that is forgotten and the curvy doctor quite suddenly turns and bustles up beside Yah and looking over at Franky, "Excuse me, did you say airship? I'm pretty sure you said airship." Looking firmly over at Yah with a frown, Val reiterates, "What happened to the airship, Yahweh?" She looks very concerned and serious, like a librarian who just overheard someone saying their dog at a book.
Alasa Alasa picks up her tea, and sips at she listens to the conversation at the bar. "Well, they seem to know each other...everyone comes to Rick's eventually I guess."
Yah Yah continues to blatantly ignore bartender. Instead he stares at Franky for a long moment, before nodding a few times, as if to himself. "That's good. That's real good." His gaze shifts from Franky to Valerie, blue eye tracking over the woman distractedly. It lingers for a time on her, his brows shifting a bit then he shakes his head once and blinks a handful of times. "Franky, I'm not omnipotent. That means you know everything, or something." he pauses, good eye glazing over, "Found the others?" Then, as though to distract himself, he calls out toward the woman and the cats: "Sorry for the show lady. You want a drink or something?"
Franky     The barkeep looks rather displeased, but has come to the conclusion that there won't atleast be a fight just this moment. He stows the shotty, and begins to pour drinks. "Are you paying for drinks, sir?" The pipes up, obviously asking Yahweh.

    "Wrecked in the wastes." Franky mumbles, he looks at Valerie then over to Yahweh. A stupid grin breaks his lips, he lifts his boot and steps on the cigarette he spit out a moment ago. "It's good to see you, Yahweh." He reaches out to embrace Yahweh, bro-like and macho, fists locked in flexing forearms infront of their chests. "Listen, brother." Franky starts, "I haven't found anyone else...holding out hope for Tori." He swallow some stepping away. "Forgive me, Yah. There is a king I have to go see...I have to deliver something for him. You'll be here until I return?" Franky doesn't wait for Yahweh's reply he's quickly disappearing towards the washrooms.
Valerie Valerie looks very disappointed when Yah doesn't answer her directly, but even more so when Franky answers the question for her. She sighs. "Of course it wrecked. They always wreck. Oh well." Taking the menthol from the Tender, Val waves, flashes him a smile, and starts to turn to head for the door.
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "I have tea...its all one really needs. So many different kinds to make...but what show are you talking about?"
Yah Yah watches Franky go after clasping the other man's forearm, the ghost of a smile touching upon his lips. "Still not sure whether you're dead or not, but either way, you'll be in there for hours." The smile grows, then fades away completely. A finger goes up to trace a circle lazily in the air, "This nonsense." Then, shifting his attention toward Valerie, he speaks to the woman, a tone of finality creeping into his tone, "We're not done here, sweetheart."
Valerie Valerie blinks, glancing over her shoulder at Yah, "Pardon me?" Looking rather indignant at Yah's claim, she plants a hand on her hip, eyebrows high even if she's frowning.
Yah The handful of caps is absently pushed toward the bartender with the edge of one large hand, without so much as a look in the man's direction. Yahweh's tongue slides along his teeth to wet his lips before he replies, "Look here, Glasses. I dunno what technologically advanced hole you crawled out of, but when a gentleman, such as myself," his hand lifts to rest gently against his own chest before reaching to indicate Valerie while he continues, "Offers a lady, such as yourself, a compliment, the polite," the word is emphasized, though not aggressively, "Thing to do, as I see it, is to thank him and offer him your name."
Valerie Valerie still has her back to the one-eyed wanderer, looking over her shoulder at him as she sighs and rolls her eyes. Hips cocking aside, she glances back with her eyebrows lifting again, her tone dry as she says, "My name is Valerie, and thank you, I do rather like them. They allow me to see, after all." Leveling a flat stare at him as if waiting to see if she's going to be prevented from leaving again, Val glances over briefly with a surprised blink, noticing the two large cats for the first time and looking slightly alarmed.
Alasa Alasa says, "Or offer him A name. Doesn't have to be your name..could be any name...right?" The cats finish there milk, and glance over at Val as well. Alasa says, "We get so many refugees and drifters through town...hard to say who is who really.""
Yah Yahweh's first response to Valerie is a mild grunt, followed a beat later by, "A beautiful name for a beautiful lady, I knew there was one underneath the lab getup. Little less attitude in your tone next time'll do nicely too, sister." he then cracks a grin toward Alasa, tapping a finger against the eyepatch saddling his face, "I would know, the wind whispers the truth of things to me through here. 'Sides, just helpin' people to grow their manners. Ain't no people if we're not polite people." his grin stretches broadly, features transforming into something passingly amiable, a positively mirthful twinkle touching his pale blue eye. "Name's Yahweh, call me Yah."
Valerie Valerie moves her hand from her hip to motion through the air, "Then perhaps you could ask the air how to repair that Airship you and that unusual fellow were talking about." Brushing a bit of dust from the side of her coat, she offers a small wave, "See you around." She smiles and waves to Alasa more warmly before finally heading out the door.
Alasa Alasa says, "Yah?...hmm Ya...what is that...Swedish. Do you have a sister name Yimminy? Just wondering..." As she reaches into her belt again, pulling some candy. She unwraps it, and pops it into her mouth."
Yah Eyeing the cats askance, Yahweh meanders, with understandable caution, the short distance between them, "They're not gonna attack me, are they? Anyhow, had something like I guess you could call a brother. He's dead now, no sister. Also, what's Swedish?"
Alasa Alasa says, "its a type of if your not swedish, that means your not a the odds of them attacking you goes up....but you prolly don't need to worry, unless you tick them off or something." She smiles and laughs a bit."
Yah Yah issues a loud, barking laugh at Alasa's words, nodding emphatically along with her words. Leaning now against the bar a discrete distance away, he continues to smile, roughly, but in a genuine fashion. "You're crazy as fuck. I think I'll like you. Them too." he says, chuckling.
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, I'm sure there happy to hear it...course that might make Sally jealous..but we just won't tell her." She laughs a bit, "you really don't want to upset her...having a killer robot mad at you, is never a good idea." She smiles, "We're just your normal bunch really..""
Yah Yah eyes the indicated cat for a moment, before simply nodding that away. "Nice to meet you Sally." he speaks to the animal cordially, before his gaze shifts toward the woman, "What's the other robot's name? What's your name?"
Alasa Alasa laughs, "No, no..thats Bob, thats Lynn...Sally is a Securitron, she's back at my cabin." She grins, "I just keep finding them really...they seem to show up at some point..but nice to have around, right guys?" The cats look at Alasa..."See, they love it...and I'm the state, but without the K..for obvious reasons."
Yah Yah shrugs it off, shoulders rising and falling heavily beneath his haphazard outer garments. "Sorry Lynn." his hands lift to join in the gesture, placatively, "Must be cause you're chock full'a moxie." he replies to the woman, clearly knowing better than to ask about Alaska.
Alasa Alasa says, "na, never liked Moxie...bad drink if you ask me...Nuka cola is the best soda...course out there, you eat what you find...""
Yah Yah beams at Alasa one last time, a hand rising to wave a few slow farewells toward her accompanying critter. "Pleasure's all mine, Alasa. I find a bottle anywhere, I'll be sure to keep you in mind. Have yourself a good evening, give Sally my regards."
Alasa Alasa nods, "Try not to die..if you do, look for the spirit in the sky..."