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Doc     The wastelands of Texas are rife with pre-war goodies. Texas, before the war, was known for its gun-toting citizens, and thus there is a reputation for any cache of loot stumbled upon to be a boon to the war effort, no matter how few times it actually pans out. Today, a pair of groups gather spontaneously around one such cache of proposed loot and prepare to duke it out, hoping to take home some of that Texan goodness.
Alice "Awww shit." Kyle said as they approached the spot marked on the map, "The boss is gonna be hella happeh about this." Tutu the Trbal nodded to the former Legion Soldier and exclaimed, "I am Tutu."

"Yeah, we fucking know." Roberto exclaimed in his usual off-color manner, "I am Tutu this. I am Tutu that. Do you say anything else?"

The robot Over 9001 chimed in with a helpful, "He is Tutu." Roberto threw a rock at the Robot before Sarah radioed in mentioning another group had been spotted coming.

Robin looked towards her friends and rubbed her hands together, "Yeehaw, we're gonna get some loot!"

Upon seeing the other party of adventurers, the overly aggressive gladiator bot lead the charge crying out disturbingly, "KILL ALL HUMANS!"

The battle had begun, and while not much had been accomplished even by Sarah with her Ambush and Over 9001 with his crazy charge? Roberto took a bullet from that idiot Captain Murica Fuck Yeah!

Roberto cried out, "MEDIC! MEDIC! SHIT I NEED A MEDIC!"
Yah The squadron, led by the Captain and Bucky, his erstwhile companion, begin by opening fire as soon as they spot the other group - it's dangerous out there, and they've got a mean lookin' robot - The team focuses their fire toward Roberto, the easiest target among the lot, and tears holes in the air and ground around him with deadly accuracy. A few shots get through and find their target as the whole group begins to fan out, Asher whooping hysterically as his trap is sprung, blowing up underneath the enemy 'bot.
Yah "Light 'em up!" the Captain roars, mouth opening sidelong against a lit cigar, clenched tightly between his teeth as he opens up on the enemy. "Kill the goddamned robot!" Bucky yells to be heard over the din of combat, while Steve's head springs a leak. "Holy fuck!" Trump screams as the man next to him goes down, "You sons a'bitches!" Asher remains cool, calmly missing every shot he makes.
Alice Roberto is in the middle of being healed by Over 9001 when he takes another hit and is knocked unconscious, not even getting to whine. The rest of Vault Team 8 communicates with each other, Tutu and his Tribals moving in to attack alongside Sarah as they take down Steve before the others do their best to keep up with the battle but they are no match for trained enclave psycho-killers thus far.
Alice Vault Team Eight's members suffered repeated hits even as they managed to take down Asher's wannabe twin brother from the Enclave & Miltia (WTF).

Sarah was looking hopeless, exclaiming, "I don't know if we can do this without Roberto!" Tutu nodded, "I am Tutu." He saw his tribal slaves die, where he got them? Nobody knew, but he would surely have two more after he killed Trump... "I AM TUTU!!!! TUTU!"

Over 9001 looked down sadly at Roberto, "Heal all humans?"
Yah "Ha!" Captain 'Murica spits out his cigar, bullets flying everywhere, "Take that you fuckin' neo commies!" as Bucky and Trump do their best to get behind cover, bullets slicing past Trump narrowly. "I'm the best at not getting shot." Trump declares smugly, to which Bucky rolls his eyes before snapping a shot off at the enemy forces still standing.
Alice Vault Team Eight decides to call a retreat when Sarah is wounded further by incoming attacks, Kyle grabbing Roberto, and 9001 grabbing Sarah and dragging the pair away as they conduct their retreat. The Squadron had won... but VT8 would be back again!
Yah "Yeah! How'd'ja like that red ass beat down!?" Captain 'Murica hollers after the retreating opponents, somehow another cigar has appeared in his chompers. Bucky runs up and gives him a playful slap on the ass, "Good game boss! We gonna go back base and scrounge up some new meatshields?" Trump busies himself readying the wounded, while Bucky blinks, "What were we even doing out here?"