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Owner Pose
Fern     Fern has a drink in her left hand and the neck of her guitar in her right as she walks back into the lounge, boots chiming with their old spurs with each step the girl takes. She gives a brief look around the room before she spies the perfect seat near the end of the bar, and that's where she goes. Her seat is near the radio that's playing some nice music, and as she settles in she brings her guitar across her lap so she can begin to strum along lightly, trying to match the music she hears on the radio.
Judas Judas wanders into the lounge, his sandles slapping against wooden floor as he shuffles in, casting his gaze about. Dusting off his threadbare robes for a moment, he makes his way to the bar, grabbing a barstool and taking a seat with a sigh, resting his weary feet.
Fern     Fern strums along, looking down at her fingers to make sure they're in the right place before glancing up. When she looks up she watches the new person who enters, and his clothing is eyed curiously. Religious clothing? Hmm. Fern pauses her playing so she can take a swig from her sarsaparilla while she watches Judas. For now he is more interesting than the current song on the radio.
Judas Judas catches the gaze of the woman seated across the bar, inclining his head briefly in greeting before reaching into his threadbare robes and pulling out his Religious Icon. He rubs his thumb across the icon gently. "This seems like a fine place to spread word, hmm?" he murmurs quietly. He raises his head then, noting the Sunset Sasparilla Fern is drinking, and raises a finger to order one for himself.
Fern     Fern is watching silently until that icon is pulled out. The sight is taken in and Fern gets a wide grin spreading across her mouth. "Bingo," she murmurs to herself, taking a quick swig of her drink before she puts the bottle back and plays a few quick notes. The guitar is put across her shoulder then and she nods her head to Judas as she calls, "Ah, you sent by Shreya? Haven't seen her in a while. Been wondering if she's still around or if she got taken home or something." The girl gives a lopsided grin at that.
Judas Judas quirks a brow in response to Fern's question, before shaking his head. "Oh, no, no. I'm afraid I don't know any Shreya." he explains, taking a sip of his sunset sasparilla before he continues. "I'm Brother Eli, just arrived in this fine town." he replies, offering a warm smile in return.
Fern     "Brother Eli? Huh. Okay. I'm Fern.. Not really tied to any particular religious group. I only know of two, though. The one Tina follows at the church and the one Shreya follows. She follows Atom, like it appears you do," Fern notes with a little grin. "She's pretty crazy, but also really smart.. I'll have to introduce you two if she's still alive and the radiation hasn't turned her into a ghoul," Fern says. "She's a good friend o' mine."
Judas Judas smiles happily, extending a handshake towards Fern. "Oh? Well I would be glad to meet more of Atom's faithful." he remarks with a chuckle. "It was a long walk to get here, but I am sure this is where Atom wishes me to be." he says with conviction.
Fern     "Maybe he wants you to meet Shreya," Fern says as she shakes the hand. When she pulls hers back she takes her bottle and works on finishing her drink. "Yeah, I'll have to introduce you two. She has a place outside of town and it's -wicked-. Lots of ghouls everywhere and.. her freaking pool is irradiated! It's nuts. I climbed over the fence in her backyard once and nearly fell in." She shakes her head at that.
Judas Judas chuckles lightly, nodding. "She must be truely blessed in his sight if those touched by Atom's glow gather to where she dwells." he remarks with a nod. He sips his bottle for a moment, before continuing. "I am fortunate indeed to have found you, Miss Fern. Perhaps you can tell me a bit about how you came to meet Sister Shreya when you have time, hmm?" he says with a grin.
Fern     "Oh gee.. That was err.. Three years ago. Hard to remember exactly how, but I'll think back on it." Fern finishes her drink and slips from the barstool, taking her guitar with her. "As long as you'll be in town for a while, I'm sure I'll find you again. I'll tell you the story then. It was nice meeting you, Eli.. See you soon." Fern smiles a little then and heads on to the exit.
Judas Judas offers a wave at the departing Fern. "Nice meeting you as well. Atom's gaze watch over you." he intones as she departs.