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Kaelyn Another beautiful day and well, Kae's settlement is still its usual serene small near tropical utopia! Where is Kae? Who knows? Wait! There she is, she's carrying what looks like a large reinforced board over to a stand with a small ladder at the back next to her swimming pool?
Fern     There comes a whistled tune along the path leading to Kae's house, and as it becomes louder the form of Fern wanders into view. The girl has a bag slung over her shoulder, looking to only be partially filled. The sound of metal bits and who-knows-what clangs around with each step until Fern comes to a halt. She pauses a few yards from the home where she can watch Kae from afar. What in the world is that woman doing?
Kaelyn Kae cheerfully sets about bolting the board in place, the end of it out over the pool... She tilts her head to the left and tightens things down before she hops up on the platform and walks out to the end of the board as it were... She then begins hopping a few times in place, each time bouncing higher.... Finally she grins gives a big leap hits the board and catapaults forward slightly and into the air. The odd 'elf' flipping once in the air before landing hands first in a perfect forward flip type dive....
Fern     "Fuckin' strange girl," Fern murmurs under her breath as she watches all that bouncing. There sure was a lot of it! Fern gives a snorting chuckle as Kae dives into the water, and that's when Fern starts to walk closer towards her friend. She slows her pace and stops at the edge of the lake, dropping her bag down to her side where she waits.

    Fern waits until her friend will eventually surface before saying, "You sure do spend a lot of time in this here pond. I never see you anywhere else now.. Can't blame you, though. Cool water's nice when it's hot out." She stands taller, hands going to her hips as she watches Kae.
Kaelyn Kae surfaces, notices Fern and naturally spits water in her direction before she shrugs... "Meh I built a swimming pool, it's deep, I want a diving board on it... Why I dunno but it's kinda fun!" She says as she swims to the edge and pulls her self out of the water. Yup, Kae's back in the bikini... "Come out here for a visit?"
Fern     "..Hmm?" Fern asks, not exactly catching that question at the end. Her eyes lift a bit to focus on Kae and she says, "Visit? I guess. Kinda? If you were home. If not I was just gonna' keep on going. I'm just out collecting bits and pieces today," Fern says while looking to Kae. She's just a few inches shorter than her now! No longer a foot shorter.

    Fern looks away then and to the water, and after a moment she asks, "You ever get visitors to come over for a swim?" She's eyeing that water like she's thinking about jumping in.
Kaelyn Kae laughs and shrugs "Sometimes, though rarely, but if you want, jump on in... I may have a bathing suit that might fit you mebbe?" She says and tilts her head ... "Yer stuff's safe enough over in the gazeebo..." She offers then makes her way up to the outdoor kitchen and proceeds to dig through a chest type fridge, and pulls out some ground meat... "Burgers?"
Fern     Fern just stands there watching Kae as she goes here and there, and she eventually moves off towards the gazebo. Fern slips the bag to the ground and then turns, watching her friend again. She studies her a moment before saying, "Alright, yeah. Sounds great. But, no to the bikini. I can't fill it out like you do, and I ain't about to be mostly naked in there." She smirks.

    Fern turns and heads back to the water where she lowers herself down to the edge. She unlaces her boots and pulls them off, shaking out the sand, and then she's slipping her pants off. She takes off her overshirt, leaving herself in boxers and an undershirt. Perfect swim attire! Fern rises up then and looks about before stepping off into the water.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Fern and shrugs "Oookay, well if that's whatcha want... Sooo you want a burger or two?" She asks curiously, slipping a couple more paddies onto the grill... She also looks around and starts up the fat frier next to it and after wrapping her sarong around her hips she also tosses a throw over her shoulders as well, just in case the fat frier splashes and whatnot. Next she starts with a guillotine tool and proceeds to thin slice taro root and potatoes....
DeeDee The journey into El Dorado was interesting to say the least. Its a nice city but rather confusing. Confusing to the point that DeeDee has no idea where she is or where she's going. She was hoping that this was some sort of store. Sadly, Not the case.

She steps into the area around the pool. She quietly looks around. Is she dressed for a trip to the pool? Hell no. Could she even take off her her wornout vault suit? Nope. No Underwear! So... for now she just sorta settles on the outskirts of the area not wanting to interfere with anyone's fun.
Fern     Like a crocodile being sneaky, Fern lifts just slightly from the water, only high enough so that her eyes peek out. They immediately find the form of someone she doesn't know, so she watches DeeDee to examine her. Unlike a crocodile, Fern can't hold her breath too long so she eventually rises in the pond's water, taking a needed breath. As she wipes water from her face she nods towards DeeDee and asks Kae, "Friend o'yours?"
Ashur "The water will soothe your feet, mine," Ashur rumbles, the hardened leather soles of his dinosaur-flesh boots striking the hills near the river that hide Kaelyn's home. "Cooler than the baths at Acme, and deeper, too." Acme would explain why they arrive from the north, traveling along old foot-paths through the wilds of rural El Dorado; it would also explain why the armored Gigant's duraframe-sealed figure has blood drying on it, and a little smear of old ice cream, retrieved to satisfy his wife's craving -- though most of the time, that obscuring cloak shields both stains, leaving him pristine and unearthly.

At his side waltzes Cassandra, as ever straining to be contained in her once-form-fitting clothing, slower on the uneven terrain than she'd prefer. The weight of her pregnancy has been awful for the once-Ranger's keen sense of balance, but she manages well enough, clinging to the sprawling arm of her power armored brute.

Eventually, they've made it into the small valley in which Kaelyn's slice of paradise nestles, quiet as a thunderstorm; stomp, stomp, goes Ashur's metal hide, wind rustling through cloak and feathers alike. Eventually, they find.. people already at the watering hole, including one who seems to be lurking, wary, at the edge.

He reaches down and gives Cassie's ass a firm, flesh-shaking smack, sending her forward toward Kaelyn and Fern a little yonder. And then he stares down at DeeDee.

"Waiting for sundown, sneak-thief? You do a poor job of hiding."
Cassandra Cassandra moves along, dressed for the road but more lightly than normal. They're going to a pool party after all, not a battle. "I still can't believe that in a desert like this someone can afford something so extravagant as a pool." She shrugs her shoulders slightly, mmoving along next to Ashur who towers over her, enough jiggle in her motion to suggest she's wearing very little under that duster and clothing!
     When they get there, the firm slap on her ass reddens her cheeks (all of them!) and makes her snort, shaking her head and moving over towards Kaelyn and Fern, calling out to them as she approaches the pool, "Hail!"
Kaelyn Kae peers and looks up to DeeDee "Never seen her before..." She waves to DeeDee and smiles "Come on over, sit down, relaxe, I'll throw extra food on.." She notices now Cassandra and Ashur, then waves to the two... "Umm yah Welcome! I'll throw on more food!" She calls out, then hops up, bounding over to the fridge and returns with a number of burgers which she slaps onto the grill top...

Kae then tilts her head glances around and also starts some tea, some of these being a bit tropical in nature and all, but well, if anyone's been in Kae's aquaponics shed, they'll know it by its self is rather tropical in nature... She also starts squeezing up some juices now to put with the tea.
DeeDee The steel gaze of the blonde meets Ashur's. She is sizing him up, as though she's preparing herself for trouble even if she isn't about to make a move. "If I were here to do that sort of shit, I'd be doing it. I'm just lost, alright?"

She may sound slightly bitchy but hey, getting called a sneak-thief doesn't exactly make her a happy camper. She doesn't move closer. She simply keeps her distance for the time being. "I was hoping this was a shop, When I seen the gathering here, I was curious. But since accusations fly so easily, I should probably get going." DeeDee begins backing away. Her gaze doesn't break from Ashur's.

Then, Kaelyn speaksup offering her to come over and join them. "Thank ya, Ma'am." She quietly steps towards the group. Once in the area, she moves to a chair and sits down. "This is nice. Didn't think anything like this existed. I thought it was all stories from before the war."
Fern     More people? Fern spies Ashur from far off, and she watches as he joins them with what must be another of his wives. The girl lifts a hand and salutes Ashur, then grins at him as she says, "Coming over for a swim? Water feels pretty nice today." She looks from him to Cassandra, nodding in her direction before she's looking at DeeDee again.

    "What's yer name?" she asks the woman. "I'm Fern.. That's Kaelyn and Ashur and.." she squints a little. Maybe she isn't sure of Cassandra's name. "Well, that's one of Ashur's wives, it looks like. Unless he just stole her from someone else. You never know." She grins more, then ducks back into the water to disappear beneath the surface.
Cassandra "Cassandra." The former NCR Ranger clears her throat to speak for herself as Fern sort of half-introduces her. "My namem's Cassandra, call me Cassie if you want." She shrugs her shoulder and gives a smile. "Nice to meet you Fern, and uh..." She trails off there as if leaving space for DeeDee to give her name. For now she leaves the question of if she's a wife, or stolen, or whatever else, unanswered. Instead she starts peeling off her duster and asks Kaelyn, "Do you have a swim-suit I could borrow?"
Ashur Ashur lifts a black-gold hand to his face and peels away the war god's mask he wears, exposing the hard lines of his jaw and the severeness of his eyes, glaring down at the bitchy woman underneath him. "Mm," he muses, half-growled, like pitch bubbling black in his chest, "so you say."

He speaks little, the violent bull, but the sheer, threatening menace of every little word is clear enough. It chokes most, and might drown the nerveless - but Kaelyn's welcome is a lifeline to grab onto, and Ashur remains still when the woman skitters away and breaks eye contact to pursue the group.

"Cassandra was a Ranger of NCR," he explains to Fern, lazily unbuckling the clasp at his chest that holds that beautiful cloak around his mountainous frame. "Until I decided she shouldn't be."

Swim suits. All this talk of swim suits. Who are these weirdos that put clothes on to get in the water?
Kaelyn Kae smiles and nods, motioning in a nearby house.. "In there, can use it as a changing room if you like.... They're kinda made for me so you'll want maybe to adjust it It's why I go with string type stuffs, easy for multiple folks to wear!" She adds with a big grin.... She peers at Ashur curiously about the comment on Cassandra and gives a slow shrug before she looks to DeeDee "Just like I told Cassandra there, there's swim suits in that building over there, it's close and stuff" Well the building in question, a rather small hut like building is really only about 20 feet from the pool its self... "Go grab a suit and hop in the water if you like." She adds "Might need to make sure the ties are a lil tighter..." She says and shrugs. As she wanders out of the cooking area its obvious why. The 'elf' is extremely curvy, having a figure that well is litterally out of some delusional mad science-boy's wet dream...

Kae glances around and puts pitchers of now iced tea out for everyone as well as some punch made from fruit that she harvested out of her garden.
Fern     Fern emerges again soon enough, and as she bobs along in the water she watches Ashur removing the gold pieces. "That's some pretty sweet stuff you got there. Where in the hell did you get it? Crazy.." Fern murmurs. She moves closer to the edge of the pond and slips out, sitting on the grass. "It's blinding, but cool." She grins up to her friend and then to Cassie. "Nice to meet ya. I keep teasing' Ashur that he's not gonna leave any women left single if he keeps at it. What are the rest of us supposed to do?" she then asks Ashur, snickering after.

    Fern pushes up from the poolside then, crawling out onto the grass and moving over to where she can get herself something to drink. She sips it, miming. "Thanks, Kae. It's pretty good! You'll have to show me what all you put in it later," she adds before sipping again.
DeeDee "Alicia. Most call me DeeDee. Pleasure to meet y'all." She ignores Ashur for the most port at this time. He seems like a real piece of work. "I'm just hoping to find a place, ya know? I've spent the past... Well. The past wondering the Wastes."

She looks at the water and then at the building. A smile crosses her face. "It does look invitin." She smiles and stands up. "I think I'll take ya up on that."
Cassandra "To be fair." Cassandra remarks to the others sardonically with a slightly bitter tone, letting the words drip fromm her lips as Ashur begins to get ready to jump into the pool, "The NCR getting apparently nuked to kingdom come left me with a lot of free time." She glances over to Ashur, flushing slightly, a hand moving to rest over her chest and then stomach. That free time must have been pretty full. "Nice to meet you Double-Dee." She repeats again to DeeDee before moving off in the direction of the gestures from Kaelyn about where borrowed swimming suits can be found, winking at Fern along the way, "I'm sure there's plenty of women left if that's what you're really after!"
Ashur Ashur glances across the shimmering waters until, amidst a shaft of light whose reflection near blinds him, he spies the little Fern breaking the smooth surface. His lips purse at her question and he sets his immense cloak down upon the ground, flattened like a picnic blanket, upon the grass. It is thick, made of white wool, with golden patches and lines threaded through it. "Two very important people made this for me," he remarks, and there's an uncharacteristic thickness of emotion in the beast-man's feral tones. "When I was.. defiled by the Enclave's hands in the shadow of Poseidon. I was left naked as a child. My wives, Celeste and Eden, labored in secret to keep me warm."

He sets the feathered, one-of-a-kind war-helmet down on the cloak, taking a knee. The golden horns of it sparkle. "This helmet was forged by the smiths of the Legion at Caesar's command. It was made for the Monster of the East, Legate Lanius, and modeled on the visage of Mars Himself. Lanius wore it to inspire fear and terror in the hearts of the tribals he subjugated and the men he ruled. I.. recovered it from the Mojave, after the Legion had been broken. I had the horns repaired, and dipped in the molten gold of all the aureii I could find."

The armored man unbuckles his gauntlets, thoughtful.
Fern     "I dunno.. Ashur seems to take them all!" Fern teases at Cassie as she snorts a little chuckle. As she sits there drinking her juice she looks to Ashur again, smiling a little. She moves over closer when the cloak is put down, and she runs a hand over it. "Ohhh, this is real nice. You get more fancy every time I see you. What's next?" she asks, now looking to the helmet. Her eyes widen. "Wow.. Wow." What else can one say about such a cool piece? Fern just shakes her head, and as she looks up to Ashur she smiles again. "Seems like we need to go on another adventure sometime. I can't have you been' the only fancy one around."

    Fern rises up and puts her drink aside, then steps back over to the water to hop in again. As she sinks low into it she closes her eyes, relaxing.
DeeDee DeeDee steps away toward the the place with the swimsuits. She gives a smile. "Pleasure to meet you as well."

Quietly she steps inside the changing room and looks around. Finding a suit that looks like it might fit, she quickly changes out of her worn suit and into the bathing suit.

After several minutes, Out steps DeeDee. Suddenly there is no mystery as to why she has that nickname. The top of the bathing suit is a bit tight around her chest but... not as bad as her vault style suit is. She isn't wearing her hat. She's acutally not terrible looking. Though her right leg is very much scarred up... burn scars. She moves toward the waters edge and steps in. "This is very nice actually."
Cassandra Cassandra steps into the changing room and is in there for a moment as well, though she calls out, "Don't let him fool you! He's not fancy at all!" There's some shifting around in there and then she comes out in her own two-piece swimsuit. She's adjusted it to fit well, but in a bikini there's no hiding that her chest is uh, pierced, with thick barbells. She waddles over towards the side of the pool and then slips down into the water without hesitation, "It's nice and warm at least."
Ashur Ashur's gauntlets are, at a glance, a paired set; articulated metal joints for fingers, made of black duraframe, with a softer bullet-resistant weave over the palm and bottoms of the fingers for flexibility and grip. Both share the same blinding ornamentation: the knuckles are plated gold, with two swirling lines of it splitting and sliding down the wrist. But only the right has the magnetic blue coils and digital ammo counter on the back of the hand, and a closer examination reveals the golden knuckles on it are actually hollow, small gun barrels, and the palm holds a pressure plate to trigger firing.

He sets them both down.

"This is a more advanced version of the ballistic fists wielded by Caesar's Praetorian Guard; a mechanism attached to the gauntlet enables it to fire high-powered ammunition when you push down on the plate in the hand. The Praetorians use shotgun shells. This was taken from some old Vault or another - the magnets charge the bullets inside, and propel them at high speeds."

At last, the behemoth rises to his feet once more. Stripped of all accessories, he's now merely in that juggernaut's armor, the advanced Hellfire armament of the Enclave. The suit opens with a hiss, and he steps out of the back, wrapped in his toga, flesh glistening with sweat, and otherwise bare save for his boots. They look.. normal, albeit oddly mottled.

"And these," he says at last, lifting his feet one at a time to pull them off and toss them aside, "I made from the flesh of a talking dinosaur I murdered in space."


"Hush, child. If you want to play with a girl, play with my wives. But you're almost full-grown; it's time I start finding you a husband."
Cassandra Cassandra laughs slightly, sliding all the way into the water until she's floating lightly, chest rising up a little and her hair and arms both floating at her sides as she crouches into the warm pool water. She looks over at Alicia and says, "You'll find that most of Ashur's stoories revolve around murdering things." She shrugs her shoulders as if to indicate hey, it's a hard life in the Wastelands. " She shrugs one shoulder and then says to Kaelyn, "What made you want to throw a party anyway?"
Fern     Fern takes a deep breath as she feels a breeze drift through. Her head tilts back against the edge of the pool and she slowly opens her eyes. Spotting DeeDee, Fern breathes a, "Sheesh!" before she looks away and stares up at a few passing clouds. The girl gives a little shake of her head, huffing once more, and then she looks again, this time noticing the scarring. "Whoaaaa..." she whispers. Fern turns herself over in the water and moves to get a better look at the scarred leg. "That's pretty cool.. What happened? Got it caught in a fire or something?" Fern asks, seeming genuinely interested in the scars.

    However, before she can wait hear the answer she is shooting a look at Ashur. "Noooo," she groans at him. "You're the only guy I can stand, and I don't wanna see you naked either. I don't need a husband! Don't need anyone tryin' to tell me what to do." She grunts at him and splashes some water his way. How could Ashur want some man to replace him!? "And I ain't gonna be playin' with your wives. That's like.. I dunno. Finishing someone's sandwich." Fern rolls her eyes. She looks to the shoes then and decides to focus on them. "A talking dinosaur from space? What the fuck kind of grass did you get a hold of?" She wants some.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Ashur and ummms... "Honestly? SHouldn't that be Fern's decision there?" She asks curiously, then smiles and glances around once more before blinking "Burgers!" she races over and flips them sighing as she calls out "All's good! No burned burgers here!" She says happily... "It's stuffed burgers today, It's got mushrooms and a white cheese in the middle! Oh and I got CORA to divulge the recipe for aoli... I made some! It's easy!" She adds happily. A this point, hologram CORA appears, full sized and apparently from projectors that are all around the small settlement...

This time she's using the one under the gazeebo "You raaaaang?" She says, doing a perfec imitation of Lurch... Kae blinks and peers at her... "Ok so I got it so you can interract in the settlement and let you manage the aquaponics stuff and you get wierder..."
DeeDee DeeDee quietly dives into the water and swims through it. Surfacing she lets herself float... She is quite boyent as it turns out. Quietly she leans back. "Mmmm Swimmin' just t' swim. It ain't somethin' I've gotten to do much of before. Usually it was to get across dirty water. Talk about some sucky stuff."

She looks over to Fern and nods, "Yeah... I dunno how long ago it was. I woke up and was in this weird pod thing. Everything was on fire. I could hardly walk. I stumbled my leg got burnt badly. I honestly don't know what happened. I'm a regular mystery I guess."

DeeDee looks up at Kaelyn and blinks. "Wait burgers? I didn't think that sort of thing existed anymore!" She smiles happily. "Can't wait to try em."
Ashur "With your father gone, and no elder brothers to speak of, who else will do it for you?" The old patriarch scoots his boots next to the cloak, their heels tapping together as he does, leaving him, at last, borderline pool-ready. "In fifteen -- no, thirteen years, my sons will be of proper age, and.. no, can't make you wait that long." Her and Kaelyn's objections have fallen on deaf ears, but the hairy bear-man has distracted himself from the topic by pondering what of-age men he even knows and trusts. Given he's something of an asshole, there aren't terribly many. "Maybe Auggie," he mumbles to himself, fingers stroking through the silvered center of his beard.

Naturally, his toga is white and gold, too. As is the Pip-Boy still wrapped around the left arm of the power armor.

"Another time," he finally decides to himself. The bull lifts his gaze to the gathered crowd, noticing the scarring on DeeDee's legs, the tightness of the suits -- it seems, at some point, he stumbled into a wet dream without realizing it.

Perhaps uncharacteristically, it's having little effect on him at the moment. He reaches behind himself, undoes the toga's knot, and lets it fall upon the ground, revealing his heavily-scarred and Herculean figure in all its brutalized glory.

And then he's cannonballed into the water.
Cassandra "Weird pod thing and everything was on fire?" Cassandra seems very interested in DeeDee's backstory, her eyes gleaming with curiousity, "Kaelyn, do you think that could have been one of the UFO crash..." And then whatever she's gonna say is broken by two things. The first, is her staring as Ashur follows through on his threat to get naked, just sort of trailing off in her speech as her mouth falls open a little bit in surprise. She seems throughly /distracted/, and then he cannonballs intoo the water splashing /everyone/ and she shrieks with irritation and laughter both.
Fern     Fern looks as if she's at a loss for words. The girl blinks a few times, scoffs, then gives an annoyed growl. "I don't need no husband! So gross!" She splashes more water at Ashur, then moves back.. until she sees that Ashur is going to get naked. The horror! Fern winces and says, "Andddddd I'm out!" Fern cups her hands against her face to blind herself to the naked man as she makes her way out of the water. She hurries on over towards the gazebo then, saying a quick, "Hey, Cora," on the way. She may be dripping water and not completely dressed, but the teen doesn't care. She gathers her bag, pants and overshirt, then calls to Kae, "I've gotta get back to work, Kae! I'll stop by later this afternoon.."
Kaelyn Kae umms "Pretty much sure of it..." She says and smiles "Take yer time, the scars will fade, we have autodocs too that can remove them should you like.... " She adds and then pulls bugers and starts setting them on a bun, after spreading some garlic aoli on them and putting lettus tomato and she pauses dressing burgers as she watches the giant cannoball... "Oooh..." She mutters. She shrugs and adds pickles too, yup stuffed mushroom swiss burgers with plenty fresh veggies! She then tilts her head and adds another slice of cheese and puts the top bun on each one before carrying them all out on a platter. She sets them on a shaded table with a metal plate there in its center... "Careful of the plate it's heated..." She says cheerfully and motions to the metal hot plate. "Should keep them warm! Come and get em when yer ready!"

Kae next goes back into the outdoor kitchen and sets about frying and putting chips in large bowl... Meanwhile CORA peers at Kae "See! How come youuuu get kidnapped by aliens and I dont!" Kae then stares at Cora a moment... "Probably because I'm a biological and yer a program?" She then peers at Fern curiously "Ummmm Okay, grab a burger and take care!"
DeeDee "I think Fern might have the right idea. I remember from umm, somewhere. Don't stand too close to a naked man. I think that goes double for swimmin." DeeDee quickly swims to the edge and gets out of the pool. From there, she moves to the changing room. Not to change but to grab her hat. Quietly she makes her way to a seat by the pool and tips the hat to cover her face.

"As for the pods... I don't know. There were other people. Some of the pods were open. I couldn't save anyone. All I have is The old jumpsuit that I was wearing earlier and this pipboy. It doesn't work except as a geiger counter."

"All I know is when I got out of wherever I was, I got blinded by the sun and passed out. when I woke up, some guys in power armor showed up, said no survivors and shot at me. I played dead."
Fern     Though Fern looks like she's wanting to head out, the burgers are done and.. damn. They smell good. Maybe she'll linger for a bit longer and just stay out of the water. Maybe. The girl looks about and moves over to grab a burger, and she takes a big first bite that nearly melts her. She nods slowly while chewing the bite. Ohhh yeah. that's worth sticking around for, even if there's a naked man on the loose.
Kaelyn Kae grins at Fern "If ya dun wanna see Ashur just hang out in the gazeebo and help me cook." She says cheerfully... Kae's soon putting out a large bowl of potato chips, and begins working on the taro root chips now as well...

Meanwhile CORA is tapping her ghostly foot on the floor with her hands on her hips... "I still think it's not fair that you got to go out and get kidnapped by aliens and ride around in space, meanwhile I was managing this place and not getting to go run around with you..." Kae blinks and peers at CORA "Umm yer strapped to my wrist when we're out and about and you still run this place anywhere, ya know subroutines and copying to other computers and whatnot..." She says and stares at CORA who gives a sheepish smile and shrug "Oopse I forgot!"

Kae's turn to tap a foot with her hands on her hips. "Uhhuh, no you didn't... Yer just jealous that I went on an adventure without you..." She adds...
Ashur Ashur's entrance sparks a great ballooning of water and white froth; like the atom bomb, he strikes hard enough to send upwards all around him, and drown anything nearby in a sudden deluge. And then he's sinking, sinking, until his feet touch the bottom and he pushes himself back up. There's a grace to him when he swims, that long torso tight and sinuous, hands pushed above him and flaring outward as he swings himself up. Big as he is, he's always been an athlete, not a clod; awareness of the body is necessary for a fighter.

His head breaks the surface and he sucks in a deep breath, treading with slow kicks. He looks around and catches Fern skedaddling, one hand covering her face so she doesn't look. He scoffs. "You can't be serious," he marvels, staring at her as the water slides down his massive shoulders. "Such a child."

He's missed most of the pod conversation, but the mention of men in power armor earns DeeDee a side-long look as she sits by the pool and converses with Cassandra.
Cassandra Cassandra laughs and shakes her head, "Ashur, you're driving away all the interesting people." She moves over to lean up over the edge of the pool, resting her chest on the pool's edge and folding her arms under her to hang onto othe side of the pool. She's teasing him, and lookos oover towards Fern and then DeeDee before looking back to the large ex-legion warrior and sort of just, taking in the beefcake for a while.
Fern     Fern gives a side glance over to Kae while she chews on her bite of food, and once it's swallowed down she says, "Alright.. I can probably help for a bit." She moves back to the gazebo and puts her things down, but holds tight onto the burger that she works on finishing pretty fast. While she finishes it she watches how Kae cuts and cooks the chips.
Kaelyn Kae sets up the guillotine tool and shows Fern just exactly how its used.. She sets a potatoe on it after squaring one end off just a bit and starts sliding the potatoe back and forth, causing thin slices of potatoe to fall down into a bowl under the guillotine tool... "Works like this... Ya then..." She turns with the bowl and one hand full at a time drops the chips into the frier.... "Ya go too much at a time ya can cause the water to boil over and that can hurt, as it carries 400 pluss degree oil with it.." She says happily

Kae then hands Fern the bowl. "You try?" She asks curiously right after she lifts the newly cooked potatoes and drops them in another basket type bowl and gives them a shake getting the oil to fall free... Kae then salts the chips and drops them in a fresh bowl, which she sets to the side for the folks cooking to nibble on.
Fern     Fern finishes her burger with one more bite, freeing her hands so she can try and cut some potatoes to turn into chips. Her mouth is too full for her to be able to speak properly, so she just nods to Kae as she starts cutting.. which is fun! Fern cuts the potatoes up as well as she can and tries to fry them just right.
Tibbie It's a nice day and what better way to spend it than with friends, Tibbie thought this on the walk over to Kae's settlement with her baby deathclaw in tow.

"Howdy y'all!" she hollers as she approaches and gets the jist of the pool-party burger scene going on.
"Boy howdy, looks like we all makin this a good day today!" Tibbie smiles and points out Kae to Tibba, to which he wobbles over to with a paper covered plate.
"That's my Jefecita's classic sourdough sugar cookies right there, she been making all my childhood favorites with Tibba around." Tibbie mentions and gives Kae a friendly hug at an opportune moment during her fresh fried chips lesson. The cookies have been cut into various shapes; cats, dogs, molerats, and of course hearts.

She takes a moment to introduce herself to the new faces here as well,
"Tibbie Gaines folks, aint nobody near as excitin as Kae and Ashur, but I aint gonna show y'a bad time at least." The second shortest brunette here is wearing her usual tomgirl get-up sans her texan cowboy hat, although her shorts' button has been left unsecured.
"Now go on and get wet lil guy." She lets Tibba loose to his own devices in the pool, the weird lizard thing that he is hops in and lurks under the water line as if trying to find something to hunt in the safe pool.

"Suppose I oughta change if I wanna swim a bit, these clothes aint been fitt'n like they used to." she says as she walks near the pool now. Tibbie smirks as she catches the only man here has broken the dress code.
"Hey Jefecito!" she waves and trots to the changing room, emerging back out in a pastel green micokini she's brought herself, it's not much, but it tastefully censors the bare necessities. Instead of taking the new diving board she slinks in at the deep end, where Tibba emerges to cling to her now. She laughs and kisses his horn sweetly and enjoys being weightless in the water a whiles.
Fern     Fern is passing off another round of chips when she catches sight of the girl holding a baby deathclaw. Baby deathclaw. Holy shit. Fern's eyes slowly widen as she stares. Good thing she's not cooking any more chips right now else she'd forget all about them and let them get burnt! The girl starts to wander off towards the swimming area again, and as she draws near she speaks with mild confusion, "How did.. Jesus.. How'd you manage.." The girl can't even get the question out. She lifts her right hand to scratch at her damp scalp, and then she looks to Tibbie. "Where'd you get one o' those? You found a nest or what?" she asks, sounding pretty amazed. The girl looks to the baby deathclaw and she grins wider. "That's fuckin' cool."
Ashur Ashur continues to tread water as Cassandra and DeeDee speak, but when his interest in the matter flags he turns and swims elsewhere. He passes over the little submerged deathclaw, giving it a friendly look - the two of them spent a few weeks on the road together, and have had an affectionate bond ever since. A plump silver fish darts around the pool's floor, and Tibba stalks after it, holding its breath.

"You ought to fetch yourself something from New Rome," Ashur tells the complaining Tibbie. "The looser fabrics are easier to adjust, regardless of size; I can't imagine myself fitting in any of these shirts and jeans I've seen the El Doradans wear."

At this point, Tibba's lost the fish, and come back to cuddle with the now-in-the-pool Tibbie. But ol' Chubby Silver swims near her feet, tickling her toes.
Tibbie "Oh yeah! I been so used to people lookin odd at him I shoulda warned ya! This is lil Tibbazoid here." She answers Fern from the pool now, she takes him by the horns and wiggles his head comically for Fern.
"I got em up in that spaceship vookoo-hinky place we was up in, he's been learnin to people pretty good so far, wave to Fern there Tibba." She instructs and the Deathclaw baby clacks his nails in a wave to Fern, she then lets go of his waist suddenly in surprise and tries to peer through the water for the tickling suspect. Tibba dives back under to find his silver prey. Now free from her the tickling siege below she nods to Ashur, "I aint ever been that far out, specially not jus for some clothes, but chur right about the stuff around here Jefecito. Y'wanna help me pick somethin out when I'm over?" She asks Ashur with her usual kind smile.
Fern     "So it was just.. hanging out and you took it?" Fern gawks. "You didn't have to fight off the parents? Or come up with some sort of elaborate plan to distract the other deathblows so you could sneak in and take it?" Fern asks, sounding both amazed and shocked. "No way.. and.. it waves? What the fuck!?" Fern groans and stalks over close to the water again. It seems that getting closer to the baby deathclaw is worth the possibility of catching sight of naked Ashur.

    Once at the edge of the water Fern sits down, dropping her legs into the liquid again as she taps her fingers across the water's surface. "Uh.. Here, Tibbazoid.. Here Tibba, here. C'mere you baby death." She grins wider. Looking to Tibbie she asks, "Were there any others up there?"
Kaelyn Kae umms and blinks... "I remember... Tibbie there somehow won an intergalatic psedo death match...." She says and grins "Tibbazoid was a prize." She adds and soon enough, she has all the chips done and sets everything out. The dark-skinned elf-like woman grabbing her self a burger and a pile of tarro chips, before she settles down under a shade awning near the pool with a large glass of tropical punch of some kind.... There's another glass of tea nearby too...

"Aaaanyhoo I think Tibbazoid there is well massively more well behaived than a normal death-claw, he may be one of those sentient types I've heard of and seen... He's amasingly loyal, which is good." She says and smiles a bit then blinks at the death claw's antics trying to catch one of the fish that somehow found its way in the pool... "Yaaaahhhhh..... Is Tibbazoid hungry?"
Ashur "There were deathclaws on the ship," Ashur remarks, propping his back on the pool's side, arms out of the water to hold himself up. "They likely had a population of breeders, and this is from one of the eggs." At Tibbie's comment on shopping he snorts, lazily slapping a handful of water at her. "You'll need get used to trips like that, Tibbie; I've been working on rebuilding the neighborhood there, turning it into a proper settlement with the aid of workers from New Rome. In time, the suburb will be a great walled fortress, self-sufficient and mighty. You will live there."

He hrmms, smelling the air through flared nostrils, glancing now toward the distant piles of meat.
Fern     "Wow.. That's just.. You're crazy lucky," Fern says, still grinning. "Dang. I wish I could have found one.. and you won a death match? Cool!" Fern watches Tibbie closer now, studying her for a drawn out moment. eventually she asks, "What's your name? I'm Fern." She slides down into the water then so she can bob her way through the water over to Tibbie, offering a hand in greeting.
Tibbie The scantly clad Tibbie smiles to Fern and nods as she confirms Kae's story of Tibba's origin. She then turns to Kae and nods with a smirk, "He's always hungry, Jefecita's been cookin just like she used to for Pa's appetite, I think even more than that if you ask me!" She chuckles and takes a quick dip underwater to settle her hair out of her face as it's gotten longer as time has passed. Tibba's doing his best to catch that silver straggler with no luck so far, he hasn't learned the swimming potential his tail could lend him it seems.

"With all the quipment you got here, you'll end up with better cookin than me someday Kae!" Tibbie compliments her as the air wafts with her cooking. When she's splashed she giggles and nods, "Well looks like I'll be getting used to this New Rome place right quick then!" she flicks the water aimed at Ashur with a smirk. Turning to Fern now she grins, "Pleasure meetin y'Fern! Name's Tibbie, on'account of my parent's names Billie and Toby. We're lucky enough just bein outta that flyin donkle-bob if you ask me, you donât even wanna know what we had to eat up there." she laughs. Tibba notices the second body next to his 'not-mother', he decided to let lil silver lunch live for now and emerges right in front of Fern, he lets out an odd caw and nuzzles her shoulder like a cat would.
"Oh Tibba, always want'n pets when people get close to me, you lil ham." she smiles apologetically to Fern like a mother would when their child is being silly.
Kaelyn Kae grins a bit and shrugs "I doubt I'll get as good or better than you. Got my attentions settled on trying to get better at workin' on guns... I'm just a passable cook." She adds and then points out "Specially good at cooking a few things, oh and making salad..." She adds with a wink.. "And punch... but that's just squeezed juices and stuffs..." Kae takes a long pull on her tea and squishes her sandwich enough to get her mouth around it before she bites down.. She smiles happily at the crunch and of course there's the bit of burger juice running down her chin...

"Good burger..." She mutters after she finishes her bite and begins nomming down the food again... "Ooh I'm starting to make cheeses and stuff, those being more of a chemical and scientifical process than just cooking!" She adds happily.
Fern     Fern has noticed the way Tibbie is clothed, but she's being polite and not staring much. She might have been if she wasn't so distracted by the baby deathclaw. So dangerously cute! Fern smiles to Tibbie upon learning her name and she says, "Tibbie. Alright.. and Tibba. Gotta forgive me if I mix ya'll's names up now and then," she notes with a little snorting chuckle.

    As the deathclaw swims up before her and -nuzzles- her.. Has Fern ever smiled this much before? Maybe. Ashur may have seen a smile like that a time or two. They're rare. She really does like that little deathclaw! Fern reaches out to scritch at it, going atop the head and behind ears. "You've got the coolest sidekick," she says to Tibbie.
Ashur As the girls talk, Ashur pulls himself free from the pool, stomping over to the gazebo where he'll take his fill of free food.
Tibbie "Don't blame y'atall there!" Tibbie laughs with Fern. "Aww thanks Fern, you should see'm try to eat with his claws or spoons, it's awful silly!" she grins at Fern and watches Tibba thoroughly enjoy the heavenly pets from the young short girl. Tibba starts up a soft rumbly purr of sorts, the water ripples lightly around him.
"He really likes you! Took Ma a whole week to find his good spots." Tibbie beams at Fern's deathclaw handywork. Tibbie's thin body has a couple scars, aimed mainly at her stomach and torso, but it wasn't anything as severe as say DeeDee's leg burn or one thirty-fifths of what Ashur's scarred with.
Kaelyn Kae, however, is, obviously and rather remarkably completely free of any visible scarring? How she's that way with the life she leads is anyone's guess. Kae stands up while nibbling on a chip and peers at Tibba curiously... She brings her food and stuff back to the kitchen area, while going through her fridge, she pulls out a few fish fillets and grins a bit before she sets them on a paper plate and puts that near the edge of the pool "Tibba, got ya some food!" she says cheerfully before she takes her half burger and settles down on her lounge chair in the shade with her drink and stuff...
Fern     "I'm not surprised," Fern says in response to the deathclaw liking her. "I've been trying to catch one for myself for a while now. I haven't quite perfected the plan, but one day I'll have my own. I'll ride around on it and it'll be faster than any horse out there," she says with a grin. She's still petting that deathclaw for as long as she can, till it rushes off to go get the food Kae brings. This makes fern pout, but then she's looking to Tibbie again, now noticing scars. "How'd you get your scars?" she wonders.
Tibbie "I think Kae mighta told me or somebody else maybe, that there's a village of talkin deathclaws hunkerin about, maybe one'kin partner up with ya? That'd be quite the sight!" Tibbie laughs and flicks water in Tibba's direction as he's now chomping and gobbling away at those fillets. "He'll be back, with a petter like you it'll be hard to get a moments peace just you watch." she winks to Fern. "Oh these? The splotchy lookin one here is from them kai-meer-ahs pukin up the place, they're an ugly bunch. And the other spot one here is from a laser gun when me, Ashur, Eden rescued a buncha chums stuck inna undergound bunker thing, lot scarier than the brainiacs bunker in El Dee, that's for certain." she rambles on a bit and enjoys the water a while longer with Fern, then she takes to fixing herself a plate with some tea as well and returns to the poolside dipping her legs as she slowly works on her food, enjoying the company of her friends.

Tibba horfed those fillets down like a gator and the two foot tall deathclaw waddles over and begs at Tibbie a while for her food. She tosses a chip into his mouth and shushes him along, "Go on now." she says and he looks back to Fern and walks blatantly into the pool, belly flopping. He paddles over for more pets and consoling from Fern as the-big-mean-no-sharing-Tibbie kept all that delicious food to herself.
Fern     "Cool.." Fern says as she learns about the scars, staring at them for a bit longer. She gets a better look once Tibbie is out of the water, and then she's watching Tibba. Fern waits patiently until the deathclaw is headed for her again, and she 'catches' it in the water, hugging it a bit and rubbing a hand down its back. She leans in and whispers to it, "You can come to my place and I'll give you all kinds of food. Bones, too. We'll fatten you up," she whispers to it, grinning like a devil as she scritches the animal once more.
Vera Vera makes her way into the little get together...of course, she tends to stand out from everyone else..dressed in her normal nomad of the wasteland look. But its a good functional look, and thats whats important after all. Never everyone can pull of a look like have to have absolutly no sense of fashion.
Tibbie Tibbie waves to Vera mid-bite into her juicy burger, then welcomes her to join them with more waving. After wiping her mouth with her arm Tibbie looks to Fern and Tibba with a smile, "Think I found you a new babysitter Tibba! Ma might not be happy about it but her hands will." She pops a crispy chip in her mouth and sips her fruity tea. Tibbie idly paddles her feet in the water and soaks up some sun as she leans back on her elbows, letting her food rest beside her.
Fern     Fern looks over to Tibbie. "Baby-sitter? Hell yeah!" She turns to Tibba and grins like an idiot. "Yeah. You can come over and I'll watch you. We can go chase stuff and I can help you find things to eat.. Hell, I bet you could even scare people into giving us caps," Fern muses as she pats Tibba atop the head. "You're one cool deathclaw. A dream come true," she says to it. Hope you know you're going to have a visitor over all the time now, Tibbie! Fern's in heaven! See, Ashur? Who needs men!? Deathblows top everything!
Vera Vera stops a moment, and eyes the goings on..."ok, now thats not something you come across anytime...a bunch of monsters, and people not freaking out about it." As she makes her way over closer at the wave. "Everything ok around here?"
Tibbie "Things are great! That's my baby deathclaw Tibbazoid, he aint gonna hurt nobody that aint a fish at least." Tibbie replies with a smile.
"Help yourself to a burger an chips or take a dip gal! Name's Tibbie, that's Fern, Ashur, Cassandra and Kae." she points them all out and the direction to the outdoor grill with all the fixings waiting on a hot plate. She looks to Fern, "You two are gonna paint the town crazy aint'cha." Tibbie laughs.
Fern     "You could join if you wanted to," Fern says to Tibbie as she pets the baby deathclaw, at times lifting him up and helping him swim around in the water. She holds him by the arms and swings him around through the water, laughing merrily as she does. She releases him and goes back to petting, scritching along the baby horns and little ears. How cute! She'll do it until Tibbie is headed out, and then she waves a sad goodbye to the baby deathclaw. With it gone Fern wanders around the pool, then slips out to go try some chips.
Vera Vera shakes her heads a bit at the creature, "Isn't that kinda like a bad idea to have one of those. I mean, there known for tearing people limb from limb. Kind of an odd choice for a pet."
Fern     Looking to Vera, Fern says, "That one is pretty smart, though.. It's special. It's.. yeah. Really smart." Fern grins at that, then eats a few more chips. She wanders back to the gazebo then to gather her things, then says, "Thanks for the food and fun, Kae. I'll see you later." She waves to everyone and then starts to head off.