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Iris Lark Iris was finally able to get help to get Achilles into the exam room. It wasn't easy, but it was managed. She begins by cleaning the wounds and then she goes about tending his arm. She realizes that it needs to be rebroken and she calls in some help and once that's taken care of she begins to set it. It's long and hard work, and she's not one hundred percent herself so the work is more difficult.
Achilles Thankfully for Iris her patient is pretty patient. He doesn't put up a fight and lets her work at her own pace, only flinching slightly as his arm is rebroken in several places. "Sorry for all the trouble."
Iris Lark "Don't worry about it." Iris replies, her eyes narrowed as she works. "You're injured again, what happened on the way back to the clinic." She looks slightly disconcerted. "Did you fall over again?" Her eyes get wide and she huffs out a soft breath. "What am I going to do with you?"
Achilles "Tried to walk off a concussion. Bad idea." Achilles attempts a joke, despite the distant ringing in his ears. "But, I can think of a thing or two. Once we aren't falling apart anyway." He offers a lighthearted grin that's quickly broken by a small wince.
Iris Lark "You're going to be in here for a bit." Iris says, frowning at Achilles. "I don't want you moving until that arm starts to knit." She moves over to the pot in the corner and tosses in the rags she used to clean the wounds. "You understand me? No heroics, no going out of here as wounded as you are."
Achilles "No heroics unless I don't have a choice, understood." Achilles watches Iris walk over to the pot, gaze moving from her rear up to the back of her head, just in time to not be caught staring. "I'll be here for at least a week then." The big man sighs quietly and turns his gaze towards the ceiling.
Iris Lark Iris climbs up on the bed and she leans in and gives him a gentle kiss on the forehead. "Please be more careful, that was really close and .." She closes her eyes and leans in closer. "I know what they can do, what if the tide of battle had turned and they took you?"
Achilles "I'd of killed them." Achilles wraps his arms around Iris' waist, holding his bruised form against hers. "I've killed more than a few Legionaires. I just would have to hold out until my strength returned, which wouldn't have taken too long."