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Ashur Across the street from Ashur's own is a home similar in design: a two-story thing with an attached garage, as is the way of the suburbs. For a time, Ashur spent his leisure hours laboring on that building, going at its cleaning with the singleminded gusto of a 50s housewife. More than a few nights' of bonfires followed.

When bare, he began the process of converting the garage into a suitable medical center. Modeled on the clinics he's been to in Shantytown and Vault Town, it is a clean, relatively sterile environment, where Eden's various medical supplies have been stored on salvaged shelving and lockers.

At the moment, he sits upon a white-clothed bed-table, beneath a shimmering disco ball he did not yet strip out of the place. In his hands is an old, old Pip-Boy.
Eden Eden looks thoighfully at her husband. Always the scars draw her eyes, making her wonder at the long list of stories written on his skin. "You've done an amazing job in here. You'd almost think you had spent a lot of time studying the inside of clinics." Eden is only teasing, and her soft iaugh shows this. more seriously "thank you. it's nice to have a well set up place to fix all your wounds in." Touching him lightly she begins her work. she begins checking on the wounds beneath last bandages. Then cleans his skin, looking for new wounds or signs of infection. It's almost becone a ritual, examining her husband's body. knowing by now every inch of it. Able to trace out every scar from memory, and instantly feel any change. Concentrating now, she still catches him watching her eork and smiles up at him. Mostly, she is just always glad he is home.
Ashur "It is a beginning," he remarks, looking around the garage with its concrete floors and thick walls, devoid of ornament or personal touch. "In time, you will make it cozier, and more your own space. All I did was clean." A domestic chore that many might assume is beneath Ashur, but they would be wrong; as a lifetime soldier, he's learned well the benefits of an ordered environment. "If there is anything you'd like, tell me, little love."

He lays his head back and once more fixates on the weathered Pip-Boy. It's an old model, to be sure, a Pip-Boy 2000. Handheld, the monitor scratched, the painted lettering faded. The top-left corner of the control panel has an older version of Vault Boy on it, red-haired and in a yellow suit, and the bottom left has five buttons: Status, Automaps, Archives, Close... and a broken one with no name. A faded tribal symbol is on the backside, likely sketched upon it in some moment of boredom decades ago, the word Arroyo beneath it.

"Mm. My feet are tired from the trip back; there was a car in the factory I wished to take for you, but by the time I got around to looking for it someone made off with it. All I found was this."
Eden Eden takes the pip-boy from Ashur and looks it over. "do you know what this symbol is? or what that word means?" Eden doesn't, but is curious. fingering the broken button, she peaks underneath to ser uf there are still connections. "i think the button could be fixed, if you want me to try." Bodies. cars, electronics... it's all just stuff to tinker with to Eden. "I got a surprise that will help your feet!" All excited, she pulls out some peppermint oil and massages it into his aching soles. This should pull the tired right out"
Ashur "I don't recognize it," her husband responds, flipping the handheld device around, rotating it, soaking it in from different angles. "Arroyo. I think that's a settlement in NCR. I've seen maps listing it." He hrms, brushing a nail across a flake of rust coating the red-worn metal. "Most of these Pip-Boys come from old Vaults. Perhaps Arroyo was built on one, similar to El Dorado."

He sets it aside on a nearby tool bench, turning back to face Eden as she begins to work the oil into his feet. Unlike most of her ministrations, this attention to his soles seems to make him tense -- his teeth clench, and he purses his lips, almost squirming. "I see," he says, strained. "That's.. thank you, precious. What is it?"
Eden "It's peppermint oil. Does ir bother you? to most it feels refreshing, relieving